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Norah Jones gives this Christmas carol—that dates back to an poem by Edmund Sears—a refreshing jazzy twist. This Christmas song dates back to the mids and is based on the melody of the hymn "Gloria. Sarah McLachlan covered this famous Christmas song on her second Christmas album Wonderlandwhich she released in This Christmas song about Jesus Christ's birthplace was written over years ago by Phillips Brooksan Episcopal priest visited Bethlehem on Christmas Eve—but Nat King Cole's iconic voice will make you want to listen to it for years to come.

The eccentric stylings of Pentatonix are a holiday staple and add a modern twist to this traditional tune, which is also known as "Tidings of Comfort and Joy. There are so many versions of this Christian Christmas song, but Carrie Underwood's beautiful country rendition is one of our favorites. You'll be more than impressed by upcoming artist Lauren Daigle's version of this song.

Check out the rest of her holiday album too—it's filled with religious classics. Jeff Wayne did the same with "War of the worlds", an apocalyptic story of extraterrestrial invasion and human struggle in the wake of this most unwelcome visit. As far as prog goes it is an excellent a theme as any when it comes to the world and realms of progressive rock.

There is quite a few masterstrokes to this album when choosing the cast. The narration of Richard Burton is certainly one of them. I could have seen Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee as the narrator but I dare say Burton does it with his usual grace.

His timbre and voice really puts the story in a mode of extreme urgency. One is embraced by his serious narration, full of drama and engagement. Absolutely wonderful. They all Joy To The World - Various - Hooked On Christmas With The Stars (CD) a great job. Phil Lynott is maybe the most dramatic of them all, displaying quite the desperation and angst.

The musicianship as a whole is very good and leaves nothing to complain about. The music is very spacey, thanks to the abundance of synthesizers, and it should be. The theme is invasion from Space and it works very well. There is, apart from the prog elements, even traces of disco in the first track, "Eve of the war". Remember, this is The combination of narration, musical tapestries, sung parts and very vivid musical interpretations of the events in the story makes it the perfect audio book to me.

Progressive rock and it's pompousness, bound inside this great story of alien invaders. The song "Forever autumn" is also the best song Moody Blues never wrote. Just listen to it. It took me quite a few years to discover this gem of an album but it is really wonderful. It is an adaptation very personal and holds an uniqueness from a musical point of view. I think it's really worth a listen or more. To me it is full of ambience, passion and even brilliance.

And Richard Burton is really the icing on the cake. He alone makes this a pleasant listen. Try it out. I dare say you won't have wasted your time.

As soon as I saw the album cover of this new Jeff Wayne project I could not help but be excited and to be honest quite a degree of scepticism crept in. I wondered how on earth anyone could replace the likes of the incomparable Justin Hayward, or Julie Covington, or for that matter Phil Lynott and David Essex. Undoubtedly Richard Burton is irreplaceable, his golden tones make the original such a piece of art. However I had to indulge and what I received from this new reimagining was a delightfully compelling and new experience.

I reasoned that WOTWTNG would never replace the original but rather would enhance the experience and reinvigorate what has been engrained in my conscious for so many years. As Liam Neeson's voice sounded out over the airwaves, "No one would have believed" I was surprised at how well his voice translated the HGWells classic. When the ominous 3 chord strings hammered forth, I was hooked immediately; perhaps transfixed because it was noticeably different, not a cheap rip off or a money grabber but this had genuine passion and was played in the right spirit.

There is a deep bass synth pulsating and some swishing effects that are markedly unique to this recording. As the martians arise from their craft with "their clumsy bodies" that "heaved and pulsated, glistening like wet leather" it was a new interpretation both in musical textures and Neeson's acting skills.

He is no Burton but he is a man of earnestness, with a sense of urgency, not as dead pan or Shakespearean as Burton but with golden tones of his own. The martians begin to plough their way across Horsell Common in their tripod war machines,and the music becomes very dark and majestic; triumphant in the war cry of "Ulla! Last edited: Dec 16, Reactions: parameshCat MusicAnother Audiophile and 10 others.

Other than that clunker it was a good review. Another Audiophile Tried these few weeks ago and its a good first try. Now they have to work on ergonomics, looks and comfort. I picked up a pair myself. Love 'em. AT ALL. Just me and how I listen to music. That said, I definitely agree that they Joy To The World - Various - Hooked On Christmas With The Stars (CD) heavier than all my other headphones. It's not the amperage, it's big voltage swings that get these cans singing in my experience.

Love your work. Look forward to what you've got coming next. Pros : Fantastic detail retrieval. Smooth and non sibilant through entire frequency range. Wide and deep soundstage. Cons : Too heavy. Squeaky hinges. Cheap feeling adjustment sliders. No included balanced cable. Last edited: Jul 10, Reactions: TiborMWildcatsare1fleo and 7 others.

I have a new Schiit Jot 2 and it drives the Hedds exceptionally well. But you dont need a mega-watt amp to use with the Hedds Both drive the Hedds well With the Hersey you can drive the Hedds on low gain to very loud levels and with High gain u can even go louder into the area of possible hearing damage!

You get the piano right you have a real winner IMO! I use my Hedds wit many amps Bifrost 2 for a dac Superb, absolutely superb. Pros : Superb sound signature. Bass like a planar. Excellent vocals. Makes you think twice about planars No case. Single cable right now. Can get warm while wearing. Somewhat expensive? Reactions: Wildcatsare1fleocorgifall and 18 others.

Just a fabulous set of headphones. Love to Joy To The World - Various - Hooked On Christmas With The Stars (CD) and family. Barrie Webster. My heart goes out to Pauline and Family at this very sad time he was a great friend to me and shall be very sadly missed. John Ross. Veronica and I were deeply shocked to hear about poor Duke. Our thoughts are with Pauline and Jocasta at this very sad time.

We have lost a Barron Knight who was amajor part of our success. Duke had been poorly for some time and didn't perform over the last four years. He will will be missed by so many Family and friends and fans from all over the world. Duke will now be singing to the angels. He will never be forgotten Pete and veronica Langford. My thoughts are with Pauline and Jocasta at this terrible time. We will all miss him, his voice and his wonderful sense of humour. Phil Croxford. Duke was a lovely, friendly man with a beautiful voice who we had the pleasure of meeting a few times.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. Have known Duke for several years now and will miss him very much. Condolonces to Pauline and family. My heartfelt condolences to Pauline, family and The Barrons.

Jean Neesham. Duke was the focal point of the Knights during those heady days of the 60's, and was sadly missed over the last few years.

We had the pleasure of meeting Duke a few years ago and he spoke with sincerity of how he appreciated the fans who had continued to support the group over the years.

Our sympathy to his family and The Knights. Another link with our youth has gone, but the memories will linger on. Thanks Duke. Marilyn and Steve Sheffield. We saw Duke perform with the Barron Knights many times. He brought a lot of pleasure to so many and will be sadly missed. Our sympathy to his family, friends and the rest of the Barron Knights. My dad was a very special person, a fantastic singer and the life and soul of every occasion, I will miss him deeply, it is a great shock that this has happened as it was such a short illness.

I would like to say thank you to everyone that sends there thoughts. Many thanks Jocasta. He was a great performer both on stage and off. A true friend and great father in law to our son. P xxxxxx. Duke was a great singer and an even better mate, and we will miss him very much.

Our Joy To The World - Various - Hooked On Christmas With The Stars (CD) condolences go out to Pauline and family. Mick and Terry. Thank you for setting up this memorial to Duke D'Mond. We hope that you find it a positive experience developing the site and that it becomes a place of comfort and inspiration for you to visit whenever you want or need to.

I am I and you are you, whatever we were to each other that we still are. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? Life means all that it ever meant, it is the same as it ever was. Memorial to Duke D'Mond. Home Galleries Pictures Thoughts Candles. Read Stories View the Timeline. Thoughts Gallery. Send a thought.

You are and always will be my favourite Knight xx Mel April 9th, Another year gone by. Really wish I could have met you. I'm sure the rest of the boys are thinking about you today Mel xx Mel April 9th, He was the funniest man I ever knew we spent many great days together in the pub and some great nights at the gigs although I did'nt see him for a long time before his passing I have always had very found memories of him and his family, I hope it is getting easier for Pauline and Jocasta John Morris John June 4th, Still my favourite Knight.

X Mel April 9th, Is it really 3 yrs since we lost Duke,still very much missed Mel May 20th, Michael Keating January 20th, Jackie Crighton September 8th, Jocasta Jocasta Collis August 17th, Really great to talk to and so gracious to make time for fans. We will miss him. Maree Pavletich July 7th, I met duke once after a show at Hunstanton in Norfolk what a true gent will be sadly missed Andy Harrod July 2nd, Stuart Torrance Stuart Torrance October 26th, We'll miss you big fella.

Peter Osbourne August 11th, Sherrie Compton August 6th, It won't be long before we all meet up again dear friend, Joy To The World - Various - Hooked On Christmas With The Stars (CD) a sad lose know but will be a great reunion later on, Say hello to Dougie and have one for me, until we meet again my friend, Bernie Bernie Pifco Martin August 5th, A true entertainment icon Mervyn Head July 29th, Lovely guy - now in peace.

David Witham July 27th, Russ Francis and the space cadets July 15th, Thank you for making life a happier place through your talent. Roger Roger Millhouse June 27th, Will Ludford June 23rd, Brian Matthews June 12th, He was truly alove man sally lawsonsteer May 26th, Golf Professional Peter Stebbings May 17th, Anne, Gibraltar Anne Ammundsen May 16th, Valerie Jenkins May 14th, Tony Rivers Spain tony rivers May 11th, Pauline Palmer May 7th, Gillian gillian oakley April 29th, Well, Duke you faced your final curtain R.

Paul Hooper April 28th, Canada Christine Tretick April 28th, Bluegrass music has a friend in me and it always will. And years after those re-runs first inspired Stuart, you can still see Porter and Dolly, along with the Wilburn Brothers with their girl singer Loretta Lynn and classic episodes of Hee Haw! I learned that by watching the Porter Wagoner shows, the Wilburn Brothers. Those shows do things for fifty years from now, as well as right now.

They will keep re-airing. They will live somewhere. For that, along with lessons learned from his country and bluegrass idols, Stuart looks to the wise old sheriff from Mayberry. And everybody that came by to talk to him had some kind of Mayberry question.

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