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He was ripping these killer solos and riffs, and he Fight Fire With Fire - Metallica - Ride The Lightning (Cassette just glaring at the crowd—not even looking at his fingers. I was blown away.

The two ask him to join Metallica. Album) agrees, on the condition that the band relocates to his hometown of San Francisco. They went over so much better in San Francisco than they ever did in their hometown. The demo becomes a hot item on the underground tape-trading circuit. HOLT The tape-trading scene was how we all got heard. You would record a demo and the traders would circulate it all over the world—to all the fans, the magazines and the independent record labels.

Who are these guys? The band lives and rehearses at the space and plays its first East Coast gigs. You suck! SLAGEL Everybody liked to drink back then and have a good time, but Dave could go much further over the line than anyone else would, and you could see that sooner or later that was going to be a problem. He told me they had just kicked Dave out of the band. We woke him up this morning, and he was so drunk and hungover that before he could even realize what was going on we got him out of here.

His name was Kirk Hammett, and he was the guitar player in Exodus. It was what everyone in the San Francisco underground metal scene was listening to in Plus, Exodus played with Metallica pretty often in San Francisco.

I really like you guys. Europeans do stuff like this. He had a feel that very few young players have—very rooted in European metal. I felt bad. There was carpet in every single room, and we Album) pretty much 24 hours a day back then. So you can imagine how that turned out. On the second floor there was a huge ballroom; perfect for getting a good drum sound. The problem was the place was fucking haunted.

My cymbals would start spinning for no reason. Shit like that. It was Fight Fire With Fire - Metallica - Ride The Lightning (Cassette. He literally was just standing in front of his amps. He had it modified by some guy in L. I also used a wah pedal and a Boss Super Distortion. Those were the only guitars we had. Hammett, who has only been in the band a few months, still has to contend with the looming presence of Dave Mustaine, who had written many of the riffs and solos to the songs.

So I took the first four bars of most of the solos and changed them. The lyrics he used were pretty silly. Though the first wave of thrash bands, including Exodus, Slayer, Anthrax and Overkill, are up and running, Metallica are the first act to record and release a full-length vinyl album.

Fuck those fuckers, man. As a young musician, when I was nervous I had a tendency to speed things up. Joining Metallica, I thought, This is great, because it can never be too fast.

Nobody wanted to wimp out and tell him. To me, that was success. For James and Cliff and myself, we had never been outside the United States.

It was all very inspiring, because there were more possibilities out there than we imagined at the onset. IAN Jonny Z had been trying to land Metallica a deal, and all the guys at the big labels would put their fingers in their ears when he played them the album.

They were clueless. We printed another 3, and they went in a Album). We just kept on building and building, and then Elektra picked them up for Ride the Lightning.

After completing a European tour opening for Venom in earlyMetallica travel to Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, to record their second album, with producer Flemming Rasmussen. The result, Ride the Lightningis issued on Megaforce on July A few months later, after a gig in New York City, the band is signed by Elektra, making them the first thrash metal act to be picked up by a major label. Elektra then reissues Ride the Lightning in the fall of The Megaforce demo was recorded on March 16,and was the band's last demo release recorded with Dave Mustaine.

The Ride the Lightning demo was recorded on October 29, It was the group's first demo recording to feature lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. The demo contained the original material Metallica had written that was not released on Kill 'Em All. All four songs appeared on the band's second studio album Ride the Lightning. Out of the seven demos that surfaced, only "Trapped Under Ice" was confirmed as an official demo.

The Master of Puppets demos were recorded on July 14,and is essentially a Album) more than a demo. The demo includes five songs that were included on its third studio album, Master of Puppets The …And Justice for All demos were recorded in and include early, shorter versions of songs which later appeared on the band's fourth studio album, …And Justice for All It was the group's first demo album to feature Jason Newsted on bass.

The intro to "Blackened" on the demo is an unreversed version, unlike the reversed version that appeared on …And Justice for All. Most demo versions of the album do not include both takes of the song. Four of the songs from this particular session were later released as B-sides on various album singles. The version of Holier Than Thou that appeared on the Enter Sandman single was not recorded at this session either. Many of the songs that would later appear on both the Load and Reload albums were recorded as demos by Hetfield and Ulrich between winter and spring in Ulrich's home studio, "The Dungeon".

A large portion of the recorded tracks were released on the MetClub only release Fan Can IIIwhile other songs were released throughout various singles from both albums. Most songs were released under working titles, as opposed to their final titles as appear on each album.

Metallica's ninth studio album, Death Magnetichad all its songs released as demos, recorded between November and January The demos were included on a bonus disc titled Demo Magneticreleased with a different "experience" version of Death Magnetic.

The track listing order remained the same, however the track list uses the working titles instead of the final titles. All music was written by Metallica, while all lyrics were written by James Hetfield. You may pre-order all the configurations at the Met Store nowavailable at your local record stores around the world on Friday, November 10th.

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