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Two, you can steer clear of art by mixing up your happening with life situations. Make it unsure even to yourself if the happening is life or art.

Ways of life Above all, improvisation turned its back on the final authority of the composer, turning inward to body, feeling, thought; outward to group and place. This is not to say that improvisation has lacked compositional sensibilities or refused composition entirely; only that it hands over responsibility to the undirected group. And by the same token, the creativity it manifests is not distributed among all the individuals of a society as an agency that each is supposed to possess a priori — an internal capacity of mind to come up with intentions and act upon them, causing effects in the vicinity — but rather lies in the dynamic potential of an entire field of relationships to bring forth the persons situated in it.

Among improvising musicians there is endless speculation about its nature but only an academic would have the temerity to mount a theory of improvisation. So who would presume to step into this maelstrom without Larry Sanders The Prophet Of Soul* - Where Did Peace Go / Story Of My Love (Vinyl) experience?

Alarm bells need to ring periodically, reminders from Bailey, perhaps Berio also both of them long gonethat improvisation is both personal and social, a practice-based group activity whose lack of coherence between action and dialectic is catastrophic for credibility but vital to adaptation. And what of history, if that is possible, given the unrecorded origins of free improvisation, the fragmented documentation of its trajectory since and its transient form: performances that disappear into thin air or recordings that become highly prized, expensive rarities?

Existing attempts at a history are cursory and partial at best; at their worst they are fictions, though consistent in following the orthodox narrative: in the late. At approximately the same time, composers such as John Cage rejected existing compositional systems, instead structuring their music according to chance procedures. At a middle point in the s these two strategies of the avant-garde converged to make a third stream though not Third Streamhence free improvisation.

As a convenient tale this is not without a grain of truth; it is also a lineage of which I am highly suspicious. Was there influence in the opposite sense? Improvisers are rootless, to some degree, though they share some characteristics with traditional workers in crafts.

Not a job description or technocratic extension, the instrument is part of the same body that travels, shares anecdotes and stages, connects tenuously to a community without fixed abode. Ancestry is Larry Sanders The Prophet Of Soul* - Where Did Peace Go / Story Of My Love (Vinyl) important as something to build upon or react against, but dispensable, in that the music aims to begin each time from nothing other than the conditions of place, self and group quite a substantial nothing.

This is an itinerant-musician sort of cooperation in which performers become able to work with a shifting cast of characters in different venues. More interesting then to consider the broadest possible context of transferable ideas and actions — liberation movements; abject, absurdist and satirical comedy; surrealist automatism; stream-of-consciousness writing and speaking; the body as instrument; music as sound rather than system; strange anomalies of experimental improvisation within popular and folk musics; violent protest; mysticism or after-hours jamming — as originary sparks that ignited the possibility of group improvisation and, misguided or not, the elusive dream of complete freedom.

What, then, were the conditions out of which this impossible dream of freedom became embodied as conscious action? Both of them hoped to reach New York. Appropriately, they met by chance on board, subsequently passing the time by discussing theoretical texts both were producing during the voyage.

How could artistic creativity express itself through what was merely a reflex of the subconscious? A notion of freedom that predated the surrealist movement. As Breton suggested, this was a search for the real, yet versions of the real differ. Was there such a difference between automatic writing and stream of consciousness?

Both sought to circumvent rationality, to liberate the mind from every censoring intercession of orthodoxy, from strictures of thought, habits of perception and the grammatical structure of speech. One is more literary than the other, perhaps, but as Jacques Derrida suggested in his conversation with Ornette Coleman:.

Deguchi Nao, founder of the Omoto sect, one of the new religious sects of nineteenth- century Japan, underwent the classic pattern of extreme hardship followed by visions, strange behaviour and sickness, eventually assuming a healing role with shamanistic characteristics. These words were the beginning of the immense Ofudesaki, the transmission of her revelations in automatic writing which continued for the next twenty-seven years of her life and which eventually ran to more than 10, fascicules.

I am a talker, you know; I am rather a talker; and now and then I have let a thing escape me which I should not. Jane Austen, Emma. Routines and habits adapt to perpetual changes in relationship between individual players, the dynamics of a group and conditions of performance. As a public experiment, vocal improvisers sound out lines into a deep pool, fishing for creatures that will speak, yet unlike voice-hearers they have the skills and self-knowledge to control each creature that comes thrashing to the surface.

For Daniel B. Smith, the loss of control, a split in the conscious world, is what troubles the voice-hearer. He concludes by cautioning against confusing these two very different states of inspiration and suffering, the inspired William Blake declaiming visionary poetry as he passes a suffering lost soul shouting violent obscenities:.

This is not to say we should glorify the voice-hearer. To do so would be to glorify what is often a disturbing aberration in consciousness. They are linked by desire. Desire each other. Do not know that people hear them. When I first started performing, what I used was really just the sounds from my lips and mouth, which I heard with my ears.

But when I. That increased the variety of my techniques, or of my materials. And so her record — Tiger Thrush — is a mouth wide open, hearing as an explorer inside the mouth journey to the centre of the earth.

Sounds that a baby makes, a small child, sounding spit, compression, forcible propulsion of air, high constricted tones shaped by the nasal passages and oral cavity, quiet screams held back, squeals, choking, gagging, the sound that might be heard on a tape recording of torture, yet no drama. She seems to ask: can we live with ourselves? Over dinner before the concert Hirsch was wracked with period pains and seemed in no fit state to play. As it turned out the duo was magnificent.

DJ Olive cued up a succession of beautifully chosen records on two decks, over which Hirsch free-associated, babbled, sang in a bewildering confusion of styles, whispered asides as if in a Shakespeare play, acted out little mini-dramas, used two microphones to shift spatial illusions and personae around the room, generally bouncing off any available stimulus that struck her.

She even weaved in a little of our dinner conversation. A newcomer might hear it as chaotic randomness but its foundations lie in allowing the body to move through layers of time, clustering paralanguage along with speech and song, grounding the supposedly non-idiomatic practice of improvisation within the quotidian.

In performance I respond as well to the people in the audience — listening, weaving what there is in the room into the music we are making. I wish I could capture the voices in my head when I lay down at night to sleep and a rushing stream of consciousness is set off. But the walking and interacting and sitting by a canal or listening — stepping through different acoustic spaces and listening to sound transformed — then my body is working, capturing, recording.

My body — moving through space finding shapes compositions. The protagonist — Miriam — lives a modest, unspectacular life. In The Tunnel she is ecstatic to be renting a dingy room that gives her some measure of independence. Time barely seems to move, yet the cycles of life, day and night, work and free time, drudgery and tea, the tasks to be performed at a given time within the patterns of her job, her walks through a London that feels both hostile and magical, the surging and ebbing of feelings, convictions, confidence and often silenced opinion open out, fold upon fold, light and dark as she learns how to live and finally to write.

The reader is caught in the stream of this interior monologue as Richardson liked to call itabsorbed in the particles of life:. As she began on her solid slice of bread and butter St. Pancras bells stopped again. In the stillness she could hear the sound of her own munching.

She stared at the surface of the table that held her plate and cup. It was like sitting up to the nursery table. Happiness streamed along her arms and from her head. Pancras bells began playing a hymn tune in single firm beats with intervals between that left each note standing for a moment gently in the air. Peace flooded her.

Because they are elusive, everywhere and nowhere. The pouring of thoughts may take place in a dark room as if a kind of ectoplasm gushing out of some hidden spring and dispersing into nothingness, into the blood or becoming a sound recognizable as audible words, the marks of writing or some other signs on or from the body.

Some elusive quality in its voice seems to speak of disgust and dismay, yet the sleeper who is pulled so abruptly back to consciousness by this uncanny effect is sufficiently awake to identify an anthropomorphic untruth closer to human dreaming than the social life of an urban fox. Just as the fox maps out an auditory terrain for itself, so the sleeper maps a response to its eerie screams by using analogy, perhaps poetic, perhaps banal.

To describe our perceptions of an experience essentially alien, we must overlay an interpretative map that communicates by means of unrelated images.

As an improvising musician I know a little of this state. The question is how to be, not through the romance of becoming natural but through adjusting the balance of being and thinking about being. I can tap a surface — simple — and the field of potentiality opens up, whereas with writing, at which I am practiced, I can write a single sentence which may close down the field of potentiality for hours, days, even years.

The branching verbal chatter of the mind is to some degree stilled, but can it be assumed that this is less the case for the improvising listener we call audience?

After years of conflict, some sort of accommodation has been reached. I can play without overthinking and during the same evening listen in reasonable balance between absorption, engagement and analysis. To be alone is part of this experience, not to be caught up in social encounters, not to be stuck in one place. Of course there is no way to remember all or even a millisecond of the singing.

To write observations in a notebook is merely to compile analogies. There was a moment, startling, almost supernatural; his mouth open like a trumpet bell, a pure whistle exuding from the back of his throat, querulous, fragile but clear in the concentrated hush.

Many singers develop these secret weapons into street magic tricks posing as superpowers. Later, he laughed when I asked how the whistle is executed, demonstrating how easy it is for him. A technique tells us nothing much; like sportspeople, musicians can expend vast amounts of energy on developing knowledge and mastery of their own bodies. Spend any time working with Phil Minton or listening to him and you will hear him yodel. In conversation he tells me about his grandmother:.

They were miners, or had been. I must have been only about three and a half and it intrigued me, this word yodel. Grandmother goes into the parlour on Saturday morning and yodels all on her own. I went in and she yodelled. What on earth is it? It was an absolutely beautiful, lovely sound and I was always trying to emulate. I kept trying for it until I was about thirteen. Then I could do it when my voice broke.

You still do it, I say. A superfluous comment; his anecdote is punctuated by yodels — oyeeoyeeoyee — so conversation has the texture of inter- species communication. I use it as like a voice bowl. Any time I go into any extreme voice placings I do a little yodel afterwards as an antidote to it. It gets the blood running in the right place again.

Push-ups for the voice. But this concentration on possible associations stimulated by sounds may also be misleading. I try not to do pain. To spit during a conversation is disgusting, to belch is rude, to yawn is ungracious, to open the mouth very wide is disconcerting.

I would always have been happier with that. Improvising vocalists work in this way at the edge. Sound metamorphosis scatters discarded word-form cocoons to float at the edge of cognition. Categories, difference, the particular, all blur into possibilities of non- verbal polyphony; writing has no words to describe a withholding of words. This sounded voice is prolix, an endless variation, yet its silence is in the realm of the coherent voice, the voice of words articulating meaning stripped of the meaning of the sounding voice, its paralanguage.

There are beautiful precedents for this in comedy — the motif of standing on the precipice of playing, seen in the comic art of Max Wall, Les Dawson and Jack Benny, more recently the broken microphone routine of Yorkshire comedian Norman Collier.

Actor Michael Hordern plays an academic philosopher taking a solitary reading break on the spectral Norfolk coast. A man whose cloistered masculinity and learning has detached him from sociality, his interactions with others are channelled obliquely through distracted fragments of speech, tics, grimaces, gestural idiosyncrasies, eccentric outbreaks of oral noise, humming, whistling, misplaced laughs, rhetorical questions where there should be answers, most of all unspoken absences in the flow of sense.

In one scene, the Professor arrives at his hotel, waits in the monastic silent of the entrance hall for signs of life. Finally the hotelier appears. In a very English dance of discomfort at the proximity of other bodies, they negotiate the signing of the register, luggage, the showing of the room and all its facilities with murmurs, truncated questions, singing, sighs, heavy breathing, unformed words, most of all the desire to be alone, even when in company. Such encounters with the abject unsayable bring to mind the Formless of Georges Bataille.

No argument leading to a rational conclusion: simply spit, gesticulations of the mouth, sounds from the lower depths. Music, facing the audience but unlike dada, encumbered by its administrative baggage of scores and technique, may simply have been too timid, too slow to catch the moment. With its greater emphasis on group performance in which automatism becomes a far more complex process and the need to please both proprietors and audiences, public music of the early twentieth century dissuaded those who might have gone further in that direction — Sidney Bechet or Charles Ives, for example — from taking such a fateful leap.

Then there was the difficulty of listening within a declamatory context. Marinetti were entirely consistent with the fascist project of eliminating history to build a new empire. Marinetti was not an advocate of listening or receptivity. Dadaist chaos at the Cabaret Voltaire in expressed disgust with the advent of global war. A partial explanation may lie with the available means of documentation.

During the period of acoustic recording, from the last years of the nineteenth century up untilthe music industry was dominated by commercially viable recordings that suited the limitations of the medium at that time.

Subtlety, sibilants and small instruments all presented difficulties. The answer lay with economics and technicalities. Markets had to be created, records were expensive to produce; sonically, the recording process was not yet capable of capturing anything beyond the obvious. With a few exceptions, extreme experiments in spontaneous sound vanished into the aether, preserved only in excitable written accounts.

Jazz and the art avant-garde were closely entwined. Dadaist sound poems do in fact bear a striking resemblance to scat singing. This produces the peculiar sound which you all know. To us it is not discordant, as we play. It is natural for us to do this; it is indeed a racial characteristic. After an altercation at the Mechanics Hall in Boston, MayJames Reese Europe was stabbed to death by one of the percussion twins.

Hear that roar. Alert, gas! Put on your mask. Adjust it correctly and hurry up fast. Semi-improvised bruitism played a part in performances at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich in Important as they were, solo recitations by Hugo Ball or the simultaneous poems of Richard Huelsenbeck, Marcel Janco and Tristan Tzara all began and ended with transformations of literature — exploded, interrupted, rendered into nonsense — yet still tied to human vocal utterance.

In an atmosphere of chaos, Mary Hennings sang her songs, Huelsenbeck banged relentlessly on a big drum, Janco bowed an invisible violin, Ball played the piano; there was so-called Negro music and when Ball recited his sound poem, Karawane, inhe added mystique and power by imitating the chanting of the Catholic mass. From what we can gather, no individual musician was deconstructing performance with the same demonic verve as the poets, though new instrumental techniques, compositional forms and sonic technologies were undergoing constant reinvention.

This view may change as the history of sonic art matures sufficiently to move beyond its current emphasis on European and American trends and embrace research into avant-garde art movements elsewhere. In other countries, the synthesis of local initiatives and a mixture of foreign influences ranging from anarchism to constructivism produced a different balance. As with the majority of comparable contemporary events, the totality of the performance has to be imaginatively constructed from anecdotal description and a grainy photograph.

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So tigres apertura liguilla studio etudiant annecy vieux hyderabad spice electronic city phone number. Jon not only highlights the numerous charges against Jefferson, but the fact that he kept 90, in his freezer. Jon then shows us a nice montage of Bush using the same language he denounced opponents of the immigration reform bill as using, namely, empty political rhetoric such as the word amnesty to induce fear in a segment called Hasta la Visa.

And finally, Rob Riggle visits Disneyland to report on the magic kingdoms dissatisfaction with the city of Anaheims decision to build low income affordable housing near the park in a segment called Callous in Wonderland. Jon begins with [email protected] k to the White House and a look at Tuesdays Republican debate. Jon highlights some of the debates finer points from whether the candidates would invade Iraq given what they know now, would they allow openly gay members of the military, and general I believe in God comments and fear mongering.

Finally, Lewis Black in Back in Black reports on new technology. Lewis talks about Big Brother in googles new Street View option in google map, a new device allowing movie theatre patrons to rat out rude behavior, and myspace. Jon begins the show by reporting on Londons new Olympic logo for the Olympics. Apparently, the animated logo was removed from the internet for fear that it would cause seizures.

Jon then reports on the G 8 Summit in Germany, which sparked a number of protests in a segment called 8 Simple Rulers. Also, Jon reports on Bushs clash with his buddy Vladimir Putin about what to do about the proposed missile shield over Eastern Europe.

Finally, a rerun of Samantha Bees report on gays corrupting Nascar by using Fructis hair care products as a sponsor in a segment called Gays of Thunder. Jon begins with the weekends big story as Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was ousted from his position. As CNN attempted to cover this major news story, they were interrupted by the biggest news story of them all, Paris Hilton entering a car going to jail.

Jon shows us that as reluctant as CNN was in covering this story, they did it all day anyway. Next, Jon covers Bushs trip to Europe where Bush was treated like a rock star in Albania in a segment called Albaniacs. Jon calls Dennis Miller for some help in creating a Bush Albania joke. Jon begins tonight with the Senates debate over whether they should even vote on the immigration bill in a segment called Kill Bill.

Jon then reports on Alberto Gonzales no confidence vote in the Senate, again, to see if they should vote on it at all, in a segment called Kill Bill Volume 2.

Finally, Samantha Bee reports on whether the U. Mess OPotamia continues as Jon reports on the second bombing of a holy Shiite mosque in Samara by insurgents. Jon reports on Bushs war czar Douglas Lute who says that progress in the war is uneven. Jon also talks about how the military is now fighting alongside the very same insurgents they were fighting against, which brings to mind that old adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Two months ago, Snow said the 8 fired U.

Yesterday, Snow said he never said that. Finally, Jon reports on a bit of controversy over at the Weather Channel whos chief climatologist said that no meteorologist should get a seal of approval by the American Meteorological Society if they do not speak about global warming. Jon shows us a local weather promo ad from Oklahoma that will really scare you into watching the weather report. With so much going on in the Middle East, Jon begins the show and leaves it up to chance by spinning the spinner to see which part of the Middle East he will cover.

The winner, the Gaza Strip. Another good old fashioned civil war is in the making as Jon reports on the infighting between Fatah and Hamas in a segment called Crisis in Gaza Warportunity in the Middle East. He said the movie was really bad, mainly due to the fact that that he is jealous of Steve Carells booming career. Jon begins tonight with a report on Dick Cheney in a segment called Dick Move.

Cheney refuses to comply with the Information Security Oversight Office, a unit of the National Archives that monitors the Executive Branchs handling of classified information. As Jon reports, Cheney sought to abolish this oversight unit with a shotgun, but when that didnt work, Cheney argued that he is not part of the Executive Branch of government and therefore not subject to an executive order asking him to relinquish information.

Finally, Jason Jones reports on a man who gave his Purple Heart to President Bush because of the emotional pains and criticism Bush is experiencing in a segment called Heart Attack.

Jon begins tonights show with something you might not know about our illustrious Vice President in a segment called You Dont Know Dick. Dick Cheney apparently has a man sized safe in his office that he uses to store his workaday business. Next, Jon reports on four recent Supreme Court decisions in a segment called Decisions Jon creates a spinner out of the swing vote judge on the court, Anthony Kennedy.

Unfortunately, Kennedy sided with the conservative side of the court in every 5 4 decision. Finally, Trendspotting with Demetri Martin. Youth correspondent Demetri Martin talks about credit cards and how they they target college campuses. Demetri finds this to be a good thing as going deeper into debt is alright since were all gonna die someday anyway.

Jon begins the show with another installment of You Dont Know Dick. Tonights little Dick nugget is the fact that the Vice Presidents residence at the U. Naval Observatory is blocked out of Google Earth and pixelated. This is due to the fact that whatever Cheney touches, pixelates instantly. Next, [email protected] k to the White House. Jon reports on Giulianis visit to Pat Robertsons Regent University and one of Giulianis aid indicted on cocaine charges.

Jon also reports on Former EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman who testified in front of a House subcommittee defending why she allowed 9 11 rescue workers to work in unsafe breathing conditions, proclaiming at the time that the air was safe to breathe.

Lewis talks about how right wingers are trying to make the internet more conservative. Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News is trying to control the left wing liberal conspiracy machine by trying to buy it, namely trying to buy the parent company of The Wall Street Journal.

Also, Wikipedia has its own conservative version called Conservapedia where it describes homosexuality as an immoral act. Youtube has spun off and been transformed by conservatives into QubeTV, which simply posts conservative video links off of Youtube like a video of Obama morphing into Osama bin Laden.

Jon begins again with tonights You Dont Know Dick as we learn that Dick Cheney invented his own top secret fication stamp that he stamps documents with.

Well today, Leahy got his revenge and sent a subpoena to the V. Next, Jon reports on the immigration bill that was resurrected only to be killed once again in a segment called Mexican Standoff. Resident Expert John Hodgman reports on the debate over this bill, including footage of some media pundits who claim illegal aliens bring in disease and criminals into the U.

Finally, the iPhone is coming out this Friday and Senior Technology Correspondent Rob Riggle will do anything to get his hands on one, including kicking over baby strollers. Marine Captain Josh Rushing, a former press officer for U. Jon returns after two weeks off and begins by reporting on the Scooter Libby commutation.

As the Iraqi Parliament is taking off the whole month of August because of the sweltering heat in Baghdad, Jon reports on the Iraqi report card released by the Bush administration last week. Jon also shows us the political contortions used by the Bush administration to sell this progress. Finally, John Oliver files a report on Sen.

James Inhofes proposal to make English the official language of the U. Jon begins tonight reporting on Louisiana Senator David Vitter, who recently was found to be on the D. So you think the Bush administration cant sink any lower with all the scandals surrounding them right now, well Jon has a surprise for us in a segment called You Have No Idea Former Bush administration Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona was not allowed to speak at the Special Olympics because the Kennedys support the Olympics.

Also, Dr. Carmona had to mention Bush in a positive light at his speaking engagements, a minimum of 3 times. His homophobic replacement Dr. John Holsinger was a worthy replacement, as Jon notes from Dr. Holsingers reports writing in graphic detail about a scientific basis as to why homosexuality is abnormal. The church settled the case with abused victims for million.

As Jon notes, half the money comes from the churchs sex abuse insurance coverage and it will all be distributed according to the degree of abuse, as assessed by the insurance claims adjuster.

Correspondent Samantha Bee gives Hollywoods reaction to the settlement. Jon begins the show tonight commenting on the Atlanta Falcons quarterback arrested for dogfighting. As Jon notes, the all night session had a simple message, Let Us Vote. Dems want to vote on an amendment that would bring the troops home by next April while the Republicans are using a filibuster to block them from even voting. The final tally, 52 47, short of the 60 votes needed. Political Theatre Critic John Oliver highlights some of the more dramatic aspects of the Senate debates.

Jon then reports on the current state of Al Qaeda in a segment called Return of the Jihad. Bushs rhetoric over the years that the terrorist group has weakened is contradictory to a recent National Intelligence Estimate stating that Al Qaeda is stronger than ever. The Bush administration insists that they were right to invade Iraq because it has weakened the terrorists, yet we need to continue to stay in Iraq because of how strong the terrorists are there. Finally, Jon reports on the death of the loving Jew hating mouse Farfour from the Hamas run childrens show Pioneers of Tomorrow who was killed by an Israeli agent for refusing to turn over Palestinian lands in a segment called Farfour Farfours replacement is his cousin, a giant bee named Nahoul.

Jon then shows us the Israeli response in a clip from a Jewish run childrens program called Dr. Bagelmans Hour of Hate. Jon begins tonight reporting on the short lived presidency of Dick Cheney last Saturday in a segment called The Cheney Presidency Remembered.

While Bush was undergoing a colonoscopy and had to be under anasthesia, Dick Cheney was President for 2 hours. Jon gives a blow by blow account of this event, taking us on a tour of Bushs colon and Cheneys short lived attempt to start another war. Jon then reports on the ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, who talked with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee via a 60 plasma television from Iraq in a continuing show segment called Mess O Potomac. Technical difficulties riddled the Senates attempt to talk with Crocker.

Crocker summed up his update on Iraq in one word, fear. Finally, Jon talks about Bushs use of so called experts in segment called Expert Tease. Senior Political Reporter Jason Jones talks about his concern that everyday people asking candidates questions threatens real life reporters.

Finally, John Oliver takes over Demitri Martins Trendspotting and Larry Sanders The Prophet Of Soul* - Where Did Peace Go / Story Of My Love (Vinyl) the question whether the YouTube debate has youthanized politics. Jon begins tonight reporting on the House Judiciary Committee citing Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers with contempt of Congress for refusing to testify under oath about the Alberto Gonzalez firings.

Who enforces this contempt of Congress charge, why Alberto Gonzalez of course. Jon continues by looking at Albertos testimony yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a segment called Hearing Problems. Albertos I dont recalls have transformed into flat out refusals to answer any questions. Jon begins tonights show reporting on a story from New Zealand in a segment called Kiwi the People.

The democratically elected government of New Zealand banned the use of any footage from their Parliament for the purpose of satire, ridicule, or denigration. Jon comes to the rescue, taking some footage of their Parliament and spices it up with some political satire and fart jokes.

Jon also reports on the suspensions of cyclists in the Tour de France for suspected drug use Larry Sanders The Prophet Of Soul* - Where Did Peace Go / Story Of My Love (Vinyl) a segment called The Audacity of Dope. Finally, Jason Jones reports on a lazy Las Vegas man who rents a scooter used for disabled people to move around the city in a segment called High Rollers. Senior Football Correspondent John Oliver talked about the celebrations in the streets of Iraq resulting in only seven deaths for the day, a record low for Iraq.

Jon then talks about Sen. Patrick Leahy who issued a subpoena for Karl Rove to testify about the fired U. As Jon notes, Bush has a new British lapdog. As Jon reports, Stevens is being investigated due to his relationship with Bill Allen, an oil company contractor who was convicted this year of bribing state lawmakers.

Senior Legislative Correspondent Jason Jones discusses some recent stories of political corruption. Jon then reports on the medias focus on the amount of cleavage shown and clothing worn by the presidential candidates in a segment called Indecision Resident Expert John Hodgman talks to Jon about how this focus on style over substance has reared its face in the history of presidential politics via television and radio. Finally, Aasif Mandvi reports on the effect the recent intercontinental Live Earth concert has had on our country and culture.

As we see from Aasifs report, raising awareness for global warming through crass consumerism is worth it, especially for Bon Jovi fans. Jon begins tonight reporting on a giant squid having sex with bigfoot moment as both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were on television yesterday answering questions.

Jon first reports on Rumsfeld who was called before the Senate to answer questions about the friendly fire death coverup of Pat Tillman in a segment called The Rummy Returns.

As Jon notes, even though Rumsfeld has been out of the game for awhile, he jumps right back in not recalling anything. Finally, Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore talks with Jon about the recent stock market losses because of problems in the housing market due to sub prime loans.

Larry suggests this is a method employed by African Americans to get back at the man, even going so far as saying sub prime is the financial n word. As the meeting started, the king put a small silver box containing a fragment of the Koran in his translators hand and swore him to secrecy on pain of death, whereupon Cheney said, Damn, I need one of those. Next, Jon reports on how the presidential candidates use food in there internet clips in a segment called Indecision v.

Jon shows us various clips the Clintons eating at a Dairy Queen, dinner with Barack contest winners converse, Edwards eats at Wendys for his 30th anniversary, and Giuliani apparently doesnt eat food, just terrorists. Finally, [email protected] k to the White House continues as Clinton v. Sayonara Blu-ray TwilightTimeMovies. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Blu-ray TwilightTimeMovies. The Awful Dr. Frankenstein Blu-ray WBShop. Chamber of Horrors Blu-ray KinoLorber. The Man from U.

The Alligator People Blu-ray Target. Doctor Sleep Blu-ray Target. Billy the Kid vs. Alice, Sweet Alice Blu-ray Target. What's New, Scooby-Doo? Fear, Inc. Torture Dungeon Blu-ray ObscureVideos. Blu-ray ObscureVideos. Fahrenheit Blu-ray ObscureVideos. What's the Matter with Helen? Blu-ray ShoutFactory. Die, Monster, Die! The Vampire Blu-ray ShoutFactory. Blackout Blu-ray HamiltonBook.

Blu-ray KLStudioClassics. The Spell Blu-ray HamiltonBook. Project X Blu-ray HamiltonBook. Cauldron of Blood Blu-ray HamiltonBook. Ned Kelly Blu-ray HamiltonBook. No Blade of Grass ObscureVideos. Lord Shango Blu-ray ObscureVideos. The Girl Hunters ObscureVideos. Police Squad! Dog Eat Dog! Diary of the Dead Blu-ray ObscureVideos. The Last Dinosaur ObscureVideos. His Kind of Woman! Ninja Busters Blu-ray GarageHouse. The Intruder Blu-ray GarageHouse. Web of the Spider Blu-ray GarageHouse.

Supercock Blu-ray GarageHouse. Foes Blu-ray GarageHouse. Blood Stalkers Blu-ray GarageHouse. Attack of the Puppet People Blu-ray Target.

The Legacy Blu-ray Target. Essential Fellini Blu-ray Criterion. Shanks Blu-ray HamiltonBook. Gas-s-s-s Blu-ray HamiltonBook. Barbed Wire Dolls ObscureVideos. Beast from Haunted Cave ObscureVideos. Black Christmas Blu-ray ObscureVideos. The Car Blu-ray ObscureVideos. Train to Busan Blu-ray ObscureVideos. I black hawk down review film public adjuster marietta ga russia india time difference, back psychosis film synopsis joovy room2 portable, back play yard 2 usluge, back pranja i peglanja vesa top 10 critical: else care research articles of tabla!

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