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Oh Holy Night What Child Is This Prayer What Child Is This Vocal Jingle Bells Rock Version Jingle Bells Instrumental mirror. As a latter-day holiday album from Kenny Rogers, The Gift isn't half bad, thanks to the professional production and Rogers' honeyed voice, but it does suffer from uneven material and the occasional indifferent performance. There are enough good moments here to make it worthwhile for hardcore Kenny fans, but not enough to make it of interest to less dedicated listeners.

Erlewine This album is truly a Christmas wonder. It tells the story of Jesus with themes that are pleasing to children and adults. My nieces and nephews look forward to this CD every Christmas; it truly teaches the real meaning of Christmas and leaves a very warm feeling in your heart especially when your children sing the songs along with Kenny For their first-ever Christmas album, the megaplatinum duo of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn stay true to both the spirit of the season and their own hard-edged brand of country.

The title song buttresses a blues lament with soaring, melancholy pop strings, as Dunn digs down for a rich, emotional reading of an original song concerning a forlorn soul alone at Yuletide. Gloria Gaynor welcomes us into the Christmas season with an amazing Christmas CD guaranteed to spread holiday cheer for years to come.

This Grammy winner reinvents many yuletide classics and also shines brightly on several original tracks including the cheery "Happy Time of Year," and the beautiful ballads "Christmas Prayer" and "Christmas Blue," which will certainly become instant classics. And rounding out the CD is the danceably entertaining "Winter Mix," which will be played at many, many holiday parties this season.

A Great Christmas CD! Happy Time Of Year God Rest Ye Mery Gentlemen Christmas Blue Frosty The Snowman Joy To The World Hark The Herald Angels Sing Let It Snow! O Holy Night Little Town Of Bethlehem Winter Wonderland The Christmas Song Joy Came To The World Christmas Prayer Winter Mix [Radio Edit] Winter Mix [Dance] mirror.

Don't expect silly Santa Claus or Rudolph tunes here. Robin Gibb has taken some of Christmas' most revered Holiday songs and showcased them with his unique, melancholy voice. An added additon is his new song, "Mother Of Love", a tearjerker if ever there was one. Although some of these classics could have used more orchestration, more production, backing vocals and less techno-beat, Robin still manages to provide the Christmas atmosphere of holy reverence Mother Of Love In the Bleak Midwinter Oh Come All Ye Faithful Silent Night God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Good King Wenceslas Away in a Manger Once in Royal David's City I Saw Three Ships Hark the Herald Angels Sing The First Noel From the fingers that fused 'Tarkus'; from the mind that molded maniacal music with keyboard molestations; from the honky who helped heave huge pianos end over end There are incredible arrangements included within this collection as well as stellar performances from the premiere key-meister of our time.

The album closes with the most soulful version of 'Silent Night' that you will ever hear. Keith has been called every name in the book from genius to prodigy to legend. Listen to this album, though and get lost in the inherent soulfulness of the season. Then call Emerson the bringer of peace-filled tidings. Happy Christmas, Keith in the middle of July and thank you for your gift Bledsoe Not a lot of Christmas music has come from artists associated with progressive rock, but this album is a welcome exception.

Mostly instrumental, it features Emerson reworkings of traditional carols and classical pieces alongside some originals. Troika 4. Variations on "O Little Town of Bethlehem" 6.

We Three Kings 4. Snowman's Land 4. Aria 4. I Saw Three Ships 4. Glorietta 9. Petites Litanies de Jesus 4. It Came Upon LP Midnight Clear 6. Silent Night 4. For most artists recording a Christmas record is a convenient stop-gap in between releasing new material. In Peter Cetera's case this doesn't ring true as it has been a while since we last heard from one of soft rock's most distinctive crooners.

You Just Gotta Love Christmas brings to the table everything you'd expect from a Peter Cetera record: lush, pleasant arrangements with crisp, warm, polished production and able musicanship from a crew of veteran session players. It's a mix of holiday favorites mixed in with a few originals and some guest appearances from Alison Krauss and Peter's daughter Claire; who is more than up to the task of singing with her father on two of the album's 12 tracks.

Cetera and Chicago fans will no doubt enjoy having this on in the background during the holidays The album contained a healthy mixture of various styles of progressive blues and The Modern Alchemist displayed the jazz influence and saxophone skills of J. None of Jethro Tull's progressive rock tendencies or classical influences followed Mick Abrahams into his creation of Blodwyn Pig, even with the inclusion Jack Lancaster's sax- and flute-playing prowess. Instead, Abrahams built up a sturdy British blues-rock sound and used Lancaster's horn work to add some fire to the band's jazzy repertoire.

Ahead Rings Out is a stellar concoction of gritty yet flamboyant blues-rock tunes and open-ended jazz centered around Mick Abrahams' cool-handed guitar playing, but it's the nonstop infusion of the other styles that makes the album such a solid listen. After only one album with Jethro Tull, Abrahams left to form this band, and it's evident that he had a lot of pent-up energy inside him when he recorded each of the album's tracks.

With a barrage of electrifying rhythms and fleeting saxophone and woodwind excursions, cuts like "Sing Me a Song That I Know," "Up and Coming," and "Backwash" whip up highly energetic sprees of rock and blues. Most of the tracks have a hearty shot of rock up the middle, but in cuts like "The Change Song" and "Backwash," the explosive riffs are accompanied by a big band style of enthusiasm, adding even more depth to the material.

Andy Pyle's bass playing is definitely distinct throughout each track and is used for anything but a steady background, while labeling Ron Berg's drumming as freewheeling and intemperate would be an understatement. It's apparent that Blodwyn Pig's style is indeed distinct, releasing a liberated and devil-may-care intensity while still managing to stay on track, but the fact that each cut convokes a different type of instrumental spiritedness is where the album really gains its reputation.

Wonderfully busy and even a tad motley in some places, Ahead Rings Out shows off the power and vitality that can be channeled by combining a number of classic styles without sounding pretentious or overly inflated. A year later, Blodwyn Pig recorded Getting to This before Abrahams left the band, and although it's a solid effort, it falls just a smidgen short of Ahead Rings Out's bluesy dynamism.

Indeed I had mixed feelings about this album for a long time, but as soon as I heard some samples from it I knew it was a very magical and solid kitaro release.

After a first listen, I know I will listen to this album everyday for at least the next several months, and I must say that kitaro is still at his best after so many years of magical and glorious musical landscapes. It is somewhat of an experimental album, which is different from his 80's and 90's style, but it still has the core elements that he has been using all of this time.

All of the songs stand out for themselves. I specially love the Reflection of the Moon song, which is extremely haunting and beautiful and has the gorgeous sacred fountain theme towards the end of it. The beautiful melodies and themes from impressions of the west lake make one realize that there is healing in this music for the soul, body and mind.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to have met Kitaro some time ago and I congratulate and thank him in yet another wonderful and stellar masterpiece that will definitely be among his best to the very end of time and beyond! Thanks again Kitaro!!! I hope you come to the USA on a tour sometime soon Digipak reissue of the British hard rock group's album. Witness is an album released by Spooky Tooth in For this album, original drummer Mike Kellie returned and substantially replaced Bryson Graham.

Gary Wright became the dominant songwriting influence at this stage of the band's history. Co-lead singer Mike Harrison left the band following the release of the album. For over two decades now, since CD's came onto the scene, like many, I have been gradually replacing my vinyl collection with CD's.

It never happened! A number of other Spooky Tooth albums have been available on CD practically from the get-go, yet "Witness", which is, arguably, the best album ever recorded by the band, had oddly been ignored. Spooky Tooth fans have been screaming for the release of this classic on CD, but Island Records, who initally issued the album, turned a deaf ear to them.

A few years back, a German company, Repertoire, finally issued "Witness" on CD, however, in their haste to get it out, they issued a badly-mastered, inferior version. I bit the bullet and, with my fingers crossed, shelled out another 30 bucks for this brand-new reissue. My compliments to Repertoire for finally getting it right! The I Can Feel You Cryin - Gary Wright - Headin Home (Vinyl also includes a booklet insert containing an historical retrospective of the band and it's various members, complete liner notes, pictures, and comments from Lead vocalist Mike Harrison.

For those of you who have never beared witness to "Witness," even on vinyl, I will give you a little background on this spectacular album. The second Spooky Tooth album to feature Mick Jones of 'Foreigner' fame on guitar, his presence is very obvious, as this album has a bit of a 'Foreigner-type' feel to it. Though Foreigner's debut album was still 4 years away when "Witness" was originally released, there is a definite foreshadowing here.

There are 9 songs on "Witness", none of which would be considered 'filler', as each one develops its own distinct personality with repeated listens. Unlike other Spooky Tooth albums, most of which have a kind of 'raw' sound to them, "Witness" is well-crafted and much more 'polished'. Those who prefer the older 'raw' Spooky Tooth sound usually cite this as their primary reason for disliking "Witness".

I, on the other hand, have always equated the evolving of a more polished sound, with the maturing of a band, musically. Ironically, this great album largely went un-noticed when released indue to a lack of radio promotion and airplay.

Just a few listens to the power-ballad "Wings on My Heart", and you will understand the magnitude of the injustice that lack of airplay caused Rather than try to review each song here, I'll let your ears make their own decision!

Let it suffice to say that even though the cost of this import CD is twice what you normally pay for a domestic CD, it is worth every penny!.

The second half of the '70s were a good time for The Kinks, as they had finally become a consistently successful draw in America. Jellinc The Kinks' scattershot U. The gold-selling double-live album One for the Road is a fascinating document of trailblazing elder statesmen who paved the way for heavy metal and punk, but never felt a glorious pop song was out of their grasp.

It also proves that Dave Davies is a criminally underrated lead guitarist. It includes all the songs from the original double album; "20th Century Man" was cut from Arista's U. CD but is restored here. The extremely detailed, photo-packed liner notes feature an enlightening essay and complete recording information -- an appropriate approach given the historical importance of the Kinks. Surprisingly, overdub information is mentioned; most live albums are doctored and sweetened in some way, but bands usually aren't eager to reveal this fact.

All similar reissues should aspire to this level of quality. In addition, they have composed and recorded two completely new songs as a special gift to their fans: "Only Human" and "Corridors Of Madness". Many of the band's songs sparkle with sophisticated songwriting, fascinating harmony vocals and excellent catchy melodies. Like all bands, Uriah Heep went through highs and lows, but their audience never stopped loving them, probably because Uriah Heep's music never let them down and remained at high levels even in the darkest moments.

In their year musical career Uriah Heep released 21 studio-albums selling more than 30 million units worldwide. Only Human - New Track 3. Bird Of Prey - New Version 3. Sunrise - New Version 4. Stealin - New Version 4. Corridors Of Madness - New Track 5. Between Two Worlds - New Version 6. The Wizard - New Version 3. Free Me - New Version 3. Free And Easy - New Version 2.

Gypsy - New Version 4. Look At Yourself - New Version 3. July Morning - New Version 8. Easy Living - New Version 2. Lady In Black - New Version 5. Each song is tightly constructed, with interlocking chords and gracefully interwoven melodies, buoyed by clever, cryptic lyrics.

All of these are hallmarks of Steely Dan's signature sound, but what is most remarkable about the record is the way it differs from their later albums. Of course, one of the most notable differences is the presence of vocalist David Palmer, a professional blue-eyed soul vocalist who oversings the handful of tracks where he takes the lead.

Palmer's very presence signals the one major flaw with the album -- in an attempt to appeal to a wide audience, Becker and Fagen tempered their wildest impulses with mainstream pop techniques. Consequently, there are very few of the jazz flourishes that came to distinguish their albums -- the breakthrough single, "Do It Again," does work an impressively tight Latin jazz beat, and "Reelin' in the Years" has jazzy guitar solos and harmonies -- and the production is overly polished, conforming to all the conventions of early-'70s radio.

Of course, that gives these decidedly twisted songs a subversive edge, but compositionally, these aren't as innovative as their later work. Even so, the best moments "Dirty Work," "Kings," "Midnight Cruiser," "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again" are wonderful pop songs that subvert traditional conventions and more than foreshadow the paths Steely Dan would later take. US only 24 kt gold-disc pressing.

Fresh Cream represents so many different firsts, it's difficult to keep count. Cream, of course, was the first supergroup, but their first album not only gave birth to the power trio, it also was instrumental in the birth of heavy metal and the birth of jam rock. That's a lot of weight for one record and, like a lot of pioneering records, Fresh Cream doesn't seem quite as mighty as what would come later, both from the group and its acolytes.

Certainly at this early stage the trio was still grounded heavily in blues, only fitting given guitarist Eric Clapton's stint in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, which is where he first played with bassist Jack Bruce, but Cream never had the purist bent of Mayall, and not just because they dabbled heavily in psychedelia.

The rhythm section of Bruce and Ginger Baker had a distinct jazzy bent to their beat; this isn't hard and pure, it's spongy and elastic, giving the musicians plenty of room to roam.

This fluidity is most apparent on the blues covers that take up nearly half the record, especially on "Spoonful," where the swirling instrumental interplay, echo, fuzz tones, and overwhelming volume constitute true psychedelic music, and also points strongly toward the guitar worship of heavy metal. Almost all the second side of Fresh Cream is devoted to this, closing with Baker's showcase "Toad," but for as hard and restless as this half of the album is, there is some lightness on the first portion of the record LP Bruce reveals himself as an inventive psychedelic pop songwriter with the tense, colorful "N.

If at times that does make the album indulgent or lopsided, this is nevertheless where Cream was feeling their way forward, creating their heavy psychedelic jazz-blues and, in the process, opening the door to all kinds of serious rock music that may have happened without Fresh Cream, but it just would not have happened in the same fashion as it did with this record as precedent Erlewine All of the raw material that would make Cream one of the finest bands of their era is present here on this, their debut release.

However, Clapton seems a bit lost on some of the more pop-oriented fare; his rhythm guitar playing especially is often atrocious. Jack Bruce not only handles most of the vocal chores with panache, but also plays very innovative bass, using it both more aggressively and more melodically than most players of his generation were accustomed to doing. Either way, it is extremely entertaining, and is one of the best moments of the record.

All in all, Fresh Cream is a fine first album, but Baker, Bruce, and Clapton would all go on to bigger and better things, both together with Cream and separately with other projects I Feel Free Sleepy Time Time Dreaming Sweet Wine Four Until Late Toad Spoonful Bonus Wrapping Paper Bonus The Coffee Song Bonus The obvious title here would have been Wreatha Now, but Aretha opted to follow in the footsteps of at least 20 other artists by going with This Christmas as the title of her first Christmas album.

The Herald Angels Sing," and "Angels We Have Heard on High" are given the kind of treatment only Aretha could grant, though it should be noted that there are moments where you might feel stuck inside the Aretha Melismatorium. It's not all reverence and reflection: best of all is a reading of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" that can only be termed "personalized.

A mix of old favorites and new compositions, of sparse acoustic and full-bodied electric arrangements, Carly Simon's Christmas Is Almost Here is full of holiday treats. Simon's soothing voice sounds perfectly at home here, even though much of the album was recorded live in a Beverly Hills hotel room. Kudos to producer Don Was, who captured Simon's comfortable spontaneity, especially on the many tracks with little more than an acoustic guitar and her lovely vocals.

As the recently released Anthology reminds us, Carly Simon's been delivering pop pleasures for more than 30 years. Christmas Is Almost Here is a welcome new gift from an old friend Klinge Carly Simon's first album of Christmas music is a family affair. Here, she covers songs by her former brother-in-law, Livingston Taylor the title trackas well as reworking "Heaven Can't Be Far," a tune her sister Lucy penned in the '80s.

Adding to the personal feel is Simon's duet with her son Ben Taylor on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman," the two voices blending with a precision that only blood relatives can achieve. But the intimacy and warmth of the disc aren't due only to the appearance of her nearest and dearest; it's also the choice and treatment of the material, which includes three originals as well as inventive takes on such seasonal classics as "Silent Night," "O Come All Ye Faithful," and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Christmas Is Almost Here O Come, All Ye Faithful The Land of Christmas Mary Twelve Gates to the City I'll Be Home for Christmas God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Heaven Michael McDonald has maintained incredible popularity and has been awarded numerous accolades and honors in both personal and professional arenas. He has won an impressive five Grammys and earned innumerable chart successes and sales feats, yet all the while McDonald remains the artist's artist and an enduring presence in popular music.

This year, Michael McDonald celebrates the holiday season with the release of This Christmas, a collection of 12 Christmas classics and new holiday favorites. McDonald found the middle ground between blue-eyed soul and smooth soft rock, a sound that made him a star.

This Christmas 3. Wexford Carol 5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 3. Peace 3. On This Night 4. Every Time Christmas Comes Around 3. I'll Be Home For Christmas 3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 2. This was due in large part to constant touring and significant airplay of such singles as " Wish I Could Fly Like Superman". This period followed an era of concept albums and saw Ray Davies returning to the craft of separate, simpler songs.

One of the album's highlights is the quietly engaging "Little Bit Of Emotion. The streamlined rrangements, loud guitars, and loud drums of Low Budget are in keeping with the sound of the previous Sleepwalker and Misfits and future Give the people what they want, State of confusion, and Word of mouth Kinks albums Jellinc Low Budget doesn't have a narrative like Preservation or Soap Opera, but Ray Davies cleverly designed the album as a sly satire of the recession and oil crisis that gripped America in the late '70s -- thereby satisfying his need to be a wry social commentator while giving American audiences a hook to identify with.

It was a clever move that worked; not only did Low Budget become their highest-charting American album not counting the Greatest Hits compilationbut it was also a fine set of arena rock, one of the better mainstream hard rock albums of its time.

And it certainly was of its time -- so much so that many of the concerns and production techniques have dated quite a bit in the decades since its initial release. Nevertheless, that gives the album a certain charm, since it now plays like a time capsule, a snapshot of what hard rock sounded like at the close of the '70s. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Davies' songwriting fluctuates throughout the album, since it's dictated as much by commercial as artistic concerns, but the moments when he manages to balance the two impulses -- as on the disco-fueled " Wish I Could Fly Like Superman," the vaudevillian "Low Budget," "A Gallon of Gas," the roaring "Attitude" possibly their best hard rocker of the era, by the wayand "Catch Me Now I'm Falling," where Davies takes on the persona of America itself -- are irresistible.

Low Budget may not have the depth of, say, Arthur or Village Green, but it's a terrifically entertaining testament to their skills as a professional rock band and Davies' savvy as a commercial songwriter. A couple of months ago Beck started Record Club. Once a week every Thursday a video of a track would be posted on Beck. I gotta say, for the most part, Beck's covers were awesome. Record club part 2 is covering Songs of Leonard Cohen! Rock mustangs Tracklist: Suzanne 4. Master Song 6. Winter Lady 2.

Stranger Song 5. Sisters Of Mercy 4. So Long, Marianne 6. Stories of the Street 4. Teachers 4. One of Us Cannot Be Wrong 5. Digitally remastered edition of this album from the veteran Heavy Metal maniacs. From the grinding riff of the opening title track, the album showed that despite the band pushing back musical boundaries, they'd lost none of their aggression. This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

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Roy's toy - 3. Rice pudding - 4. Goodbye pork pie hat - 6. Blue wind - 7. Ain't superstitious JH - 9. Morning dew JH - Behind the veil TB - Savoy TB - Sling shot TB - Big block TB - Freeway jam TB - Still I'm sad - Train kept a rollin' WS - Ain't done wrong WS - Heart full of soul WS - You're a better man than I WS - Lost woman WS - Evil hearted you WS - I ain't got you WS Disc 2: 1. The Pump - 2. Brush With The Blues - 3. Django JM - 6. Scatterbrain JM - 7.

Nadia AD - 8. What Mama Said - A day In The life TB - Where Were You - Hey Joe - 2. Wind Cries Mary - 3. Red House - 4. All Along The Watchtower - 5. Manic Depression. Cursed Diamond - 3. Sting Me - 4. Kickin' My Heart Around - 5. Black Moon Creeping - 7.

Paint An 8 - 8. Torn And Frayed - 9. Wiser Time - Roll Um Easy Disc 2: 1. Thorn In My Pride - 4. Descending - 6. Hotel Illness - 7. Remedy - 8. Crossroad Blues - 4. Death Letter Blues - 6.

Preachin' Blues - Declare - Me And The Devil Blues - Frankie And Albert - The Water Is Wide - From The Dust - Country Farm Blues - Lovin' Whiskey - Silver Wings - Stones In My Passway. Paul Brady - Lorelei ,Rockpalast Sonnymoon for Two - take one - 2. Jordu - 3. Sonnymoon for Two - take two - 4. The Tube - 5. Smiles And Grins - 3. Politician - 4.

A Letter Of Thanks - 5. Powerhouse Sod - 7. It has also been recorded by Carla Bley and her band. I Can Fly Now - 2.

See See Rider - 3. Susie Q - 4. Hey Joe - 5. Blinda Lou - 6. Johnny B Goode - 7. Bad Case Of Blues - 8. Green Onions - 9. Pete's Blues - Sweet Dreams Roy Buchanan - PBS documentary Bill Graham provides occasional narration.

The source tape has some tracking problems early on, and the color is a bit saturated. Also, there are occasional 'block artifacts' in the picture, but overall this is excellent sound and picture quality. I think we 'see' the completion of 'Messiah' during the credits, but there is no sound. After Hours - 2. Gospel tune - 3. Johnny Otis: Sweet Home Chigago - 6. Johnny Otis: Worried Life Blues Album) 7.

Roy Buchanan:? Guitar instrumental "farther along"? Roy Buchanan: Misty - 9. Roy Buchanan: Sweet Dreams - Roy Buchanan: Johnny B. Good - Roy Buchanan: Roy's Bluz - Roy Buchanan - Cambridge, Album) Swift's Short Fuse - 3. Blues Instrumental - 4. Peter Gunn - 5. Poor Boy Pete - 6. Jack The Ripper - 8. Rock At The Hop - Soul Dressing - Walk Don't Run - Green Onions - The Messiah - Hippy Hippy Shake - Honky Tonk - Blues Instrumental - Done Your Daddy Dirty - Hot Cha - 3.

Sweet Dreams - 4. Hey Good Lookin' - 5. Night Train - 6. After Hours - 7. Lucille - 8. Good Golly Miss Molly - The Messiah. Canned Heat Unknown Club, ? Henry - 8 Instr. You Know I Love You - 2. First Time Around - 3. Rollin' and Tumblin' - 4. Bullfrog Blues - 5. Reefer Blues - 6. Future Blues - 7. Let's Work Together - 9. Going Up The Country [beginning cut] - 2. Framed - 3.

Let's Work Together - 4. That's All Right - 5. On The Road Again - 6. Big City Girl - 7. Framed - 2. Let's Work Together - 3.

Introduction of John Lee Hooker - 4. Hey Babe - 5. Boogie Chillen no. Drum solo - 7. Introduction to Back Door Man - 9. On The Road Again - 5. That's All Right - 6. Hill Stomp - 7. Long Way From LA - 8. Watch Yourself - 9. Canned Heat Boogie - Geils - CDr - FM? On the Road Again - 2. Bear Talk - 3. Chicago Bound - 4. Bear Talk - 5. I Need Someone - 6. Bear Talk - 7. I Feel So Bad - 8.

Sneakin Around - 9. Bear Talk - Big City - Big City cont - Greasy Blues Disc 2: 1. Hill Stomp - 4. That's Alright - 6. Let's Work Together - 8. Let's Work Together cont - 9. Long Way From L. Bear Talk - 2.

Wooly Bully - 4. Love You baby - 5. The King Of Rock and Roll - 6. Refried Boogie Stockholm On The Road Again - 3. Election Blues false start - 5. Election Blues - 6. The Boogie - 8. Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Stockholm Koncerthus Radio announcement - 2. New Delhi Feldman - 3. When The Train Comes Home - 2. Love Me or Leave Me - 3. Mean Old World with Duster Bennett - 4. Joe Cocker - Swe. FM interview 2.

Moses In The Bullrush Houses - 2. Pirates Dream - 3. No Album) Of Loving - 4. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - 5. Ry Cooder - Swe. FM interview 3 may Crossroads Guitar Festival set 1 - Bridgeview, Illinois Bill Murray Intro - 2. EC Intro - 3. Sonny Landreth 1 - 4. Sonny Landreth 2 - 5. Sonny Landreth 3 - 6. Sonny Landreth 4 - 7. Sonny Landreth with EC 5 - 8. John McLaughlin 1 - John McLaughlin 2 - John McLaughlin 3 Disc 2: 1.

Bill Murray - Alison Krauss Intro - 2. Alison Krauss 1 - 3. Alison Krauss 2 - 4. Alison Krauss 3 - 5. Alison Krauss 4 - 6. Alison Krauss 5 - 7. Alison Krauss 6 - 8. DB 1 awesome wahwah!! Crossroads Guitar Festival set 2 - Bridgeview, Illinois Bill Murray - Derek Trucks Intro - 2. Bill Murray - Robert Randolph intro - 7. Robert Randolph - The March - 8.

Robert Randolph 2 - 9. Robert Randolph 3 Disc 4: 1. Bill Murray - Robert Cray Intro - 2. Robert Cray - Poor Johnny - 3.

Robert Cray - Twenty - 4. Robert Cray - I'm Walkin - 5. Jimmie Vaughan 1 - 6. Jimmie Vaughan - Crossroad Blues - 7. Jimmie Vaughan 3 - 8. Hubert Sumlin Intro - 9. Robert Cray - Killing Floor - BB King - Intro - BB King - Speech - Crossroads Guitar Festival set 3 - Bridgeview, Illinois John Mayer. John Mayer 2 - 3. Vulture - 4. I Don't Need No Doctor - 5. Gravity - 6. Bill Murray. Vince Gill Intro - 7. Vince Gill 1 - 8.

Vince Gill. Cowboy On - 9. River of Pouring Rain - Sweet Thang - Albert Lee Intro - Albert Lee 1 - Albert Lee. Country Boy - Sheryl Crow. If It Makes You Happy - Strong Enough - Sheryl Crow and EC. Tulsa Time Disc 6: 1. Willie Nelson. Nightlife - 2. On The Road Again - 4. Los Lobos Intro - 5. Los Lobos 1 - 6. Los Lobos 2 - 7. Los Lobos 3 - 8. Los Lobos 4 - 9. Los Lobos 5.

Crossroads Guitar Festival set 4 - Bridgeview, Illinois Bill Murray - Jeff Beck Intro - 2. Jeff Beck 1 - 3. Jeff Beck 3 - 5. Jeff Beck 4 - 6. Jeff Beck 5 - 7. Jeff Beck 6 - 8. Jeff Beck 7 - 9. Jeff Beck 8 - Jeff Beck 9 - Disc 8: 1. Bill Murray - EC Intro - 2. EC - Tell The Truth - 3. Robbie Robertson Intro - 9. EC - Steve Winwood Intro - Steve Winwood - Dear Mr. Fantasy - 5. EC and Steve Winwood - Cocaine - 6.

EC and Steve Winwood - Crossroads- 7. Bill Murray - Buddy Guy Intro- 8. All - Sweet Home Chicago - Buddy Guy - Stone Crazy - Unknown - Outro Song. Plastic Hearts - 4. Heart of Glass Blondie cover - 5.

Gimme What I Want - 6. SMS Bangerz - 7. Dooo It! Love Money Party - 9. Malibu Los Frequencies remix - Maybe Janis Joplin cover Miley talks - See You Again Miley talks - Midnight Sky - The Climb - Can't Be Tamed - Party in the U. Dag Vag - Stockholm, Lasse i parken, Sweden Musik - 3. Bland Gamla Och Unga - 6. Min Pappa - 7. Idioterna - 8. Slaveri - 9. En Del Av Dej - Jag Vaknade Upp - Mot Solen - Jag Blir Galen - Tjockhult - Ge Bullen Ett Ben - 2.

Tom - 4. Hellre En Raket Encore 1: 6. Tiden Jagar Oss Alla - 8. Dimma Encore 2: Egyptian Reggae - Miles Davis - Helsinki, Kulturhuset 1.

Tuning and Introduction - 2. The Great Music Disaster - 3. Gimme Some Lovin' - 4. Introduction of the Band - 5. Only You Know and I Know - 6. Poor Elijah - 7. Get Ourselves Together - 8. I Don't Know Why - 9. Where There's a Will, There's a Way - That's What My Man is For - Pour Your Love on Me - Everybody Loves You - Things Get Better Disc 2: 1. I'm Coming Home - 3. I Don't Want to Discuss It - 4. Little Richard Medley - 5. My Baby Specialize. Poor Elijah - Tribute to Robert Johnson - 2.

I Don't Know Why - 3. Where There's a Will, There's a Way - 4. Special Life - 5. I Don't Want to Discuss It - 6. That's What My Man is For - 7. Coming Home - 8. Little Richard Medley. Comin' Home - 8. Things Get Better - 2. Poor Elijah - 3.

Lana - The Hiltonaires - Hits For Young People 5 (Vinyl, LP), Suddenly Blue - The Dawn (11) - Dawn In The Sunset (CD), Crypt - Elteck - Rockslide E.P. (File, MP3), Dixon Avenue Basement Jams - FACT Mix 565 (File, MP3), Two Teen Agers - Simon & Garfunkel - Simon & Garfunkel (Vinyl, LP), Short Shorts - Various - The Rock N Roll Era - Weird, Wild & Wacky (Vinyl, LP), Taylor Spliff <3 Jamez Blunt, Tequila Sunrise - Eagles - The Legend Of (CD), Asphalt - The Figgs - Low-Fi At Society High (Cassette, Album), Perez Prado - A Go Go Perez Prado (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hola, Hola... Buenos Dias - As Garotas - Con Acompanamiento Ritmico (Vinyl, LP, Album), Haunting The Chapel - Slayer - Hell Awaits (CD, Album), Bring Jah Love (Extended Version), Dirty Postcards - The Korgis - Dont Look Back: The Very Best Of The Korgis (CD)