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Confusion Fear is my enemy Illusion And your enemy too. Our nation was created following the seeds of desire. After germination is complete, contradictory urges will arise higher and wider, like a bush. Trim off the unruly edges no other option Until only the middle ground remains. Seduction Fear is my enemy, In circular motion And your enemy too!

Confusion I feel certainty around all of my major life decisions. Here in Aspiration Nation, anything is possible! We hope you enjoyed your stay here at Aspiration Nation, have a safe journey home and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Reality is what I reckon it ought to be Confusion Dub Fear is my enemy. Haunting composition. Camae's voice is always full of energy and passion lending credence to the injustices surrounding POC. Presenting the Gladiators by The Gladiators. Skylarking by Horace Andy.

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Nigel Yang. Christopher Olson. Ron Ron Jones. Wormadam Plant Cloak. Wormadam Sandy Cloak. Confusion (Dub) Trash Cloak.

Mime Jr. Meowstic Male. Meowstic Female. Hoopa Confined. Hoopa Unbound. Water 2. Tapu Lele. Necrozma Dusk Mane. Necrozma Dawn Wings. Calyrex Ice Rider. Calyrex Shadow Rider. Fast Attack. Trainer Battles Power Standard eligibility. By Elite Fast TM. By GO Snapshot. Formerly eligible. Inflicts damage on the target. It may also afflict the targeted enemy with a Confused status condition, which makes its movements and attacks go astray.

MD GtI. It damages an enemy. It could also cause the Confused status condition. The Confused status impairs its sense of direction. The foe is hit by a weak telekinetic force. Kadabra's eyes flash red, and it uses psychic powers to control the opponent. Sabrina's Kadabra. Abra and the Psychic Showdown. Psyduck's eyes glow blue Confusion (Dub) purple and the opponent becomes outlined in the same color.

It then uses psychic powers to move it. Misty's Psyduck. Marina's Psyduck. Bye Bye Psyduck. Emily's Psyduck. Sitting Psyduck. Three wild Psyduck. The Psyduck Stops Here! A Trainer's Psyduck.

Memories of a Warming Kindness! Golduck's eyes glow light blue and it can control the opponent with its mind. The opponent also glows light blue. On occasion, this will confuse the opponent. A wild Golduck. Katie's Golduck. A Judgment Brawl. Girafarig's eyes glow light blue, and the opponent becomes outlined in blue. Girafarig can then control the target with its mind. Cherry's Girafarig. The Psychic Sidekicks! Noctowl's eyebrow tufts glow blue and they release a blue light toward Confusion (Dub) opponent or the opponent becomes surrounded in a blue outline and Noctowl can control the opponent with its mind.

Ash's Noctowl. From Ghost to Ghost. The two tracks on side A "Confusion" and "Confused Beats" are mixed together, which when Confusion (Dub) in sequence, act as a thirteen and half minute long remix by Arthur Baker. The video for the single features Confusion (Dub) footage of the band in concert, intercut with images of nightlife in New York City, specifically at the "Fun House", and producer Arthur Baker and DJ John "Jellybean" Benitez at work.

An edit of the Rough Mix represents the single on the compilation Singles. A re-recorded "Confusion" as well Confusion (Dub) the original "Confusion Instrumental" appear on the group's Substance release. The track reappeared on the remix collection The Rest of New Order as an acid techno remix by Pump Panel, which was used in as part of the soundtrack for the film Blade. The re-release of Singles includes the promo 7" edit of "Confusion".

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