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Those Southern Knights. Free as the Wind. Street Life. Blue Thumb Records. Rhapsody and Blues. Standing Tall. Live in Japan. Royal Jam. Ghetto Blaster. The Good and the Bad Times. Life in the Modern World. Healing the Wounds. Happy Again. Sin-Drome Records. Louisiana Hot Sauce. Souled Out. Shur Fine Record Co. Break'n Da Rulz! Indigo Blue Entertainment. Rural Renewal. Soul Axess. True Life Entertainment. William Cobb forces Ric to wear goggles and puts Dick under his spell. As a Talon, Grayson fights off other Nightwing heroes.

A Nightwing hero name Connor Red shoots at Grayson's mask, making his eye visible. Connor Red pleads for mercy saying he has a family, and as the sun comes up Dick Grayson suddenly breaks out of his grandfather's control.

Dick Grayson starts to remember his adventures as Nightwing. Ric defeats Talon, and saves his girlfriend Bea. Haas, who attempts to use the crystal to alter his memories once more. However, an explosion seemingly sends her down a river to her death while Ric is able to retrieve the memory crystal she used on him. During the "Joker War" storyline, the Joker steals the memory crystal and uses it to brainwash Grayson into believing he is the Joker's adopted son, "Dicky Boy" and turns him against the Bat Family in his latest war against Batman.

After Barbara gets the crystal back, Bea uses it to allow him to fully regain his memories as Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson is a prodigious natural athlete, expert acrobat, and aerialist possessing a peak level of agility and acrobatic skills. At a very young age, he trained in acrobatics as a stage performer with his parents, and he is regarded as the greatest acrobat in the DC Universe. He is the only human on Earth who can do the quadruple somersault formerly one of three, the other two being his parents.

Dick Album) is 5' 10" 1. He is able to anticipate and predict one's next action and detect if someone is lying. Like Batman, he also possesses a will strong enough to withstand even telepathic attacks.

He also carries several dozen modified batarangs called wing-dings along with de-cel jumplines and gas capsules. Grayson is also widely accepted as the second best detective after Bruce Wayne due to his many incredible feats of deduction. Additionally, Dick's interpersonal skills and efforts to remain in contact with other heroes makes him a master at rallying, unifying, and inspiring the superhero community, a skill in which he has surpassed his mentor; [58] when the pre- Flashpoint Superman received the praise of the New 52 Nightwing, Superman noted that, in any reality, it is high praise to be vouched for by Dick Grayson.

Dick's parents left him a trust fund which Lucius Fox turned into a small fortune. The cape was alternately depicted as yellow or green. The costume also featured crakow-style shoeswhich some artists would discard from the portrayal.

Dick Grayson's Nightwing costume was made of a version of the Nomex fire-resistant, triple-weave Kevlar -lined material. It was an excellent protection against damage and was also insulated against electricity. Specifically tailored to his style of fighting, Nightwing's costume had fewer body-armor inlays than Batman, anticipating a decreased need for shock absorption and an increased capacity for motion.

Against opponents both fast and strong, Nightwing had supplemental body-armor overlays that he could attach to his gauntlets, boots, shoulders, and mask. Instead of a black cape to keep him hidden, which Grayson dislikes wearing, [61] [62] the suit was light sensitive, darkening when there was more light in the area.

The third costume, with its stylized blue "wing" across his shoulders and extending to his hands, coloring his two middle fingers over a black bodysuit, made its first appearance in Nightwing: Ties That Bind 2 Octoberand was designed by the cover artist Brian Stelfreeze.

His suit was also equipped with wings that allow him to glide. As Batman, his Batsuit featured a lighter cape to accommodate his more acrobatic fighting style [61] and a utility belt with a bat-shaped buckle.

Post-Flashpoint with his return to Nightwing, Dick wore a similar suit, albeit with the blue "wing" being red throughout the New Previously in the New 52's continuity as Nightwing, he formerly owned an armored suit which was blue and yellow, resembling a modern take on his previous first costume in the previous continuity and another that was an armored suit that sported a red bat symbol, which is currently being used by Jason Todd though slightly modified for Jason's taste.

His former costume was a stylized red "wing" across his shoulders and extending to his hands, coloring his two middle fingers over a black torso and legs. He also has gauntlets much like Batman's own suit. Nightwing's costume is tailored specifically to his unique style of crime-fighting. He also has variants of his costume in which one of his stylized red "wings" reach only to his shoulders, another to his wrists, and one which has hip and finger stripes.

Some versions of Dick's story as Nightwing do not make clear whether the public at large knows that the first Robin is now Nightwing, or whether he is simply an entirely new hero. A metafictional foreword said to have been made by a future historian to a trade paperback for "A Death In The Family" made the claim that the public at large always thought there was just one Robin.

In versions that do address it, Dick and Bruce seem to want to spread the belief that Nightwing started his career as an adult, the better to hide their true identities. The series Grayson seems to indicate that the public does not know, as Midnighter did not think to study Robin's techniques in preparation for his fight with Grayson, an advantage the latter exploited.

During his time as Agent 37 for Spyral, Dick uses identity-protection implants that ensure that neither cameras nor the memory of e. He also was incorporated with a pair hypnotic contact lenses which Dick used to mind control someone if they looked directly into his eye. Additionally, he still carries a pair of Escrima Sticks.

He was required to carry a gun as part of Spyral protocol. Starting with Rebirth, Dick returns to being Nightwing, once again in black and blue. The "wing" is replaced Album) a thinner, V-shaped bird that starts at the chest and goes up to the shoulders and around to the back. His domino mask is now blue instead of black. The shins and calves of his legs feature a big "swish" of blue. He wears a black-leather strap and buckle on each of his forearms.

The intention of this redesign is to harken back to the iconic black-and-blue look of the third Nightwing costume introduced inmaintain the simplicity of the aforementioned iconic look, creating a more visible-bird symbol, while also highlighting Dick's face with a lighter-colored mask and legs which can allow for more dynamic art when he is in motion.

He was a S. As Moonwing, Jason made a careless mistake, which resulted in a S. Jason became furious and blamed his mentors. He was then caught in an explosion when the villain Hyena detonated Crusaders - Geff - Land Of The Free (CD bomb intended to kill Director Bruce Wayne and the Dark Claw. Despite his body never being recovered, S. Afterwards, he swore allegiance to her. Later, when S.

He then revealed that he has been waiting a long time to kill both Dick and Bruce. He then unmasked Moonwing and accused him and Bruce of abandoning him. He then began strangling Dick, but before he could kill him Colonel Nick Fury and Sergeant Joe Rock commandeered an aircraft and shot Deathlok several times in the back. He also has a daughter, Nightstar Mar'i Graysonwhom he fathered with Starfire. Nightstar aligns herself with Batman's Outsiders and romantically involves with his and Talia al Ghul's son, Ibn al Xu'ffasch.

After Ibn and Mar'i marries, they have a daughter and son, and thus Dick and Bruce Wayne become in-laws and grandfathers of their respective progenies' children. Dick and Bruce reconcile at the end of the story. The grief-stricken hero then kills the Joker for revenge. He helps Batman defeat the villain once and for all, and seeing Dick is at peace after his death gives Batman the strength to move on.

After ruling out Tim Drake as a suspect, Terry questions Dick Grayson who now runs an athletics training course after retiring as Nightwing due to sustaining severe gunshot wounds including the loss of an eye in a battle between the Joker and Batman.

He is told over the comlink with Bruce that he is still his heir but Dick rips off the connection still too hurt to talk to Bruce. Dick later serves as a supporting character for the ongoing series. When a GCPD detective discovers Dick's past as Nightwing due to Hush's recent actions, Terry and Maxine "Max" Gibson attempt to convince the public otherwise by having Terry masquerade as his former identity while Max plants numerous false alibis for Dick throughout the internet.

In the end, Dick partially admits the truth to Gotham without jeopardizing his allies' secrets, claiming he was a paid agent of Batman Inc. The detective who threatened to expose Dick still plans to sue Dick but is "persuaded" not to by Terry.

It is revealed that, after the events in the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker flashbacks and after what happened to Tim, Barbara gave up her Batgirl identity and broke off her relationship with Bruce, which Dick never knew about. Barbara resumed her relationship with Dick but was hesitant to confess to him that she had dated Bruce. Dick planned to propose to Barbara. Bruce himself ultimately confessed to their relationship after finding out that he had gotten Barbara pregnant; furthermore, he wanted to be involved in the life of their child.

Barbara, however, unable to leave behind her vigilante life, fought a mugger and ultimately miscarried her child. These events, as well as her sense that she destroyed the bond between Dick and Bruce, caused Barbara's relationship with Dick to disintegrate and eventually led her to marry Sam Young.

Losing Barbara caused Dick to become estranged from Bruce for his role. Album) on, when Terry learns Bruce's impact on the former couple, he then sides with Grayson. In the parallel universe where the Justice Lords reside, Dick's counterpart is happily married to Barbara's and they had a son named after his father, John Grayson, together.

Bruce's Justice Lord counterpart was happily married to Wonder Woman as well until her Justice Lord counterpart killed him. Album) events in the Justice Lords' world cause Dick envying of the life his counterpart leads with his wife. Terry also becomes friends with Dick's counterpart, helping him training his own into the new Batman in Justice Lords' world. In the Digital Comic Batman Beyond 2. While Terry finds working with Dick easier than Bruce, Dick reminds Terry of his commitment to his family and to his education.

He also has a daughter named Elainna, who became the new Batwoman in the "First Flight" storyline. In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Dick Grayson and his parents are part of the Haley Circus acrobats, featured in a show alongside Boston Brand.

Before the next show, Boston tries to convince Dick to perform solo. However, Dick tells him that family means too much to him. Dick poses the question that Boston's seeming fearlessness could stem from his insecurity of being alone. When Dick, along with the circus, is running away from the Amazons, they are rescued by the Resistance member Vertigo.

While they are hiding, Dick's father is fatally wounded by the Amazons. Boston tells him to leave his father but Dick refuses. Later, Dick's dying father makes Boston promise to protect his son. Dick survived, but his friend Boston is killed. When he walks towards his friend's body, he is unaware of the fact that he walks through the ghost of Boston. Dick manages to kill the Amazons including Starfire, who had joined with them in a gasoline explosion.

Meeting up with the Resistance, Dick becomes the new Doctor Fate. He is aided by the ghostly Boston, who lets him know that he is not alone. On Earth 2, Dick Grayson is a journalist who is forced to live in a survival camp with his son John and his wife Barbara Gordon due to an invasion of Parademons. After the fatal shooting of his wife, the disappearance of his son, and the death of the second Batman, Dick becomes the third Batman of Earth 2 where he attempts to diminish crime following the end of Convergence.

He is later reunited with John, who in turn becomes the new Robin of Earth 2. Later, Dick becomes wheelchair bound and adopts a new alias as Oracle while Helena Wayne becomes the fourth Batman with John fighting by her side as her Robin.

In the alternate world of Injustice: Gods Among UsDick remains firmly aligned with Batman's views of law and order even as Superman begins a more forceful approach of ending crime. When he announces his plan to take away the inhabitants of Arkham Asylum, Dick joins Batman in going to stop him.

Batman's biological son Damian, however, believes in Superman's cause and sides with him. During a skirmish at the asylum Damian inadvertently kills Dick by throwing his kali stick at him, causing Dick to fall over and break his neck when he lands on a rock positioned in just the wrong location.

After this action, Batman and Damian's relationship as father and son ends, Bruce later proclaiming that Dick was his son and Damian lost the right to that title after Dick's death. In the Year Three series, Dick's spirit is called upon by the dying Deadman to replace him, allowing Dick to return to action as he investigates who the Spectre is after finding Jim Corriganunder the influence of Joker Venom, in Arkham Asylum.

Near the end of the series he has a talk with Bruce on how he has no regrets about his life despite the way it ended, declaring love for his adopted father.

It is revealed in the annual that before his death he left the Titans to join the Justice League. He also had romantic feelings for Starfire at one point, as she urges him to rejoin the Titans, but Dick insists that Batman needs him by his side. In chapter 14 of Year Five, he returns to watch over Damian, who has been going through an identity crisis. As the youth goes on to fight several criminals at once Dick notes that while Damian has great skill he is reckless and arrogant, and is forced to intervene when Damian is overwhelmed.

He leaves his old outfit with Damian and bemoans that Damian chose to leave Batman, as it has allowed him to fall for the dark influence Superman has. Dick Grayson is first seen going off to college in a scene set inafter working with Batman for almost ten years, going on to become a lawyer in New York. Dick is killed by the Joker's latest scheme inwith Bruce Jr. With the help of Deadman, Doctor Occultand the ghost of Alfred Pennyworth, Dick and Alfred go into the light, Alfred convincing Dick that tormenting the Joker can serve no purpose but to risk Dick's own soul, now that the Joker is so close to dying of natural causes.

In the comic book continuation of the television series SmallvilleDick is Barbara Gordon's boyfriend, who becomes her successor as Nightwing and Batman's replacement partner after she becomes a Blue Lantern.

In this alternate reality, Nightwing ends an ongoing feud between super-powered beings by activating a device that depowers ninety percent of the super-powered population. This builds to a future where super-powers are outlawed and any super-powered being must take inhibitor medications or be contained and studied should the medications not work on them.

Grayson's identity is exposed, but is honored as a hero by the public for eliminating super-powers to ensure the safety of the planet. He becomes the leader of a government task force known as The Crusaders and hunts down super-powered individuals.

In his off time, he raises his and Starfire's son, Jake, who soon develops his mother's powers and puts Dick at odds with the system he helped create. After allying with the Titans to help Jake escape, Dick tries to leave with his son, but Jake convinces him to aid the Titans and Superman in restoring the world's super-powers.

Dick spent his remaining days watching his son grow into a responsible adult and teaching super-powered children how to control their abilities. As an adult, Jake eventually has a son of his own named Richard in honor of his father. In an alternate timeline where Booster Gold prevents the murder of Thomas and Martha WayneGotham has become a war zone of criminals and the Joker has become a sort of terrorist with no one to stop him.

Dick Grayson is the one and only Batman who uses lethal force. In the timeline Dick Grayson was fired by Batman for "Cowardice and Incompetence", years of physically and emotional abuse by Batman drove him mad, teaming up with Lex Luthor and Brainiac he undergoes radical gene therapy, he develops shape shifting and rapid healing powers, he take the form of Joker to mock the other superheroes, in the final showdown he tries to rape and murderer Carrie Kelley, when Batman activates the self destruct for the Batcave, Grayson tries to use the cancel password, Batman tells him he changed the password the night he fired him, Batman tells Grayson the Batcave is above a lava pit, and Grayson falls to his death.

This version was adopted by Batman as a teenager and his Robin outfit is actually a modified Reggae outfit for Batman with the pants taken off the pants were too tight for him. He has large, green glasses similar to the Carrie Kelley version. During the climax, he briefly dons a Batman armor labeled "Nightwing" when attempting to save Barbara Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth.

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