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Although the first single was rechanneled, the second is true stereo and very collectable. Furthermore, "Paradise" exists in true stereo from an unknown source, presumed to be a stereo 45, but its existence is unconfirmed.

Brunswick Black label with silver print, like the stereo LPs. Brunswick used the EP stereo label blank for the single, the only one issued by the label. Buena Vista Standard black mono label with silver print shown.

The two singles below are from Walt Disney movies. Cameo Orange label with silver print, mono label shown at left. The single below was listed in some catalogs, but it was unlikely to have been actually released in stereo. Cameo did record some things My Foolish Heart - Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen - Hit Songs Of The Fifties And Sixties (Vinyl stereo as early asbut Bobby Rydell's hit recordings were generally done at Reco Art studios, which only had mono equipment at the time. Capitol The first stereo single releases by Capitol, issued in late April,had a red label with silver print, with Capitol logo on top.

The label had the same design as the old s purple label, but with a different color. After the first six singles released, SS below, Capitol released two more soon after S, Sthen waited until November,to release three more.

Most or all of the first batch of Capitol stereo 45s were also issued as stereo DJ singles, using a white label with black print. Three more stereo single releases came out in November, They had a gold label with black print, with the Capitol logo on the left side of the center hole.

This resembled the new Capitol purple label design introduced about that time. Stereo DJ versions of these My Foolish Heart - Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen - Hit Songs Of The Fifties And Sixties (Vinyl had silver labels with black print. Carlton Standard tan Carlton label with black print. Special stereo sleeve shown at left.

At least some copies of are not marked stereo on the label, but play in true stereo and have "ST" in the runout groove area. Carousel Standard blue Carousel label with silver print:.

Chancellor Early issues used the standard early pink Chancellor label with black print: "I'm a Man" has been reported to be a stereo single, but is not confirmed. Chancellor stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo. Later Chancellor issues used the new standard black label with silver print.

Concert-Disc The Concert-Disc label was gold with black print. Concert-Disc, located in Wilmette, Illinois, was originally a stereo tape label Concertapes. A May,advertisement promoted ten stereo 45s drawn from their albums. No artists or song titles were listed. Colpix Standard gold Colpix label with black print. The single is true stereo. Command Standard grey Command label with black print. Contemporary White label mono copy with black print is shown.

Counterpoint The Counterpoint label was dark red with silver print. The single noted that it was "compatible stereo," playing both in stereo and mono. A story in the December 29, Billboard noted that the company said "Both sides have been gimmicked to emphasize stereo sound. Crest Standard blue mono label with silver print is shown: The single below was reported in Billboard as available on stereo 45, but existence is questionable.

The listing may be a mixup due to "Three Stars" by Ruby Wright being reported as available on a stereo single by King Records. The Ruby Wright version charted a few weeks before Billboard started noting stereo singles, so notes on what was available may have been misinterpreted.

Decca Black label with silver print, mono label shown. DeLuxe Blue label with silver print. Dolton Green Dolton label with black print. Dot "Ultra Stereophonic Record" Black label with silver print. First release was January, They could be numbers higher than in the S series, or they may not have been issued at all. Dot continued : ? End Standard End multi-color "dog" label. Felsted Orange label with black print, mono label shown. This single was listed as available on Billboard's Hotbut has not been found after extensive searching.

It was probably an error due to the Ruby Wright version of the song which didn't chart being reported as available on stereo by King Records. Federal Blue label with silver print.

The Federal stereo 45s we've heard, including those by James Brown, are true stereo. Grand Award Blue label with silver print. All singles below are stereo only exceptwhich has a mono counterpart. Grand Award G. Guaranteed White label with red print; mono label shown. We have not seen this single, but both sides were true stereo on his Carlton album. Heartbeat Silver label with black print. Both sides are true stereo.

Regular Heartbeat mono releases used a gold label. Hi Fi Red label with black and silver print. The Arthur Lyman songs were stereo on Hi-Fi albums.

Hunt Standard white Hunt label with green print. Although this stereo single was released the same time as the mono single was a hit, the true stereo version of "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" here is an alternate version. Jamie Jamie used their standard label with a stereo overprint. Earliest stereo 45 used the standard yellow label with black LP). Some of the Jamie stereo singles are rechanneled. Jamie is probably rechanneled. For Jamie and later, the later standard yellow and white label with black print was used.

Jamie is rechanneled, and Jamie is true stereo. Singles below were released about October, We have heard several of these singles, all of which were true stereo. Most releases in this series are stereo-only.

Kapp The first stereo single S used the then-current maroon and silver label. The later singles used the standard dark red and silver label. Keen Gold label with black print. The first two stereo singles were issued on blue vinyl. Stereo single sleeve is also shown at left. All are true stereo. King The LP) single, "Rainbow Riot," had a yellow label with black print.

All the King stereo singles we have heard have been true stereo. Later singles had a dark blue label with silver print. Laurie Standard Laurie red and white label. These releases were true stereo. Laurie has later released these singles with the same label and stereo designation, but the later pressings were mono.

Liberty Black label with silver print. Post a Comment. You Send Me I'm 62 years of age and will be 63 come 28 September I mention these numeric milestones, because by the time I was 2 months old in November swivelling no doubt in a very aromatic terry towelour handsome hero over in a highly segregated Americas had already clocked up two whole albums on Keen Records.

What are you doing today Sam? Oh, I'm just inventing Soul Music Mark. Ok bro. The sophisticated sway and lilt in "You Send Me" was a ballbreaker — the Cooke original smashing down genres walls everywhere.

But Sam Cooke will always be the man in my books — the Man who took Gospel and Secular Music to the next level and invented Soul in the morphing process. Truth be told and apart from the rather maudlin crooner tunes Keen and RCA Victor both foisted on him to appeal to a white market that bought LPsCooke's 'Keen' recordings have been out of the year copyright parameters for some years now, so you can pick up variants of the tracks contained within this January release elsewhere for say eight quid.

So why pay more? All the right reasons - the care given this Box Set is exemplary starting with five beautifully reproduced oversized Mini LP Card Sleeves see photos supplied of those staggeringly rare Fifties and originals two offering you both Mono and Stereo mixes while two others lop on the straggler singles and stand-alone stuff as Bonuses.

They can be lifted out of the Clamshell Box Set by a white ribbon and a very smart move is to supply each with an inner protective bag like those Japanese issues classy. Unlike dodgy budget issues, these tapes have been given a dust off that will make even the most weary fan sit up and grin, maybe even like me shed a wee Soulful tear.

To say that these are actually Audiophile especially given their vintage isn't an understatement - they will wow you. Loads to discuss - let's pay tribute to the great man CD1 "Sam Cooke" minutes :.

You Send Me [Side 1]. The Lonesome Road. Ol' Man River. Moonlight In Vermont. Canadian Sunset. Summertime Part 2 [Side 2].

Around The World. Ain't Misbehavin'. The Bells Of St. With detailed sleeve notes inside there is even more to enjoy besides the warm and rich sound of vinyl. The Sixties was a decade of social upheaval and social progression in America and music was at the vanguard.

Slowly the old barriers seemed to be coming down. The Civil Rights Movement made its most strident protests against racial segregation at this time, and although the Civil Rights Act had come to pass, shifts in institutional attitudes had not yet taken place. Similarly, women demanded equality, equal pay and equal opportunities.

This increasingly politicized environment gave rise to songs of protest and Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles featured in this collection were instrumental in this trend. Elvis certainly cannot be said to My Foolish Heart - Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen - Hit Songs Of The Fifties And Sixties (Vinyl played a key role in the movement, even his detractors would have to concede he did more than most to bring to prominence black music, thus contributing to the breaking down of barriers.

This was a period in which the countercultural urge saw young people turn their backs on mainstream culture. This counterculture was wholly anti-establishment in nature. It started in America before spreading out to engulf much of the western world. The countercultural impulse was given impetus through the Civil Rights Movement and took a revolutionary turn with the anti Vietnam War protests.

Often seen as emerging after the assassination of President John F. Young people were calling all aspects of life, human experience and the American Dream, into question. This was articulated in a variety of ways including, alternative political models, alternative lifestyles, experimentation with drugs, sexual exploration and liberation, and a distrust of the authorities.

The Best Of All Possible Worlds - Kris Kristofferson - Me And Bobby McGee (Vinyl, LP, Album), Coda 1 - Dominic Duval With The C.T. String Quartet* - The Navigator (CD, Album), Quon Batte Des Mains - Choeur Des Bien-Heureux - Grâce Merveilleuse (Vinyl, LP, Album), Une petite cantate - Barbara (5) - Barbara (CD), Martial Law - Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack (CD, Album), Turbo (5) - Last Warrior (CD, Album), Prazna Ljubav - Mahir Paloš - Spavaj Cvijete Moj (Vinyl, LP, Album), Free Code (Lite Mix) - Various - 100 Anthems - Disco House (CD), Charting The Single - Marillion - Haunters Having Lots Of Fun (CD), I Dont Like I Love It By Flo Rida Ft. Robin Thicke - DJ MR FINGERZ - R&B Soulstress (CD), State Street Boogie - George Barnes - Guitars - By George! (Vinyl, LP, Album)