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Some dolls today do have synthetic hair wigs. Your daughter knows what it's like to have her hair brushed and washed, so it's easy for her to understand that her doll's hair also needs to be brushed 'to look pretty. Tangles are a problem. But if you do get tangles, here are a few tricks we've learned:.

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In SeptemberGirlfriend released " Heartbeat ", the lead single from their second studio album, before releasing It's Up to You in October In November, the group released a 4-track Japan-only extended play titled Magic. Inafter the group had returned from a tour of Europe and JapanLoau left the group to start a solo career. The four remaining members renamed themselves as GF4. The video featured band member Siobhann Heidenrich miming to Cowell's spoken lines in the opening to the song.

GF4 did not release any further material as a band and split in The five spoke about their time with Girlfriend and performed an a cappella rendition of "Take It from Me" for the live audience.

And that word just makes me laugh so hard because they actually say it in the movie, "The greatest Showmen," and I was like, "What in the world does that mean? So let's go to Girlfriend (4) - Take It From Me (Vinyl) chapter 38 and read verses two and three. And Bonnie, we're with you. Will you read those please? He's so great. All right, Shiblon, we get it.

So great. Now, the instruction, however, is pretty poignant. And so I want to just dive right into this. And here's what he has to say to his son. And there's so many words we have to define in this instruction.

And it's found in Alma chapter 38 and it's verses 10, 11, and I'm going to kind of go Institute on you because he's got a lot to say to his sons with these specific words. We're going to mark them, and then you can write out any definition you have. So Amy, will you please start and we're going to read in verse And I'm just going to kind of stop here and there as we read verses 10, 11, and 12, okay.

So bear with me as we stop and define. Hit it. So Bonnie, there's the teach again — teach, teach, he wants Shiblon to teach. This is interesting, so the word "diligent," okay mark that. I want you to be, he says right there, "I would that you should be diligent. Let's read about this word when he says, " One aspect of pride is putting greater trust in oneself than in God.

Pride is also evident when a person thinks he or she is superior to or more important than others. Elder Robert D. I don't even know how to speak with quiet confidence. I got to work on that. Okay, verse 12, Bonnie, you said you loved this verse, will you read it for us?

Because I always thought being bold was bad. I was always told I was a bowl in a china shop and I was too bold, and that I spoke my mind too much. That just bold was, was not ladylike or feminine, or a sister, you know? And I've come to respect that that scripture that says, "Open your mouth and it shall be filled," and I believe it with all my heart, and so I just pray that when I do open my mouth, that it's the words that need to be spoken.

Next to the word "bold," I'm going to put "Bonnie," and I'm going to put Philippians, this is a great cross reference, Philippians one, verse Here's what bold means, "To teach the Word of God without fear.

The two of you have this gift, definitely. To be bold, but Girlfriend (4) - Take It From Me (Vinyl) overbearing. Okay, I get that. You know, James E. Faust [], That's what it means to be overbearing. You don't have to be loud, pushy, or insensitive, but we can teach the Word of God without fear. And then this idea of "bridle all your passions. This idea of word "bridle. Hafen and Marie K. Hafen in their book, "The belonging heart," and here's what they say: "A bridle is the headgear used on a horse.

It includes reins and sometimes a bit, which give the rider control. A passion is a strong emotion. A bridle is intended to direct—not destroy—desires and passions. He did not say eliminate or even suppress your passions, but bridle them—harness, channel, and focus, guide them. Because discipline makes possible a richer, deeper love'" Bruce C. I just like that so much that this idea of bridling our passions doesn't mean get rid of them, but when we bridle them we're capable of more love. And then he goes on to speak about refraining from idleness.

Mark that word in verse Ame, will you read this about idleness. I mean, that's hard. That word when I read it, I'm like, "Oh, I'm guilty. I can usually like a good TV show and I think that's okay, right? What are we talking about here with idleness? I think it's possible to spend a good portion of the day or even all day doing things that bring no benefit, or have no benefit. Like, I really like this word game that I play with my sister, and we're pretty competitive and sometimes I'll look at my clock and be like, "Oh my gosh, Lisa, it's two Girlfriend (4) - Take It From Me (Vinyl) the morning.

We gotta go to bed. Do not say "indexing," whatever you do. Because I already have enough guilt about that. Yeah, I mean, you're right, we could definitely spend more of our idle time doing good things for sure. But in this council to Shiblon, let's read verse 15 to see how he ends this council because I think this is a great way to end what he has to say to Shiblon, and Bonnie, will you read that.

Now go, my son, and teach the word unto this people. Be sober. Highlight "be sober" because this is such a great word in this verse of scripture, and it does not mean "Don't drink alcohol. Put the cross reference, First Peter, chapter five, verse eight. In First Peter, chapter five, verse eight, we are getting counsel to us, which I think is a great way to end this fatherly counsel to sons.

Here's what Peter has to say to us. And Bonnie, will you read that for us? Just this imagery of a lion pacing back and forth, right? You've seen that at the zoo, just waiting to see who he is going to devour, who it is that's going to give in to not being any of these things that we just read about.

Who's going to be very idle, who won't bridle their passions, who can't be sober. Of all those teachings we just listed right here and the things, is there anyone that I mean, Bonnie, you shared with us that the idea of being bold stood out to you.

Did anything else stand out to you or Ame? I have teenagers and I talk to them often about being vigilant. And when you think you're going down one path and it seems like everything is okay and great, be honest with yourself, what path is it that you're really going down?

My thought is that sober to me was also, "Be at peace. It's okay. We got it. Just go for it. So that ends the council. That is what Alma has to say to two of his sons, Helaman and Shiblon, and next week, we're going to read what he has to say to Corianton, which is so great.

I love those words. But this week's was great because the idea that this parental advice that he's giving his sons, the testimony that he shares. I mean, when I think about, I want to share my takeaway because one of the things that's stood out to me in this as I was reading is that, and I said it earlier, we're so often taught that we need to teach about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And I feel like if we could do that as adults, tell our story, it would do so much good.

And I want my kids to know that I've messed up. I want them to know that I've used the repentance process, and I want them to know there's beauty in that. And that's what Alma the Younger just kept trying to teach over and over again. And so that was my takeaway as I studied these verses of scripture, and then it really hit home Bonnie when you said your dad asked, "Do you have a current temple recommend?

I think that was pretty powerful. So that was my takeaway. What did you guys have? What was your takeaway for today's episode? There's so much but I would say the one thing that kept echoing in my mind just that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass and that it goes both ways, and we need to look at the small things and see them for what they are. We need to look for miracles every day. The part that really hit me was, "Look to God and live.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to be bold. Don't be afraid to be afraid to be a divine daughter. Don't forget your heritage. Don't forget your ancestors. Don't forget what your dad told you. Look to God and absolutely live. Ladies, thank you so much. Thank you for joining me today. This was such a great discussion about these three chapters. I loved it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For those of you listening, we would love to hear what your big takeaway was from this episode.

If you haven't already joined our discussion group on Facebook, or if you're not following us on Instagram, you should because it's such a great place to ask questions as you study throughout the week.

And any question you ask, I try to answer, and so go ahead, ask away. Another thing I like is we put up posts throughout the week asking questions and I want you to share some of your thoughts, and things you think about the posts. And then on Sundays, it's usually on Sunday's, we always call for your big takeaway, so comment on the post that relates to this lesson and let us know what you learned. Girlfriend (4) - Take It From Me (Vinyl) read every single one of them.

I's my favorite thing about Sunday's is reading what your takeaway was from the scriptures this week. And it's not a bad idea to go there anyway because that's where we have all the links to all of the references, that we mentioned in this epsiode this week, and we have the entire transcript of this whole discussion.

So check that out. I love you guys! And you can find more information about these ladies Girlfriend (4) - Take It From Me (Vinyl) LDSLiving. Thanks for being here.

And you are God's favorite. See you next week. A few years after receiving this counsel from his father, Alma will lead the stripling warriors to battle. Cross reference Alma with Alma Alma retells his conversion experience to Helaman. It begins in Alma In Alma it says that Alma was "racked.

The Lord understands us and the experiences that we are having, cross reference: Alma and Mosiah In chiasmus, words or ideas are arranged in a certain order and then repeated in reverse order. This repetition emphasizes important ideas and words. For more information on Chiasmus, see John W. Epoch: an era of time, see dictionary. Other examples of "small and simple things" mentioned in Alma 37 :. The word appears to have its roots in Gaz-a stone, and Aleim, a name of God as a revelator, or the interposer in the affairs of men.

If this suggestion is correct, its roots admirably agree with its apparent meaning-a seer. With this in mind, it is appropriate that such a name was applied to God's seer on earth-the Prophet Joseph Smith. His name was disguised in order to prevent his enemies from discovering what plans the Lord had in mind at that particular time HC " Hoyt W.

Brewster, Doctrine and Covenants Encyclopedia, Steven C. Alma describes for Helaman what happens when Lehi and his family did not exercise faith and diligence:. They were b slothfuland forgot to exercise their faith and diligence and then those marvelous works ceased, and they did not progress in their journey.

A series of seemingly small but incorrect choices can become those little soul-destroying termites that eat away at the foundations of our testimony until, before we are aware, we may be brought near spiritual and moral destruction" M.

My son, farewell" Alma Definitions for words Alma uses to instruct Shiblon in Alma :. Be a sober. Sober in Greek means free from illusion, free from the intoxicating influences of sin, to have ones wits about them, or to be rational see biblehub. Cross reference: 1 Peter Search Search Search. Book Club. Feature Stories. From the Church. Sunday on Monday. Tamara Uzelac Hall. Bonnie ElHalta. Amy Whitmore.

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