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The main plus is the better all analogue mastering but in this case the stereo mix is so good that even the quite well done digital lp might LP) prefered. To be honest the mono of this title is a mixed bag and preference varies on a track to track basis. ClassicrockSep 13, TLMusic likes this. Location: Madison, WI. I've mentioned this before, but I actually use the stereo LP to demonstrate how awful the 's are.

Play it against a BC13 or original stereo, and this is very evident my opinion, my opinion. The new mono, however, is a great remaster that competes with an original sonically.

If you want the stereo, play the nice cd! And they can be bought for a fair price. Onder and Adam9 like this. I would try to find an original or later two box stereo. The remaster stereo is just fine but a little boring to me in comparison. The new mono actually sounds quite good. It's a great sounding album and you'll enjoy whichever you choose.

Naked 9 likes this. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? I have to temper my day by some other musts such as voting in the political primary as well as reviewing a script I'm an actor as well as musician. Picking up this heavy, densely filled white box, it reminds me of another heavy white box we used to have in our possession.

I remember when I was just a few years old, we had a new refrigerator delivered. It arrived in a large white box. I was fascinated with it. It became a source of much amusement for a young kid. It was a fort, a place to hide in, my own little home-let. It was also a source of fascination for the cat. The cat's warm, autumn-tinged colors was a contrast to the box, but inside, where it was dark, I could hardly make out the cat's colors.

She and I shared a common space. It was our's. My father moved the box to the basement, where me and my cat could enjoy endless hours of pretend time, though I don't how much the cat knew the distinction between pretending and reality. Still, it was a moment I remember like it was yesterday -- if I could only remember yesterday. The shape of the Beatles In Mono box reminds me of a box into which you might put a cake or a large pie, if you were to turn it on its side.

My favorite pie has always been cherry, but it's hard to find a fresh cherry pie in the Northeast. This area specializes in apple pies, of course, but also peach and strawberry pie, the latter sometimes paired with rhubarb, which turns it into strawberry rhubarb pie. We had rhubarb growing naturally in our backyard, but no strawberries.

My mother baked occasionally, but not pies. She would bake the occasional cake, but more often fresh bread. There was a plum tree on our next door neighbor's property. She was able to make fresh plum preserves which we spread on the bread. I remember how much I loved those preserves.

There is an outer sleeve which encases the main record box on all but the top and bottom. The colorful printing is both bright and very sharp, both qualities I can also attribute to my wife. The outer sleeve fits the box very tightly, an attribute my wife likes about me. Comparing the CD mono box to this new release, there are many similarities, but this one is much larger. The box creates a much more substantial impression. Compared to the stereo box, however, the stereo box has a much blacker background, whereas the mono LP box appears much brighter.

You can turn down the lights, though, and reduce the brightness affect. All in all, a sterling job on the box, not an Optimal one. In later posts, I hope to render reviews on the records themselves. I expect them to be round and flat. We'll see. From your lips to God's ears. Wouldn't we all like to see if they last so long - though I think Mozart is a more apt comparison. Too many journalists in the USA publish what they believe and let their beliefs inform which facts they use and experts they quote.

So their "rules" may not be such a good guide. I encourage Fremer to continue with his personal stories. I hear Cornell is a tough school. Good job to buckle down and stick around. There are were enough hours in the day to have fun beer and babes and do the job of grinding through a University curriculum books. Search form Search. Analog Corner.

News News Analog Gear News. Michael Fremer Sep 6, My rest system: 1. Technics m5g turntable 2. Tascam cdrmkii cd-recorder 4.

Technics sldz cd player. Welcome, enjoy your system and music. If the choice is between the Nait XS3 or the SN3 it has to be the SN3 with those speakers, which are not ideally suited to either amplifier - they really need something quite a lot better. You should also look at your sources to ensure they are good enough for your amp and speakers. Because he records all the new numbers every week, he has Friday Afternoon - Contact (10) - Just U.V.

(Vinyl really good at it. Michiel ambles back to his bike. During the long drive, they listened to a mix tape he had compiled specially for the journey. LP) gets a real kick that he has introduced someone else to his favourite music. T his is a story about music players. Although inventors have their say, this is not a story about technology.

It is a story about our fascination with playing and listening to music. It is about enjoyment in sharing music, the fun of searching for rare recordings, the convenience of increasingly-smaller devices and audio players, and particularly about the way they are changing our relationship with sound. Inhe finally succeeded in recording his own voice using the so-called Phonautographe. The device comprised a horn and a stylus, which registered the sound vibrations on a blackened piece of paper.

Scott de Martinville never heard his own fragment. The American Thomas A. Edison was just as obsessed with the idea that he could record and play back his own voice. He succeeded in The sharp point of a steel needle cut a groove in a metal layer attached to a rotating cylinder.

After the recording, the needle was repositioned in the groove at the beginning of the cylinder. By rotating the cylinder, the recorded sound was heard through the horn. It was the precursor of what would eventually become the gramophone. Edison was the first person to hear his own voice emanating from a device, something that is now common place to every child but which was an utterly new phenomenon at that time.

That recording has been lost to history, but there is though a demonstration of the phonograph from The principle of the phonograph worked so well that vinyl junkies still use the same mechanism to this day. For the invention of the gramophone or record playerthe German-American Emile Berliner simply replaced the phonograph roll with a flat glass plate that was coated in a layer of lamp-black and had spiral grooves.

He later came up with a more suitable material, namely a zinc plate coated with wax. Initially, gramophones had to be wound up to play them but inWestern Electric created the electrically driven gramophone. The romance of vinyl is legendary, whether mythologized or not, even among generations who could just as easily opt for digital alternatives. T ake Isis van der Welborn in and growing up as a DJ in an era when vinyl had begun disappearing from the clubs.

No more lugging around a kilo suitcase full of records. Back in the days of vinyl, I was back and forth to the physiotherapist with torn back muscles. She feels a digital number never gives you that one-on-one experience you get from a record, but the dynamics that are lost are most definitely there during a live event. T he technology had already been overtaken not long after the introduction of the gramophone.

The Dutch Queen Wilhelmina and her daughter Juliana were the first people in the Netherlands to address overseas territories directly. It would take another three years before regular people could use radio to get in touch with family members back in their distant homeland. The Philigraaf appeared on the market in Up to that time audio was something to which you listened passively, ideally with the whole family clustered around the radio or the gramophone. It was family entertainment in a period long before television made its appearance.

The very first electromagnetic speaker by Philips dates from and it came in a range of sizes and colours. The Philigraafmeant that people could record audio messages themselves for the first time ever and send them to family-members overseas. Radio was invented at the end of the nineteenth century by the Serbian born American Nikola Tesla, the Italian Guglielmo LP) and the Russian Alexander Stepanovich Popov, who all, almost simultaneously, succeeded in sending electromagnetic radio waves using a transmitter and a receiver.

The technology was used initially as a wireless telegraph. That was useful on ships, particularly during the First World War when military communication was needed. Vacuum electron tubes, or radio valves, made it possible to forward clear, amplified signals. Now suddenly spoken messages and music could be sent instead of just Morse codes! In the Netherlands, Philips plunged into producing the radio valves. Location: Washington DC-ish. Bigdz68 and jgrillo like this.

Location: Toms River, NJ. Really need that Christmas album Don't care which version. KarmageddonSep 14, Location: Sacramento, Ca. BlackCircleVinyl likes this.

Is this the full Friday Afternoon - Contact (10) - Just U.V. (Vinyl or will there be more? Sad to say but the only titles I'm even remotely interested in are the live Magma and The Munsters. I might pick up the Weird Al 12" EP for a friend.

Domino - Maurice Larcange Mit Seinem Musette-Orchester*, Roland Shaw Orchester Und Chor* - Nachts In, Acustico - Beso Negro (3) - En La Selva De La Chucha ´E Tu Madre (Cassette), Still Free (Mr Mir Remix) - Dafataigazz - Still Free (Vinyl), Grand Finale - Arthur Sullivan* - Sir Charles Mackerras, Philharmonia Orchestra* - Pineapple Poll /, Stabbed In The Back - Nasty Savage - Indulgence & Abstract Reality (CD), Orlandus Lassus* - Septem Psalmi Davidis Pœnitentiales (Vinyl, LP), Ich Bin Der Martin, Ne (Martin My Love) - Various - Hits 91 - Die Deutschen Superhits (CD), The Camel Boy - S.O.D.* - Live At Budokan (CD, Album), Various - Dirty Dancing (CD, Album), Barenese - Jonathan Butler - Jonathan Butler (Vinyl, LP, Album), Illusion - Various - Vans Off The Wall CD Volume III (CD), Snow And Ice And Burning Sand, This Love - Various - The Chillout Room 2 (CD), Until The End Of The World - U2 - U2 Go Home (Live From Slane Castle Ireland) (DVD)