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Pleasure in unrighteousness is to be ignorant to the word of God, but also to be ignorant to the workings of the Antichrist movement. Where Jesus defeated Lucifer and became the head cornerstone of the world. So if these luciferians are exalting Lucifer as god, is it not the Christian duty to pull down every strong hold that is exalting itself against the knowledge of our God. Like Jesus says that a leopard never changes its spots, so has Lucifer never changed his, he is still jealous of the worship that true Christians give the Holy Trinity, and will go to any lenghts to try and destroy the faith, that Christians have in Jesus Christ.

Before thw world peoples can enter the New World Order conspiracy concept of the forefathers of led by George Washington, they will have to pledge allegiance to worship Lucifer as god and christ like figure namely Santa Claus or as Father Christmas for Europe and or as Tammuz for the hierarchy of Universal Freemasonry.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It means " another of the same kind and quality. This is also proven by his fate, Rev.

This beast has horns, which are a The Unholy (Worship Of The Devil) of power. He has " two horns ". Two is a number that symbolized " testimony'. While the first beast had power because of the territory he ruled, this beast will have power because of he testimony he gives.

The first beast had " ten horns " this beast had " two horns The Unholy (Worship Of The Devil). The first beast had " ten crowns ". This beast has no crowns. The first beast is described in terrifying language, as a leopard, a lion and a bear.

This beast is called " a lamb ". The first beast comes as a powerful world ruler. This beast appears as a mean, gentleman of faith. This individual will The Unholy (Worship Of The Devil) on the world stage as a gentle, meek, loving and kind religious leader.

He will have the charisma and gentle nature of a Joel Osteen or a Robert Shuler. He will possess the religious power of the Pope. While the Antichrist will rule the world with brute force; this man will attract the world through his pleasant personality and pleasing words.

He has all the outward appearances and trappings of a man of faith, but when he speaks, he speaks the words of the dragon. He is the mouthpiece of Satan himself. He will be a religious man, but the religion he is promoting is the worship of Satan! His true nature will be revealed by the words which he will speak, III. Note : It does take long to learn what a group or a preacher believes.

You only need to attend this church a few times to know what we believe. Come to Sunday School, preaching and youth meeting. Come to a revival meeting. Come a few times and you will know where we stand.

That is how it should be! By the way, it doesn't take too long to figure out what a preacher or a church believes. Just listen to their words and they will reveal their hearts in short order.

Take some of these TV preachers for instance. One of the most popular never mentions the name of Jesus, nor does he mention sin. He just tells a few stories and builds everyone up. Others are always talking about money and prosperity. It doesn't take long to separate the wheat from the chaff, if you know a little bit about the Word of God! The Personality Of This Beast. This individual will receive his power from the same source that the Antichrist will receive his power: the devil, v.

The world will accept this man as a " man of God'. He will be hailed around the world as the greatest religious leader the world had ever seen. The world will be deceived and will not grasp the truth that he is the agent of Satan until it is too late. He will be able to unite all the religions of the world under one banner. He will convince the world that the Antichrist is a god and that he alone is to The Unholy (Worship Of The Devil) worshiped.

Men and women from every conceivable religion will bow down in worship of the Antichrist as the leadership of this False Prophet. This man will solve the problems between the religions of the world. Take the situation in the Middle East. The problems there are not political, they are religious. The problems in that part of the world predate the forming of Islam. The Jews and the Arabs have been bitter enemies since the days of Moses and Joshua. Now, the Muslims hate the Jews and they are bent on the destruction of the nation of Israel.

No one can seem to solve their differences today, but this False Prophet will during the Tribulation. He will find the common ground that will allow all the religions of the world to exist under on umbrella. In our day, when there is news of a religious nature, the world looks to the Pope to see what he has to say about the matter. In that world, the eyes and ears of the world will rest on the False Prophet.

Note : Why will the world worship the Antichrist? As we learned last time, the Antichrist will be wounded and die and he will rise again from the dead, v. The world will fall at his feet in stupefied wonder and worship. At some point, the Antichrist will enter the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. After an old and richly-colored Hindu painting. Reproduced from Moore's Hindu Pantheon, plate, A demon nurse was sent to poison him with her venomous milk, but be bit and killed her, while his stepfather decided to remove to a more distant country in order to escape the continued hostilities of the king.

Krishna slew the huge serpent, Kali-naga, overcame the giant Shishoo-polu, killed the monster bird that tried to peck out his eyes, and also a malignant wild ass.

He also burnt the entrails of the alligator-shaped Peck-Assoort who had devoured him, and choked Aghi-Assoor, the dragon who attempted to swallow him. When Krishna had grown to youth he became the favorite of the lasses of Gokula. When he played the flute every one of the The Unholy (Worship Of The Devil) girls believed that the swain whom she embraced was Krishna himself. He fell in love with the country girl Radha, the story of which is sung in the Jagadeva's poem, Gitagovinda.

He protected the cowherds against storm and fire, and finally marched against Kansa, killed him and took possession of his throne. As a shepherd lad playing the flute [the flute is missing].

Bronze statue. Dhritarashtra, the father of the Kurus, was king of Hastinapur, but being blind, Bhishma, his uncle, reigned in his stead. After a test of the faculties of the young princes, in which the Pandu Arjuna, the skilled bowman and the Hindu Tell, showed himself superior to all the others, the oldest Pandu-prince, Yudhishthira, was installed as heir apparent.

The Kurus, however, who managed to remain in power, tried to burn the Pandus, but they escaped and lived for some time in the disguise of mendicant Brahmans. Having allied themselves, by marriage with Draupadi, 2 the daughter of Drupada, king of Panchala, with a powerful monarch, the Pandus reappeared at Hastinapur and induced Dhritarashtra to divide the kingdom between his sons, the Kurus, and his nephews, the Pandus; but at a festival, held at Hastinapur, Yudhishthira, the chief.

The Kurus promised their cousins to return their share of the kingdom after thirteen years, if they would live twelve years with Draupadi in the forest and remain another year in exile; but when this period had elapsed the Kurus refused to give up the country or any part of.

Then Duryodhana, the Kuru prince, and Arjuna, the main hero of the Pandus, called on Krishna for succor and assistance. Krishna decided not to take an active part in the fight himself, but left to Arjuna, whom he had seen first, the. Arjuna chose Krishna himself, and left the hundred million warriors to his rivals, the Kurus. The two armies met on the field of Kurukshetra, near Delhi. The Pandus conquer the Kurus, and Yudhishthira becomes king of Hastinapur.

After sundry additional adventures the Pandus die and go to heaven, where they find that rest and happiness which is unattainable on earth. Reproduced from Wilkins. The Mahabharata, like the Wars of the Roses, shows neither party in a favorable light; but the epic is written from the standpoint of the Pandus, whose demeanor is always extolled, while the Kurus are throughout characterised as extremely unworthy and mean.

Krishna is the Hindu Apollo, Orpheus, and Hercules in one person, and there is no god in the Hindu Pantheon who is dearer to the Brahman heart than he. In his ninth incarnation Vishnu appears as Buddha, the enlightened one, to be a teacher of morals, of purity, charity, and compassionate love toward all beings. It is. After Schlagintweit. The latter, there can be no doubt, was a historical personality, by the name of Gautama, the son of Shuddhodana of the warrior caste, while the former is a mere ideal figure of ethical perfection.

Burnouf 1 proposes to regard both as quite distinct, and he is right, but we need not for that reason deny that, on the one hand, the ideal of a. Buddha avatar was a prominent factor in the formation of Buddhism, while on the other hand Gautama's teachings have, since the rise of Buddhism, powerfully affected and considerably modified the Buddha ideal of the Brahmans.

Whatever may be the historical relation between the Hindu Buddha and the Buddha of the Buddhists, this. Leaning on the linga, the symbol of the creative faculty.

The Hindu deity that is nearest in spirit to the Buddha avatar is Jagannath, the god of love and mercy. The tenth avatar has not yet been completed. Vishnu is expected to appear on a winged white horse to reward the virtuous, convert the sinners, and destroy all evil. The horse has one foot raised, and when it places its foot down, the time of the incarnation will find its fulfilment. The third person of the Indian trinity is Siva, the Auspicious One, representing the end of the world and its regeneration.

He is commonly represented by the linga as a symbol of the creative faculty and by the all-devouring fire, the tongued flame of which is pictured in a triangle turning its point upwards. Bronze Statue. As the symbol of the creative principle it is regarded as the most essential attribute of both the God-Creator himself and all those who hold authority in his name.

The linga develops in the hand of the medicine man into a wand, in the hand of the priest into a staff. Reproduced from Picart. The yoni, or female organ, is regarded as the symbol of The Unholy (Worship Of The Devil) consort, Parvati, and is worshipped in connexion with the linga by the sect of the Sactis.

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