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The city is hectic and noisy and full of every kind of person from around the world. And I live very close to the centre. While it is constantly busy here, I can escape into my light and airy little studio. This album is To celebrate our 4th birthday, we bring you our th release - the fantastic new album from Amygdala.

Pillars Of Creation is Amygdala's 6th release on BFW recordings and follows on from the previous five albums - a nice mix of ambient electronica with hints of psy trance and ambient dub. Give your ears a treat and download it right now! He has been playing the guitar for 20 years and is a member of a rockband, but he started to making Topics: amygdala, projects, bfw, ambient, electronica, psy, trance, IDM, ambient dub.

Chilled out electronica performed solely on the Korg Kaossilator. Some musicians seems unhindered by genre and technique. Here we have a mix of real instruments, electronics and vocals to produce an ever-changing and very pleasing Horror - Various - Original Hardcore Volume 3 (CD).

Cover art by Alina Yudina. Quite a change of pace from recent BFW releases. Voda-i-Ryba, now based in Saint Petersburg, combine indie, post rock, jazz and blues into something that is somehow both intimate and epic. EP «America». Melancholic and hearty, but nervous homage to the culture of the Continent from New England to Mississippi. Devoted to William Faulkner, Robert From quiet, atmospheric pieces to noisy, more shoegazey tracks.

Herrera, bfw, guitar, indie, ambient, shoegaze. The next day, these songs were collected and put together as an album. The day after that, the album was released.

Artists taking part often post their progress on the facebook event page, so feel free to join and spread the word! This project has been a lot of fun over the years Topics: bfw, album in a day, ambient, electronic, hip hop, indie, folk, experimental, drone.

The new album from The Amygdala. Watch the video More: soundcloud. A wonderful slice of electronic music from Finland. Topic: anthing, slip, deep, ep, bfw, recordings, ambient, idm, electronica. A wonderful emotive album. Both delicate and powerful. Hints of Slowdive and Sigur Ros - which can't be a bad thing. More fantastic shoegaze influenced music from Indonesia. Ketsa returns to BFW with yet another outstanding album. Nearly an hour of beautiful and intricately delicate songs filled with samples, beats and live instruments and percussion.

Seriously, you have to listen! Topic: ketsa, bfw, recordings, ambient, experimental, IDM. The second in a new series of live, improvised ambient albums. Another 15 quiet ambient songs - mainly piano and baritone guitar - with 15 Horror - Various - Original Hardcore Volume 3 (CD) photographs. Topics: bfw, bing satellites, ambient, soothing images, piano, baritone guitar, experimental, quiet, Berlin School style sequencers and warm electronics.

Telegraph on the web: www. On Saturday 18th Augustmusicians from around the world each wrote and recorded a complete new song, from scratch in one day. The next day, these songs were collected and put together as this album. The day after that, the album was released as a free download! You can download the original version of Album In A Day volume 5 at archive. You can hear more at Topics: bfw, mark blood, album in a day, remixed, dj mix, ambient, indie, experimental, drone, glitch, Topic: bfw, recordings, ambient, electronica, shoegaze, jcm, scenes.

A new release from Poodleplay Arkestra is something Horror - Various - Original Hardcore Volume 3 (CD) always look forward to and this is no exception. Peaceful, beautiful and whimsical,Poodleplay Arkestra manages to pack so much into 16 minutes.

Tell your friends - there is a new Poodleplay Arkestra EP! Topics: bfw, poodleplay arkestra, ambient, experimental. This is abstract ambient music in its purest form: the sound is quiet and atmospheric but organically electronic. It is almost as if the music is floating on the wind or through the ether on a shortwave radio.

Topics: closer contact, meteer, geography, bfw, ambient, electronic, electronica, experimental, soundscape, On Saturday 13 Augustmusicians from around the world each wrote and recorded a new song, completely and from scratch in one day.

The next day, those songs were collected together as an album. On Monday 15 Augustthe album will be released as a free download by BFW recordings under a Creative Commons licence click for more details. The last two times we have done this has been a huge success - albums of original new ambient, electronica, indie and much more, and this album is no Si Yo No Fuera Fiel 4.

Pangue Lingua 5. La Lola 6. Nana 7. De Puro Mio Tu Cuerpo 8. Santa Y Agueda 9. Como Un Hombre Cavatina - Johnny Pearson 8. Gabriela - Fausto Papetti Sensible Y Merida Mexico Records collected by Brewster Kahle in Topics: lps, mexico. Sonare - Joseph Hudson 4. When acorns become scarce in the forest, the Riverbankers decide to look for more, before they run out completely. Let's Fly Airplanes from A to Z. Topic: Dare to Dream Productions.

Let's Ride Horses from A to Z. If you are the copyright holder who wishes Do you guys remember these promos on Wiggle Bay and Space Dancing? Marshall Dave Harmon Clint Walker comes to clean up a lawless town and immediately runs into problems. Topic: Yuma. This collection features vintage educational films from a variety of sources.

Films intended for educational purposes are an enormous, often neglected part of the twentieth century media landscape. Archived here are corporate and government sponsored films; classroom academic films instructing students in science and the humanities, and classroom guidance films on sex education, manners, and morality; military training films; medical films aimed at the public or at health practitioners; Topics: educational, 16mm Film.

Shows the adjustment of a handicapped boy who has no legs and how an ordinary skateboard gave him real mobility and access to the real world Topics: Children with disabilities, Children with disabilities. Portrays the images and sensations evoked by a group of piglets sleeping, eating, and exploring a barnyard. Topic: pigs. With study guide Discusses the harmony in nature and in the creative works of man and explains how harmony may be achieved in art by limiting, repeating, and relating objects, colors, and shapes Topics: 16mm Film, Educational Film, Harmony AestheticsComposition ArtColor DesignArt Source: Lasergraphics ScanStation.

Value can be a natural part of any object, or it can be created by controlling the way in which light strikes the object. Artists can vary value in color by adding black or white, or by selecting contrasting dark or light color values.

Sculptors create value by the way they form the surface to catch light and cast shadows. In all ages, and in many materials, artists have created value contrasts. Topic: Children's Drama. Topic: Sport Cricket. A circa British public information film about the need for children to be correctly trained on how to ride a bicycle.

According to the booklet of the DVD I took this from, this was intended for television distribution. Topic: Movie Trailer. Volume Three. Number 29C]. From Telegenics August Number 29C. La Jean 2. Crying Song 4. Listen To The Band 5. Feelin' Alright? Cymbaline 8. How Long Will It Be? Blues For Madeleine 2. Feelin' Kinda Blues 3. Pyramid 4. Nonchalance 5. At Dawn 6. Stormy Weather 8. Rabbit Out Of The Hat 9. Milano 2. Tuba De Nod 3. Variatons On The Scene 4.

Pies Of Quincy 5. Old Folks 6. Sadiga 7. Love Lifted Me 2. For Carl Perkins 3. Little One 4. Ivy League Blues 5. Flamingo 6. My Prayer 2. My Funny Valentine 3. Satin Doll 4. The Nearness Of You 5. Vibraholiday 6. Morgan K. Tanner Goodreads Author. Heinrich Kramer. Wol-vriey Goodreads Author. Dante Alighieri. Graham Masterton.

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Tags: disturbinggoregruesomehardcore-horrorrevengesadisticsplatterpunkviolent. M books 2 friends. Jimmy books 2 friends. Wt72 76 books 0 friends. Richard books 0 friends. B books 0 friends. View 2 comments. Aug 11, Thomas Joyce rated it really liked it. How does the saying go? Take Hardcore Horror, for example. Some fans of horror fiction may be put off by that term. However, just as horror itself is best utilised as a broad Horror - Various - Original Hardcore Volume 3 (CD) to encapsulate a more complex idea, so to is hardcore horror.

The musician uses a strange and disturbing technique to elicit the music from the instrument. Using a young narrator, and restricting the horror to what the young girl hears and keeping the visual element off-stage, is a great technique expertly employed here by Neugebauer.

Her behaviour grows increasingly disturbing, especially in her sexual relationships with a string of men and the attention she pays her son. As you may expect, this has a detrimental effect on Vicki, who eventually takes employment in a burn unit. But, equally, danger lurks in the shacks above. This is yet another story where the author has done a lot of research and found a way to deliver it in a very entertaining way.

He has a talent for filling his stories with colourful and entertaining characters and witty dialogue and this is no different. It will have you laughing and wincing in equal measure. But he also blends it with mind control and futuristic virtual reality and the dog-eat-dog Horror - Various - Original Hardcore Volume 3 (CD) of the stock exchange. Wilbur is stressed from work as a trader, but he blows off steam with a harmless game of Nazi Hunter.

But what happens to him when he is introduced to the world of Slut Slayer? Chant explores this concept, and the human psyche, in this exciting and thought-provoking story. There are some they will enjoy more than others, and some that they may not enjoy at all. But the good news is that, with such a strong line-up of stories, there is something for everyone in the third volume of hardcore horror. May 21, Patty Ward rated it it was amazing.

Extreme Loved it! Extreme horror, great authors. Okay, it has to be said: one of the stories in here is mine - "The Better Part of Drowning" - and so I am clearly biased, but I do love horror and this anthology is full of it. There's a wide range of horror stories in here too, and range is I think always a bonus in any anthology, as it increases the chance of coming across stories that will really appeal to the individual reader.

Personally, I tend to prefer horror that's as much story as gore, tending more to the contemporary than the cosmic, Okay, it has to be said: one of the stories in here is mine - "The Better Part of Drowning" - and so I am clearly biased, but I do love horror and this anthology is full of it. Personally, I tend to prefer horror that's as much story as gore, tending more to the contemporary than the cosmic, and so I was well-served by a lot of the pieces in here.

The stories that particularly appealed to me were the excellent "West of Matamoros, North of Hell" by Brian Hodge, "Burnt" by Luciano Marano, and the beautifully written "So Sings the Siren" by Annie Neugebauer, which is going down as one of my favourite horror stories of all time. View all 3 comments. The stories in this book have a whole lot of heart to go with the hardcore horror. It's a thoughtful, intelligent, and non-gratuitous collections of stories.

Loved Horror - Various - Original Hardcore Volume 3 (CD) May 25, Nikki Martinez rated it it was amazing. Year's Best Hardcore Horror Vol. Red Room Press has compiled a truly amazing bunch of horror stories from some really talented and creative writers. With every story comes a new horror, unique in the darkest ways.

Gruesome, chilling, violent, haunting, horrible, whatever you are looking for in a horror story, you can find it in this book. The stories are not only unique, but also very vivid. The authors have done an outstanding job at painting horrors with their words. I'll admit that there were some parts in this book so horrid, I skimmed over the text as if to look away!

Though they are all incredible stories, my personal favorites have to be the letter stories, particularly "Bernadette. Reading "Bernadette" felt like reading something that was actually written in medieval Spain. It left me wondering whatever happened to the priest, his brother, and Bernadette. Guess I like hardcore because there were so many great stories.

Pure excellence My least favourite was Theatrum Mortuum: Too disgusting and I am going to be honest I was shocked when I learned a woman had written this. Letter from Hell by Matt Shaw. Mwmm what to say? Because this rea Wow. The Lonely Motel holds many dark secrets and room six just might hold the worst of them all. Angel knows a lot about pain. His mother died in this room.

He's researched its history. He's come back today to end it, no matter the cost, once and for all. Prostitute Shyla believes the stories Angel tells her can't be true. Secrets so vile, you won't want to let them inside you. But the Lonely Motel doesn't forget. It doesn't forgive. And it always claims its victim. By: Duncan Ralston. It was a killer year for horror fiction of the harder kind. Authors, editors, and publishers presented readers with some startling works of horrific imagination, stories graphic in the extreme yet with subtleties suggesting larger meanings, tales that explore humanity by plumbing depths of soulless inhumanity and, in some cases, outright depravity.

The stories here represent the best of them, disturbing tales that dig deep and take you into the dark heart of horror itself, unrelenting and unapologetic.

We hope to see you on the other side. One of the best in the series Plenty of great stories with my top picks being Burnt one girls pursuit of love Letter from hell a letter written Albert fish style Reprising her role about an actress in a snuff film Ultra a VR gamers addiction The dogs a dog sitting job from hell Well narrated and a great way to discover new authors highly recommended I received a free review audiobook and voluntarily left this review.

I call it a win if I can pick out a half dozen that resonate. Everyone has different preferences and thresholds when it comes to hardcore horror, and I"m not sure that I'd classify all of my favourites here as hardcore.

Of my handful of favourites, I'd consider "Burnt" and "West of Matamoros, North of Hell" to definitely align with my internal definition of hardcore horror, and maybe also "The Dogs". When I see a book titled "Volume 3", my subconscious grades the content as somehow inferior to the stories that would make the cut in "Volume 1" or "Volume 2". That's why I suppose I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of these stories were so compelling in a hardcore horror sort of way.

I really enjoyed the narrator - I'm a fan of alto female voices for narrators and I liked her dispassionate tone as she was narrating. It seemed to fit well with this genre of audiobook because it shifted the focus to the stories and let the words speak for themselves.

A hyper-emotional narration would have been overkill, I think. It occurred to me as I was listening to the audiobook that the narrator does good accented voices, too. I'm not sure how authentic they are to the specific regions where the stories took place, but I found them to be quite compelling. I didn't give five stars for narration because I felt that the pace was a bit too slow; once I increased the playback speed to 1.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I knew I would have some trouble with some based on the prologue, and I did have to skip one actually. The Dogs caught me totally off guard as well, so be ready for some unpleasantness! Some kind of bored me, and some were bananas. Over all. As with any large collection of short stories, some are good, some are average and a few are fantastic. This narrator does a wonderful job.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this one as much as I did. This collection of stories seemed short for some reason, But Angel Leigh McCoy is a great treat to listen to.

Thank for getting away from the flash fiction which was too prevalent in the previous volume. Keep up the great work. Maybe doing audio versions of extreme novel-length stories could be in future plans as well In this collection you'll find a story or several to make your skin crawl and your mind want to hide.

I didn't care for all of the stories but enough of them to make it worth having. If you enjoy extreme horror stories then you really should add this collection to your library!

Sadness (In The Land Of The Lost) (Zero Gravity), Quem Me Segurou Foi Deus - Padre Marcelo Rossi - Minha Benção (CD, Album), I Love Paris, Here Am I - Donald Byrd - Byrd In Hand (Vinyl, LP, Album), You Give Me Such A Feeling, Ruina - Fondo Flamenco - Paren El Mundo, Que Me Bajo (CD, Album), Magic Beams - H.M. The King Bhumibol Adulyadej / Larry Carlton & Guests* - All Star Jazz - The J, Holier Than Thou - Metallica - Metallica (CD, Album), Bitter Was The Night - Stone Breath - Knotwork (CD, Album), Searchin The Desert For The Blues