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Kamurai25 Until Next Time (Live It Up) September Good watch at best, probably won't watch again, but can recommend for time-shift loop fans "Groundhog's Day". I was all excited to stumble into another tim-shift loop movie, with Amanda Palmer no less. She's wildly underrated as an actress, mostly to having probably the worst role written on "Silicon Valley". This movie is basically "Groundhog's Day" for drug addicts. While the protagonist in the other movie was an egotistical jerk, he wasn't an evil person, but this movie decides to "Chronicle" with it and go with a "might makes right attitude" with one of the characters.

The idea of an infinite war is actually pretty boring, and I think getting up everyday to run around shooting and raping people would grow old pretty fast. Usually the "high" of doing things like that is that you're taking agency to overcome rules and you're "special" because you're getting away with something other people won't.

Usually there is also only one protagonist experiencing the loop because it gets funny when multiple people are looping "Paradise Falls" actually does a good version of it. In fact, what could have been a fun, hilarious, and impressive movie actually really takes a hit for wanting to be dark and dirty when it really didn't need to be.

Normally something like that adds substance and power to the movie, Until Next Time (Live It Up) I felt like it was just taxing to deal with. It didn't play into the plot heavily enough that it would have been a different movie without it, and it cheaply uses rape as a throwaway to example the character's removal from civil behavior.

Those points aside, I really think this is a good movie, and I'm just more upset that it isn't a great movie. Three delinquents experience the same day over and over again. So what do they do? Not much, really. The key is "Carston! Seven thirty. But from this enjoyable concept nothing clever or insightful ensues, and we end up with a midwestern family values story. Just like that other movie, but without Bill Murray's delightful cynicism.

What would it be like to live without consequences for your actions? A bit dull, mostly miserable, do the same. So, not much different from real life, which technically makes this a documentary.

This really needed some perverse behaviour from the characters, however foul according to the taste of the intended audience. Without the perversity it simply failed to explore the concept. The good guys were good, the bad guy was bad. Completely dull. Pace, direction, editing all excellent, but concept cooked as flat as a pancake.

I did like the actress with her slopey nose and woolly hat. Repeaters is a decent Canadian thriller with engaging twists and turns. The movie starts with a 3 drug addicts in rehabilitation center, who struck by lightning after spending their first day out. After that, that day start repeating it self over and over again.

Initially it makes them curious but later owns they started to have fun with it. And one of them takes the fun limitation bit too far from raping a minor to killing police officers.

In my opinion the movie was pretty decent there was curiosity what will happen next plus the change of dynamics between three characters going through "Repeaters" was interesting. Dustin Mulligan is a good actor and it was sad that he was let go from Claude" as I think she looked older and under influence in front of Zac Efron. This time she comes around back and did a pretty decent t job. Richard De Klerk is great as almost creepy psycho, pedophile, killer etc.

On the whole, Repeaters is a decent thriller with engaging twists and turns. At least once it's over, you can say it was good not that bad! MrGKB 7 September Check the trivia section of "Groundhog Day" for the source inspiration s of this premise. Once that happens, the rest of the story centers on the efforts of one of the others to put a halt to things. I won't spoil things any further in that regard. Most notable are the three leads, two of them reunited from the cast of "Final Destination 3:" Dustin "Slither" Milligan, Amanda "The Haunting in Connecticutt" Crew, and Richard "Cole" de Klerk; all turn in effectively nuanced performances, and I would expect that all three will have decent careers.

The support is fine as well; don't miss Emily "Ginger Snaps" Perkins' cameo appearance; I wonder if that bit of casting was an in-joke. Bessai's camera-work is effective as is his directionJeff "The Boondock Saints" Danna's score suits well, and even the pop soundtrack isn't too obnoxious. Interested viewers could do a lot worse, let me assure you. At least this is one Canadian indie I can't fault my local library for acquiring.

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The second half of the Alicization arc revived the fandom controversy when it blatantly put Alice, Ronye, Sortiliena, and Asuna and, on a lesser degree, even the previously Vitriolic Best Buds Sinon together to fawn over Kirito, talking and thinking almost exclusively about him when they aren't concentrated on the horrors of the ongoing war - with three of those characters entirely dedicated to protecting his disabled self to boot.

Even the Cat Fight between Alice and Asuna over him has gone down in infamy. However, these characters do have more concern for him than as just love interests, and the situation is painted more as a large tragedy rather than as a super sad harem, especially when characters well beyond their scope are affected by it as well.

We did it up, back-to-back 80s hair metal style, for the rest of the song. We had no passes the guys at McCombs let us down but a couple of us managed to hop the fence at this outdoor set and enjoy two really nice performances. I went by myself and had made plans to try to meet up with David H, but he got held up doing other stuff. The show was memorable because I got my letter Until Next Time (Live It Up) the mail from Uncle Sam the next day calling me back to the Army.

Until Next Time (Live It Up) upon a time I loved making music lists. Really, really loved it. The problem was that my list skills never quite caught up with my enthusiasm for making them.

For example: I spent an entire summer in trying to come up with a mix CD worth of songs that featured hand clapping. Sounds simple enough, right? But the project never really came together. But those three songs ended up as the list. The final analysis: good idea, poor execution.

In business school and in Seattle when I was with Amazon I made a lot of live music lists in an effort to get people to come to shows with me. It was fun, but didn't work that well either I went to a lot of shows solo.

Putting all that aside, I want to start with a few music lists for old time's sake. In a couple of days I'll lay out my favorite live music experience of the last 10 years, but tonight I'm going to rank where music fits in with all the other crap going in Exnicios-land circa We'll call my Until Next Time (Live It Up) emeritus to this list and not in the official running. Without further ado: 1. Lauren my beautiful wife 2.

Graduating Duke and all that went along with it 3a. Going to war even if I wasn't getting shot at 3b. Being in the Army generally I'm better at push ups and shooting things than I would have been 5. Graduating from Berkeley and all that went along with it 6. Calhoun and Until Next Time (Live It Up) my dog and cat 7. Music only top All of my other friends and family not captured by Duke, Army, Berkeley, etc.

The Washington Redskins in the new decade! All the books I read. Labels: lists. Labels: tests. It has been more than a year since my last post. In the last 14 months Nov until now we got a dog, had a re-wedding and went to New Zealand. I started working as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in March, but not until after I got to say that I was unemployed during the great economic meltdown. All told Lauren and I celebrated 7 other weddings with family and friends very fun and had to say goodbye to one of the best guys either of us had ever met very, very sad.

Mariah Carey - Ill Be There (MTV Unplugged) (Cassette), Luka - Various - Now! 12 Top Hits (Vinyl, LP), One More Night - Various - Bravo Hits 18 (CD), Home Nucleonics - Strapping Young Lad - For Those Aboot To Rock - Live At The Commodore (DVD), Descalço No Parque - Marisa Monte - O Que Você Quer Saber De Verdade (CD, Album), What We Came Here For (Reprise) - Woob - Intervision 1015 (File), Injected With A Poison (Krafty Kutz Remix) - Various - Basslinez EP (File, MP3), Tiptoe Through The Tulips - The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band* - Pour LAmour Des Chiens (Vinyl, LP, Album), Chinese Dance - Antal Dorati Conducting The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra*, Tchaikovsky* - The Nutc, Eram / Les Shprouns - Gotainer* - Lintégrale (CD, Album), Bleed Like Me - Garbage - Absolute Garbage (CD), Morte Para Seu Entretenimento - Obliteração - Do Nada Ao Nada (CDr), Beautiful U R (Manox Remix) - Various - Dance Nation 2 - Your Big Night Out (CD), City - Chekarino Project - Zeroes (CDr, Album)