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The Tower contains a ring of 12 bells, plus a flat 6th semi-tone bell, dating from the end of the 14th century to A medallion of the King's head is cast in the inscription on the crown band of each bell. This points to the fact that these bells, with others, were a royal gift to the Priory at Twynham.

King's Head Bells as they are called, are very rare. Letters Patent issued by King Henry VIII in refer to the Priory and to "seven bells hanging in the tower thereof" are years older than the tower. There is little doubt that the church at one time had a central tower. This either collapsed or was taken down indamaging much of an earlier quire, but it is doubtful if the 7 bells referred to by Henry were ever in that central tower.

There are several indications, however, that the room over the North Porch was once a bellchamber. The walls of the porch are substantially buttressed; the housings of the timber baulks, which supported the bell frame, are clearly visible, as are the chasings in the window frames and mullions, showing that they were once louvered.

Robert Malone plays bass with Hothouse Flowers. He and Wayne play in The Sofas together. Rob gained huge experience playing with Lir. With Rob playing bass Peter is free to play Bouzouki, guitar, keyboards, or programme at will. Rob and Wayne provide a new dimension. We had hoped to include this information on the sleeve of the disc, however, this, for reasons best known to others, did not happen. Having been away for a while it became clear that what we needed was some recording equipment of our own so we could experiment at our own pace without the huge expense of rehearsal rooms and demo studios.

The time had come. New ways of doing things with new angles and new interpretations. Peter and Fiachna having spent over a year on and off with Michelle Shocked, touring and recording, decided that there was no point putting any more unnecessary pressure on Liam. This was the beginning of a mending process zand a new relationship. Each Christchurch Bells - Various - Play (CD) to confront the possibility of an ending before there was vision for the future.

So with the studio on the go, songs were being written on a daily basis. Liam would come in and sing his version of the melody and so on. With all the knowledge we had gained over the years we recorded a demo of the new songs and a man called Cenzo Townsend was to co-produce.

Peter went to see a studio called September Sound, near Richmond, in London. It had a windowed live room looking onto the River Thames and a good size midi room for any of the sequenced stuff that had to be done. Through obvious ups and downs the album began to take shape with Cenzo making everything sound tough and raw, an indication of the general mood.

LIAM: Yeah, he kind of held the fort. He had these songs. Speaking to Hot Press in The album has been brought home according to a definitive idea and vision. Peter really held the responsibility for taking the album through the various stages, mainly because he wrote most of the songs but he also had most of the vision for how the sound could go.

Fiachna and I just did our bits and circles around the situation. A young fool! I was in London and I went walking around Oxford Street listening to it. It was just perfect, walking with the headphones on. LIAM Liam messed around with Christchurch Bells - Various - Play (CD) sounds on the synth to a loop : …and then I just wrote down words really quickly, non-judgementally, a series of images and the idea of being free, getting funky with words.

John actually had the record so I was able to refer to it. I was feeling really unworthy during the recording, which is probably the best way to feel. I went down and listened to the original version, the performance, the dynamic and the whole gut going into the song, and then I come along with my namby-pamby version of it. But listening to it now, with distance, I feel much happier. Speaking in I Can See Clearly Now Give It Up Posted on November 17, by MikeB.

AlbumsDiscography. This Is It Your Soul 2. One Tongue 3. An Emotional Time 4. Be Good 5. Good For You 6. Thing Of Beauty 8. Your Nature 9. Spirit Of The Land Gypsy Fair Soundcheck tapes were listened to and any hint of an idea was worked on.

At this stage the idea of co-writing came up. The man surprised us. A Texan with a real love for good coffee, W. B Yeats, rebel yell and, of course, music. He told stories that made us laugh, sang songs that made us cry and brought out a side of us that was suppressed. Also he played us demos he had done with Roy Orbison just before he died. Will suggested we meet Stuart Levine while we were in L. He listened to our stuff with great enthusiasm and had some very positive energy that felt fresh.

Maybe it was the jive talk which he is famous for. So we went home feeling good with new songs, a possible producer and a new lease of life. Co-write number two was with Dave Stewart. He came over to Dublin with a riff in his head. Quite a story. The song could be for anyone. Parents, exiles, sons and daughters. The day he died. A beautiful spring day, otherwise. A slow death. One year long. So much pain for the people around him.

I like to think the present being more important than the past or the future. More important than looking forward to things. Most people waste too much time looking ahead or looking back. Living in the moment can be too difficult, too painful. It has to be learned continually. LIAM: That song was written about a friend of mine who was in a motor bike accident.

Speaking to Beat magazine in Whatever anyone believes to be God. Whatever anyone believes to be the light. It could be love. It could be some kind of escape. I had to leave that line open. To me, it is God and salvation. God is there… it is nothing to be fathomed.

Nothing I could fathom. I could find no justice in saying who or what it is. It might become clearer to me. There will always be ups and downs. Even the most pious and the most wise will have their confused moments. There are wise people who become children again, going back to enjoy the wonder once more.

Christchurch Bells - Various - Play (CD) how to remain a child is a wise thing in itself. LIAM: An obvious song. Sleep is an amazing thing. The idea that you will wake up and things will be different. Sometimes, they might be worse. Looking to a new day. Offering words as a kind of solace. The best songs are the ones an audience can empathise with. I think we want to offer something. Perhaps to bring some kind of relief. People have come up to me and said they needed this song. You see, when I was younger I used to have trouble sleeping.

But, I learned from this experience, that if anything gets you down never lose sleep over it. We were playing on the streets, doing gigs, and it became almost all of the time. It was very heavy on us, but of course, the results were immediate attention from all the world. We were in America in no time. This song has been a mainstay of the set since its beginnings. It gives the opportunity for Liam to stretch his fingers on an acoustic guitar.

During the intro, when they supported INXS at Wembley Stadium inhe said it was for an old man he saw sleeping at the bus station Christchurch Bells - Various - Play (CD) saw last night. The song has gone through some changes from the original. On the LIVE album, the song has altered to Christchurch Bells - Various - Play (CD) more funk feel with a muted guitar constantly holding the rhythm.

Each line has a longer separation, too. I was thinking a little of all those characters you see in the corners of Irish pubs. A lot of people who would devote their lives to the bottle would once have devoted their lives to something else. Somebody else.

Something to revolve your life around if you can no longer handle revolving around it, around a woman or a god. LIAM: The desire to reach the other side. It might depend on my mood on the day. Sometimes I feel more… um, enlightened. Sometimes Heaven might be a place on Earth. A new life. The promise of something new.

A possible Heaven. A Heaven where there are no bodies so man and woman, man and man, are the same, almost merging their souls. The feel of the song is greater than the words sung. Speaking to New Musical Express in The way it moves. Like the sea too, perhaps. Finding the first moments of adolescent knowledge. Finding perfect love. People who are willing to live with themselves, alone. Money is a mystery to us. Neither does it solve everything.

Playing the Eurovison thing had mystery, but it had more to do with going to Europe to do the video. The travelling. The adventure, if you like. As much as reassuring someone else. Yeah, devotion. A very personal one. This version is not the same as the single version which Maria Doyle Kennedy appears on. This version was recorded for the album. The single being recorded with Mother Records. LIAM: A more negative look at love, sure. The beauty of summer is only what you missed in that summer gone.

People putting love on a pedestal. Not meeting love head on. That comes back to mystery. LIAM: The turning point was the single.

That was a big inspiration for the music that I wanted to do. You can imagine the sand. The saloon bar. The silence as he moves in. Yul Brynner could be that man.

What a man, Jesus! The man is told to leave. He leaves. Everyone has a right to arrive. I have a feeling though that guy in the black boots is a happy-go-lucky.

He might just fall in love with the girl for one night and leave her, hurt. I see bits of myself in both these characters. Jealousy is in there. That horrible feeling. LIAM: It does take on a lot. It does sound quite anthemic at times. The essence of it, for me, is in the chorus. The importance of maintaining a direct link right down to the roots, to the ground. Times are changing and things are moving faster. Dealing with times of trouble… this song might be a way of pinning things down. We need anchors, yeah.

Someone to straighten your tie. UPC:

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