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Their releases concentrated on everything they produced and released by them which included hit films such as Die Hard 2 Album), Total RecallBack to the Future Part IIITerminator 2: Judgment Day and Ghostwhich is one of the label's all-time best selling albums.

The final LPs produced by the label were in late when the label switched strictly to CDs and cassettes only. Their initial releases in this series are often held in high regard by collectors, especially those without a barcode which all discs were printed and produced in Japan by the Japan Victor Company JVC.

This series was supervised and started by Tom Null, who supervised the classical releases along with the soundtracks with co-producer Chris Kuchler and then Richard Kraft came on board around and co-ran the label with Null until the end of to ease the label's transition after they reached a deal with MCA Distributing in which didn't take full effect until mid Townson would take over and oversee the label in early after Kraft's departure. This series was notorious for many catalog number gaps especially during late and the entirety ofwhich many speculate were titles that were released as LP and cassette during this period.

One such title, King Kong Lives was actually produced by the label but acquired by MCA Records in late as the film was figured to be a big holiday release late that year and was released through them instead.

Townson with the help of Kraft and Null would go on to start a Limited Edition Club of mail order only releases that would finally come to fruition during the spring of after being promoted in late and throughout after long delays. Townson's label, Masters Film Music, would get the first releases which included reissues which consisted of ObsessionBernard Herrmann Concert Suites an elaborate four-disc reissue set of the original Decca LPs featuring stunning artwork and was a full-fledged production and Jerry Goldsmith Suites and Themesthe first live concert performance on CD by the famed Oscar winning composer which also featured equally stunning artwork as the other releases by the late Bob Peak.

Many of these titles stayed in print for at least two decades or more and others quickly went out of print. The very last title produced by the label for this run, The Serpent and the Rainbow VCD was one of the rarest titles in this series due to its low print run of an estimated copies. This title was probably caught under the label's transition with MCA Distributing and was barely released throughout the country. This also goes for the label's strange handling of reissues of PhantasmLiquid Sky and Dawn of the Dead which also were supposed to be released during or after the MCA transition and received very limited runs and also became collectors items as a result of this.

This numbering system stems from their digital LP series of titles featuring a few soundtracks i. Suspect and also could be seen as rearranged as These titles featured specific lettering and package design not unlike the series and this lettering and package design would run until the first batch of the series, which would later reinstitute the font lettering they used during the series permanently until This series features a few cancellations including one rumored title of Dead Heat by Ernest Troost and one confirmed but announced title, Bad Dreams [29] in which collectors were willing to pay top prices for until the label revealed and confirmed its cancellation when they finally released it on CD as part of their LP to CD Subscription Series that Album) from June to May When the MCA and PolyGram families merged inwhich created Universal Musicthe newly merged company used PolyGram's catalog-numbering system, which used the main six digits of the UPC barcode numbers 5 through 10 in the standard number UPC set as the basis for the catalog number and since the original MCA numbering was already based on part of the UPC number specifically digits 7 through 10the number sequence was not changed.

This run starting from VSD ended during the series as Concord Records assumed control of the company during the middle of and started a new numbering system as a result. Catalogue numbers without a title are usually assigned to a release that is not ready to be officially announced by the label. In some cases, older unassigned numbers are the result of a production delay, but usually it is because they have been canceled.

For collectorsthe curiosity of knowing what a number has been assigned to is part of the demand for a complete discography. There have also been some soundtracks released as digital download titles that are not currently on CD at the moment.

Colosseum Records, which is featured here as well on this listing, was the label's international division located in NurembergGermany, which released all US soundtrack releases as well as European films that were able to release under their banner. Like the US versions of these soundtracks, the German pressings featured the same artwork, but instead of the black JVC design on the label side, they feature a silver label side with the JVC design in red. The artwork also featured "LC" which stood for a Colosseum version.

The label released titles that were only available through imports that were not released here and many of those titles featured numbers to what were cancelled releases to movies here in the US. They also kept in print many of the out of print and series titles for a long period of time which included D.

Robert Townson, who produced his first title which was The Final Conflict aka Omen III under his Masters Film Music label in conjunction with the label intook over in early and oversaw the label's growth into one of the greatest soundtrack labels in the world with a yearly output of approximately 50 titles from newly released films, restorations and reissues from other labels which started with reissues of Sony LP titles i.

MacArthurGhost StoryDraculaetc. The RobeAirportAnastasiaetc. LifeforceThe Manhattan ProjectVideodromeetc. He also created a re-recording program which brought new audiences to older soundtrack recordings from composers who he had worked with personally on the label which included John WilliamsJerry GoldsmithJohn BarryAlex NorthElmer BernsteinAlan SilvestriStu Phillips and James Horner i.

PsychoVertigoSunset Boulevardetc. The first and, more importantly, his first re-recording of a film score was a historic event in that it was for Alex North's rejected score for Stanley Kubrick 's sci-fi classic, A Space Odyssey which the famed director completely threw out.

Conducting the event was North's best friend and Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith with his favorite orchestra, the National Philharmonic of London with North's wife, Abby present during the recording. Before this event took place, no one outside of North or Goldsmith had heard this seemingly lost score until North's passing in late and Album) project came to light.

His most important release was Spartacus by his favorite composer Alex North whom he was finally able to release his epic score his personal all-time favorite in to commemorate the film's 50th anniversary with an elaborate six-CD set. Coming in a close second and surprisingly one of the best-selling soundtracks of all-time in was the Oscar winning film, Ghostwhich featured a score by Oscar winner Maurice Jarre and more importantly, the hit song " Unchained Melody " sung by the Righteous Brothers which Alex North co-wrote and was featured in North's full orchestral composition in the film.

The album sold over one million copies. Bruce Kimmelwho was asked to be a part of the label [36] when it started in which was intended to be solely for classical music and reissues of older Golden Age soundtracks that were really successful, released two soundtracks to films he had personally worked on The First Nudie Musical and Stagesjoined the label in after a successful run at the then defunct Bay Cities soundtrack label and much like Robert Townson for soundtracks, he was given the full responsibility of the Broadway Musical, Spotlight and Jazz imprints of the label.

These divisions were dedicated to releasing or reissuing soundtracks to musicals that were performing on and off Broadway, which was a huge success for the label throughout the s as they dominated the marketplace with Hiding - Laurent Eyquem - Momentum (CD releases with many being best sellers and featured favorable reviews.

Sadly, his divisions were closed down by by the label as the company was no longer interested in producing or releasing Broadway or jazz releases at that point in time. The biggest curiosity of this series is the aborted release of the score album to that Bound By Honor which was originally titled Blood In Blood Out.

This soundtrack which was publicly announced at the time of the films' release, and abruptly cancelled because of Disney's last-minute decision to change the Album) title due to a test screening that led to violence along with the turmoil going on in Los Angeles at time. The label was about part way through the run an unspecified number of these CDs were produced when the change was made.

Proving it would be too costly to reprint and produce another run of CDs under the films' new title, the CD was never officially released despite its announcements in the film, the film's advertising and subsequent video releases along with the song laden soundtrack album released by Hollywood Records at the same time. This was an officially produced album that was never released but a number of copies of it have surfaced around Hollywood insiders and throughout the soundtrack community and has been dubbed The Caine Mutiny of soundtrack CDs due to its rarity.

This title has recently appeared on eBay as a counterfeit bootleg which features the same contents. However, the disc itself was not officially pressed by JVC America as the official Varese release and the inner ring features more silver in the center which is not on the original JVC pressing. The artwork is a color copy of the original with the exception of the lettering on the bottom in reference to the VSD catalog number which the font is incorrect on the booklet and it also omits liner notes by the films' writer Jimmy Santiago Baca and the films' director Taylor Hackford which is featured inside the booklet.

The original release also featured a butterfly silver foiled holographic sticker on the jewel case like all Varese Sarabande titles as well as all Universal Music Group distributed titles during this period of time. A new series was started as a result of Concord's UPC prefix.

The rest of the UPC does not necessarily match the catalogue number of the release, and all have the VSD prefix regardless of which format it was released on. Seeking to emulate one of the best in the business today is venerable only to the point it takes considerable talent to pull that off, and this band has guts for their undertaking.

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