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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Promotional poster. Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. MBC TV. In comes Seung Chul, here to pay the money for Woo Ri. Looks like Mom agrees to help OR his dad secretly joins hands.

As he explains how hard every day is for Woo Ri, Seung Chul is on the verge of tears. Dong Joo returns home to see Young Gyu waiting for him at the gate. The showcase commences and ends on high note, however, Dong Joo has overworked himself and appears unwell.

Upon hearing that her dad is working at the botanical garden, Woo Ri fumes and rushes to see Dong Joo. Dong Joo collapses and she taps him continuously to get his attention. He opens his eyes and pulls her into his embrace. The scene fades into darkness as Dong Joo remembers what Woo Ri taught him 16 years ago.

Close your LP and see the person you want to see. Cover your ears and listen to their voice. A single tear escapes his eye and runs along the side of his temple. Alice : Okay, this show really knows how to end an episode with precision, always evoking emotions and waking memories from the viewers. The last scene is beautiful. Up until now, Nam Goong Min has the most complex scenes, filled with tentative uncertainty Album) boiling self-loath. In episode 9, I was expecting him to go all out on Dong Joo, but he quickly, and smoothly, regains his demeanor as an older brother to calm the nerves of Dong Joo.

Then, in the scene that Hyun Suk goes berserk on him, Nam Goong Min expresses the trembling shock and searing pain so well, I suffocated with him. Woo Ri. Bong Woo Ri! Sometimes, Thats Corny (Vinyl root for her, while other times I just want her to be brighter, less reckless, for her own benefit. Excellent recap!

I personally want to knock Hyun Suk right out of her designer shoes. It doesn't bode well for Jun Ha in the future. I'm still happy with the character development, although I agree I hope Woo Ri gets a little more maturity in her reactions.

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Loading Comments No matter how this proverb is interpreted, there is no denying that it centers around the idea that a home is not just the bricks and mortar of a house or apartment.

Rather, it is somewhere that is intimately tied to our emotions. Some commentators suggest that this proverb originated in an earlier proverb: i. The hearth is the fireplace. This earlier version of the proverb is based on the idea that the fire that provides warmth is the true focus of a home.

Another limitation is the two large hoses that exit the body can be cumbersome and potentially painful. They carry risks: The No. With a huge amount of interface between blood and foreign surface, there are hazards of clots forming on the inside of LP body.

And if a patient is taking blood thinners, they can develop bleeding complications. There are no specific time limits for the device, and the durability and risk of complications over time remain unknown. When it is on, the wires conduct about 12 to 14 volts of electricity. Touch the black lead to the negative terminal on your car battery. Lift up any wire connections touching bare metal. Metal causes active wires to short-circuit, so reposition them to fix them.

It happens sometimes with car amps and speakers that have loose wires. Turn off the power first before handling the wires, then find safe, out of the way spots to secure them with plastic wire ties. Blowouts caused by metal ruin the fuse if your amp has one. Hook up working electrical cables to test the amp. Pull the RCA plug cables out from the back of the amp, then replace them with new ones. RCA cables are colored cables that easily plug into the back of the amp, but make sure the ones you get are compatible with the amp you have.

Afterward, turn on the amp to see if that solves the issue. Method 4. Test the sound by unplugging the sound cables or colored RCA wires. What you hear is often as important as what you see when dealing with an unruly amp.

If the noise stops, then you know you have a wiring problem. Every device has an amperage rating that indicates what current strength it can handle. Use speakers with a similar or slightly higher rating than the amp. You may hear a lot of static or get a low-volume sound. Higher amp ratings lead to a louder, stronger sound quality. However, if the amps are more powerful than the speakers, your speakers could burn out much quicker than usual.

Go back through the wires, separating the speaker wires from the amp wires. Tuck the speaker wires into safe areas, taping them down or using plastic ties to keep them in place.

When they touch, they cause the system to go silent and lose power. You can test for wire problems by moving the wires apart while the speakers and amplifier are on. Listen for the sound to come back on as you separate the wires. Stabilize the speaker enclosure to prevent rattling.

Loose speakers and subwoofers rattle in their cases as sound passes through them. If your devices have screws holding them in place, tighten the screws to prevent them from rattling. You can fix it by mounting the device to stabilize it or by turning down its settings to make it rattle less. Connect the amp to a working pair of speakers. If your amp turns on but no sound comes out of the speakers, your overall setup may be the problem. Not all speakers are compatible with an amp.

If your amp is still alive, it will respond when I Cant Tell My Heart - Homer And Jethro connect it to speakers and other devices in good condition. Turn up the volume to see if anything changes. Radio silence from a good pair of speakers is a good sign that your amp needs to be replaced. Method 5. Inspect the glass tubes for cracks and other signs of damage. Damaged tubes are usually very easy to spot.

Plug your amp in, turn it on, and watch the tubes light up. Any tube that stays unlit or has cracks in it needs to be replaced. Milky stains inside the glass are also signs of a dead tube. Test it in another wall outlet first. A bad power supply could be fixed by a technician in some cases. Tap the tubes with a pencil and listen for distortion. Tap the top of each tube very lightly to force it to vibrate.

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