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There are 16 options in the main menu. If the previously mentioned programs used advanced algorithms to calculate the positions of the stars, in this case we deal with a simple map, similar to the paper map, with a constant positioning of the constellations against each other.

The only changes that we can make in the areas of time and the positioning of the observer, is the month. The upside is that we can choose the stars from the night sky and read some information Yes, it is connected with this Patrick Moore, about them. The more interesting option is the English amateur astronomer. This released aro- option of inner and outer planets it shows und astronomic program is issued with his the outline of the Solar System, the planets name and is a pretty useful instrument.

The move on the orbits. During this time the infor- great advantage, distinguishing this program mation is shown about the currently moving from the two other, earlier mentioned pro- planet. The test is available on a good le- grams is the fact that it works fast and effi- vel, you have to answer in it 20 randomized ciently, probably because of its pretty simple questions.

I will admit that I answered correc- interface. The creator of this program offered tly 11 questions. I was disappointed with an to us 6 options in the menu the map of the astronomic glossary, because it doesnt work, sky from the north and the south, inner pla- typing even the most basic words crashes the nets, astronomic glossary and astronomic test.

The map of the sky is useful but pretty simpli- Ocena: Functionality: Congruity: Clarity:. There are 19 options in the main menu. The first nine shows the planets of the Solar System with the statistics. Legible view of the planet, the most important data, in appropriate units or in relation to Earth everything properly done and quite accurately. The remaining 10 options show the same data, but it compares the planets with each other, for example we This program is a great source of data con- see at the same time all the planets, one after cerning the planets of the Solar System.

The another. It is a useful and legible device worth loading of the program does not take long, of praise, even though it was created in The program shows the planets mo- ving on the orbits - it is interesting, even more so because they are drawn using only PET- SCII signs. When we push the SPACE button, the simple information about the additional planets are shown, and after the information about Pluto, who was back then recognized as a planet, the test starts, the knowledge which you got by using the program is being Very creative names The Solar System is tested.

According to the information in the an educational program made by Commodo- program, The Solar System can be launched re company in It is not useful for the ob- not only on C64 but also on PET. If I was suppo- servations, however the layman with the sense sed to describe this program with one word I of humor who wants to get to know something would say: you can use it but is it worth it?

The animations are nice and smooth, the data about the watched ob- jects of the Solar System are shown. Too bad that Mercury and Venus were not included. When we push the buttons of the numbers, a detailed information about all the seen planets is shown on the screen, and when we push A button we can set with which This program is quite interesting. Released planet the data has to be compared. Maybe in by Commodore, this program from this program is not as scientific as previously the very beginning makes an impression with mentioned Solar Systembut it is certainly pretty graphics.

If we push P button, we more accurate. This way I reviewed and appraised the most important programs which in the somewhat specialistic approach deal with astrono- mic scope of knowledge. If they are not useful for you, because you are not interested in the Outer Space, the astral shootem ups or other sci-fi adventure games always wait for you.

Minimoog Translated by Slayerpl. Kind, but at the same time dangerous, having a huge influence on our world. How much can we achieve? How great is his power? Supposedly the human uses only 10 percent of his brain? So the remaining 90 percent is dead? It is a stupid myth, repeated throughout many years. Every day its range is occupied by work, because we see, hear, feel, think, move so it is a controversial state- ment that such a huge amo- unt is not used.

What would happen if people had super- natural abilities? Probably every one of them would have wanted to rule the world, because the seed of greedi- ness is in every mind and the question if it will grow or not, depends on us. Praise the. Me- all the cards disappear. We increases it. The music is also ditate hours long, eat handfuls have four minutes to fulfill the very good, because it sounds of walnuts, and use lecithin. If you do really nice and does not inter- Oh boy!

Good reali- because too much of some- screen appears. To start I ability cause that it is really propose to launch from time The creator of this absorbing good to play this game. Getting into logical game which trains our details, I will add that Memen- brain through remembering. The le- music by Csaba Csabo. The Dwik: vel includes thirty upside down game was presented on the cards, under which different 12th November of in the Entertaining: signs, subjects hide.

The scene showing the the turning point of 80ties er, like a good book, through lonely soldier on the battle- and 90ties showed only a the events of the World War field titled Somewhere on the small portion of war actions: One. HL is basically, a history Western front. Summer a couple of good aircraft lesson: it involves the skirmishes introduces us to the game- simulators were issued, but played in 2 month intervals play.

They took into consideration the hi- The first decision involves cho- storical background, the units osing the sides: France or Ger- are thoroughly characterized, many. It is a simplified choice, every mission is preceded by because a majority of deve- the summary of the course of loped countries participated fights in the last weeks. The in the war, but it immediately player learns about the world places us on one of the figh- events, technological novel- ting sides.

The gamescreen is ties or even the trivial matters divided into two parts, which described in the newspapers enables us to play the rounds depiction. This gap was filled of this period.

Even the intro at the same time, and the ga- in by German studio Blue makes us feel the atmosphere meplay involves two separate Byte who released for Amiga and the historical background rounds: the movement phase and later MS-DOS History Line nicely: the cutscenes show the and the attack phase.

When The titular History assassination in Sarajevo and one of the players starts the Line is based on the engine of the animated map of Europe engines of their machines, the popular series Battle Isle; it explains the political comple- the second player burns the. The situation in Europe is tense: as is assassinated. The assassination was made the result of many of different agreements and and done by the group of Serbian nationali- treaties made in the beginning of the Bismarck sts, then citizens of Austro Hungarian Empire era, the continent was divided into the hosti- who were trying to incorporate Bosnia to their le alliances.

At one side the forces of entente country. In is usually smaller. On the maps Graphically the game looks it was an original approach, we can also find depots and great, the battle scenes are which was copied in the next factories which can help us re- animated. The steering is sim- years by a couple of games pair the existing or create new ple: joystick or the mouse and of this type. The objective of units. The buildings neutral at the use of a couple of buttons the game is taking over the the beginning we first have from the keyboard.

AI of the computer Germany against France. In lakes, forests, roadsinfluence is set into an ultra optimistic the first months of war caval- the properties of units com- attack and with a little bit of ry, infantry and light artillery bat as well as movement. The calculation and cunning we dominates on the scene of time of the year also influen- can defeat him quite easily.

Powers Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy. The greatest military conflict starts, which all the negotiations, talks and ways of resolving will take 4 years to end and will cause death of the frictions does not succeed. On the 28th July Austria Hungary declares war to the Serbia, starting the domino effect caused. The picturesque green meadows and hills from the summer of in the next months transform into full of bunkers, trenches and ditches the points of fortifications the conflict was a positional war.

When possessing the similar amounts of soldiers and them be destroyed, because port vehicles such as lorries or equipment, the key to victory the reinforcements created ships. Great War, great joy army. You gather an expe- Every unit is characterized by rience during the fights, so the completely different combat Great graphics, music helping important part of our decisions features and various mobility.

The experien- for the move and restore their strategy. Of course a realism ced units fight more efficient, combat ability only in the next of the game has a big gap that is why we should not let round.

It is good to use trans- between the later releases. For many ditional editions placed in the for Amiga, setting the stan- players from our generation it Roman, medieval or Napole- dards for next years.

Blue Byte was the first professional multi- on times. Unfortunately those exists to this day the studio player game and nothing cau- plans never succeeded. In was taken over by Ubisoft in sed more joy than destroying the USA, because of a greater the January of and suc- the enemy cavalry from the recognition, this game was cessfully produces and issues hill.

It is worth mentioning that issued under title The Great games for different platforms for two player mode additio- War Smaller gned from the animated fight at the beginning developer scenes choosing the simu- from Dusseldorf invested in the lation in the shortened ver- complex projects difficult sion. The name of the game to realize, but ambitious and suggested the beginning of visionary.

This is how the main the whole series of historical series of the studio developed, games: British magazine CU The Settlers, which through. Tetris 30th anniversary 6th June was a special day. It was the but also on every kind of a electronic device, day during which Internet was flooded with a which has a screen enabling to show more than plethora of information about some seemingly digits: mobile phones, palmtops, TV-sets, tablets, insignificant game.

This anniversary was mentio- watches and TV decoders. Not so long ago a ned not only by computer magazines such as group of aficionados organized a session of the Chip or PC World, but also the weekly magazine game on the walls of meter tall skyscraper.

Not a lot of titles are able to bring the The classic over which we are talking about is attention of the magazines not dealing with Tetris. This logical game was originally created computers and video games, as this game for the computer called Elektronika 60 by the which is 30 years after the premiere, no other Russian scientist Aleksey Pazytnov with the help game can dream about the popularity of the of his two coworkers Dimitri Pawlowski and Va- described product.

The game works not only on dim Gerasimov. In normal circumstances situation linked with the ob- these people should become taining of the profits from the millionaires. Unfortunately, copyrights of the computer they were unlucky, because games created by the citizens they were born on the wrong of Soviet Union, they took over side of the iron curtain.

In the these rights. One of the first end even Pazytnow did not people claiming the copyrights make huge money out of for the game was the CEO of Tetris, which cannot be said English company called An- about some people living west dromeda Robert Stein, who of Elbe.

These people took sold the license to the British advantage of unclear legal Mirrorsoft and the American. Spectrum Holobyte couple on OS4Depot. We should add months before the meeting to that commercial titles and with Pazytnov. Mirrorsoft issued these which were included on official version of this game for the various compilations or CD Amiga.

We have a lot to cho- nventional. The titular picture ose from. Below I will present a is a compulsory for the Tetris couple of examples, that got of 80ties Orthodox Church of my attention in different pe- Saint Basil. After that there is a riods of my over 20 year long traditional game with a typical Amiga use.

Graphics, considering the Tertis Pro - released in Amiga capabilities, were not Logic System game has shown overwhelming. Besides the later, this time promoted by usual blocks, bonus blocks also Infogrames, authors here tried appeared in this game, which to significantly diversify the were supposed to make the game. Even though the titular game easier or harder by, for screen is still an Orthodox example, turning the screen Church, later when we pass upside down.

In later stages into another level we can we begin with a partially built admire the pictures showing level, because of that arran- the landscape of Russia such ging every block correctly be- as the harbor, launching site, comes more difficult.

There are Caucasus mountains, forests also elements which enrich the etc. Another upside is the fact graphics. Together with the a that this game as one of the number of connected lines we not many game from this pe- discover consecutively a part riod works in accordance with of pictures which are a back- an operational system. However the graphics was rendered by Here ends the official history of using the ECS chip and even Tetris on Amiga, but I am not though it looked neat, it wasnt going to end this text.

Tetris, very pretty. This game was our computer is concerned issued in in USA, but it where miscellaneous varieties was made by Polish program- of this title can be counted in mers. It was without a doubt hundreds. The reason for are around 85 Tetris games, success was moving the Tetris and the owners of newer into 3rd dimension.

Now the Amigas can find another 30 player was supposed to bring. The playing was because Sep Five was one of them, the of that more interesting but plot took place in the atmo- also more difficult. This game, sphere of an old, abandoned even though that the Amiga monastery.

The player saw version was way better than in the table on the screen, the the PC version, did not have a feather used to write, the can- particularly good graphics. This quite nicely The last title issued for A created scenery was accom- that I will present is Amotrix, panied by equally good music.

This Ineptris shocked during its released in program was time with a completely rende- supposed to refer to the gol- red graphics. When we take den times of 8 bit computers. Typical chip music plays graphics on the screen made in the background.

We have quite an impression. It was not to admit that even though so good with music. During it was stylized to look like a the game we heard only game from a bygone era, it the sound effects. However, had a remarkable graphics, they used a quite interesting a better one that the previo- solution in the form of a juke usly mentioned games.

What box. We could launch it as we is striking, is the fact that the made our progress though the animation of the falling blocks game and choose a music in the game is really fluent fragment which was played and pretty fast. The blocks through a short period of time. The player could Petris is one of the many simple choose from three sets.

The games working in the WB win- bonus feature was a falling dow. During the time when the down from time to time water graphics cards were not yet drop, which filled our empty popular in Amiga computers, spaces. Petris broke this pattern, cerned. The best way to make it was not only in color but also your game special between it had some small graphics a tens of similar games, was novelties. From contemporary a good graphics. I have no point of view it was not some- doubts, that in the middle thing special, but back then it of 90ties there were a lot of was one of the better looking.

Even though the Tetrys 95 is in my opinion the works of Freddy Mercury and best Tetris for classic Amiga. The game offers a Falling UP - the last title, that couple of types of gameplay, I present, environment GL is from a very simple junior to needed to launch it, it is not classic and fantasy, where the however another 3D Tetris. The blocks can be destroyed with field of the gameplay con- the use of a a shooting bird or stantly changes its placement, a dynamite.

They found a very because of that the player original solution for 2 persons has to deal with placing the gameplay, they didnt play on blocks on the level being, for separate levels, but coopera- example, in the vertical or ho- ted on one level, subsequently rizontal reflection.

Not an new putting the blocks in right pla- idea, playing upside down was ces. Various levels and huge offered by TetrisPro, where this dose of entertaining ability are reflection was made in a static additional arguments for the way, in Falling UP the level thesis that Tetrys 95 should be fluently rotates around and definitely installed on every during that time the blocks hard drive of an Amiga fan of dont stop to fall down.

During Tetris genre. As you can Ltris. The game is characteri- see, the game because of this, zed by nice graphics, rich in is not simple. I advise it to the interesting effects and very patient players. Not only this gathered my attention, I The twelve games that I pre- valued Ltris for a rich choice of sented, is only a small part of difficulty levels and gameplay a huge collection of similar types. Besides the one for he games for our platform.

As I single player, there are some mentioned in the beginning gameplay types for multiplay- of the article, the varieties of er, where we can play with a Tetris for Amiga can be coun- live or a computer opponent. Tetris Queen - This Tetris is a Probably everyone of you tribute to the legendary British has their favorite, maybe one rock band. It does not have a not mentioned in the article.

I nice graphics or the original propose to launch our favori- gameplay types. The one thing te computers and spend the that distinguishes the game anniversary of the never aging is a huge collection of music classic actively.

Resurrection - the old shown in a new manner: Mortal Kombat giving the food for thought to all the defenders of mora- lity. It would be extremely harmful to say that it was the only feature that distinguished the game from many others.

The huge impression was also made at least on the players, not on the previously mentio- ned detractors by the beau- tifully digitalized characters, impressive combat mechanics and harsh, overwhelming atmosphere regardless of the sheer, previously mentioned brutality. The second part of the game raised the bar even Mortal Kombat is a game higher, becoming the game which caused a significant which is still highly valued by commotion during ties not many. I still remember the only among the players but never-ending conversations also in many other communi- about the characters from the ties theoretically not connec- game, their storylines, their ted with the game industry.

This title defined the concept conducted during the school of a brutal computer game, breaks. Third part of the game. The Amiga users were in my opinion partially success- also badly treated, because ful.

Creators of the game, the game was not released for NetherRealms Studios with this platform and they did not very well-known Ed Boone in have the opportunity to play a crucial role also knew that this game. They decided to return duction into the climate of without any concessions to beginnings of the dragon the everything that is the best series.

I want to write about in the first parts of the series the released in for PC and it turned out that it was a computers and PS3, PS Vita great decision. Someone may ask: why producers stopped adding to should we make a big fuss the roster of warriors new, not about ninth part of the series, influential and not interesting if the MK series was continued characters to replace the throughout the years with a known and loved classic cha- new part of the game once racters.

This way, everyone in a while? Because of two who had a favourite fighter in reasons: the game is an offi- one of the parts of the trilo- cial reboot of the series and gy, will find him or her here. Of course, to the past to himself. The the graphics in the game second reason is the fact that are completely 3D, because according to many fans only it cant be different in the this part of the game is a true modern times, but the fighting continuator of the trilogy, after occurs in two dimensions not so successful and depar- you cannot go freely around.

In Resurrection: the old shown in a new manner, presentations of games for contemporary hardware will appear PC, game consoles, and portable devices which are continuations, adaptations, remakes of classic games, known from Commodore or Amiga.

Of course, we have to remember that we are retro magazine and these reviews wont be complete and contemporary, but more of a referrals written from the point of the beginning of the classic game.

A lot of place will be devoted to how a given title relates to its predecessor and how much he takes from it, but also new novelties will be shown, which will bring some freshness to the old concept. Reviewed games wont be evaluated with points in a standard way, because it would be difficult to use an old range of estimation for old and new games, which may lead to discrepancies. To put it short, we hope you will like this section. It is a great idea. Story mode and Challenge The characters of the game mode were added.

First of have their classic attacks and these modes is cinematic tour punches, well known fata- through the first three tourna- lities, the fights take place in ments history, where the par- the classic, but modernized ticular fights are interrupted arenas, classic music with new by the cutscenes.

This mode arrangements plays in the is pretty long and interesting background. Do you want to and gives us the possibility to throw someone in the acid in play as one of the character Dead Pool Chamber or throw of good side one by one eve- somebody of the bridge in ryone of them is a separate The Pit like in the good, old chapter, in total 16 chapters. Treat your opponent The fun is really great and with a Scorpions lace, Cages absorbing, the whole mode scrambled eggs or cut into is viewed like a full of action pieces by Baraki?

Kick horrify- interactive movie. Second of ing Goros or the conceited the aforementioned modes is Shao Khans ass, hitting him challenges in the form of with an uppercut precisely in tower, on every floor we have the moment when he laughs to do a given task. They Signs & Orbits - Various - Laser Trance Vol. 01 (CD) at us with a pity or points a be pretty ingenious, from figh- finger at us with impuden- ting with multiple opponents ce? This is not a problem.

The one by one, through the de- producers did everything to mand to use the given attacks ensure that the player expe- or the need to finish off your riences the new game in an opponent quickly, to the com- older form.

The older games pletely crazy ideas such as were criticized for making the fighting with torn off limbs or game less crude, this part is with the screen turned upside again dark, bloody and brutal like never before.

It is certain that we cannot call this part of the game an old cutlet, because even if the former paragraph may sound as MK9 has nothing new to offer, actually the situation is different. We will find a lot of novelties and new additions in Mortal Kombat reboot, which, what is important, are not ad- ded for kicks, but to make the gameplay more interesting. A great new addition to the game is the fact that outside.

He will find practically everything that attracted to this series during the times of trilogy and a lot more in addition. I value the game the most for its atmo- sphere, which is a great return to dark, gloomy beginnings of MK.

This release is a proof that if you really want it, you can make nowadays a game which is a great continuator of the classic game, and not only down.

What can we say more, an attempt to earn money on it is a really great idea, which the old name value and the lengthens the durability of the nostalgia. Additionally, elated game. Another interesting by the great approval of the matter is The Crypt, in which game, Ed Boone announced you receive additional outfits, that Mortal Kombat X is in the fatalities, many different con- works, releasing time from cept arts for the points won time additional details over during the game.

Additions the upcoming and planned also include four mini games for anniversary edition of among them well known Mortal Kombat. About the soul of the retro computer hardware The statement that we usually To explain the fascination with idealize the past, because of the old computer hardware the longing for the careles- to someone, who looks with sness of childhood and youth, surprise at a audio cassette is not so exploratory. Equally or VHS recorder, we have to obvious is the fact that pe- outline the unique color of the ople with passion have an half of eighties and nineties, inclination to overestimate the mention the life which wasnt subject of their interest.

We driven and alienated by the can assume that it is not so novelties of the electronic line extraordinary that, we, decla- which came later; mention the red fans of old computers, still childlike naivety with which see retro computer hardware we watched the blockbusters as special. Let us be inquisiti- of those years such as Ram- ve and lets think about the bo, Predator, American ninja uniqueness of this hardware and many others; to mention and why we think that these the unbelievable time for us machines have a soul.

In those times and those circumstances, with our heads full of thoughts and hopes so different than current, we watched with excitement.

This is shown by why they were the means boredom the advantages and the long, at the beginning of creative self expression. What silicon circuits into the shape our imagination. A lot of programmes which of eighties, the games were Thats why second planned came to life during that time the main area of use for area of computer use was is to this day a masterful microcomputers. We pretty making the computer achie- display of algorithm creating, naturally identified with the ve considerable effects by which logic astounds regar- characters created in the doing the homework and let dless of the capabilities of virtual worlds.

With all of our- people have more free time. Games and de- selves we walked in the vast Even though these plans mos still delight us. We dont labyrinths, we ventured with were not always successful, look at them only from the our heroes from adventure the charm of early computers perspective of their histori- to adventure. Watching on didnt weaken, they were still cal value. They didnt lose our screen the cockpit of the an amazing discovery, which their value, only because jetfighter, we ventured thro- could replace our mind in the contemporary releases ugh the virtual skies, we took the complex work, help out are difficult to discern from on the character of F1 driver in making decisions or fore- reality.

Realism is not the only or submarine captain. Our see future with a huge dose and not the most important imagination never before had of probability on the basis of criteria of judgment comics such a real extension. But also the virtual worlds created by contemporary computers often fail to seduce us.

Simply, we lack our previous trust. Our consciousness of the practical capabilities of computers is also greater. The computers are not unusual boxes, which are capable of generating magical sceneries. We began to treat them more as stan- dard house appliances, such as tv or audio set. Inkblot and the effects of their work Electronic equipment pro- Movie still are very popular.

Since the efficiently executing time beginning of its presence on consuming arithmetic equ- the market they were shown ations, but also more or less as an irreplaceable work and intelligent creation based on entertainment companion the human.

People educated we can guess that the con- on science fiction books and tinuation of this marketing films such as Odyssey, strategy was the adoption Star Wars or Star Trek we for the first bit construc- came to conclusion that the tion the name Amiga, The computer has a human face Friend was supposed to at least in the sense that it make the work pleasant, communicates with a human help people with the respon- like a human.

Almost every sibilities, it was supposed to history which is in the future become a member of the shows the progress as far as family. In the contemporary the changes are concerned, information technology press which were brought by the and literature we could find development of digital tech- a conclusion that computer nology. Even though the dan- is a universal device, which gers of the developing digital brings work, learning and technology were shown, it entertainment into another seemed a bright future for us.

Because of. In our own way we Finally, we couldnt see com- certain unpredictability in this, were witnesses of the history puters other than exceptio- unexplained force, the com- and active participators of the nally friendly devices.

When we hear ming the counting machines From the eighties to the cur- about the complexness of into the personal computers.

Currently, the which rival, piling up stan- nions, we will not step back to youth grows up in different dards its easy to get a say that the first home com- social-economic circumstan- headache keeping up with puters had a soul. They had ces. For them the computer the constant chase about the a soul for us, the devoted became a centre of home novelties in IT. The spiritualization We will not recreate the spe- Hery of computers happens also cific climate, in which around Translated by Slayerpl now, but it took a different di- 8 bit computers aura of extra- rection.

Nowadays about the ordinariness was created. Emulation or real hardware? Bobikowoz: I like it very much. The possibility Sid sounds of the loader and finally the fun of of playing 8bit games on the hardware that I playing these are priceless impressions. Computer at home, laptop at work, tablet in the tram emulator on every Retro hardware has its soul which speaks to us hardware, ROM collection and the ability of with the whole range of feelings and no emu- downloading the saved games from the clo- lator will ever give us this.

When I find a couple of moments of free time, I can try to achieve a high score in River Noctropolis: Yes, it is completely true. Real Raid or continue visiting dungeons in Sword of hardware provides us the good atmosphere Fargoal.

For me this atmosphere is completely linked with Tomxx: I inserted C64 emulator on the staring at flickering on the screen red- portable PSP and I am probably the black stripes and the charming hum only person in the morning train The and the slow, majestic typing in Dublin playing Commando amount of old RUN on the brown or creamy and other Bomb Jacks.

This computers will decrease keyboard. However with device has such a small gradually, year by year. The the passing of time people joystick that is ideal for moment will happen that they become more lazy I will fast arcade games.

On completely leave the hardware admit without hesitation the other hand, I choose market, and if they appear the that I use more often Pc for a Signs & Orbits - Various - Laser Trance Vol. 01 (CD) play- prizes will be horrendous and the emulators.

You dont ing real computers. The average Joe will not be able to have to deal with har- feeling of plugging in the buy it. I will. Komek: I also created a The pile of cassettes while ago small C64 post.

I Minimoog: Right, for and diskettes looks way bought an ordinary small example I would not better than the humming cupboard for RTV with finish Day After wi- chest with virtual written data three shelves, in which thout save-stats Emu- PC. I heard an opinion that there are: TV set, joy- lators are over compa- no one creates games or pro- sticks, cassette player tible, I think. They often grams on the real C I launch my C64 and difficult to achieve on har- my favorite game and I travel dware.

I do not say that it is a into the past. When I am visited shortcoming, why should we give up by my friends not necessarily fans or on something that works better, however we C64 aficionadosthey often ask to launch cannot feel the retro hardware fully without some games. I often do this and then the par- the hardware or the software from its heyday ty starts and everyone feels great while feeling and it is true not only for Commodore.

I prefer this unique atmosphere. However concerning to play on Pegasus also on real hardware. I heard an opinion that no one creates games or programs on the real Bobikowoz: I like your approach to real C It is not true, because for example I do hardware.

The special post, adequate atmo- this or maybe I am nobody then they are sphere from the past, I feel envious that I have right. Besides, what kind of a C64 program is only the modern junk in my home. I feel also this that works on the emulator but does not ashamed that as a retro hardware aficionado work with a real C64? My pc starts loudly and I perform halfheartedly, but in todays busy, long, while C64 works silently and launches full of activities world it is very hard to find an practically with the switch of a button.

When additional time to adjust the recording head, I need immediate use of a device, e. Moreover, estimations, then I use a real C For longer I would have to take out every time C64 from. Another factor is of the panelak building, and this is another the fact that using real hardware becomes more thief of the precious time which is meant for and more expensive hobby.

Not long ago you the pleasures. In acceptable. However we have to get ready for my case it is also stretched beyond a situation that with time it will get worse imagination but I said resolu- so if someone plans to buy a physi- tely I will not let myself go I will admit cal version of our favorite hardwa- crazy.

Let this C64 post without hesitation re, should not wait long. And be- that I use more often lieve me, I will always Pc emulators. You dont Uka: Emulators and real find time and small have to deal with hardware, hardware have its advan- place to create this plug in cables and it is above tages and drawbacks. In place. When we take all comfortable if you only want most cases you can choose the purchase of new to launch a given game for an between one and the other hardware into consi- half of hour and do not play depending on the prefe- deration, it also should half a day.

I not be a problem. So I will not say how the situation urge you to work actively, - noctropolis is in my case and from which it because there is no other as results because it would be secon- original hardware. The emulation for sure is very useful, makes some things easier and that is noctropolis: In my opinion, the real solution why we often use it.

For me the most important is using the advantages of emulators and thing is that it gives us the possibility to launch real hardware interchangeably. The former the machines which I do not have if it is only a one has a bigger comfort and speed, and substitute of a real hardware it is still better than the latter better atmosphere and is a more nothing.

We have to know also that you cannot tangible return to the past. The individual perform certain operations in the emulators, and.

H tambm certos conceitos de RPG incorporados no jogo, como a evoluo de armas e magias atravs de pontos de experincia, coletados durante as batalhas. Os combates, nos quais a maior parte do game embasada, ficam em funo dos ataques em cadeia e combos de Kratos, o protagonista, que agora recebe o ttulo de deus da guerra.

Desta vez ele tem ainda mais armas e ataques especiais para destruir seus inimigos; novas espadas, lanas e marretas foram incorporadas lista de armas, e magias como o terremoto de Atlas e a fria de Cronos podero ser usadas ao longo do jogo.

O game possui cenrios mais amplos e chefes maiores e mais intimidadores, o que no surpreende, tendo em vista que o objetivo de Kratos desta vez no nada modesto: se vingar do rei dos deuses do Olimpo, Zeus. H tambm novos elementos mitolgicos nesta verso, como o legendrio cavalo alado Pgasus e o heri grego Perseus.

Descrio: Ultimate Carnage a estria de FlatOut, srie cuja segunda verso vendeu um milho de cpias, na nova gerao de consoles. No por acaso, o jogo foi reconstrudo do zero, tudo para usufruir o potencial do PlayStation 3, Xbox e, de quebra, do PC tambm. O que no muda, no entanto, a insana gincana de destruio entre veculos. Se em FlatOut 2 oito veculos dividiam a tela, desta vez o nmero aumentou para 12 e, quanto s modalidades de jogo, cinco estriam no single-player e duas no multiplayer.

Mas, se voc gosta de nmeros, ainda tem mais: cada pista tem cerca de oito mil objetos dinmicos no anterior, eram cinco milsem falar nos sistemas de sombra e iluminao igualmente dinmicos e nos 20 mil polgonos que compem cada carro.

Ao que parece, as maiores mudanas do jogo esto mesmo reservadas ao visual basta dizer que a resoluo widescreen, em alta definio, de Para a Live, rede online do Xboxalm do suporte ao multiplayer, a Empire Interactive confirmou tambm download de contedo indito. Descrio do arquivo: WWW. COM Tamanho do arquivo: A histria se curva diante desse jogo! Os criadores da premiada franquia Age of Empires apresentam a terceira etapa da aclamada srie. Comande uma das potncias europias que disputam a conquista do Novo Mundo entre os sculos 15 e Ganhe riqueza e poder para sua metrpole e colonize toda a vastido de um territrio inexplorado.

Uma srie de 24 cenrios divididos em trs atos, onde voc ajuda os Astecas a resistirem aos conquistadores espanhis, joga os franceses contra os ingleses na Guerra dos Sete Anos e ajuda o Simo Bolvar a liderar revolues na Amrica do Sul.

Para a conquista do novo mundo escolha entre espanhis, ingleses, franceses, portugueses, russos, otomanos, alemes e holandeses. Cada uma com suas estruturas militares e econmicas prprias.

Os jogadores tm acesso sua prpria Cidade Natal europia para obter suporte econmico, tecnolgico e militar. As melhorias de sua cidade sero mantidas de um jogo para outro. Fsica, Efeitos Grficos e Inteligncia Artificial, jamais vistos antes.

Esse modo de jogo permite aliar ou combater exrcitos de outros jogadores. Age of Empires Warchiefs uma expanso que requer a verso bsica da terceira verso de Age of Empires 3 e realmente uma adio considervel para aqueles que so fs da srie, sendo que os novos elementos histricos e povos nativos do Novo Mundo leia-se Amricas proporcionam uma boa dose de novas horas de jogo para os que j esgotaram as possibilidades da verso original.

Uma das novidades cruciais da srie a possibilidade da vitria ser atingida pelo monoplio comercial, atravs da conquista da maioria das feitoria disponveis no mapa. Desse modo, em vez da matana deliberada contra as cidades inimigas o jogador por optar por construir pequenas fortalezas em torno das feitorias e alcanar o xito de maneira inesperada. Lidere umas das trs civilizaes asiticas no Japo, na China ou na ndia para criar um imprio e lutar para mant-lo.

Comande os grandiosos exrcitos da China. Aprenda a guerrear como os Samurais e os poderosos Shoguns no Japo. Lute pela independncia, montado em elefantes de guerra na ndia. Configurao: Processador: Pentium IV 1. Monte as imagens com Daemon Tools. Instale os Patchs na ordem. Extrair o aoe3loader na pasta do jogo e abra por ele. Caso queira jogar online pelo hamachi. Aprenda a resgatar arquivos perdidos e apagados, de forma segura e profissional. Resgate arquivos apagados. Recupere arquivos de pen drives.

Saiba como fazer backups preventivos. Clone o seu disco rgido. Depois de instalado no HD, ele ocupa: 4,23 Gb ou 3,51 Gb. O consumo de memria ram gira em torno de Mb. Nota: Este arquivo extreme. Este extreme. Nos meus testes no apresentou nenhum problema mas, na duvida, deixei como opo, use por sua conta e prprio risco.

Depois de atualizar o windows com o windows update, rode o ULoader5. Este sistema operacional foi completamente atualizado com as ltimas atualizaes e correes da Microsoft para manter um elevado nvel de segurana contra malware e uma maior estabilidade com um desempenho melhorado. Com ferramentasinteligentes que aumentam significativamente o grau de produtividade, ela oferece potncia inigualvel a qualquer outra sute de aplicativos grficos para Windows.

Alm disso, a integrao entre os aplicativos da sute, bem como recursos para economia de tempo ajudam voc a trabalhar com maior eficincia. Contendo aplicativos para ilustrao vetorial, layout de pgina, edio digital de imagens e animaes, essa sute tem um valor definitivamente insupervel. O arquivo est zipado e dividido, basta clicar na 1 parte e descompactar.

Informaes: Tamanho: 4. Ento descobriu que os fotolitos chapas usadas durante o processo de impresso eram maiores que os brasileiros, o que os levou a fazer as prprias reportagens. Atualmente ocorre o contrrio: a Super exporta suas matrias para filiais estrangeiras. A revista comeou com revistinhas de vinte pginas distribudas dentro de outras revistas da Abril a edio zero. A edio nmero 1 foi lanada quinze dias depois, no fim de setembro, trazendo como matria de capa supercondutores.

A edio logo se esgotou. A reimpresso tambm. E logo no primeiro dia nas bancas, cinco mil pessoas passam a assin-la. Em a Super passou por reformas no projeto grfico, passando a ter mais infogrficos, sendo que diversos foram premiados em feiras internacionais. Empara comemorar os dez anos de publicao, a Super lanou um CD com a maioria das matrias j lanadas. Tal idia foi reaproveitada no aniversrio de quinze anos,quando passou a lanar anualmente a coleo completa de todas as suas edies, desde at o atual ano, em formato digital escaneadas em CD-ROMs.

Na coleo, o usurio encontra um software prprio para visualizar as reportagens. Em setembro dea Editora Abril resolveu abrir o contedo da revista na web, de graa. Com esta medida, todas as edies, desde a primeira at a atual, podem ser consultadas no site oficial de Superinteressante sem precisar pagar. Depois de diversos anos publicando apenas artigos na rea de cincias exatas e biolgicas, passa a publicar tambm artigos de cincias humanas e sociais.

Para a infelicidade de diversos leitores pioneiros, no demorou para que a revista passasse a abordar assuntos tidos como especulativos ou para dar destaque demasiado maior aos assuntos religiosos. Ao mesmo tempo que novos leitores foram conquistados, leitores antigos vo procura de novas publicaes que passam a surgir graas expanso do mercado editorial brasileiro. A Super ampliou sua tiragem,que hoje ultrapassa exemplares mensais. Consequentemente, s restando a tcnica e aprofundada Scientific American Brasil, algo que no mais a preocupao de Super que busca informar o pblico leigo.

Dentre outros. Baixar Ano do Apocalipse Lawrence E. No vai adiantar. Voc no pode evitar os acontecimentos nem cavar um buraco suficientemente fundo para se esconder. O fim est prximo e voc no conseguir fazer nada evit-lo. Ento, pra que ler este livro? Porque voc no pode se fazer de cego quando, alm dos fanticos religiosos, os cientistas tambm afirmam que seremos destrudos. Segundo pesquisas, o Sol nunca se mostrou to turbulento nos ltimos 12 mil anos, pelo menos.

No h nada que voc possa fazer, exceto talvez sentar-se confortavelmente e apreciar o espetculo. Logo ao ser lanado, o programa contou com o reflexo do sucesso da verso veiculada pela rdio Jovem Pan, atingindo em pouco tempo uma grande popularidade.

Teve sua primeira transmisso realizada em 28 de setembro de Inovador, interface fantstica e ferramentas tridimensionais. A verso CS4 impressiona e est imperdvel! Seguindo a mesma linha de alguns aplicativos da srie CS4, o novo Photoshop possui um menu de fcil acesso que disponibiliza vrios perfis prontos para o usurio escolher. A janela com bordas estilo Windows tambm foram retiradas e uma nova barra cinza foi aderida.

As ferramentas manuais ainda continuam reunidas a esquerda da janela, j as caixas de ajustes que antes ficavam a direita, agora so automaticamente modificadas conforme o perfil selecionado. Posteriormente ir aparecer a tela com os tutoriais em vdeo. Informaes Nome: avast! Mecanismo antivrus complementado por anti-spyware, firewall e antispam mdulos para proteg-lo contra esquemas de phishing, roubo de identidade e distribudo pela Internet vrus na web.

As atualizaes automticas para maior comodidade do usurio e segurana. Top votos entre os usurios de software antivrus gratuito. O novo avast!

Free Antivirus 5. Para proteg-lo contra roubo de identidade, bem como vrus. Antivrus Pro melhor proteco durante a navegao na Internet. Full-featured do software antivrus. Melhor do que o nosso antivrus gratuito, principalmente para surfar na web, mas sem a firewall e antispam includo no avast!

Internet Security. Tambm se voc quiser personalizar a sua segurana, este o software recomendado. A proteo contnua contra vrus e spyware Assegura todos os e-mails enviados e recebidos esto limpos Mantm-se protegido contra chat infeces ataques pra de sites sequestrado Permite que voc navegue com segurana sites suspeitos ou executar aplicativos desconhecidos jogos Permite segura e sem interrupo Compatvel com Windows XP, Vista e 7 Nova interface do usurio Tecnologias-chave: Antivirus melhorado e motor anti-spyware novo avast!

Sandbox vrus atualizaes Smart Real time anti-rootkit proteco O avast! Comunidade IQ Behavioral Honeypots. Green computing O avast! Internet Security 5. Se voc us-lo corretamente, e em combinao com outros programas, como utilitrios de backup de dados, ele vai reduzir significativamente o risco de o computador ser atacado ou infectado por um vrus e, portanto, o risco de perder dados importantes ou privado. O Avast!

Internet Security aplicao vem com um filtro antispam e firewall embutido. Uma vez instalado, o avast! Voc no precisa fazer mais nada basta instalar e esquecer! Internautas ativos precisam de maior proteo para si prprios como loja e banco on-line. Para proteger contra ameaas de web sites infectados eo risco crescente de roubo de identidade, segurana na Internet avast lhe proporciona proteo contnua de suas camadas de antivrus, anti-spyware, proteo anti-rootkit, firewall e antispam.

Escudos em tempo real. A real-time escudos so a parte mais importante do programa, como eles esto trabalhando continuamente para evitar que o computador infectado. Eles monitoram toda a atividade do seu computador, verificando todos os programas e arquivos em tempo real ou seja, no momento em que um programa iniciado ou quando um arquivo aberto ou fechado.

Virus Chest. A Caixa de Virus pode ser pensado como uma pasta no seu disco rgido com propriedades especiais, que o tornam um lugar seguro e isolado para o armazenamento de arquivos potencialmente prejudiciais. Voc pode trabalhar com os arquivos na caixa de vrus, com algumas restries de segurana.

Internet Security inclui um filtro antispam totalmente integrados para detectar e-mails indesejados. Spam entregues sua caixa de correio pode resultar em sua caixa de correio rapidamente tornando-se completa, como um resultado que, e-mails legtimos no podem ser recebidos. Ele tambm pode aumentar desnecessariamente a carga no servidor de e-mail, conexo Internet, redes locais etc Firewall. Internet Security inclui uma firewall integrada, que podem ser controladas diretamente do avast!

O firewall monitora toda a comunicao entre seu computador eo mundo exterior e blocos de comunicao no autorizado com base em uma srie de permitir e negar regras. Desta forma, o firewall pode impedir que dados confidenciais saiam do seu computador e tambm pode bloquear t entativas de invases por hackers externos Command-line scanner. O programa ashCmd usa o avast mesmo! O avast! A varredura executada no prompt de comando usando vrias opes e parmetros. Para ver uma descrio dos parmetros, localize o arquivo ashCmd e clique duas vezes sobre ele.

Isto abrir uma nova janela em que os vrios parmetros so exibidos. A proteo contnua contra vrus e spyware Assegura todos os e-mails enviados e recebidos esto limpos Mantm-se protegido contra chat infeces ataques pra de sites sequestrado Permite que voc navegue com segurana sites suspeitos ou executar aplicativos desconhecidos Bloqueia ataques de hackers para proteger a sua identidade Mantm a sua caixa de entrada livre de spam jogos Permite segura e sem interrupo Compatvel com Windows XP, Vista e 7 Tecnologias-chave: Antivirus melhorado e motor anti-spyware novo avast!

Pack goza de merecido reconhecimento entre os milhes de profissionais e amadores de todo o mundo. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 inclui novas ferramentas que facilitam o processo criativo, simplificar o gerenciamento de projeto e otimizar o trabalho de design grfico.

Agora, graas s funes mais amplo de criao de ilustraes, layouts de pgina e edio de fotos, funes trissirovki imagens raster em grficos vetoriais, e ferramenta de treinamento funcional novo pacote grfico integrado que combina uma vasta gama de capacidades de excelente design, velocidade, acessibilidade e facilidade de uso, que no pode fornecer mais de software para design grfico.

Clic em RemoveProtexis. Copie o arquivo PsiKey. Pronto ja est abrindo o Corel sem tempo de avaliao. Boa sorte a todos. Descrio: Nero 9 a prxima gerao do mundo o mais confivel integrado de mdia digital e entretenimento domstico software suite. Ela apresenta novas funcionalidades de ponta que faz desfrutando contedo de mdia digital simples.

Esta relao easy-to-use contudo poderosa sute multimdia, d-lhe a liberdade para criar, rasgar, copiar, gravar, editar, partilhar e fazer upload on-line. O que voc quiser msica, vdeo, fotografia, e dados apreciar e partilhar com a famlia e os amigos qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar. Com fceis de usar o Nero StartSmart comando central, a sua vida digital nunca foi mais flexvel, mais realista e divertido. O programa protege seu sistema contra as ameaas mais recentes da internet, dando a voc a liberdade de navegar e comprar online sem preocupaes.

Inclusive, contando com anti-vrus, anti-spam e firewall bem como um filtro para controle de contedo acessado no computador. O objetivo deste programa garantir proteo para seu computador enquanto voc navega na internet, inclusive com proteo em tempo real, contando com as seguintes ferramentas: anti-vrus, antispyware, proteo adicional contra worms, rootkits, spywares, dialers, trojans, backdoors, permisses especiais, proteo para navegao na internet, varredura de e-mails, firewall, filtro anti-phishing, sistema de backup e recuperao, entre outras.

Ele protege os seus dados e sua privacidad e quando voc enviar mensagens, baixar msicas, acessar a conta bancria, fizer suas compras ou jogar online. O Internet Security oferece poderosa proteo completa contra ameaas online, com deteco e remoo de todos os tipos de software maliciosos. Este pacote abrangente de segurana inclui, tambm, um firewall, controle de spam, deteco de rootkit e controle dos pais [sobre sites acessados pelos filhos.

Segurana na Internet um assunto mais do que srio, principalmente para aqueles que gostam de deixar seus documentos e dados todos online, alm de fazer transaes em sites de bancos.

O Norton Internet Security procura proporcionar maior segurana em seu computador, na rede e na Internet, com vrias. Uma curiosidade que o pacote exige a configurao em modo de compatibilidade para ser instalado no Windows 7. Mas, exceto por isso, no h qualquer outro problema ou mensagem de erro no novo sistema operacional. O destaque do McAfee Internet Security ficou na deteco de phishing, com apenas dois sites furando a proteo, um desempenho bem superior ao dos concorrentes.

Isso se deve ao uso do consagrado SiteAdvisor, que um dos melhores filtros antiphising do mercado. Descrio o quinto jogo da srie The King of Fighters e o primeiro jogo no-cannico srie, ou seja, no tem parte na sequncia real da histria da srie.

Rene 38 lutadores, que estiveram presentes nos quatro jogos iniciais, os quais dividem-se em trios e lutam entre si para decidir qual time enfrentar o primeiro chefe da histria da srie, Rugal Bernstein. Sinopse: The Simpsons Os Simpsons no Brasil; Os Simpson em Portugal uma srie de desenhos animados para a televiso que retrata o dia-a-dia de uma famlia americana. Atravs dos protagonistas Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa e Maggie, o programa faz crticas ao comportamento humano, sociedade e ao modo de vida americano.

A srie tem episdios e 21 temporadas, o que a faz a mais antiga em exibio nos Estados Unidos. Recebeu inmeros prmios desde que iniciou emisses, tais como: 23 prmios Emmy, 22 Annies e um Peabody.

Emo programa ganhou uma estrela na Calada da Fama, em Hollywood. Ema revista Time elegeu-a como a melhor srie televisiva do sculo. A reao dos telespectadores foi to positiva que The Simpsons evoluiu para um programa, estreando como um especial de natal de meia hora, em 17 de dezembro dee depois como srie regular em 14 de janeiro de De enorme influncia na cultura pop, serviu de inspirao para diversas outras sries animadas, alm de citaes em inmeras obras de escritores, msicos e diretores de cinema e televiso.

Um grande nmero de produtos foi criado com base no programa, desde jogos electrnicos at livros que discutem conceitos filosficos a partir da conduta das personagens. Um filme de longa metragem foi especialmente criado para celebrar os 20 anos da srie, completados em O filme demorou trs anos para ser concludo. Esse filme de longa metragem foi lanado dia 27 de julho dee consiste em tentar alertar os moradores de Springfield sobre a poluio existente no lago, e, claro, os conflitos da famlia Simpson.

Os Simpsons 6 Temporada Dublado 2. Os Simpsons 5 Temporada Dublado 3. Os Simpsons 4 Temporada Dublado. Os Simpsons 5 Temporada Dublado 2. Os Simpsons 7 Temporada Dublado 3. Os Simpsons 7 Temporada Dublado. Imagine: Voc andando a p igual no Gta normal mas quando entra no carro parece que voc saiu do Gta e foi jogar Nfsu2.

Na verdade essa apenas uma modificao bem feita. Essa coleo contm drivers de software para mais de Isto ideal para tcnicos de PC de reparo e as pessoas que no confiam que os outros para fixar seu PC. Com iSkysoft Video Converter voc pode converter seus arquivos de vdeo em qualquer formato para reproduzir em qualquer leitor porttil!

Tamanho: Total Video Converter HD a soluo para pessoas que querem converter e rodar qualquer formato popular de udio e video. Mesmo sendo um conversor de vdeo, converte tambm udio, em vrios formatos diferentes, converte para a maioria dos formatos de vdeo existentes atualmente, mantendo sua qualidade inicial.

Tamanho: 17,38 Mb. Crie comandos de auto-executar para seus CDs com opes para criaes de menus profissionais. Voc pode fazer apresentaes, exibio de documentos, catlogos de produtos, dissertaes, aplicativos de trabalho, slideshows e mais em seu autorun. O programa possui uma interface fcil de usar, com um editor de design, botes e ajustes para ficar tudo sob medida. Possui recursos de captura de vdeo, edio simples, efeitos 3D espetaculares, dublagem e 32 faixas de udio.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 16 Plus HD uma poderosa ferramenta que serve para edio de vdeo, tem um excelente conjunto de ferramentas para trabalhar com vdeos, enquanto ao mesmo tempo, o programa simples e fcil de aprender e usar. Com este programa voc pode Signs & Orbits - Various - Laser Trance Vol. 01 (CD) o vdeo da cmera para realizar a edio do material, adicionar efeitos e ttulos, trabalho com som, para criar um menu para o DVD, e tudo o que pode ser feito com edio de vdeo.

Na verso mais recente a interface completamente redesenhada, possvel baixar vdeo on-line em servios de streaming de vdeo, foi adicionado suporte para AVCHD, possvel a criao de discos Blu-ray com menus animados.

Aplique mais de 40 efeitos customizados e filtros durante as converses, como: contraste, brilho, rotao, texto, logotipos e mais. Sua interface compreensvel e amigvel, permitindo executar todas aplicaes com rapidez e facilidade. Dreamweaver CS4 agora incorpora diversas facilidades, o novo auxlio bem notado com relao criao de sites que se utilizem de Javascript e Ajax.

Alm destas implementaes, h ainda novas opes para a navegao de cdigo, que mostra detalhadamente a alterao na tela no objeto selecionado. Ad-Aware Lavasoft Pro a soluo para combater as formas mais extremas de ameaas de malware e cyber, incluindo a proteco contra vrus, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, rootkits, roubo de senhas, as redes bot e, drive-by downloads.

Uma soluo avanada que no ir carregar os recursos do sistema, o Ad-Aware Pro a ferramenta de segurana ideais para pequenas empresas de hoje. Pack contendo 27 tutoriais de photoshop! Todos contendo explicao em audio PT BR. Exelente para aqueles que esto comeando ou querem aprimorar seus trabalhos com a maior enfase em trabalhos nas pessoas. AVG Internet Security fornece proteo completa contra todas as ameaas mais srias de Internet, incluindo vrus, worms, spywares, trojans, adware, hackers e spam.

Abrangente de preveno Cyberthreat baseado no Windows para usurios domsticos de um dos mais confivel do mundo companies. Principais Caractersticas - Antivrus e Anti-Spyware: proteo contra vrus, worms, spyware e trojans - Identity Protection: ajuda a prevenir o roubo de identidade - Anti-Rootkit: proteo contra ameaas ocultas rootkits - Web Shield: Telas de downloads e IM para infeces - LinkScanner: blocos envenenado pginas da Web em tempo real - Anti-Spam com anti-phishing: filtra os e-mails indesejveis e fraudulentos e-mail - Firewall: proteo contra hackers - Ferramentas do sistema: medida para suas necessidades particulares - E Muito Mais Estilo: AntiVirus FireWall Idioma: MultiLinguagem.

Para voc que tem saudade de jogos com o bom e velho Mortal Kombat, nosso amigo Sonic, e tantos outros personagens desses jogos clssicos mas que marcaram a infancia de muitos. Aproveite e mate a saudade! A Revista Flashback, um dos projetos da Superinteressante, trouxe encartado esse CD, que traz prolas dos jingles polticos de ontem e de hoje. O McAfee Total Protection a segurana completa e sem complicaes, ideal para pessoas que constantemente comunicam-se, fazem compras, realizam transaes bancrias, comercializam ou se divertem on-line.

Ele apresenta o McAfee SiteAdvisor, uma ferramenta de segurana na Web premiada que avisa voc e bloqueia sites arriscados. O McAfee Total Protection protege sua famlia e toda a sua rede de PCs contra vrus, spyware, hackers, ladres de identidade e golpistas on-line.

Portanto, se voc no quer perder tempo para compactar e descompactar arquivos transmitidos pela internet, faa um test drive deste programa, que tem como diferencial um menu sempre interativo e navegvel. Tambm suporta arquivos de at 8. Ulead VideoStudio torna a tarefa de editar vdeos to divertida como film-los. Com os recursos de fcil uso do programa, usurios de primeira viagem podem criar vdeos com aparncia profissional.

Comece gravando um vdeo atravs de sua cmera ou TV. Depois remova partes que voc no quer e adicione sua prpria trilha sonora, narrao, ttulo e efeitos. Possui um tutorial em vdeo que o ajudar a aprender a usar o programa. A nova verso permite criar filmes em DVDs com temas personalizados incluindo mais de 20 teamplates incluindo msicas, ttulos e efeitos de transio.

Seu editor agora conta com criao de menus, animaes em flash, distores em vdeos e muito mais, baixe e crie seus prprios vdeos! Portanto, se voc no quer perder tempo para compactar e descompactar arquivos transmitidos pela internet, faa um "test drive" deste programa, que tem como diferencial um menu sempre interativo e navegvel.

Tamanho: 4,79 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. Quando se fala em programa de compactao de arquivos, uma das primeiras marcas a vir mente o WinZip. Com mais de 12 anos de tradio no mercado, foi lanado agora uma nova verso Beta de seu compactador. Essa verso traz vrios recursos diferentes, como melhor compactao de arquivos de imagem e acesso ao novo formato ZIPX, para melhores resultados em compactao de arquivos.

Isso porque ele j um formato compacto que reproduz imagens em alta resoluo com tamanho reduzido. Por causa disso, os programas de compactao de arquivo dificilmente conseguem compactar mais os dados de imagens. A verso Beta do novo WinZip Ele oferece a opo de visualizar miniaturas das imagens compactadas. Assim, voc no precisa descompactar todas as imagens para saber qual delas voc precisa.

E caso voc no queira ver s a miniatura, voc tambm pode visualizar a imagem grande dentro da prpria janela do programa, sem precisar descompact-la. Ele tambm permite visualizar, girar ou modificar o tamanho de qualquer imagem presente dentro do arquivo compacto. Tamanho: 16,26 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. Chico Xavier Mais de livros Nesta coleo constam mais de livros psicografados por Chico Xavier. Eles foram retirados do sitewww. Para ler os textos, sero abertos no internet explorer.

Bons estudos e leituras. Jesus envolva a todos em sua paz. AMIGO ATENO CALMA CURA F HOJE IRMO JIA ME NS PAZ O Sony Sound Forge considerado um dos mais poderosos se no o mais programas para edio de udio. Com grandes novidades e com uma qualidade inigualvel, a Sony apresenta a dcima verso deste software para profissionais e amantes da criao de udio.

O Sound Forge um aplicativo eficiente que permite aos usurios gravar sons, mixar canais, adicionar efeitos e masterizar faixas de at 32 canais de udio. Tamanho: ,81 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. Tamanho: 17,38 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. AVS Video Editor fornece todos os recursos para criao de vdeos de alta qualidade centenas de efeitos e transies, reconhecimento de cenas, captura de vrios dispositivos externos, uma variedade de modelos exclusivos para gravao de DVDs e criao de menus.

Possui um editor de udio que permite alterar, arrumar e mixar faixas para projetos de vdeo. AVS Video Editor apresenta a combinao perfeita de preo e alta qualidade de performance. Crescer a sua frota de caminhes e contratar os condutores mais experientes para construir o seu negcio! Tamanho: Mb. Voc pode criar autoruns para suas apresentaes, documentos, catlogos, aplicaes ou exposies.

O programa poupa seu tempo com uma interface fcil de usar, em que voc no precisar perder horas lendo manuais. Adicione imagens de fundo e botes a sua escolha, sem preocupaes.

Tamanho: 9,96 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. Junto com a popularizao da internet, surgiram formatos cada vez mais diferenciados para compresso de arquivos de vdeo e udio. Graas a essa compresso, o tamanho dos arquivos diminui e, algumas vezes, tornam-se compatveis com certos programas ou jogos. E por isso que se voc quer reproduzir arquivos com certas codificaes, preciso ter os codecs certos. So os codecs que decodificam e possibilitam que voc assista ao vdeo em DivX, ou escute uma msica em MP3. Muitas vezes era necessrio um programa especfico que trouxesse junto a possibilidade de abrir certos arquivos o que, muitas vezes, complicava para o usurio que queria compatibilidade com diversos formatos.

Tamanho: 23,63 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. O programa apaga informaes desnecessrias que esto armazenadas no registro do Windows. A nova verso detecta mais chaves invlidas do registro, alm de ser compatvel com todas as verses Windows, de 32 ou 64 bits. Outro item presente nesta atualizao a opo de restaurar itens diretamente na interface do programa. Quando um software deletado do sistema, ele pode deixar para trs informaes que nunca mais sero usadas, mas que o desinstalador no costuma apagar. O MV RegClean extermina estes dados, que no esto em uso.

Ao fazer isso, ele torna o sistema operacional mais rpido. A verso 5. H ainda uma edio especial voltada para deficientes visuais. Tamanho: 3,86 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. Um gerenciador de downloads como o Download Accelerator faz o papel dequebrar os arquivos para o trfego na internet se dar maisfacilmente. Apesar de haver concorrentes poderosos no mercado de gerenciadores, este aplicativo ainda figura entre um das melhores opes para o usurio. O Download Accelerator Plus j provou ser um excelente gerenciador e acelerador de downloads.

Esta nova verso do aplicativo traz algumas melhorias e novas ferramentas, as quais visam melhorar ainda mais a velocidade de download e tambm integrar o Download Accelerator Plus a alguns servios online, como o Twitter. Tamanho: 13,29 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. Isto significa que no somente voc grava mdias, mas mantm cpias de segurana como imagens em seu computador. Esses backups podem ser executados diretamente do computador sem a necessidade de grav-los novamente em um CD ou DVD.

Desta maneira voc mantm suas mdias intactas, diminuindo o risco de perd-las por riscos ou excesso de uso. Quem adquiriu aquele software carssimo ou aquele precioso DVD pode usar uma cpia de direito e guardar o original.

Tamanho: 9,3 Mb Download [MegaUpload]. Manusear as imagens Esta uma das ferramentas mais interessantes, pois torna fcil a navegao pelos arquivos de uma imagem, adicionar ou extrair qualquer item que desejar, mover de lugar ou criar novas pastas, procedimentos que s seriam possveis, normalmente, depois da extrao completa do contedo o que toma um bom tempo, sem contar a reconstruo do arquivo de imagem depois. Extermine de uma vez por todas as ameaas com o ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, pois este pacote contm um robusto conjunto de ferramentas, entre elas: antivirus, firewallI e outras tecnologias que ajudam a evitar spam, phishing, malware, spyware, etc, etc, etc.

No ser ir arrepnder com tanta aplicao incluida nesta suite, pois o objectivo foi o que os utilizadores no necessitassem de absolutamente mai nada. A JavaT a mais popular linguagem de programao orientada a objetos, com quatro milhes de desenvolvedores! Esta nova edio do livro-texto Java mais utilizado do mundo traz uma abordagem baseada na introduo a classes e objetos, logo no incio do livro. Java: Como programar inclui cobertura abrangente de programao orientada a objetos em Java e vrios estudos de caso integrados importantes: a classe Timea classe Employeea classe GradeBooko estudo de caso opcional sobre um sistema de caixa eletrnico baseado em projeto orientado a objetos e UMLo estudo de caso de imagens grficas e GUIo aplicativo de troca instantnea de mensagens DeitelMessenger e duas aplicaes Web de mltiplas camadas, baseadas em banco de dados Online Survey e Guest Book.

Outros recursos didticos. Estilo: E-book Autor: Harvey M. Youtube Downloader HD uma ferramenta gratuita para download de vdeos do YouTube e salv-lo para seu computador local.

Tambm insere interessantes ferramentas extras, como o conversor de arquivos de udio. Tem uma rpida e fcil de manejar interface, denominada Express, a qual independente da interface principal do programa. Parecia ser mais um dia comum - um dia como outro qualquer - at vir a catstrofe. Neste compndio das piores catstrofes naturais, polticas ou realizadas pelas mos do homem, encontraremos histrias de destruio em massa, descrio de pestes, atos brutais de terrorismo e tempestades devastadoras - prova de que a vida pode mudar num piscar de olhos.

Voc sabia que Atomix Virtual DJ Professional v5. Virtual DJ um aplicativo de enorme poder mas de fcil aprendizagem, possui engine BeatLock, permitindo que suas canes sempre contenham batidas para voc trabalhar nas mixagens rapidamente. O motor dele possui emenda automtica e sincronizao para trabalhar com sons de vinil sem estragar seus CDs ou MP3s, podendo fazer os barulhos atravs da plataforma giratria.

O software agrada tanto novatos como profissionais, fazendo exposio de batidas para ver estruturas e rupturas de canes inteiras, usufruindo de um nmero infinito de sugestes, disponibilizando diversos efeitos legais para incrementar ainda mais a sua experincia. VDJ possui suporte a skins e tambm pode gravar suas mixagens e grav-las em um CD ou MP3 para distribuir seu som aos seus amigos ou para a Interne. Um excelente conversor universal de vdeo para os mais populares formatos de udio e vdeo.

Todos os processos de converso so muito fceis e rpidos, com excelente qualidade. Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory cria slideshows em flash com suas fotos. O software permite que voc adcione msica, texto, etc, em suas fotos.

O software disponibiliza mais de efeitos diferentes. Paula Fernandes uma cantora e compositora brasileira. Ela comeou a cantar com oito anos de idade e lanou seu primeiro CD aos dez aos. Aos doze anos, mudou-se para So Paulo e foi contratada por uma companhia de rodeios, atravs da qual viajou por todo o pas e aprendeu muito sobre palcos.

Aps gravar o sucesso Ave Maria Natureza para a telenovela Amrica, ela lanou um CD com diversos estilos musicais, embora com nfase em sertanejo romntico Canes do Vento Sul. Descrio: Conte-nos sua histria do comeo ao fim com uma oferta abrangente.

O software Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection possibilita que voc projete e desenvolva um trabalho incrvel, colabore de forma eficiente e permita que seus projetos sejam vistos praticamente em qualquer lugar. Use o novo Flash Catalyst CS5 para que ele faa parte de uma interface expressiva e interativa sem escrever cdigo. No final do arquivo adicione o seguinte: Descrio: O software AutoCAD Civil 3D, a soluo BIM modelagem de informaes de construo para engenharia civil, auxilia as equipes a executar projetos ambientais, de transportes e urbanizao de alta qualidade mais rapidamente.

Explore ideias de projeto e analise as hipteses de projeto para ajudar no aprimoramento de desempenho antes de iniciar a construo. Aproveite os dados do modelo Civil 3D para conduzir anlises geoespaciais e guas pluviais, gerar quantitativos de materiais e apoiar a conduo automtica de equipamentos durante a construo.

O Civil 3D oferece os benefcios e as ferramentas BIM para que voc produza solues inovadoras para os projetos. Anlise geoespacial integrada Superfcies, nivelamento e relaes dinmicas Ferramentas de modelagem de informaes de construo Layout hidrulico inteligente Anlise integrada de hidrulica e hidrologia para a gesto de guas pluviais Clculos dinmicos de quantitativo de material e terraplenagem Estilos, padres de CAD e produo de desenhos Ferramentas de visualizao e comunicao.

Descompactar Queimar ou Montar a imagem. ISO Instalar o Aplicativo Vrios monitores so suportados. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Unidade de DVD. Notas: Microsoft Windows 7 recomendado. Segue um emulador de PS2 que eu mesmo estou testando que aparentemente esta funcionando muito bem estou rodando games como Final Fantay XII e Gran Turismo 4 a 40 FPS, segue a dica para os gamers de planto, esta a melhor verso de emulador para PS2 que j encontrei.

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