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Mantengo mis recomendaciones. Realmente debes recordar que Intro La Mezcla ser un ingeniero de audio, no un coleccionista de equipos. Time to give your mix a little haircut. A little snip here, a little trim there. Drop the drums for a bar, crank up that vocal for a verse. Get loose. Get a basic balance of your levels before you go crazy with effects processing. Think about headroom early. Keep a final goal in mind as you balance all of your tracks.

This will give you a rough idea of how each track will eventually fit together. Processing will smooth out your rough ideas. So what is panning? Panning helps you control the width of a mix. Panning allows Intro La Mezcla sounds to be placed in your mix properly. Either to the left, or the right of the stereo center. Keep your heavier or lower sounds near the centre.

This means the bass or the kick. Use them as a centring force that you can work around. If everything is panned centrally, your mix will sound flat or crowded. The meat of your mix can be broken down into three basic areas. EQCompression and Reverb. They are the donkey work of mixing. Perfect these 3 areas and everything else will come naturally.

Every sound is made of frequencies. Frequency is measured with Hertz Hz. Equalizing is the art of boosting, cutting and balancing all the frequencies in a mix to get the sound you want.

Bass instruments have a very low-heavy, boomy sound. Their output is mostly low in the frequency spectrum. Alternately, a snare or a high-hat are often a lot more tinny, so they will typically appear in the mid or high frequencies.

Even though we can place these sounds in the general high and low categories, all sounds will have important information in both the highs and the lows.

Use filters. They clean your frequencies up with surgical precision. The best place to start with corrective EQ tools are high-pass and low-pass filters. The rest is left behind. Remember that every track will need special attention.

For instance a tom drum is going to need an entirely different EQ treatment than a Rhodes piano. Listen to learn. Figure out what adjustments you need to make with your Intro La Mezcla. Carving EQ may seem similar to corrective EQ. Only in this step you are correcting your frequency with the other tracks in mind. Everything will start to fit a bit better in this step.

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