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Breakthrough Hip-Hop. Breakthrough Indie. Breakthrough Pop. Breakthrough Rock. Ur Best Friend. All Hits. Mellow '70s Gold. Classic Rock Hits. Today's Country Hits. Viral Hits. Feeling Happy. Classical for Sleep. Certified Country. Mellow '80s Gold. Alternative Hits. Fancy Like. Bad Habits. If I Didn't Love You. Chasing After You. You Should Probably Leave. It's not like there weren't hundreds of witnesses to the gifting of the 'tache pen on Thursday night. Also: what's with this bit?

Gio Compario from the Go Compare ads If it's worth using his name, wouldn't people know who he is? And if you have to explain who he is, then why bother with his name? More to the point, why crowbar in the reference at all? More from No Rock on gordon smartthe sun. Thanks to Paul W for alerting me to the Press Gazette's D.

L. Menard - The Back Door And Other Cajun Hits (Cassette Journalist pollwhich asked journalists and "members of the public" who their favourite showbiz writer is. Yes, Gordon won the poll. Mind you, Piers Morgan came in at number six, and although the Gazette tries to make sense of this by calling him "CNN chief interviewer", he isn't, yet - that's still Larry King for a few more weeks.

And everyone's so horrified at the Album) of Morgan taking over even Putin's begging King not to go. So, given that a couple of weak sessions in the ITV fawnopticon is enough to secure Morgan a place in the top ten, there's a sense that - the public side of the poll at least - is more "can you think of someone who might be a showbiz journalist" rather than "who is the best showbiz journalist".

Which means that what the Press Gazette has done is find out who writes the celeb column in the most widely-read newspaper. It'd be interesting to see the list if they'd not thrown in the public's views. You wonder if Gordon would have been on top then. But he is. How do you account for your success, Gordon? Outing teenage game show contestants, praising heavy drinking and calling Geri Halliwell old and ugly.

That's exactly the sort of respectable approach you'd hope for - why, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a Victorian mutual society and Bizarre, isn't it? Because the way to do that is, erm, by putting them on a plane and taking them off at the other end, what with America not quarantining healthy animals.

Also in Gordon's respectable column is something about Robbie Williams waggling his naked arse and Kim Kardashian having a spot. Well done, Press Gazette, you've really backed a winner.

By Simon Hayes Budgen 3 comments. More from No Rock on awardscheryl colegordon smartrobbie williamsthe sun. Or possibly " johnny marr ": David Cameron, stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don't. I forbid you to like it. By Simon Hayes Budgen 8 comments. More from No Rock on david cameronjohnny marrthe smithstwitter.

Let's pretend that the Best New Band category is going to be a fair fight, shall we? Let's further pretend that these acts will still feel 'new' come the Grammy prizegivings inand it won't be impossible to tell the category from Lifetime Achievement Awards. Elsewhere in the Grammy nominationsthey pretend that Eminem's latest album doesn't come across like a John Culshaw pastiche of Eminem; they're hoping that Lady GaGa will turn up, and Blur are up for a video prize.

No Distance Left To Run, since you're asking. They're going against The Doors. The Doors! In ! The best dance record is quite exciting - La Roux v Robyn v Goldfrapp, although Rihanna and Lady GaGa are also in there offering the academy a more conservative choice. Cee Lo Green's Fuck You has picked up quite a few nominations.

That's going to make for some awkward moments during the telecast. Here's that list of nominees is full - No Polka, of course. If you're not bothered, click here to jump over the list 1. Nothin' On You B. A song is eligible if it was first released or if it first achieved prominence during the Eligibility Year. Artist names appear in parentheses.

Singles or Tracks only. A demonstration of the application of computational expertise is his use of molecular modelling simulations to develop therapeutics for cancer as well as his use of data analytics and informatics methods to develop diagnostics and prognostics for cancer. Research focuses on the molecular genetic changes in oesophageal cancer using a whole genome sequencing approach to identify mutation signatures, epigenetic changes, gene mutation, deletions and insertions with specific relevance to early diagnosis and targeted therapeutic interventions in cancer.

Is one of the very rare cardiologists in South Africa who is clinically active and trained in fundamental molecular laboratory methods, combining laboratory and epidemiological skills. Widely published in both local and international journals and books of various topics related to cardiovascular medicine. Internationally recognized for her outstanding work in the area of heart failure. Collaborations with a range of prestigious national and international clinical and academic centers.

She holds an appointment as adjunct professor at the University of Queensland, D. L. Menard - The Back Door And Other Cajun Hits (Cassette, Australia and as a visiting professor at the Baker Institute in Melbourne, Australia. I am sure that other collectors will quickly bring me up to date wherever appropriate. Autumn Along with extremely welcome and encouraging comments Album) South Louisiana musicians to long- established researchers and other worthy parties, I received many corrections and updates, Hopefully I have incorporated these successfully into the Discography along with new entries that I have gathered from a host of diverse sources.

With photos and label scans I feel sure this revised edition sheds even more light on the wonderful world of Cajun music. With their kind permission I have incorporated material from this into my own work.

All additions, corrections etc. Notification of any further updated pdf file s will appear on the Blues and Rhythm website. Nick Leigh, Bedfordshire, England nickl yahoo. Long Island NY June www. At last, after a few D. L. Menard - The Back Door And Other Cajun Hits (Cassette starts through the years, we have a post-World War II Cajun records discography, thanks to the diligent efforts of Nick Leigh.

It covers the period from throughwhen the shellac 78 rpm and vinyl 45 rpm singles, then the LP, reigned supreme. A print edition has been precluded by economics, particularly high postage costs, but updates and corrections can easily be made. That example highlights the problem that Nick and other researchers have had with a Cajun discography: There is very little paperwork extant.

At times, it is difficult to guestimate the year of release. Many singles from the late s onward are still covered in a similar murky darkness. Which makes this publication even more precious. In his introduction, Nick readily gives credit to other Cajun music researchers through the decades. One name stands out, that of Mike Leadbitter.

What hit us, though, was the soulfulness of his accordion-led performances. What a brave move to include Cajun music in a blues magazine! Somehow everything seemed to come together when we learned that record man J.

Their stories gave me deeper insights into the Cajun recording scene, which was always local due to the language constraints and small record pressings, and at one point in the mids was in danger of becoming extinct.

As an aside, I am currently working on an update and revision of South to Louisiana. All the while he was amassing a record collection with special focus on South Louisiana music, namely Cajun, zydeco, swamp blues and swamp pop.

There is still much Cajun record research to be done, as Nick acknowledges. Today, Cajun music is better appreciated than ever, with young Louisiana bands taking up the music, even those abroad.

Back On The Job (Instrumental) - Royalz Vs Hau* - Blue Note Remixes (CDr), Radetzky - March - Das Grosse Teutonia-Blasorchester* & Das Grosse Blasorchester Der Polizei Mus, The Movement - Various - NBA 2K6: The Tracks (Vinyl, LP), 1 2 3 4 Rock N Roll (12 Version) - Girlschool - The Singles (CD), Tijuana Jail, El Poeta Lloró, Conversion - Various - Dutch Trance: Non-Stop Mix (CD), Barracuda Shark - Asterroid Incubator I* - Aggressive Metamorphose (CDr), She & Him - Volume Two (CD, Album), Sleeping Gas - Various - The Zoo Uncaged 1978-1982 (CD), Expire - Antimatter (3) - Lights Out (CD, Album), What It Do - Rifleman - Military Tactics (CD), Look To The Rainbow - Al Jarreau - Look To The Rainbow (Vinyl, LP, Album), Get Happy - Susan Hayward - With A Song In My Heart (Vinyl, LP)