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Alternative Names: Leslie Tucker. Related Artists: None. Why you should buy from us. Rich researching records. Other In-Stock Items Nel ho aperto il mio primo tattoo studio.

Trovo che il realismo sia in ogni caso la base di partenza di ogni artista. Instead of masterpieces being limited to the few wealthy elite, displayed on a wall and or in storage, bought and traded long after the artist passes to reap the rewards-- tattoos are paintings any person can commission and take with them wherever they go.

I have a B. Outside of a prolific tattoo repertoire, and a recent focus on ink and graphite, I have also explored illustration, painting, collage, sculpture, assemblage, performance, murals, poetry, photography, and video. With my progression in tattooing, I am on the elusive search for on the cusp, progressive, and "no holds barred" tattoo collectors, that will help unleash the infinite potential of our collaborative exchange.

I am tattooing since and specialize in the genre of large scale Biomechanical design. Most of my Layouts are conceptualized digitally before transfered to skin. I take multiple days for each design and like to work closely with my clients on designs if possible. I am used to multiple day sessions and have streamlined my workflow towards travelling clientele in this manner.

I work from my home studio and have no "open to public" studio. For this reason you wont find a telephone number or adress on my website or anywhere else to protect my and my families private life.

I started to successfully offer Seminars geared towards Visual Artists in and will continue to do on suited events. Please contact me through my personal website if you are serious to collect art from me or have any questions about seminars or my other work. I love tattooing nature based custom designs, realism, bio mech, and japanese inspired tattoos.

I am very blessed to be doing what I love and am living the dream. I realize that I dont know a thing the more and more i learn how to do things. My favorite clients are those that let me run with their ideas. I do my best work when I dont have to many borders to leap. I think you can achieve more with colors and thats only good for everyone, but i still love black and gray.

This is the next step in tattoo hygiene and safety. Your tattoo should be unique and designed especially for you and you alone. This means I work on appointment only to ensure you a highest quality tattoo of each and every client. I have over 15 years experience as a professional artist with a client list that included DisneyEa and Sony amongst many others before turning to the Art of tattooing. The studio is private and is Fully health registered.

All equipment is autoclaved and records of all sterilization cycles are retained. New inks and needles are used for every client. Tuesday 10 am till 5. Phil spends most of his spare time trying to combine painting, wiffle ball, Star Wars, and guitar shredding into one sport to be recognized by the Olympic Committee.

And he will continue to tattoo until his dream of becoming a ninja astronaut is realized. I did my apprenticeship while attending UCA. I graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in I enjoy doing most every style of tattoo.

My favorite styles to do are traditional American and neotraditional tattoos. I love what I do, and I hope to be able to do it for many years to come. I did my first tattoo in August ofand began tattooing full time August of I strive for creative, dynamic, refined work.

Detailed where needed, and loose where it's appropriate. I also love oil painting when I can, and have been doing so, off and on, for the last ten years. I am expressive by nature. I'm transparent and multifaceted, revealing some contrasts and mysterious ways. You can't see all of who I am from any one angle, so, in my quest for relevance, I am trying to expose as much as I can. This stage in my life is fairly new, since I feel that up until the last few years, I've only been striving for technical ability I am ready to see what's inside I don't think anyone lives completely honest.

Desiring to minimize our faults and maximize our strengths. I'm no different, but I'm willing to see how honest I can be. I Live to tattoo and oil paint. About Paul Booth Email Artist View Tattoo Gallery Links: Personal Website Instagram After devoting nearly twenty years of his life to the art of tattoo, where his is revered for his efforts to elevate the medium into the realm of fine art, Paul Booth has become a household name.

Through his deep involvement in organizations such as The National Arts Club — one of the oldest and most respected art institutions in the Nation — Booth is continually driven to help push the tattoo industry forward in as many ways as possible.

ArtFusion succeeded and continues to unite leading tattoo artists from around the world to create one—of—a—kind works of art. His directorial debut, the award—winning feature documentary The ArtFusion Experiment, continues to extend the reach and success of the movement he created. As a director and lifelong horror fan, he finds film to be an exciting and fresh form of expression. His experimental, pseudo-documentary Paul Booth's Last Rites: Volume I deftly illustrates his unique, twisted vision — truly a film that must be seen to be believed.

And, yes, he still enjoys tattooing! About Michele Wortman Email Artist View Tattoo Gallery Michele Wortman is best known for her innovative "bodyset" tattoos, and for her particular use of color and flow on the human form. She began tattooing in after assessing her own early tattoo collection and imagining how it could be approached differently based on a desire to see lighter, more airy imagery designed to compliment the female form.

With a background in painting, it seemed natural to approach tattooing in a less conventional and traditional manner. Influenced and encouraged by fellow artist and partner Guy Aitchison, Michele began to refine and redefine the look of the feminine tattoo.

The bodysets that Michele has done range from small to large, complimentary to symmetrical, and make use of both sides of the body. Catering to a mostly female clientele, Michele has applied this unified approach to tattooing that is both balanced and garment-like, putting a high priority on the overall look of the entire tattoo collection. Not all the work she does is bodysets; she also welcomes singular pieces.

Regardless of the coverage that the client is seeking, Michele's tattooing is focused on a particular look within her tattoo style: Floral-form imagery that incorporates movement, flow, and soft pastel coloring, creating her signature design aesthetic.

She is located in Southern Illinois with St. Louis being the closest airport, and is currently taking new projects. Fill out the appointment request form. His designs are childish and primitive, but rendered in a sophisticated, stylized manner. He uses muted colors and loose lyrical lines in his work, punctuated with geometric patterns and sketchy "pencil" marks; playful and innocent like a child's dreams.

He's inventive, funny and, graphically, taking more chances than ninety-five percent of the world's best known inkmeisters I didn't say he's the next Sailor Jerry Collins, but just as Collins merits his own star in the tattoo universe, so does Monsieur Noon.

Except his has six points with a pair of lips and curlers in its hair" -Bob Baxter. Big Gus was born and raised in the streets of Los Angeles. His mother was an artist and would always encourage him to draw, paint, and trace as a young child. He was only in kindergarten and already painting along side his mother. Unfortunately his mother passed away when Gus was just 19 years old. All though she is not around any more, her artistic influence on her son still lives on today.

Gus has a bit of a dark past, growing up with a ruff crowd and getting involved with gang banging at a young age. He was always painting murals in the Los Angels Riverbed and showcasing his graffiti skills all around L.

Big Gus began tattooing at the age of He has been a self taught artist his whole life, all though paying close attention to those better then he was to improve on his skills as an artist. But he knew there was more out there for him then gang banging.

He wanted to make sure his mother was looking down on him from above with pride. He started tattooing professionally at age 22 out of Distinctive Ink in Pico Rivera. Big Gus began to attend tattoo conventions. He studied and observed all of the different styles and techniques. He saw that he could actually use his art skills to make a good living, to travel the world, and to meet other artists from all corners of the globe.

He later became friends with these same artists that he looked up to. Some of the respected old school artists like CatFish Carl, Tony Olivas, and Rick Walters schooled Big Gus on the fact that tattooists honoring the traditions and respecting the legacy and talents of fellow artists Junior Tucker - Dont Test (Vinyl) becoming a dying breed.

He knew that he was part of a new generation of these artists, and it was part of his responsibility to keep these traditions alive. Today Big Gus is a world class and world known tattoo artist. His popular style of fine line, Black and Grey-Photorealism graces the pages of Tattoo Publications in 40 countries.

He has won over awards, has his first book coming out soon, and has seen huge success with designs for clothing companies such as Sullen and Tribal. Big Gus is an inspiration to the troubled youth out there. He has sacrificed so much to get where he is now, and he lives a true West Coast OG success story. He is a blessed and talented individual, an extremely hard worker, and I am proud to have Big Gus as my friend.

Jeremy Co Owner of Sullen Clothing. I knew early on that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I enjoy doing all different styles of work; from realistic portraiture style, color, and black and grey. I most enjoy doing custom work working 1 on 1 with the ideas from my customers to come up with a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. At a very young age, Turk realized his passion for the arts and began to express himself both musically and artistically.

Showing a bit of a penchant for the macabre landed him some misunderstood scrutiny as a child by school teachers and the like, since his drawings consisted of mainly skulls, monsters, reapers, coffins, bats, spiders, headstones and so on. As a teenager, Turk set his hobby of illustration aside and began experimenting with music and played in many punk and pop-punk bands throughout high school. After high school, however, Turk found an opportunity to move to Berkeley, CA with his older brother and explore all the opportunities of the Bay Area.

Within months, Turk had already joined up with members of a popular Lookout! Records label. It was during this time Turk met Bay Area local and professional tattoo artist, Karen Roze, which reignited his interest in art and illustration. Although he received his first tattoo a Black Flag logo at the age of 17, Turk showed no interest in tattooing, tattoo related illustration, or the tattoo industry until this point in his life.

Big bold designs with heavy black and well saturated colors make his work not only stand out, but also stand the test of time. I started as a custom artist so i enjoy drawing every tattoo i do. I am currently tattooing in addison texas. He began tattooing on his own skin when he was 13, and opened his own shop at the age of He has no formal art training, but is passionate about learning.

His artwork is informed by innumerable trips to many museums to study painting and sculptures, as well as studying countless books about different techniques of painting and drawing.

It was hard because I was very young and I had no money to pay for information, and back then there were no tattoo magazines and no internet! He persevered and over the past 20 years has become renowned for his photo realism and portraiture work, usually rendered in black and grey, but he relishes each and every chance he gets to work with strong, solid colors.

He also really likes art from the 's and floral ornaments, a style he interprets for some of his tattoo designs. Above all he always likes to put "some poetry" into the designs he creates.

I like his personality and he is very talented. I have work by Guy Aitchinson and Robert Hernandez too. I like to be tattooed by people I admire. I am also inspired by architecture, other tattoo artists, painters like Mucha, photographers such as Doisneau, and slices of everyday life. My dream situation is when a customer comes to me and gives me a subject for the tattoo and lets me create the image. My favorite clients of all are the clients who are happy with their tattoo!

He's noticed that sometimes when clients start to talk to him that they appear to feel a little intimidated, which bothers him a bit. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his children and his granddaughter, as well as body building with my son and friends.

His vision for the future is growing his family business. The family team has several projects in the works, such as the "Chaudesaigues Awards," that they would like to give to an artist who has been selected by a jury of international tattoo artists, after they review a comprehensive portfolio of work in whatever mediums that artist works with. S trip for Europeans or a European trip for Americansa meeting with a tattooist that the winner admires, a free entry pass for major art museum and an article about him or her in a tattoo magazine.

It was important for me that the 1st award will be presented in the USA, because that's where my career started, American magazines and clients trusted me and my work. We would like to have tattooers with different styles and techniques come to teach in France, so we can all discover different way to tattoo. These seminars would be by professionals, for professionals only of course.

We are working on it and hope to announce the dates and name of the artist who will be giving the first seminar soon. Fin des seventies. Tout ce que trimballe le mot de tatoueur aussi. Les tatoueurs se font rares en France. Mais qui paye. Un exemple? Dans le tatouage.

Une family affair, chez les Chaudesaigues, le tattoo. Ses deux filles, Cindy et Sabrina ainsi que son fils Julien sont, pareillement, tatoueurs. I travel around a bit working conventions and do guest spots so check out my travel section to see if I'm gonna be in your area. If your interested in getting tattooed at a convention you can e-mail me with ideas. If you want to book an appointment or check availability at Iron Heart then call the shop at I do not book my own appointments at Iron Heart.

I run a clothing company with my wife called Acanthus Apparel. The clothing features my artwork. Acanthus items are available at www. I build my machines from scratch, from the coil washers to the binding posts. I don't mass produce them and numbers are very limited. To check availability you can email me or look through my Facebook page and Instagram for photos of available machines. Contact me for custom orders or if you any questions.

Email: joshuacbowers hotmail. Instagram: joshuabowers. When I got it in my mind that I wanted to tattoo, it was life changing. A few times throughout life there are moments like these and they are incredibly powerful. This happened for me around the age of 15 in realizing I wanted to tattoo. Unfortunately, at that time, tattooing was illegal in the state of Massachusetts where I am from. That didn't stop my dream, however. I would get Junior Tucker - Dont Test (Vinyl) the tattoo magazines I could find and re-draw every design to practice.

InMassachusetts was lucky enough to see the tattoo ban lifted thanks to Stephan Lanphear, who sued the state for 10 years for us to have the right to tattoo and be tattooed. We all owe him a huge thank you! Shortly after that, I got an apprenticeship with Little John Bury in North Carolina, and that is where my tattooing adventure began. During the summer ofI had opportunities to travel to Martha's Vineyard with Stephan and work at his shop.

In June ofI moved back to Massachusetts and now I am proud to have my own studio up and running!!! In the 15 years of my career, I have found it important to challenge myself and stay well-rounded as a tattoo artist by drawing every day. As a result, I am able to work in almost any style. I do especially enjoy color, black and gray, traditional, realistic, roses, flowers, skulls, cats, birds etc.

I take pride in hybrid techniques that help create my unique custom works. The process of collaborating with my clients and bringing their ideas to life is what I definitely enjoy most about tattooing. There is nothing more satisfying than watching the most basic ideas evolve into that large scale design a client has been waiting for; or a special smaller, one-point tattoo that evokes good memories.

September marked another milestone for my career in the launch of Lucky Cats Brand featuring original tattoo art on unisex hoodies, tanks, and t-shirts with limited edition designs. All designs and merchandise are available online and are on display at my Watertown shop. The joy I get seeing someone look at their new tattoo while that happy smile comes over their face is why I put all the care and detail into the work that I do. I absolutely love being a tattoo artist!!!

I take nothing for granted!! If you would like to acquire a piece of artwork, clothing, or a tattoo, it would be my absolute pleasure. He also took painting classes and was influenced by comic books when he was a child. His love for drawing translated in various media, including airbrushing, color pencils, charcoal, acrylics and oil. Self-taught in the art of tattooing, Stefano dedicated millions of hours traveling the US for conventions, which ultimately helped him realize his unique realistic style.

Stefano's greatest artistic influence is his Great Grandfather, Jose Alcantara La Torre, whose style is inherently similar to his own. As with various forms of media, Stefano does not see art as a business. In terms of tattooing, the human skin is a unique canvas that allows him to create a permanent mark in someone's life.

Since then, he has been traveling more than ever, attending tattoo conventions all over the world. He has given dozens of seminars in person, at conventions, and even live seminars over the web. During the years he gained international recognition, and featured in many publications, and also held seminars in international tattoo conventions.

Liorcifer has been attending many tattoo conventions, and doing guest spots around the world, which keeps him exposed to many different styles of. Shawn Barber Biography. Shawn Barber's body of work focuses primarily on painting, portraiture, and documenting contemporary tattoo culture. Barber's intimate renditions of tattooed individuals balance both meticulous brush strokes and loose energy. Figurative in nature, these large paintings take on abstractions with explosive colors, meandering lines and paint dripping down the canvas.

Shawn earned his B. His first published book of art titled 'Tattooed Portraits' was published by 9mm Books infollowed by his second tome, 'Forever and Ever', a page hardcover book dedicated to the Tattooed Portraits Series. Among his extensive achievements, he has taught drawing, painting and the business of art for 10 years at various art schools throughout the country. After years of documenting the art of tattoo, it was a logical progression to pick up the tattoo machine and add tattooist to his resume.

I started playing guitar in my teens and gave up art completely to pursue a career in music. I spent the next fifteen years playing in heavy metal bands and working a factory job. Of course, I was hooked and got my sleeves and a full back piece done within a few years. Everyone has come to know that I am the best "Cause I took off the s off of Superman's chest Don't test. Don't try test If you wanna try a thing with me I took the b off of Batman's belly So don't test. Don't try test -snip.

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This is just a preview! Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. Visit BoscoFiori boutiques to select winter bouquets and Christmas arrangements. The first stage of the project is the rebranding, which includes the introduction of a new logo. Buy two Bosco sweaters to receive any two accessories from the winter collection for free.

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Sir Paul Smith was able to take part in the dinner via video conference. Alberta Ferretti transported the audience into an abandoned ancient estate partially destroyed over the passing centuries with a quiet garden.

The new collection of the brand is the embodiment of aristocratic elegance and femininity. Thus, the ETRO collection presentation embraced the energy of travel, the freedom of the Argentinian expanses, the lyric Balkan motifs, and the speed of horseriding.

The whole show took place in a stylized stable. On October 31, the spectacular sports and theatrical show "Legends of Sports.

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Live Broadcast Online Concert. The large-scale Optimistic Performances. Vesna on New Arbat: Fashion on Quarantine. No Pasaran! Live Broadcast.

The BoscoCasa Division Head Daria Akhtyrskaya will talk about how to create the atmosphere of a romantic dinner or a family lunch with wine degustation.

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Richard Ginori collection will help you in establishing an atmosphere of care and beauty around your family without leaving the comfort of your home. By the relevant Decree of the Russian President, all shopping centers and stores, including Bosco Stores, will remain close through April Bosco loyalty card bonuses have been extended by three months starting from March 28! You will be able to use all your bonuses at your favorite Bosco stores.

Our dearest clients! We will deliver your orders safely, free of charge, and without the need for physical contact. In accordance with the decision of the Moscow Government, all shopping centers and retail stores, including Bosco di Ciliegi Stores, will not be open from March 28 to April 5.

Starting from March 23, Bosco stores in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sochi have altered their opening hours: to Starting from March 24, Bosco stores in Samara will be open from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday. For this season's collection, Sir Paul Smith found inspiration in his rekindled memories about the trip to downtown New York City in the '70s.

All Bosco di Ciliegi stores are still working in accordance to regular work hours. We are happy to welcome all customers but we also respect the decision of those people who have decided to spend their time at home. Petrovsky Passage showcases an exhibition of a collection of handmade carpets from BoscoCasa and Tapis Rouge on Line 2. There are special offers available for you on March in addition to your Bosco loyalty cards discounts.

The guests of the Petrovsky Passage chose bouquets arranged from bright tulips, mimosas, daffodils, irises, and snow-white lilacs. Next week, as the first days of spring at last come to Moscow, the aristocratic Petrovsky Passage will transform into a garden: the traditional flower fair will take place on March Our universe of beauty on the Garden Ring is celebrating its three-year anniversary!

Shop at one of the brand stores to take part in the give-away and to get a chance to win an Etro Teddy Bear. From January 13 enjoy even greater discounts at Bosco di Ciliegi Boutiques! It involved workshops, sweets, and treats, as well as exclusive shopping offers. In the fabulous setting of GUM decorated by shimmering Christmas trees, Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrated the opening of its second Moscow boutique that was launched in collaboration with Bosco di Ciliegi in the very heart of Moscow, at 3 Red Square.

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The Swiss watch manufacturer grants its customers a new level of reliability by introducing the My IWC program which extends international warranty from two to eight years. On November 21, Vesna on Arbat hosted the Shoe Marathon — guests were presented the newest world brands footwear collections at bargain prices. This season, Zac Posen, creative director of the Brooks Brothers women's collection, was inspired by the natural beauty of English rural landscapes and the fabrics associated with the traditional British style.

On November 8, Petrovsky Passage hosted the grand opening of the new boutique by the Italian brand Malo. Malo cashmere items have already gained fame around the world. The spacious and refined Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique is marked by the spirit of innovation, bringing customers closer to the high art of watchmaking.

The brand's creative director, Veronica Etro, came to Moscow to personally present her SS collection. We are turning 20!

Special guest — Tatyana Polyakova. On September 29, Kaluga hosted the opening ceremony of the new production complex of the Bosco Manufacture — a leading consumer goods enterprise. It opens by the mini collection created by Norwegian designer Edda Gimnes. Please join us at the pop-up exhibition at Petrovsky Passage and discover the Gucci Decor collection and the fantastic world of Gucci.

September 21 saw the Italian Passion event, inspired by what the Italian do best: cars, clothes, and food. The BoscoCeremony project at Petrovsky Passage took care of the preparations for the event: from the choice of the bride's dress to the food selection for the evening. The runway show of the upcoming fashion season was a embodiment of the gold era of Etro.

The new venue for the show, filled with magic and beauty, highlighted the eternal values of the brand based on the importance of cultural and social issues in artworks. GUM for the first time was the national sponsor of the competition. Our life story can be easily read in our eyes, known as the "mirror of the soul. Frette's new classic collection goes beyond the bedroom. The brand demonstrates endless design solutions— from minimalism to extravagance, from geometric to romantic — in its line of home apparel, bathroom and living room items.

High curtains, vintage Viennese chairs and lots of light are a continuation of the GUM facade illumination. Introduce a piece of that beautiful country into your home!

GUM-Red-Line Gallery presents a preview group exhibition that will help art lovers to familiarize themselves with Ural artists who have previously participated in the Biennial. The pre-collection was inspired by art: creator, author, and artwork. Famous tennis players, journalists, and businesspeople were in attendance. This one-of-a-kind watch was specifically created for the auction that will be held in Geneva on November 9, The Magnifico Collection is the height of magnificence and boasts a selection of tableware decorated with gold and platinum.

Petrovsky Passage, located in an elegant 19th century building in the heart of Moscow, has opened the new Bosco Ceremony space. The Corona Monogram collection is inspired by the traditions of noble families who adorn family porcelain sets with their monograms.

We continue to offer you the best offers of the Summer at Bosco stores! The legendary Les Parisiennes collection has been updated with the addition of a new flawless perfume. This year the festivities will take place at the Bosco Cinemaa place for socializing, leisure, concerts, and elegant cocktail parties.

For a small fee first class delivery is available, and is usually delivered on the next working day. For those records you simply can't wait for, we also offer a special delivery service that is guaranteed to arrive before 1pm on the next working day. Items are posted on the same business day if ordered before 12pm. Outside the UK We have just cut our international postage rates nearly in half, which makes our postage rates some of the cheapest around.

All records are sent in our super-strong, market-leading mailers which are made with card from responsible sources. Their easy-open tear strips make unwrapping simple, so there's no need to risk damaging your record as you fight your way into the envelope.

Deep As Maze - Jimi Sumen* - Paintbrush, Rock Penstemon (CD, Album), Knife Edge - Emerson Lake & Palmer* - Then & Now (CD, Album), Allah You Akbar - J-Love Presents Brand Nubian - Legends Vol. 16 (CDr), Gelobet Seist Du, Jesu Christ, BWV 722 - J. S. Bach*, Peter Hurford - The Organ Works (Volume 5) (Ca, Jeepers Creepers - Chet Grayson And The Country Clubbers - Swing At The Country Club (Vinyl, LP), Muzza Monroe & The Lushous Strings - In Your Hand (CD, Album), Three - The Lords Of Altamont - To Hell With The Lords Of Altamont (Vinyl, LP, Album), Magic - The Movement (7) - Magic (Vinyl), Breakthrough - Shawn Phillips (2) - Furthermore (Vinyl, LP, Album), Glorious - D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better - The Very Best Of (CD), Gunpowder - Wyclef Jean Featuring Refugee Allstars* - The Carnival (Vinyl, LP, Album), Απορώ - Ελπίδα - Δεν Τον Είδα (CD), Think (About It) (Album/Dancehall Version) - Patra - Think (About It) (CD)