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Hitting the strings percussively with a wooden baton like a hammered dulcimer - a technique I inferred from illustrations of lyre players seen in both the Bas Reliefs from the Palace of Nineveh circa BCE :.

About years later, this same percussive lyre playing technique can be found in illustrations of lyre players depicted in the Pahos Mosiacs 2 nd — 4 th centuries CE in Cyprus, which all seem to be using a small wooden baton to hit the strings of their lyres, rather than the usual plectrum to pluck the strings:.

The use of harmonics by plucking the strings whilst lightly finger-stopping the strings at their centre with the left hand. The use of accidentals, portamento and microtones by using the left hand thumb nail as a moveable fret on the string.

This works even better, by also placing the middle finger against the string, Myrys / Pied En Tête - Gotainer* - Lintégrale (CD that it is pinched between this finger and the thumb nail.

The use of parallel motion - using finger-plucked and plectrum-plucked tones generally an interval of 3rd apart in sections of a melody. With this almost infinite palette of tonal variations, coloured by the unique individual characteristics of each of the many ancient musical modes, almost an infinite number of wonderful melodies can be conjured out of Myrys / Pied En Tête - Gotainer* - Lintégrale (CD air with virtually no effort!

The lyre truly was, the "magic wand" of the ancients Thank you so much, Michael! I've written out tons of music by hand, so know what a great amount of work you've gone through to give us this. Thank you! Hello Michael, I'm a guitarist and baroque lutenist, and haven't got a lyre, unfortunately. Your webpage and your music are very Album). Thanks for this lesson in the video.

Would any of these arrangements work on a 7 string lyre? I'm a pianist looking for some music to play on a Lutherios 7 string model. I tried to download the MP3s of the tuning notes in the video, however, whien I click on the link Album) "here" it actually gives me sheet music. I love that I have the sheet music, I would however really like to aquire the MP3s.

Have I missed the actual download link? I can not tell the difference between the 7th 8th the 9th is blue and thin, that one I can see and 10th string on the 10 sting Davidic Mid East Kinnor from Pakistan as they all look and feel the same. Can you shed some light as to how may I differentiate them? Thank you for this great resource! I play the piano and am proficient enough at guitar, and I am just starting the lyre.

The sheet music is so helpful and gives me something to aspire to. So happy to find this when there is very little about the lyre online. Intro Brooklyn Ruffneck What's My Name Yo Lil Paul Ain't No Other Hard Copy Fuck That Mother Fucking Bullshit I Go On One Nine Nine Three Never Heard Nothing Like This Can I Get Some Dap Let Me Adem Steady Fucking Who's House Keep On, Keepin' On Have U Ever Everyday Cold Rock A Party One On One Zodiac Druglord Superstar Keep On, Keepin' On Remix Two Seater Remix Everyday Smoothed Over Remix Druglord Superstar Milk, Remix Have U Ever Brooklyn Remix Zodiac The Deep Sign Remix Anthology Mega Mix Two Seater Flavor Remix In My Business Too Fly This Emcee Interlude Top Billin' Give Me What I Want Woo Woo Freak Out Playgirls Play Put It On You Propa It's All Yours I Can't Make A Mistake Want What I Got Oogie Boogie Party Goin' On Break It Down Closer Radio's Nightmare Interlude My Time Assaholic Anonymous Interlude King Of Rock I Cram to Understand U Soul I Am the Lyte Shut the Eff Up!

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