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Barker left a sweet message for Kourt in the comments, hinting that he's been loving her skin-baring vacation photos. While their relationship is still in the early stages, a source told PEOPLE that the Blink musician has already gotten the stamp-of-approval from Kourtney's famous family. He's a good guy and a really great dad," said the source. Their kids all get along too, which is sweet. Son of Indian junior minister arrested after vehicle kills farmers.

Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. My son is 20 years old. Today, I was walking to school and decided to be a good citizen by picking up a beer can on the sidewalk.

I then walked on to my school's campus where I then got suspended by my dean for "trying to rebel", grounded by my parents for getting suspended, and an MIP from the school's police guard. By SensitiveTech. Today, I was loving on a dog at work. I noticed her fur Next To You - The Police - "Message In A Bottle" (Vol 2) (CD) coarse and short and I'd never felt anything like it before.

I broke out in hives all over my face. This happens whenever I'm around any cats, guinea pigs, or rabbits and now some dogs apparently. I'm in school to be a vet tech. By Anonymous. Today, I got reverse suspended for correcting my teacher. Now my mom has to go to all my high school classes with me for a week. By swervelol. Today, the mosquito infestation is so bad that multiple mosquitoes sucked the blood out of the steak I was grilling and promptly died on top of it.

By Anonymous - United States - Dayton. Today, I'm seven months pregnant and going to college. I had to use the bathroom, but all of the bathrooms at my building were closed, Next To You - The Police - "Message In A Bottle" (Vol 2) (CD) I had to walk to the next building, a block away. I didn't make it. I forgot to initial and date the bandage per hospital regulation. As I kneeled in to write, the patient let out the biggest loudest fart directly in my face.

The worst part? Some of it sprayed out, some on my face. Today, I was yelled at and called a pedophile by a mom for talking to her 5 year old girl.

I work at a library and she looked like she needed help. This is the third time it has happened. By Cress. Today, my dad asked what I wanted for my birthday. He just sighed, shook his head, and asked me to pick something normal. Check this out Today, I ran downstairs to meet the Amazon driver and threw on a shirt in a rush. Only after he left did I realise it was my shirt with artful rips in the design and I'd forgot to put on a vest under it.

I'd flashed the driver my entire right boob with nipple piercing through one of the holes. By Mary - France. Handful Today, I was walking my dogs when I noticed one of them had found something, and was eating it.

After my command to "drop it" went unheeded, I took it upon myself to scoop it out of her mouth with my finger. After getting it all over my hand, I realized it was a piece of another dog's poop. By Nikki - United States. He was looking at one couch that was particularly small. I said "dad that couch is for like a midget. He definitely heard me. Today, while shopping for a pair of shoes, I saw a pair I really liked lying around, so I sat down to try them on.

Then, a man came up to me and pointed out that they were actually his shoes. By Thatguynoonelikes - United States - Mansfield. Today, I was babysitting a couple of kids. I'd spent time with them before, so I brought my video game console to play with them. I forgot to take it home with me.

Today, after taping 5-year-olds do a skit at an improv camp, I used the camera's view-finder to zoom in on a female co-worker's chest. Another female co-worker tapped me on the shoulder to show that the TV was still connected to the camera.

Parents, kids, and instructors all witnessed it. Self serving Today, my sister, who knows I'm severely afraid of heights, got me tickets to skydive for my birthday.

When I reminded her of my fear, she stated that she forgot and should just keep them for herself and her boyfriend. My mom agreed. By goodbyeadulthood. Millennial Life Today, my parents told me that from now on I have to share a room with my 9-year-old sister. She already called top bunk. I'm By justanidiot - United States - Macon. Vibe check Today, I've been getting weird vibes from my boyfriend of over a year and half, so I made a fake Tinder account.

Guess who my first match was? My now ex-boyfriend. By Deweyboy. Today, since I needed someone to talk to about it, I told my girlfriend how my dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes. My girlfriend's mother then told me, in graphic detail, how her father's diabetes led to his toes being hacked off.

By crystalpistol - United States. Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, right after I turned down an amazing job opportunity in another location, just so I could be with him. Today, a twelve year-old girl was better at calming down my six month-old baby on the bus than me. Today, I went to a haunted house with the girl I like, thinking that she would get scared and turn to me for comfort. I ended up running out, and was put on the Wall of Shame.

Grammar rules, OK! Today, my new boss lost his shit and flew Next To You - The Police - "Message In A Bottle" (Vol 2) (CD) a ten minute rant against me about the "value of respect".

He told me that if I wanted to stay in "his" company, I'd best start toeing the line. All this because I corrected his misuse of "your" and "you're" in one of his memos. Today, our office had a mock audit before the real thing. I got warning note for not maintaining proper databases for last year's activities.

I only joined a few months ago. By itchtoscratch. Today, I get more pleasure out of scratching my balls than I do out of any sexual activity with my girlfriend. Party animal Today, my husband woke up, tried walking to the bathroom, fell down, got back up and started peeing on the carpet.

He turned up all parts And baigged you to spank, Pulled down Next To You - The Police - "Message In A Bottle" (Vol 2) (CD) breeches, And supplied the plank. The worm that didn't turn Was a rattlesnake to Joe: Wasn't scary—- jes' meek, suh, Was made up so.

Would make a pet bunny Chase a bad blood-hound, Make a new-born baby Slap his grandpa down. The air was muggy And heavy with heat, The people all sizzled Like frying meat. The ice house was heaven The pavements was hell Even Joe didn't feel So agreeable. He Next To You - The Police - "Message In A Bottle" (Vol 2) (CD) know her at all, Never saw her befo' But that didn't make no difference, To my ole boy Joe. Walks up to the cops, And, very polite, Ast them ef they thought They had done just right.

One cracked him with his billy Above the left eye, One thugged him with his pistol And left him lie. Felt mo' out of sorts Than ever befo', So he went on a rampage My ole boy Joe. Shot his way to the station house, Rushed right in, Wasn't nothing but space Where the cops had been.

They called the reserves, And the national guard, Joe was in a cell Overlooking the yard. The machine guns sputtered, Didn't faze Joe at all- But evvytime he fired A cop would fall. The tear-gas made him laugh When they let it fly, Laughing gas made him hang His head an' cry. He threw the hand grenades back With a outshoot drop, An' evvytime he threw They was one less cop.

The Chief of Police said "What kinda man is this? Had walked from the jail About half a square, When a cop behind a post Let him have it fair. Put a bullet in his left side And one in his thigh, But Joe didn't lose His shootin' eye. Drew a cool bead One the cop's broad head; "I returns you yo' favor" And the cop fell dead.

Spoke real polite To de folks standing by: "Would you please do me one kindness. Fo' I die? Joe's friend describes to the reader the temperament of Joe. The poem proceeds to introduce the theme of social injustice by Joe asking the police if "they thought they had done just right. This leads to Joe's rampage after he is beaten by the police. The narrator describes the situation from his point of view which allows the reader to see how even the police, and others involved in keeping the law, committed social injustices instead of doing their job fairly.

With the police committing these acts, social injustice became unavoidable everywhere.

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