Down On The Bottom (All The Way From The Top)

 · clientHeight gives you the CSS height or said in another way, the actual height of the element. Both methods returns the height without margin, so you needn't worry about that. scrollTop gives you the position of the vertical scroll. 0 is top and max is the scrollHeight of the element minus the element height itself. When using the scrollbar it can be difficult (it was in Chrome for me) to get the scrollbar all the way down to the bottom.

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"Turtles all the way down" is an expression of the problem of infinite regress. The saying alludes to the mythological idea of a World Turtle that supports a flat Earth on its back. It suggests that this turtle rests on the back of an even larger turtle, which itself is part of a column of increasingly large turtles that continues indefinitely. The exact origin of the phrase is uncertain. In the form "rocks all the way down", .

 · Option 1, dragging the plus down four hundred rows, would burn up your time—and your temper. Instead, you can accomplish the same copy with a double-click instead of a drag. Set up your formula in the top cell, position the mouse in the lower right-hand corner of the cell until you see the plus, and double-click.

Answer:Explanation:Givenmass of boy=36 kglength of swing= mLet T be the tension in the swingAt top point where v=velocity needed to complete circular pathTh-resold velocity is given by So apparent weight of boy will be zero at top when it travels with a velocity of To get the velocity at bottom conserve energy at Top and bottom At top Energy at Bottom Comparing two as energy is conserved Apparent weight at bottom .

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