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Drums are omitted in the indie pop tune For E - and that sounds cute. What follows next is rather unexpected and for me a pleasant surprise: Mother Of Time is definitely influenced by Brian Eno 's solo works think of the song Backwater from Before and After Science for example And like that, we arrive to the peak of the album: the excellent Andre Malist which is haunted by the lyrical glockenspiel. This is a lesson how to make a beautiful and emotional track without much: minimal, self-contained - superb.

The second part of the album is closer to classic progressive rock, but filtered through the band's attitude and sound. I cannot leave Swedish Lesson 2 uncommented: it features some spoken text from, supposedly, mmmh, a swedish lesson, that tells us the story of a OK, I prefer the band's subtle The Madonna Death Cult Camp - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages (CD) to make fun music, things are a bit too "explicit" here.

But I cannot leave Swedish Lesson 3: Smorgas uncommented either: it brings to mind IQ 's instrumentals from their 80's period, and coupled with Chinese Theocracy 's Genesis -like atmosphere they give a more traditional dimension to the album.

Recipes For The Suburban Savage is unfortunately a rather weak track, dominated by a cumbersome and slow keyboard tune; in a remote way it's as avant-garde as Panzerpappa is, trying to recreate the same type of atmosphere but without fitting much here. Fortunately, with Not Necessarily A Miracle we return to the bands own unique and distinctive sound.

What's so special about this track? The amazing switch from a trip-hop-like part to a frenzy keyboard solo. Impressive and so, so, so creative. I guess usually people turn their backs to avant-garde bands, and I guess most of that stuff is usually too tough to digest. These guys manage to sound witty, pop and experimental at the same time, but the cocktail's ingredients definitely include lots of healthy classic prog.

People that appreciate experimental and innovative music should give this a chance, even if it's not flawless. Fresh and neatly produced, this is very different from Panzerpappa but equally creative. I'm going to close this review with one question: how many times do we see progressive bands playing fun or pleasant music, without sounding like a bad copy of Spock's Beard?

This is a good example, and only for that reason it's deserves a recommend tag. The future of progressive music lies with bands like this. After recording a mini album their first album proper, Symbiosiswas released in followed by Balansia and a remix album, Violently Hippiein So we come to Symetriathe bands third full-length studio album, and the accompanying press release regards it as being much harder and rockier than its predecessors.

Gone are the flutes and The Madonna Death Cult Camp - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages (CD) than helped form their trippy, folky sound and the result is in a more classical heavy synth space rock vein.

Comparisons to the Ozrics are obvious but the press release continues by likening the band to The Madonna Death Cult Camp - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages (CD) Tree and Rush. I think that about sums it up. The title track kicks things off with a stomping rhythm, bubbling synths and guitars before sweeping off into space.

Great start to the album with the twin guitars working well together. A thrashy central section adds additional energy and there is plenty of variety to be had here with themes returning within a very compact 6 minutes. Futur Ixiom is bouncy and fun with the guitars exploring over a solid rhythm. The tempo drops away before gradually building again into a heavier middle section and full on conclusion. Sine closes things nicely with an extended piece that ranges from a bit of Black Sabbath in the intro through nice heavy organ and galloping guitar sections to an industrial feel towards the end.

Guest contributions of trumpet, trombone, harmonium and cello occur along the way but the basic sound is typically and irrevocably spacey with synth sweeps and washes, hypnotic pulses, driving rhythm with flight-of-fancy twin guitar over the top; an often heady and very enjoyable brew. Quality compositions and recording has resulted in an album that would not be out of place with anything the mighty Ozrics have released and it The Madonna Death Cult Camp - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages (CD) be great for the bands to play some gigs together.

I really enjoyed this CD and that is ultimately more important than hearing something groundbreaking and new. They know what they like and play what they know with enthusiasm and energy. Recommended to hippies everywhere. Far out, man! Overall this is at the very least a refreshingly original listen, if best taken in small doses, and those into the avant-garde, edgy side of post-rock could do worse than to investigate further.

And his musical tastes seem to have stopped after that certain period of time as every song from Vision On can be connected to British progressive rock and pop from that time frame. His music is strongly connected to Pendragon and Genesis and his guitar playing is very similar to that of Steve Hackett. Another downside of the album were the vocals. Almost every reviewer agreed that his singing, let's put it nicely, was not The Madonna Death Cult Camp - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages - Tr-Ond And The Suburban Savages (CD) best part of the album.

The fact that his guitar playing style is reminiscent of Steve Hackett is emphasized in song title on the instrumental opener Can You Hack It? Whilst This Is Life bears a close resemblance to Mama from Genesis with a similar slow pounding drums and dark atmospheric keyboards. Just like Pendragon, especialy in the eighties, the downside on this album are again the vocals. Tim Burness has a very nasally timbre just like Andy Tillison from The Tangent, also a band tributing the eighties and seventies progressive rock era.

Strangely the song Broaden Your Horizons has been chosen as a downloadable sample for this album. On this song Tim's vocals are clearly out of place and the worst on the album. Fortunately Tim Burness always includes several instrumental tracks on his albums - the Hackett like instrumental piece that opens and another one that closes the album and two ambient songs with loops and noises.

The last track, Not Necessarily A Miracle is a good example of that. There I hear a well-balanced mix of propulsive rhythm, beautiful melody and a special atmosphere. I'll say one more thing about the music that they make; it makes me wish I had become a musician and not settle for learning a few years to play keyboards.

Making music like this is fun to compose and to play. Not a masterpiece or essential, but creative, original, highly enjoyable and well played. Recommended listening! You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. Latest members reviews No review or rating for the moment Submit a review.

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