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There are many synonyms for commands, and often you can do things with very short phrases like "Curve" to switch to the Curve tool. If it's not recognizing your voice for short commands like "Curve" or "Cut", you may want to try longer phrases like "Curve tool" or "Cut selection", as this helps it distinguish the sound as speech, rather than a cough for instance.

I also implemented the Edit Colors dialog. Previously this used the native system color picker, and didn't work for some people. Keyboard shortcuts are supported in this dialog, and for mobile devices with small screens, I made it treat adding custom colors as a separate screen. JS Paint is way more accessible now. And futuristic. And cool. Of course there's always more that could be done. Eye Gaze Mode could use brush stroke smoothing, and Speech Recognition could use general artificial intelligence.

I'd love to see people using JS Paint, especially the Eye Gaze Mode and Speech Recognition, so please, if you don't mind, record yourself on video and send me the video through this form.

Maybe I could even make a compilation video. But mainly this lets me know what's actually important to people, and what's confusing, and it gives me motivation to work more on new features.

I recently made it easier to grab handles for resizing Untitled. With that, combined with multitouch panning, JS Paint is much more useable Untitled a phone. Caveat: It's slow on some devices, and parts of the interface are still too small for touch.

Handles are now way easier to drag, with extended click targets, similar to Paint from Windows 7. It's not unreasonable to use with a touch screen now! This applies to selections, textboxes, and the main canvas handles. Resizing things while zoomed in is finally fixed! The Text tool now perfectly previews the pixels that will be placed on the canvas. What you see is what you get! Create a piece of creative writing with a drawing about mental health for Fulham FC Foundation!

With an exciting new course brought to you by Facebook Spark AR, you can learn to create your own filters in seven hours via this innovative partnership. Some top tips for overcoming creative block and getting started on our Fulham FC Foundation brief about mental health.

Follow us untitled. Sign up. Creative briefs. A light coloured horizontal line divides the principal fields. After completing a painting Rothko would remove the tape to reveal a white border of unpainted paper.

He considered this border to be an integral part of the painting. Although the sombre palette of these late works on paper has been explained by some critics as reflecting Rothko's depression following his illness, the fact that he used darker colours some ten years earlier would seem to deny this assertion, which remains unsubstantiated. This is not to deny the importance of the subject in these or any other of Rothko's paintings.

Any vestigial image that remained in Rothko's abstract paintings afterhowever, had been eliminated in the Houston murals. The white margin both emphasises the flatness of the surface and suggests the possibility of depth. In the elimination of the figure in these late works and in the abutment of one tone against another, Rothko comes close to the effect of certain paintings by Barnett Newman.

Rothko employed similar tones and configurations in these last paintings but where, in the paper works, the white margin was created by the removal of masking tape, in the paintings on canvas he painted against a white canvas. His previous practice had been to apply a wash of colour to the canvas against and with which to work. Clearly his experience with the white margin in the works on paper was considered to be successful.

It is worthy of note that both Pollock and Rothko created a series of dark works towards the end of their lives see entry on Jackson Pollock T Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Not on display. Artist Mark Rothko — Medium Acrylic paint on paper.

Collection Tate. Acquisition Presented by the Mark Rothko Foundation Reference T It is recommended that you put your common site navigation section in this file formatted in HTML. You can actually put whatever you want in here, but it can be used for a navigation menu. You could also use it to put a side-wide notice, on your website. Write this file in Markdown. You could also put a common navigation section in the template, and use nav files for site-wide announcements, or for announcements on specific pages.

How you use Untitled is entirely up to you! The filename can actually be anything, for your CSS. You can leave the CSS string empty in site. The name global. The file named sitemap. This file will sit on the root directory of your website. Do not manually create these files. They are automatically generated by Untitled. They simply index your entire website. This applies to any.

The file named file. Link directly to the. Untitled static site generator will use Sed to replace these with. Look in the markdown files for those sites, on pages that specify x-toc-enable: true.

This is a special directive for the Pandoc variant of Markdown. In the untitled static site generator, when a TOC is enabled, the depth is 4. If present, the page Untitled file. This can Untitled anything.

Write it in Markdown. For example, you could use this to put announcements on a page. Untitled you have file. This does not replace any global CSS files that you specified in site. It is applied after that one.

One possible use-case for this is if you have an otherwise decent CSS file for your site, but you need to override certain rules on a specific page. Where you have your Markdown file, strip off the mdyou create a new file with the same name but with.

This will override the default, global template, for that page only. This section defines what files should be placed in directories that are to be news sections. Simply write your news pages. Read the notes below for how to set up news sections on your website.

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