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Those zebras follow Muhimu and the gazelles follow Swala. But Muhimu and Swala are friends! And I've met pretty much everyone in the Pride Lands. We don't have any leopards in the Pride Lands. He does look different from anyone I've ever seen. I might not have believed me, either. Why are there too many now? I think the little guy likes you. Tomorrow I'll be bellowing for the Bellow Fellows. If they like me, I'll get to bellow all the time with them! It's gonna be so much fun! But, uh, I'm kinda nervous to bellow in front of them.

I've never seen anything like that. But there's probably lots of things I've never seen. What a big day! I must've gotten distracted by all the rides I was giving. Those lanes aren't straight and true at all! I let everybody down. We went to a lot of trouble to make these lanes nice and safe for everyone. So why don't you use them and get outta here!

That's Kifaru! But he's a nice rhino. Why's he smashing into things? I'm a lonely little rhino covered with ticks! If only I had a tickbird to help me out! Now the crocs have their own watering hole.

Everything's gonna be fine. Just like Kion said. But it really is a good spot. That was the craziest water slide ever! Right guys?

I'm in the Outlands. I better get back to the Pride Lands and make sure everyone else is okay. It's really hot! The sun's gonna burn me if I'm not careful. I better find some shade. The riverbed might be the fastest way home But at least this way I'll be able to find some shade and see more of the Outlands!

Lucky I found you guys. I mean lucky you found me. Let's go. Saturday 17 April Sunday 18 April Monday 19 April Tuesday 20 April Wednesday 21 April Thursday 22 April Friday 23 April Saturday 24 April Sunday 25 April Monday 26 April Tuesday 27 April Wednesday 28 April Thursday 29 April Friday 30 April Saturday 1 May Sunday 2 May Monday 3 May Tuesday 4 May Wednesday 5 May Thursday 6 May Friday 7 May Saturday 8 May Sunday 9 May Monday 10 May Tuesday 11 May Wednesday 12 May Thursday 13 May Friday 14 May Saturday 15 May Sunday 16 May Monday 17 May Tuesday 18 May Wednesday 19 May Thursday 20 May Friday 21 May Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June And our sex is much better now.

Like you both of us are mostly in girdle and stockings. What a feeling when nylon rubs on nylon. What you write about relaxing is true. As soon as I come home and change into female clothes I feel easy and all the stress goes away. At the beginning I was afraid where this would lead to. But now I like it. Looking back I have the impression that this was a journey.

Last weekend we went shopping and I got a new girdle. We have a small shop where I got a professional fit. The saleslady made the suggestion that I shoud try a corset. My wife likes the idea.

It would make my highlight my hips and make my shape more feminine. I think next time I will try one. It all started with a simple girdle. I agree with you that more men should start wearing girdles. Stay girdled! Wearing a I Wont Give Up - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) has made life wonderfull.

I answered the door wearing a robe and makeup with slippers I Wont Give Up - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) my stockings. She was shocked.

She called for my aunt to question what I was doing. My aunt explained to her the situation and then asked me to disrobe and loved what she saw then asked me if I had troubles with the back garters. Of course. My aunt was girdled and her friend was also. She was attired in black. She said it was great to see me girdled. More men should do it,I agreed. Then she asked me to try on another girdle with stockings which I did.

She remarked since I had a small penis l would not anything else underneath. Later that day she asked me to visit her and gave me a few girdles with stockings. Very nice of her. Your wifesgirl friend loved seeing you in a girdle. Does she wear one? I shaved my chest so could I could wear breast forms 36 c. When we have sex my gf does a good job on them as I do on her. Sex is always with an obg and hose. Would not have it any other way. As we stated getting dressed makes us relax.

Our female side. Love being a girl. A fresh girdle makes you a better girl. And stay girdled. You are lucky with your aunt and that she made you wear girdle and stockings. And you are right. When I come home and switch clothes I feel relaxed immediately. Part of the effect is wearing forms with my bra. They feel like they are part of my body. This effect is amplified since my wife bought some glue to fasten my forms directly to my skin.

I wear my breasts like this from Friday evening till Monday morning. During sex my wife likes to pet my breasts and I love it.

I find it a bit complicated to attach the back garters with my rago with 6 garters. My wife and I help each other when we dress in the morning.

Would be a nice idea to meet another couple both of them girdled too. But so far nobody knows about my girdle wearing. Without one exception. A friend of my wife. One Saturday morning my wife left to do some shopping. After a few moments the bell rang and I thought she had forgotten something. When I opened our friend stood there.

I had to let her in. I wore a bra, girdle and taupe stockings with shirt and shorts. For the first moment she did not see my stockinged legs. But when we went into the living room she suddenly noticed it and asked if I wore pantyhose. She came closer and touched my leg when she realized my stocking tops. Now she was curious and wanted to know. She wanted to see my girdle. You can imagine how I felt. I was near to panic. Then she took a closer look and became aware of my bra.

But she did not laugh or anything. She asked me and when we started to talk about it I got my nerves under control. At the end I was lucky. Nothing changed in our relationship. We are still friends. The only thing is that when we meet and she gives me a hug I always feel her hands on my back looking for my bra straps. Thank god for my aunt starting me off wearing a girdle and stockings.

What a god send. I enjoy it more because of my gf having this in common. I am more relaxed in lingerie not so excitable. Transformation was great and I am going to buy a complete wardrobe of outer wear. I want to look good. Well it finally happened,sex in girdle and stockings. First of all I had to shave my legs etc. A nice smooth feeling. The sex was out of sight,no other way to do it. Your right nylon on nylon is a great feeling,love it.

When going out I am always girdled and stockinged,obg. It seems you have problems with back garters,so do I. Just practice. Have you and your fabulous wife met ant other couples have the same interest? I assume it would be exciting. My gf gets excited when she sees me put on my girdle as I do also. Well time to go to bed with garter belt and stockings on and no panties.

Our relationship improved since I wear girdles, bra and stockings. It is something to enjoy together. My wife told me that from per perception my behavior has developed. Slipping into the feminine role makes you more sensitive and caring.

And one thing is important. When I come home and don my bra, blouse and skirt I feel that all the stress goes away and I feel relaxed at once. During the weekends I wear nail polish. A discreet pink. And I wear my nails longer than before. Last night we went out for dinner and under my suit I wore girdle obgbra and stockings.

The first few times I was afraid that my bra with forms would be too obvious. But now I am at ease. This time my wife put makeup on me. Although it takes quite some time, I loved the result and felt great. I wear different kind of slips. Half slips and also thongs. We do the same as you and your girlfriend. At home we often only wear shapewear and stockings.

And heels. And we had sex while both girdled. It feels so exiting when nylon rub on nylon. And the feeling of the tightness of my girdle is great. Since I told my girlfriend I wear girdle and stockings our relationship has improved so much she asks me to move in with her,which I did.

Can not complain. She loves to wear a girdle now, she always did'nt, insisted I be girdled. Since I am girdled she has to be girdled. We both like high waist girdles,holds you in better.

I like obg girdles for if I have to pee it is easier. On transformation,what an experience. I like all the makeup,jewelry,wigs,heels etc. I am going to let my hair and nails grow,did you do that? Love skirts,blouses and dresses. Do you wear a slip? I like a half slip. I am going to go out in public real soon,have to get used to heels. When getting dressed I put on my stockings first thigh highs then my bra, then my girdle and panties over the girdle.

We love to sit around in our girdles in the evening,nice and cozy. Do you and your wife have sex while girdled and stockinged? My girlfriend suggested we do,not as yet but soon.

Has to be exciting. Looking forward to this. Well stay girdled you will be happy,I am. Great to hear that you both do enjoy your transformation so much. It is so relaxing and a great experience.

It may take some time to learn how to walk in heels. Most of my heels have inch. That is easy to master. Like your girlfriend my wife put some emphasis how to sit and stand up. I put on girdle and panties, than stockings and bra. I have pull-on obg as well as some with hooks, eye and zipper. Pantygirdle only pull-on. My wife insists that I wear my girdle all the time.

And I could hardly imagine going without one. Usually we dress together in the morning. Often we help each other with the back garters.

I feel very comfy with my girdle under my suit. It fits so much better. At home I wear mostly blouse and skirt now. When I come home and change she helps me with my bra mostly longline and the forms I wear with it. Slipping into the female role makes me feel relaxed almost at once. During the weekends I wear nailpolish and makeup. Getting a night gown will be the next step.

And it could not happen to forget my girdle. What a pity that I cannot wear a skirt at work. About the transformation,great. After I put on my long line bra,hwobg,stockings ,panties,full slip,I then put on my wig,then my girl friend makes me up. She said I looked great and passable. Then a long sleeve silk blouse and then the pensil skirt and heels. Felt like a million dollars.

By the way all in black. I will go out in public in a few weeks. Why not. Heels are no problem,practiced with them.

I loved looking at my stockinged shaved legs,very sexy. Have to learn how to sit and walk, I don't want anyone looking under my skirt. I am going to get some other outfits ASAP. My girl friend loves me transformed. To me it is relaxing and comforting. Question, what do you put on first,girdle ,stockings or panties?

Are your girdles pull ons or do you have hooks,eyes or zippers? My girl friend and I are both girdle dependent. She now demands I wear a girdle and me the same with her. Without a girdle I feel naked,don't you? My girl friend likes to watch me get dressed,she says it turns her on. She laughs at me when I have trouble with the back garter and when my penis slips out,then she adjusts me. What do you wear to bed? I always wear a silky nightgown,sleep very well.

Take care and act like a lady and don' t forget to put your girdle on. I am curious how you will feel with your transformation. What will be done to you? Will you go out dressed as woman? Longline bra with hwobg is a nice combination.

My wife loves it if I wear it. I wear it at home now most of the time. Together with a silk blouse and skirt. My wife taught me how to sit and walk in heels and skirt. The coming weekend she will put make-up on my face and do my nails. More men should wear girdles. I think being girdled has a lot of benefits.

Physically as well as psychologically. When I wore a girdle for the first time I did not know how this would develop.

Now it seems to me it is a journey that has not come to an end. In answer to your question,l have 12 girdles in various I Wont Give Up - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) to match my other undergarments. I hardly wear pantyhose,once in awhile. I love the pull on the stockings when girdled with shaved legs,what a feeling.

I will get my transformation this week,looking forward to looking like a lady. I have no problems with heels or boots,very sexy. Women have so much nicer attire.

My girl friend bought breast forms for me. I like to wear a long line bra with a high waist girdle. Do you shave? I shave my legs and going to shave my privates,want to be smooth and clean. Do you or your wife do the shaving. More men should wear girdles etc, they do not what they are missing. Girdles are mans best friend. You are lucky with your gf. A total transformation is such an exiting experience. Nothing fits better with bra and girdle as a nice skirt and blouse.

And you should try some make-up. Yes, I wear heels. So I tried heels. I started easy with a heel of 4 or 5 cm. And trained to walk. Now I master 6 - 8 cm without problem. Last weekend when we went out for dinner I wore black heels with my dark suit. Under it I wore girdle, stockings and bra. It was a nice experience.

My wife is happy that I followed her advice and wear girdles and more now. It is always fun in the morning when we dress and both don our girdles. Sometimes we help each other with the back garters. As you mention it, I have lost some pounds since I started girdle wearing.

For me going without one is out of question. When I look back I realize that our relationship has improved in many ways. My wife mentioned that I have become more feminine in my behaviour and more sensitive. Clad in girdle and bra makes me feel wonderfull. Do you wear forms with your bras? I talked to my girl friend about a total transformation and she was going to suggest that. This weekend I am going to buy a pencil skirt and blouse in black which will match my girdle and bra etc.

With me every item has to match,one has to look nice. Have you walked on heels yet? Not easy. I think more women would like to see their guys girdled. Since the short time my gf knows that I wear a girdle life is so much better and we have a lot more in common. She always checks to see if I am girdled. She mentioned woman enjoy their guys girdled and wearing stockings. This is funny,we were out with an old girl friend of hers who I knew and remarked I lost weight,never told the secret.

Love to be girdled and remember one has never enough girdles. You are lucky that your girlfriend is so supportive of your girdle wearing.

So am I. When my wife recommended a girdle for me it was a practical reason. We are beyond that. I tried an obg because I found it easier to wear under my suit than pg. Of course I had to wear stockings with it to keep it in place. I realised how good it felt to wear stockings - especially on freshly shaven legs. Then a development started. When my wife made me wear a bra it was for fun.

We both learned that with that she touched a new side with me. And her mind changed too. She likes it to see me I Wont Give Up - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) girdle, bra and stockings. She bought me silicone breast that the bra makes more sense.

It has so much added to our relationship. So now I wear girdle, bra and slips and really feel. Especially the combination of girdle and longline bra is exiting. It took some time to get accustomed to wear a bra and some projection in public. But now I feel at ease. Only at my job I go without a bra. I should have not asked you if your wife wears a girdle,if you do she does. Do you and your wife lounge around in your girdles? Well I have a girl friend who approves my girdle wearing.

When I met her after a couple of dates I told her about my girdle wearing,which she thought was great. Then of course she wanted to see me attired in a girdle and stockings. I agreed. She loved it. She wants me to be girdled as much as possible. She I Wont Give Up - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) wears a hwobg everyday which helps her back and posture. We go shopping for lingerie and it is fun. She likes to tell the saleswomen some items are for me,they don't know what to say.

I have 4 hwllpg and 8 hwobg,all with 6 garters in various colors with matching bras,panties,slips and camisoles. I love female underwear. Wearing a girdle is great and everyday is girdle day. Why my wife wanted me to wear a girdle. We had an invitation to an evening gala. I could barely close the pants of my black suit. I had gained some pounds since last time I wore it. So my wife came up with the idea that I should try one of her girdles. At least I gave in and spent an evening in a hwllpg for the first time.

Although it was very tight it helped. After that my wife made the proposal I should start wearing a girdle regularly. I considered it but did not decide until a few days later she came home with a girdle in my size.

The following weekend was the first I spent wearing a girdle. Then she insisted that I would wear a girdle every day. It took two weeks and I got accustomed to it. This was almost 10 years ago. Since then there was hardly a day without a girdle for me. Although I lost weight I never thought of going without a girdle again. Styles and brands vary but not my wearing. Of course my wife wears a girdle every day. We both enjoy our girdle wearing. I am convinced that girdle wearing has a lot of benefits.

To answer to your question i used to buy my girdles and garter belts from girdlebound,l under stand some other company took them over. A long line bra with a high waist girdle feels great,which I always wear.

Why did your wife want you to wear a girdle? Does she wear a girdle everyday? How long did it take her to convince you? I assume not long. Good decision to give in. My I Wont Give Up - Various - Keep Calm And Stay Cosy (CDr) living with an aunt who started me off when I was 17 years old. I was a little chubby so she suggested I try wearing a girdle, I said ,why not.

Thank god l did. It held me in and looked slimmer. It was a hwobg,then came stockings and panties,bras garter belts and so on. It has almost been 21 years and have done not regretted doing this. It has made my life exciting. You are correct nylons on clean shaven legs feel sensational.

Thank god for your wife and my aunt,makes life great. Stay girdled sister. Like you I do not feel well without a girdle.

In a lot of forums you find the term girdle dependency. I started wearing when my wife made the proposal to try a girdle. Although I refused she convinced me. And after a few weeks I was wearing a girdle every day. My first girdles were hwpg and llhwpg. Later I tried an obg and began wearing stockings. Now I have a collection of 9 girdles. Different brands and styles. These days I mostly wear obg with stockings. I love the feeling of the smooth stockings on my shaven legs. And it is easier to handle when nature calls.

I can not imagine to go without a girdle again. I am thankful to my wife for her support. How did you start? Where do you buy your girdles? Good to hear from another regular. Love to wear girdles with stockings legs shaved and a long line bra,holds me in. Do you wear llhwpg? Great under slacks. How did you get started wearing girdles? I always wear a girdle except to go to the doctors. Girdles help my back and posture. I feel naked without a good girdle on,I was told this and it is true.

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