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Billboard Top Hits: Greatest Hits []. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2. We Will Rock You 3. Bohemian Rhapsody 4. Killer Queen 5. Fat Bottomed Girls 6.

Tie Your Mother Down 7. Somebody to Love 8. Another One Bites The Dust 9. The solar power plant cost 35 million and covers 77 hectares of land. Khula is the right of a woman to ask her husband for a divorce and to offer him a compensation in case he does so Following the sharia the husband has no right to ask for a compensation of a higher value than that what he gave his wife when they married.

After divorce the former husband is responsible for education food and residence of children The children live with the mother for 7 years After 7 years children have the right to live with father or mother as they decide. Forbes magazine listed Rafsanjani in their list of richest people in the world and has written that as the real power behind the Iranian government he has more or less run the Islamic Republic for the past 24 years His wealth has earned him the infamous nickname of Akbar Shah in Iran.

He served as President of Iran from to losing on the second ballot to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the election on his attempt for a third term in office After this he has tried to use his position in the Expediency Council to denounce President Ahmadinejads administration He said he would do some privatizations and change foreign policy However President Ahmadinejad has noted Rafsanjanis failure to make a difference between privatization and self takeover of government owned companies Ahmadinejad has also commmented on the foreign policies of Rafsanjanis administration which lead to sanctions against Iran in and Currently one of his sons has been accused of receiving a bribe Analysts expect that his son will not be put on trial however.

He was a cleric who used to charge a few dollars for a sermon before Following the revolution he and his cohorts became rich by confiscating agricultural land real estate and industries belonging to those who fled Iran or were executed and jailed He is a wanted man for the Mikanos murders of Kurdish leaders outside of Iran and unable to leave Iran for that reason He knows that the Islamic Republic will fall sooner rather than later and that is why he gambled on Mousavi and Green Movement in the hope of gaining power and saving the regime He has nowhere to go a marked man who shall receive justice one way or another.

Evander Holyfield is an American boxer He held both the world heavyweight championship and the world cruiserweight championship He also won a bronze medal at the Olympics. Holyfield became a professional boxer in and won the cruiserweight championship from Dwight Muhammad Qawi in He moved to the heavyweight division in and won the world championship from James Buster Douglas in He defended the title three times including fights against former champions Larry Holmes and George Foreman He lost the title to Riddick Bowe in but won it back the next year In he lost to Michael Moorer and briefly retired He soon fought again however and surprised many by knocking out Mike Tyson in He had a draw against Lennox Lewis in and then lost a rematch to him in Holyfield is still fighting today.

Porthmadog Football Club is a football team playing in the League of Wales The club was started in Sharia is the body of Islamic law The term means way or path it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Muslim principles of jurisprudence.

Sharia deals with all aspects of day to day life including politics economics banking business law contract law sexuality and social issues. There is not a strictly codified uniform set of laws that can be called Sharia It is more like a system of several laws based on the Quran Hadith and centuries of debate interpretation and precedent.

Sharia law is divided into three main sections. See muamalat laws according to 5 major schools of jurisprudence and The Majallah. In accordance with the Quran and several hadith theft is punished by imprisonment or amputation of hands or feet depending on the number of times it was committed and depending on the item of theft However before the punishment is executed two eyewitnesses under oath must say that they saw the person stealing We Are The Champions - Queen - Collection - 15 Of The Best (Vinyl these witnesses cannot be produced then the punishment cannot be executedIn addition there are several conditions related to the theft stolen items and circumstances All of these must be met under the scrutiny of judicial authoritycite quran In accordance with hadith stoning to death is the penalty for married men and women who commit adultery In addition there are several conditions related to the person who commits it that must be met One of the difficult ones is that the punishment cannot be enforced unless there is a confession of the person or four male eyewitnesses who each saw simultaneously the penis of the man inside the vulva of the woman All of these must be met under the scrutiny of judicial authority For unmarried men and women the punishment prescribed in the Quran and hadith is lashes.

There are two festivals that are considered Sunnah. Rituals associated with these festivals are. Islamic law does not present a comprehensive list of pure foods and drinks However it sanctions.

The prohibition of dead meat is not applicable to fish and locusts Also hadith literature prohibits beasts having sharp canine teeth birds having claws and tentacles in their feet Jallalah tamed donkeys and any piece cut from a living animal. In most interpretations of Sharia conversion by Muslims to other religions is strictly forbidden and is termed apostasy Muslim theology equates apostasy to treason and in most interpretations of sharia the penalty for apostasy is death. In many Muslim countries the accusation of apostasy is even used against non conventional interpretations of the Quran The severe persecution of the famous expert in Arabic literature Prof Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd is an example of this In some countries Sunni and Shia Muslims often accuse each other of apostasy The current civil strife in Iraq is explained by many in terms of the extremely harsh religious opposition between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq.

Wadowice is a town in Poland in the mountainous range known as Zakopane region 30 miles southeast of Krakow. Pope John Paul II was born there on May 18 He also attended elementary and high school there graduating with honors in The town is twinned with 4 others all in Italy. A piano duet is a piece of music written for two people to play at one piano It is often called Piano 4 hands.

To play piano duets the two players sit with one person on the right and the other person on the left The person on the right is called Primo and the person on the left is called Secondo. Piano duet music is usually printed with the Secondo part on the left hand page and the Primo part on the right hand page Occasionally it is printed with the two parts underneath one another.

Playing piano duets is great fun and an excellent way to become a better musician Like all group music making each player has to learn to listen and adapt to what is going on in the other part Sometimes one player will have to take away his or her hand quickly so that the other player can play the same note immediately afterwards Sometimes the players have to cross their hands.

A lot of the time the primos part may have both hands written in the treble treble clef and the secondos part may have both hands written in the bass clef This can sometimes be confusing at first. The pedalling is usually done by the secondo player This is because pedalling is very much about keeping chords going and it is the secondo who usually has the chords which give the harmony because these are in the lower part.

There are lots of piano duets available for people to play Some of these are simple ones written for beginner pianists Some are written by the great composers. Some pieces that are really supposed to be played by an orchestra have been arranged for piano duet In some cases the composer himself made this arrangement Examples from famous composers include Stravinskys Rite of Spring which is extremely hard to play and Maurice Ravels suite Ma Mre lOie.

Some works are written for two people to play together using two pianos These are usually called piano duos Examples include Mozarts Sonata in D major K the Sonata op 34 by Johannes Brahms who started to write this first as a piano concerto then a piano duo before eventually turning it into a piano quintet and the Suite op 17 by Rachmaninoff Most piano duos are very hard to play and need very good pianists Piano concertos can be played on two pianos with one player playing the solo part and the other playing the orchestras music.

There LP) also a small repertoire of pieces for three people to play at one piano This is called Piano six hands These pieces are often fun pieces which are not too hard to play although there are examples of serious pieces see the separate wiki article The three people need to be good friends because it is a bit of a squash The player at the bottom ought to do the pedalling but it may be easier for the middle player to do it.

Music described as piano six hands is for three pianists at one piano as distinct from piano duet which is music for two pianists at one piano and from piano trio which is music for piano violin and cello Not much music has been written for this combination although there are several arrangements of music originally written for other forces.

A pedal is something that is made to work by someones foot The word pedal comes from the Latin word for foot Many things can be made to work by pedals These include. Rice wine is a word some people use to talk about alcoholic drinks The word is badly chosen though True wine is made by fermenting grapes and perhaps other fruit In rice wine the starch in the rice is first changed into sugar This sugar is then fermented This process is more like the fermentation as it is done in beer.

The rice wines made in this manner have more alcohol in them than normal wines Beers on the other hand usually have 48 alcohol in them.

Alcopops are alcoholic drinks They are also known as Ready to drink Flavored Alcoholic Beverage or Flavored Malt Beverage They are usually available in bottles or cans They contain about the same amount of alcohol as a beer Usually they are very sweet so that the alcohol can not be tasted.

There are two different kinds of this drinks In Europe they are usually spirits mixed with lemonade like vodka with lemon juice or rum with fruit juice In the US they tend to be beers which taste very sweet. Because they are very sweet alcopops tend to be more popular among young people Since the fact that they contain alcohol is usually not obvious from the taste these drinks are considered to be dangerous for young people by many countries These have either raised the taxes on the drinks or they have outlawed the sale of these drinks to people under a certain age.

Pedalling in music means the art of using the pedals on musical instruments. There are several musical instruments which have pedals for various reasons. The piano has at least two pedals large concert grand pianos always have three The pedal on the right makes the sound sustain This is because it makes the dampers come off the strings When the player plays some notes the strings that are hit by the hammers carry on vibrating until the player takes his or her foot off the pedal Some of the other strings even start to vibrate as well.

The pedal on the left makes the sound quieter It is called the una corda pedal This is because in the early days of the piano the una corda pedal made all the hammers move up so that a hammer would only hit one string for each note instead of three On modern pianos the hammers actually hit two strings instead of three They also tend to hit the string at a point where the hammer is softer away from the little grooves that get worn in the hammer head On an upright piano the hammers move We Are The Champions - Queen - Collection - 15 Of The Best (Vinyl to the strings so that they do not hit them so hard.

On pianos which have a middle pedal any note or chord that the player is holding down will be sustained but any more notes he plays afterwards will not be affected This can be nice in some modern music where a chord can be held while other notes can be played very short. On pipe organs there is a pedalboard with pedals which play notes in the same way that the fingers are playing notes An organ pedalboard usually has two and a half octaves of notes These are low notes written in the bass clef An organist has to learn to play with the feet at the same time as with the hands He uses the toes or the heels of his shoes It is even possible to play four notes at once but this is very difficult and usually found in some modern French music.

There are seven pedals on a concert harp Each pedal can be in a high middle or low position The strings of the harp can be thought of like the white notes of a piano tuned to naturals Each pedal will change one of the letter named notes eg the pedal on the left changes all the Ds to D flat or D sharp From left to right the pedals operate the Ds Cs Bs Es Fs Gs and As.

Pedal timpani are timpani with a pedal which will tighten or loosen the drumhead This will make the note go up or down in pitch It is a fairly new invention Composers in the Classical music period never had pedal timpani Their timpani always had to be tuned by hand using the taps around the side Composers like Bla Bartk wrote for pedal timpani.

Modern harpsichords often have pedals which change the sound in the same way that stops on an organ change the sound In earlier harpsichords the sound was more often changed by pushing in or pulling out hand stops.

Alcoholism is the LP) condition of people who often drink too much alcohol Some people who suffer from alcoholism feel that they have to drink alcohol even when it causes health and social problems Alcoholism means addiction to alcohol People who suffer from it are called alcoholics As the condition goes on those who suffer from it change their habits obtaining alcohol and consuming it becomes more important Very often other interests disappear Many alcoholics do not think they have a problem with drinking alcohol With time they better support bigger quantities and their personality changes.

Generally there are different stages to alcoholism. The overuse of alcohol has different causes and there are different forms of treatment available Some of these treatments are. A sprain is a type of injury in which a person hurts the part really bad but it is not broken It has common side affects of a broken bone but it is less serious. The first degree is only a minor tear or stretch of a ligament. The second degree is a tear of a ligament which is usually followed by pain or swelling.

The third degree is a complete rupture. The typical signs and symptoms associated with a sprain are the main signs of inflammation. Although any joint can experience a sprain some of the more common include. Sprains can best be prevented by proper use of safety equipment warm ups and cool downs being aware of your surroundings and maintaining strength and flexibility Physical conditioning is the best way to avoid or lessen the degree of sprains.

In anatomy the term ligament usually means fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones. In this use a ligament is a short band of tough fibrous connective tissue composed mainly of long stringy collagen fibres Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form a joint They do not connect muscles to bones that is the function of tendons Some ligaments limit the mobility of articulations or prevent certain LP) altogether.

Ligaments are only slightly elastic when under tension they gradually lengthen This is one reason why dislocated joints must be set as quickly as possible if the ligaments lengthen too much then the joint will be weakened Athletes gymnasts dancers and martial artists perform stretching exercises to lengthen their ligaments making their joints more supple The consequence of a broken ligament can be instability of the joint Not all broken ligaments need surgery but if surgery is needed to stabilise the joint the broken ligament can be joined.

A county is the Polish second level unit of administration equivalent to a county district or prefecture in other countries A county is part of a larger unit called a voivodship. Most Polish counties are named after their capital city or county seat If a county seat has a double barreled name as with Makw Mazowiecki the county may become either Makw County or Makw Mazowiecki County Due in all but the first case to the existence respectively of two double barreled county seats with the identical noun name the corresponding adjectives bielski grodziski ostrowski and tomaszowski each denote two distinct counties.

Some Polish urban communes constitute administrative entities called the urban county similar in local administration and self governance to land counties An average county comprises 5 8 communes The largest urban county in terms of population and area is the city of Warsaw. The history of Polish counties goes back to the second half of the 14th century They remained the basic units of territorial organization in Poland then in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth until the latters total dismemberment by its neighbors in In the 19th century the county continued to function in the part of Poland that had been incorporated into the Russian Empire and as the Polish equivalent of the German Kreis in the German governed Grand Duchy of Pozna.

After Poland regained independence in the county again became the basic territorial unit throughout Poland Powiats were abolished in in favor of a larger number of voivodships but were reintroduced in There are now land counties and 65 urban counties more formally municipalities with county status. We Are The Champions Body Language You're My Best Friend Calling All Girls Save Me Play the Game. Condition :. This item is in Excellent condition or better unless it says otherwise in the above description.

We buy items as close to Mint condition as possible and many will be unplayed and as close to new as you could hope to find.

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