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Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. There were four songs on here that was the main reason why I ordered this concert DVD. Each of those four was the only good song from their respective albums. I not only got those four songs, but the tour stop for Brave New World that ended in early That is a really good album, but this live show really adds to the enjoyment of that album.

Luckily, I found a used copy in very good condition at a decent price. It is really a shame and a sin that this one is out of print! With three guitars and Steve Harris on bass, these instrumental passages are truly incredible to watch. The timing with drummer Nikko is truly incredible. The Its A Hard Life - Queen - Rock In Rio 1985 (DVDr) songs are well crafted and Bruce always adds drama to the vocals. Even the shorter songs from the first four albums that never appealed to me are updated to sound really good.

The filming and editing are top notch. Watching this concert led me to go back and search out older live shows to see if they were always this good musically. Yes they were, but they only had two guitarists up until And the guitars on this release all sound crisper. The sound of the cut from this disc just blew me away and I Its A Hard Life - Queen - Rock In Rio 1985 (DVDr) RiR the next day.

Two negatives however, the video editing is nauseating. The picture does not stay on the screen from one camera for more than just a few seconds at a time.

There are a couple of drop outs on the vocals during the show. Nothing is perfect but this could have easily been fixed in post production.

The sound from this show will knock you down, run over you, back up and run over you again. Buy or Die! I really enjoyed the set list on this DVD concert. I had no problem with some of concert being devoted to 'Brave New World' as it is one of my favorite Maiden albums.

But, along with everyone else, it would have been nice if the cameras could have lingered for longer than 3 seconds at a time on one musician or vocalist, as the case may be. The camera work gave me a headache!!! Also, Janick Gers is such a tiresome twit!!! I was happy with the lack of audience members mugging for the camera, however.

Thank you, IM!! The Day in the Life of the band on the second disc wasn't anything to write home about, I could have skipped it entirely. I had to wonder why they even bothered with the Easter Egg portions. I would rent this again, but I wouldn't buy it. I will buy the CD or download the album instead. I was very excited when it arrived and I couldn't wait to watch it. When I opened the flimsy packaging the first thing I noticed was that the DVDs were sliding around freely.

The tiny foam pads that were supposed to be holding them in place had ripped loose from the package at some point during shipping. Consequently the DVDs were pretty scratched up. It took two passes with a repair kit to get the discs to play without freezing up in the DVD player.

The concert itself was amazing. The extras were also very good, showing what the guys do on a day off. One person found this helpful. Maiden never lost a step! Very long time Maiden fan posting. Does this DVD ever prove that point. I can't figure out what took me so long to pick it up. Maybe it was the low expectations I had regarding song titles I wasn't familiar with Whatever it was disappeared the second Adrian hits the first chords of Wicker Man There ARE a TON of camera changes, and yeah as a guitarist, I would have liked to have seen a little more solo sections shown longer up close The changes keep you as a viewer constantly absorbed in each song.

Seeing, and most importantly capturing the energy of all the band members at any given time is damn hard to display over a tv screen. Even seeing them live with the whole spectacle you miss a lot I never Its A Hard Life - Queen - Rock In Rio 1985 (DVDr) I'd see a Maiden production to rival Live after Death, and although the stage set up was better in 85, this production with all the camera angles exceeds it for the viewer.

I also saw them sitting further back for the Somewhere in Time tour at Irvine Meadows. Up close, you have a limited view I think Harris realized this too THOSE are fans! The real treat for me was hearing newer Maiden material and feeling as if I just discovered some lost classic album. Although I would have loved to have seen more "jurassic" classics like Phantom of the Opera or Killers performed, I tell you what Sign of the Cross and Clansman just rip your head off. Love Of My Life The Kissing Me Song Oct 10, — Bohemian Rhapsody free movie torrent download … songs.

Queen — Concert — Live Live Aid mpeg. Storyline: The story of the legendary rock band Queen and lead singer Freddie Mercury, leading up to their famous performance at Live Aid Download ….

Nov 15, — The first concert is their show at Montreal in November Jun 29, — The story of the legendary British rock band Queen and lead singer Freddie Mercury, leading up to their famous performance at Live Aid …. Le 13 juillet Queen at Live Aid — Definitive Restoration:. Nov 12, — Bohemian Rhapsody dvdrip. The story of the legendary British rock band Queen and lead singer Freddie Mercury, leading up to their famous performance at Live Aid Read More ….

Audiences reproduced the synchronised hand-clapping routine that appeared in the "Radio Ga Ga" video during the choruses of this song. In this tour, the band brought back some of the material from their first three albums into the set-list as part of a 'flash-back' medley. Rick Parfitt from Status Quo also appeared on-stage with the band during one of their London gigs and Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet appeared on-stage with the band during their only New Zealand concert.

Queen were to participate in two music festivals in and at Montreux in Switzerland, where they lip-synched a small selection of their latest material.

This surprised many onlookers as the band had often spoken out strongly against this style of performance. The concerts were filmed and then broadcast to many millions of people throughout Europe. To their fans, it Its A Hard Life - Queen - Rock In Rio 1985 (DVDr) obvious that the band, as well as some members of the audience, were dis-oriented and somewhat confused during these faked performances.

The performances in Sun City, South Africa landed the band in hot water. Many well-known acts, both before and after Queen, have played at the holiday resort in a meteor crater and were not subsequently criticised for it. The international deploration of apartheid, however, would reach a high-point shortly after the band performed.

Many action groups, including a group of musicians called Artists United Against Apartheidpublicly condemned Queen for their appearances at the resort. To try to calm the waters, Queen officially released a statement that they had no wish to promote racial prejudice.

The performance at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in is often regarded [7] as Queen's greatest single live performance. One striking image of Mercury from the Wembley show would be regularly used for promotional purposes e. Throughout the tour, Mercury would regularly make an impromptu statement on stage that denounced the rumour that Queen were about to split up. As "God Save the Queen" played over the PA system at the end of each show, Mercury would come on stage wearing a cloak and a replica of the crown jewels.

After this tour, Queen were credited as being one of the first rock bands to employ the oversized screen or Jumbotron at live concerts. Many of the shows were recorded and a heavily edited album, titled Live Magicwas released shortly afterwards. The final show of the tour was held on 9 August at Knebworth Park in England with Status Quo as support act and drew an estimatedin attendance. Shortly after the completion of The Magic Tour, a three-video rockumentary was released called The Magic Years which had footage from various live shows.

Following on from this, a compilation of entirely live material was released by way of the Rare Live — A Concert Through Time and Space video. However neither of these have been re-released on DVD to date. The last albums to be released while Mercury was still alive were The MiracleInnuendoand Greatest Hits II and no tours were planned. However Taylor did form a band called The Crossthat went on to release three studio albums, who performed a number of live concerts with Taylor adopting the role of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist not drummer.

No live recordings were ever released although some bootlegs do exist. Queen did not perform any concerts in their original line-up in the s. The three remaining members in one of the few concerts they played together after Mercury's death and a host of special guests staged a lengthy and emotional show billed as the Concert For AIDS Awareness as well as Concert for Life that was televised worldwide.

Queen appeared only sporadically following the concert. Not all appearances featured all three surviving members.

The final occasion where all remaining members of Queen performed on stage was in January at Paris in France for the world premiere of Bejart Ballet For Life. They only performed one song, namely " The Show Must Go On " which was one of the two songs they had performed together at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, and this was the last reported appearance of John Deacon on stage.

Following Freddie Mercury's death and John Deacon's retirement, May and Taylor continued to make sporadic live appearances in addition to their long-term collaboration with Paul Rodgers. Paul is just such a great singer.

He's not trying to be Freddie. The origins of the collaboration came when Brian May played at the Fender Strat Pack concert in After this Brian spoke of a chemistry between the two of them. Again citing a new excitement with Rodgers, the three announced they would tour in The tour originally was meant only to include Europe and the concerts of that year.

However at the end of the European tour, some dates in the US and Japan were added. Ina full scale US tour was undertaken, with very poor attendance. The stage design for the tour was minimal, lacking a large backing screen that would later be featured on the Rock The Cosmos Tourand elaborate stage theatrics. A large 'B Stage' was constructed out from the main stage, into the audience which would frequently be used for acoustic performances by all the members of the band.

Toward the end of Lose Yourselfthe guitar would join in from behind a large curtain which covered the band from view, before Rodgers would appear singing a shortened version of the song "Reachin' Out".

Thought by many fans to be a new song, it was a charity song that both Brian and Paul had played together on in the s. Brian would appear after, playing the introductory riff to "Tie Your Mother Down", before the curtain fell and the band would perform the full song.

The first segment of the concert consisted largely of Queen hits and some of Rodgers' songs. A unique version of "Hammer To Fall" would be played, which featured a slower and mellower first verse sung by May and Rodgers.

The second half of the song would be played as a full band, depending on the condition of his voice, Rodgers would also sing this section, or leave it to Taylor. A guitar solo by May would follow, with a band instrumental of "Last Horizon" playing, in which a large mirror ball was used. During the second half of the concert, Taylor would leave the kit to sing "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", with a screen playing nostalgic footage, including shots of the band on their early tours in Japan.

Rodgers would take Its A Hard Life - Queen - Rock In Rio 1985 (DVDr) rest of the song, with Taylor playing live drums for the rest of the song. During "Bohemian Rhapsody", Freddie's vocal and piano part, along with video footage from Queen's show at Wembley Stadium would be used, while the rest of the band would play live music.

After the operatic section, Rodgers would sing the heavy part, while the closing lines of the song would be an interchanging duet between Rodgers and Mercury. The song would end with Mercury taking a bow to the crowd, and the band would leave the stage.

The opening date was recorded for a DVD release. The tour included one of the largest open-air concerts in KharkivUkrainewhich garneredpeople. Over the course of the tour, they played to just short of one million viewers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help to improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article contains weasel words : vague phrasing that often accompanies biased or unverifiable information.

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