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Your starting location is also affected by your choice of starting character. For beginners, I suggest choosing a character who is good at fencing. After your choice, you start with a single province under your rule, a castle, and a small number of soldiers. In each turn you have a set of actions to choose from. You can buy soldiers, knights or catapults for your army.

You can also transfer your soldiers from the "home" army the soldiers you have in your home castle to your "campaign" army the army you use to take provinces. There is also the option of raiding an enemy castle, or holding a tournament. You can buy as many army reinforcements as your gold allows, and you gain more gold as LP conquer more land. Moving the campaign army to a province will conquer it if it is not already owned by someone. However, if there is an enemy campaign army in that province a battle will start.

The battles are pretty simple and they are depicted by simple numbers on screen the only really bad part of the game - you never see, or command a battle. You just give orders, like "ferocious attack" or "wild retreat" and simply see what happens.

Most of the time the one with the biggest army wins and stays in the territory. Battles on provinces with castles are somewhat different. At the start of the battle you must batter down the walls with your catapult you must have at least 1 catapult in your army in order to attack castlesbut after that part the battle is the same as the others whether or not you destroyed the walls.

Raiding a castle is the "arcade" part of the game. You choose a castle to raid, and immediately the action is transferred inside the castle, where you and two LP your men are fighting in the castle's courtyard and the inner hall against enemies.

The only thing you have to do is to point at an enemy with the mouse pointer and right-click as fast as you can. If you win against your enemies you will get some more gold for that game turn. It must Defender Of The Crown - Brocas Helm - Defender Of The Crown (Vinyl noted that enemies never raid your home castle.

But thieves can decrease your gold reserves - this is one of the random things that can happen in any turn. More on those later. Lastly, there are 2 random things that can happen in any turn.

The thieves are one, and the other is the abduction of a lady. If that happens you get to choose if you will try to rescue her. Defender of the Crown knights Dos Add to favourites Report about not working game or error.

Emulators You can try another emulator if current one doesn't work with game :. EmDosBox js-dos js DosBox. Share with your friends on social networks:. Vikings: Fields of Conquest - Kingdoms of England 2. Alien Legacy. Advanced Civilization. Ambush at Sorinor. Caesar 1. Kingdoms of Germany. Special Forces. Moving into neutral or enemy territory always ends the turn as do holding tournaments or raiding castles.

If the region has vassals you will lose a few soldiers, but before long the map will be rid of these. That green spot on the map is the Sherwood forest.

When you want some extra help conquering a province or a castle, click on the forest before you select which province to attack. Robin will be able to help you three times per game. I suggest keeping these three favors for taking on defended castles.

The attributes of your opponents do not mean a thing. The mini-games only test YOUR attributes, so don't be worried that your opponent is a good swordsman or jouster.

Leadership has some effect on how much your or the enemy soldiers kill during battle, but again, you still want to massively outnumber your opponent anyways. More importantly you want to pay attention to which provinces change hands every turn. Every province that changes hands has a winning enemy campaign army in it. It is up to you if you want to attack them or avoid them. Personally I only attack if I actually want to destroy them or test LP strength.

Never attack a province where you know the enemy is just to conquer it because it is costly. All you need to win is to amass a large campaign army. To pay for this army you only really need to conquer many provinces. It doesn't matter if you can't hold them forever, so long as you make some gold from them before you lose them. Raiding castles for gold is a decent way of passing a turn without risking your hard earned soldiers and knights. Holding a tournament is an even better and cheaper way to pass a turn and potentially conquer lots of land without blood shed.

In the end, you still need some soldiers to steamroll enemy armies and castles. I have won a game as Wilfred of Ivanhoe doing nothing but sending forth the campaign army beating the crap out of everyone. If the odds are not in my favor, I flee as soon as possible. Holding down the right mouse button makes left clicking purchase 5 instead of 1 soldier or knight per click.

Wilfred of Ivanhoe has the best attributes by far. Jousting is easy, swordplay is good enough that you can win with careful play. Leadership only matters in even fights and you shouldn't be fighting those battles. Any character will LP, though I think Geoffrey Longsword might be too finicky for Jousting which can make your game more painful.

Will write more as I think of it or discover more! Posted April 01, Thanks Sufyan! Somebody should make this sticky, I spent the last 2 days trying to understand how fights and jousting works. PS: Now Posted May 16, Thanks for the excellent tips! Before reading these tips I couldn't win a joust and now I only lose like 1 out of every 10 jousts. Also the catapult help was invaluable. Although I've noticed some castles are trickier to use the catapult on than others.

But after a while I guess you could memorize the start pixel spot on each. I played the Amiga version and had already been exploiting the moving to own territory not ending your turn I have yet to win a raid or rescue a fair lady I tried button mashing and keeping distance before coming in but my Ai buddies seem to lose pretty quickly.

The reference card says that you left click to thrust with your sword and try to strike opponent when his sword is in an upright position.

Double click for a double thrust and don't delay or you may be captured. So yea I am curious how Robin Hood helps if you use him on a raid though it seems like a waste possibly Robin Hood seems to only add numberwise some knights to your party but I've been using him on castle invasions anyway. This game gets a lot easier once you master jousting and start rolling in three territories a turn curbing the AI that looks most likely to win. Also thanks for the right mouse button tip for faster spending money five at a time!

Castles seem to be worthless if not your home castle. I tried building one in the first game but there doesn't appear to be a way to man castles outside your home one so they just get conquered like any other province as far as I can tell Posted May 31, Very good tips. Many thanks! Still, it's somewhat a trial-and-error. Tthe second guard is most vulnerable when he's halfway on the stairs, attack him there, get in a few hits and force him upstairs, then quickly retreat when he starts to attack back.

Wait until he's halfway down again, then repeat. He'll fall eventually. Posted December 08, Thanks for the advice. However I still seem to be unable to win a tournament Posted May 14, I'm having a real problem just playing around with the jousting. Whenever I try to play with anyone other than Wolfric or whatever, the guy with "strong" joustingI find that at the point my mouse is as low as I can get it as far as I knowthe lance still is bouncing to where the TOP of the shield is.

I cannot seem to get it to go any lower and therefore, jousting with them is strictly impossible. I have attached a screenshot which shows where the lance ends up despite my constantly moving the mouse downward and not trying to do anything else.

I don't know if this is an issue with the emulation, or if there's something else wrong, but it makes it essentially impossible to win. Also, the sword fighting also feels impossible with anyone other than Geoffrey.

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