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Dougles negociated with Gil Evans the producer and arranger "Sketches" and plans were laid for album with the working title of "Voodoo Chile Plays The Blues". Unfortunately Jimi passed away before they could get together in the studio.

To compensate the loss, Evans put together this big band jazz tribute in The arrangements are superb and perfectly fit the mood of each song. It certainly isn't a corny jazz album and things do get pretty funky and low down 70's style! Evans certainly understood the beauty that lies within Jimi's music. The Beautiful People sampled Hendrix from a DAT of the master tapes handed over by Alan Douglas to make this convincing techno-groove, Acid House album which is great fun and at times genuinely moving.

It's amusing to guess at the origins of some of the many samples which are brilliantly assembled to make a very listenable album my wife loves this! In the sleeve there was a chart showing all the sources. Even Brian Jones's Monterey introduction is spliced in there and it kills me every time.

Many passages thoroughly enhance some of Jimi's riffs and phrasings. Nice work. Link with details below. More details and order information here. Jimi would have been so proud of this one. Top classical violinist Nigel Kennedy gives it all he's got with this superb tribute album.

It's an all acoustic group with cellos, oboe, flute and on guitar there is Doug Boyle known for his work with Robert Plant and none other than John Etheridge! These are rich, intense and very personal interpretations of Jimis works with a blend of contemporary classical music, free jazz and rock. The mellower tracks work the best I feel and luckily the first four songs here are Hendrix ballads and slow to mid-tempo numbers. I'd like to hear more Hendrix from his outfit.

Jon oboe. From the sleeve notes: "If a musician doesn't reach personal and unexpected emotional realms with his music - what the fuck is he doing? Here's something personal, inspired by one of this century's most important creators. One of the Album) best Hendrix tribute albums from the flute virtuoso. A superb version of "Pali Gap" here. A hip-hop tribute to Jimi which samples his music and voice. This is a lot of fun. It is always amazing to discover how skilled musicians really get to the core of Jimi's compositions and demonstrate just how much "jazz" lies within.

After putting together a tribute album with Pinguin Moschuer "If 69 Was 96"guitariste Joe Sachse takes on Hendrix again, but this time completely alone, even playing the bass and percussion accompaniment.

This gives a much purer approach than usual which brings the focus on the excellence of Jimi's songwriting. Joe has real talent in reworking the songs to transform them into stand alone performances. This brilliant exercise is one of my favourite Hendrix tribute albums to date. Website: www. Two volumes of Hendrix Album) from this Paul Gilbert - Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (CD. Polish blues album and guitarist of the yearand rightly so.

Five tracks in the studiothe rest are live. This album is a stunning display of blues-rock guitar from Cichonski and his partner for this album, the Chicago bluesman Stan Skibby he does some fine vocals, he's black, dresses like Jimi and plays it left hand!

The band lay down tight funky interpretations of Jimi's work with nice juicy solos along the way. There are echoes of Stevie Ray Vaughan in there but Cichonski has his own biting style and comes up with some original funky arrangements, especially on the brilliant version of " Voodoo Chile Slight Return " which also features "Anita" on vocals.

A nice surprise is the cover of " Who Knows" which even got me dancing. Leszeks own compositions also work in well making this an immensly listenable album. Over a thousand guitarists play Hendrix songs at the same time! Find out more on his excellent site and play guitar with Album) mouse!

Blues ace Popa Chubby is well known for his frequent covers of Hendrix songs and here, he gives it all he's got with a massive three CD set!

Chubby is a blues shouter, so his voice doesn't adapt to all the songs here but the real interest of course is his superb guitar work throughout. He plays a 66 Strat through a Fender pro reverb to get closer to Jimi's sound but this isn't an imitation exercise as Popa does his own thing with the solos.

The last track "San Catri" another version of which was on the "First Cuts" album is a 16 minute instrumental which begins like "Little Wing" before going into jazz-rock improvisation. Unfortunately, a few live tracks fade out. Dixiefrog Records. Austrian Rudy Kronfuss was the guitarist with 70s band Nostradamus and Fontein. He went on to play in big bands and The Electric Guitar Corporation. He has also put together a band, The Rudy Kronfuss Experience!

A very orthodox approach here from Rudy, staying close to Jimi's arrangements like with the Vince Martell tribute. I had never heard Rudy's playing before this album and I was not disappointed, Rudy has a nice attack and rich textured sound. The album is packed with juicy saturated solos with everything in the right place. His vocals are relaxed and don't make one cringe, which is often the case with Hendrix tributes.

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Did not receive confirmation email? Login Signup. Browse guitar videos by category, timeline, etc. Timeline Anytime This week This month. Voodoo Child was the last song Hendrix performed live, 12 days before his death on September 6, at a concert in Germany.

Soon after in Voodoo Child was released as a single in the UK

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