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We tried out several people and had them do a test mix of certain songs and he came out on top. It's become a heavy album, yet all the details are there.

Previously, we used to go to the studio, tune our stuff and then we recorded an album. This Natural Corruption - Epica (2) - The Quantum Enigma (Vinyl we did a long pre-production in the studio and we got to check out a lot of different combinations of amps and then we could record it. Previously, we just did everything in our home studios and sent each other the parts.

And after that we would go into the studio and that's it. But now we sat down together and discussed a lot more, it was more of a band effort. It was working together, rather than reacting. Everyone brought songs to the table, which LP very cool. With the previous album, it was mostly Mark, Coen and me writing a lot. It's odd to say, but it's kind of a new beginning. It sounds more modern, but with all typical Epica elements inside.

Refreshing might be the right word. This album has also been the result of a real group effort. It was great to see everyone being so motivated to create our best album! Even though the sound is more heavy the guitars, bass and drums sound so brutal!!!

We hope you. Posted by Night Reborn at PM. The Quantum Enigma - Release and Editions. The Quantum Enigma was released on 2nd of May Album is. The Second Stone. The Essence Of Silence. Victims Of Contingency.

With deep riffs, ethereal keys, symphonic elements throughout, and drums by "The Beast" himself, Epica's music is all or nothing. If you like it, you'll love it. If you dislike it, you'll hate it. But, I was talking about small things, wasn't I? There are three things I've noticed on "The Quantum Enigma".

First of all, the symphonics are much more integrated into the music. On previous albums, it often felt like the metal and symphonies were separate entities that would occasionally cross paths, but this album showcases a much more focused composition. Secondly, Natural Corruption - Epica (2) - The Quantum Enigma (Vinyl and keyboard solos are present.

Now, this isn't new, but there are actually several on this album, which is definitely a departure from previous works.

On top of that, the solos are excellent. Lastly, this album seems to be their proggiest yet. With some really odd signatures and song structures, "The Quantum Enigma" really pushes their normally lukewarm progressive status. Is the album any good, though? Yes, though there are some things that irk me a bit. The album is full of wonderful songs, which do require time to grow on you.

The album begins with my favorite intro yet, "Originem", a classical piece that they allow to breathe. The next several tracks up to and including 7 are the best on the album.

Pulse-pounding and intricate at the same time, these songs are full of wonderful vocals from Simone, a rather interesting choice to restrain Mark Jansen's harsh vocals for the most part, and simply incredible interplay between the classical and metal elements of the music.

Specifically, "Victims of Contingency" is one of my favorite tracks of the year, as it opens with "The Beast" doing what he does best, but lets go with a delicate chorus. It's a divine song. Another favorite on this album is actually the interlude, "The Fifth Guardian". This Asian- inspired song is an instrumental treat that I was not expecting to hear on an Epica album. It's really something else. Then comes Natural Corruptionanother good track with all those Epica elements fans learned to enjoy, and The Quantum Enigma Kingdom of Heaven Part IIan epic song with over 11 minutes with the orchestra and choir dominating the first part of the song.

As previously mentioned, a band can be epic without extending the length of a song too much, which Epica themselves did in this same album. Anyway, add to this very good album some interesting bonus tracks each version of the album has a different one and its beautiful album art done by visual artist Stefan Heilemannwho has already worked with Epica in other opportunities and with many other famous artists and bands, and you have another Album) quality album worth buying and, of course, worth listening to many times.

Track listing 1. Originem 2. The Second Stone 3. The Essence of Silence 4. Victims of Contingency 5. Unchain Utopia 7. Dreamscape Memento Banish Your Illusion Mirage Of Verity.

Originem Nos sumus conjuncti Fontem nostram quaerentes Originem sciendi Nos pleni vigoris Quo colendo res fiunt Sic naturam fingimus Aenigma solventes Edrediamur Nil, certum est 2. The Second Stone O, ne moriar bis Oro supplex Sometimes I feel like Natural Corruption - Epica (2) - The Quantum Enigma (Vinyl reason is weakening My inner clock's forcing time to stand still I'm breaching borders between life and sanity That's when it all starts to shatter in front of me Liberate me Why don't you liberate me?

Unchain Utopia We're in a time where all enterprises fall We should beware of the wolves that haunt us They are not all the same, cannot take the blame Await the time to unchain utopia Am I the only one who sees the troubled lines? Reading illusive writings on the mirror Is there a way that we can all erase mistakes and start anew?

Don't mislead Natural Corruption - Epica (2) - The Quantum Enigma (Vinyl and stop stabbing with blunt knives Liberty unchained We're in a time where all enterprises fall We should beware of the wolves that haunt us They are not all the same, cannot take the blame Await the time to unchain utopia What is a reason to wreck hopes and all our dreams?

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