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Not all DAWs are created this way. Also, it looks good. Esthetics play a very important role in what I do. Seesar : Personal taste. The main thing is qualtiy of output which also means quality of input. If you can build a DAW that maintains clean recordings, clean editing, clean playback, and clean means of saving and disceminating your works, you can use whatever you prefer, and with which you are familiar and comfortable. In a way, being comfortable with your equipment is the way to ensure that your recordings are clean and professional.

Of course, you also have to start with equipment that allows for that, too. Be intelligent when choosing equipment. Do your research, try not to be hasty, talk to other Just Do It Right (Ambient Mix) engineers, read reviews, and work within your financial means to build your DAW. Today, it is easy to get lots of inexpensive equipment, but not necessarily easy or cheap to get professional, easy to use equipment.

Get what works for you, and evolve as your music and career Just Do It Right (Ambient Mix). As for editing software, again, use what is within your means and with which you are comfortable.

It is extremely important to be able to work smoothly with your editing program. You will need to know your software inside and out to accomplish creating the music you hear in your head, in a timely manner. That being said, you should expect a steep learning curve to familiarizing yourself with your first editing program.

But, do not let that discourage you. If you have not worked with an editing program before, do some research and work through a few tutorials before really delving into your first pieces with it.

You Just Do It Right (Ambient Mix) want to be fluent with the program to both create your works and meet industry deadlines. Also, you will want to test your software with your equipment to make sure everything is compatible and will provide you with clear, and smooth recordings every session.

No composer or performer has time to troubleshoot tech or stop and clean up raw tracks every time you work on a new piece. You will be very happy you took the time to get everything set up and that you are familiar with the software when you are tasked with creating seven new tracks in three days and have no time to do anything but create music. Did you have training in the use of this program or did you learn it yourself? The demo clips of the SLO don't really explore this much.

There are better clips of the Immerse's Infinite and Echo settings. Worth some time poking around YouTube. As for oscillation, yes, you can ramp it up.

Keep in mind that the longer you run the freeze tone, it eventually degrades into a wall of static. Takes a while, but it gets there. There's an Old Blood Noise reverb pedal with a freeze setting that talks this up as a cool "feature," but not being an EE I Just Do It Right (Ambient Mix) they're just trying to make a virtue of necessity.

Which is why I didn't go for that one, as it seemed to imply the signal would degrade more quickly. The point being, though, don't expect 10 minutes of clean freeze. Guppie Member. Last edited: Aug 17, Monkeyboy23 Member. Take a look at the Plus Pedal. Maiah Member. Anyone play the ehx 9 series for this?

Looks like they can sustain a pad. Whatever the Line 6 Particle Reverb is based on sounds like it would do what you want. I do something similar all the time using the Particle Reverb on my Line 6 M9.

Jimmy3Fingers Member. Messages 3, The TC Trinity T2 has some interesting ambient modulations that wash for awhile. Paul Conway Member. Messages 5, Messages 7, The samples on this came from contributors to Freesound. They are the same as for Comrade Pas Belle-Mere. I did a bad job of linking back to each source page. Instead, I just took a screen shot. Eventually I intend to fix that. Download MP3. Thanks to all the Freesound people who made the samples I used. See the colophon to learn about them, and for sheet music.

We were in North Carolina, where my grandfather lived and died. The cemetery had dug a hole a couple feet deep and left us to do the ceremony. We took the plastic bag of ashes from the crematorium out of the cardboard box and laid it in the hole. We used our hands to shovel dirt over the bag. This is an older album, but it's one of my favourites from Kaito.

Less Time Until The End. Patashnic Member. Mar 22, Stockholm, Sweden. Some great songs to chillout to: Moby - Hymn Alt. Oct 26, 10, Grug Member. Oct 26, 3, Oct 25, 2, Grug said:. Bruce Ler0y Member. Oct 27, Bruce Ler0y said:. Maaaaaannnnn where can I download this? This is perfect! Good looking out. Otnopolit Member. Oct 28, 1, Saw this thread last night, had to share this playlist my partner introduced me to 4 years ago, it's our bread and butter for this. Has over jams on it.

Check out Sunsets Sunrises by sir Was! Jan 16, Couple of my favourites! Cocolina Member. Oct 28, 6, Love this kind of music.

I'd like to share a couple of mixes Just Do It Right (Ambient Mix) you all. Bad Stream - Transition II 2. Shpongle - Hammock Therapy 3.

O Death, Certain Doom - Gravewürm - Abyss Sorcery (CD, Album), Land Of Confusion - Genesis - Live - The Way We Walk In Concert (DVD), Change It Up, Spooks - Faster Than You Know... (CD, Album), Lose All Sense Of Time - John Foxx - In Mysterious Ways (Vinyl, LP, Album), Time Zones - OMD* - Dazzle Ships (Cassette, Album), Stone Cold Sober (Sound Selektaz Remix) - Various - Dance Nation 2 - Your Big Night Out (CD), Sola, Perduta, Abbandonata (Atto IV) - Puccini* / Maria Callas - Puccini Arias - The Complete Studio, Les Secrets DAlice, Break Me - Jewel - Live At Humphreys By The Bay (DVD), Hi-Energy - Various - Dance ! (CD), Promised Land (Club Mix) - ReAdjust - Promised Land (File)