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Download as PDF Printable version. Abbey Road StudiosLondon, England. I Robot Pyramid Eve David Paton ; additional vocals by Dean Ford. Colin Blunstone. Lenny Zakatek. Dean Ford ; additional vocals by Colin Blunstone. Jack Harris. John Miles ; additional vocals Album) Colin Blunstone. Australia Kent Music Report [3]. Dutch Albums Album Top [5]. German Albums Offizielle Top [6]. Norwegian Albums VG-lista [8]. Spanish Albums AFE [9].

A nice and jumpy electronic pop track. But it is not enough to make this album a good one. Just average as far as I am concerned. Two stars or five out of ten. Nevertheless, it can't be considered at the very same level of its predecessor.

Music is slightly predictable, without any pure flash of genious. Ok, there are many interesting instrumental songs as the excellent opener "Voyager" and the hypnotic "Hyper-Gamma Spaces" in the vein of "I Robot" and a killer instrumentalsumptuous symphonic arrangements as in "Shadow of a Lonely Man" or "In the Lap of the Gods" superb numberbut not enough for a full musical pleasure.

Nothing that really stands out in the memory quite like some moments on a couple of other albums. It's music easy to digest yet still very interesting and deep. Still recommended.

The Killer tracks: "Voyager" is, as often the case with APP, a lovely overture, full of inspiration and mood. The sensational "In the Lap of Gods" is among the best instrumentals Parsons and Project have come up with, flush with abundant Andrew Powell orchestrations that defy the notion of brilliance. The finale "Shadow of a Lonely Man" has Supertramp-like tendencies with some ELO style orchestrations and works well within those accepted confines.

The Pop tracks: "What Goes Up" is a typical time period musical anecdote, breezy rhythm and sultry lilt. T'was a minor radio hit. A sax by numbers helps little to medicate the pain. The third track is also excellent with soft tranquil vocals and gentle melodies on "The Eagle Will Rise Again". It is a terrific side one so one would hope for more of this quality on the flip side. The beautiful melody is haunting and conjures Egyptian imagery; it works on the conscious level and again remains embedded in the memory with its simple synth lines and majestic vocals.

It is certainly in my top 5 tracks of Alan Parsons Project. The melody is simple and repeated but it is totally effective, and it resonates along a fast tempo sequenced synth line. The album finishes with "Shadow Of A Lonely Man" that is lightweight and pleasant but is an anticlimax after all the progressive elements. I can recommend it for at least 4 incredible tracks, and it feels very much like the incredible art rock on "I, Robot" that also opened with 3 brilliant tracks.

My gut reaction on first listen was this was worth 3 stars, but it soon grew on me with every listen and I would rank this as good as "I, Robot" so 4 stars is well deserved on a very catchy melodic album; one of the best from this innovative artist. One More River, however, steps in to turn things around - from this point on, there's occasional injections of New Wave ideas creeping in here and there to the band's sound which offer a bit more of a hard edge than anything offered on I, Robot.

Indeed, they hadn't rocked quite that hard since The Telltale Heart on the debut. Part of me wonders whether album might have been a favourite of early neo-prog group Quasar, since several sections of it sound like a bit like the sort of material they might have been deliver on their debut Fire In the Sky had it not suffered a truly horrible production job.

On top of that, the concept is rather clever - if you piece it together carefully, it's less a story about the Great Pyramids themselves so much as as the cover art hints a man who becomes fascinated with the supposed esoteric wisdom encoded in them and the whole Pyramid Power thing a hot topic when the album was recordedto the point where his life and personal relationships disintegrate and he has nothing to show for it but crank theories and a worrying obsession.

Comparisons between this and being a prog fan I suggest you keep to yourself! The most underrated album I've ever heard.

I understand the rating it receives on this page as it is not a totally progressive album, but the way the conceptuality is carried out throughout this fantastic trilogy is more than memorable. Three songs divided into three parts that shelter the listener Each APP album went gradually more pop-oriented but remained at least a conceptual topic to be linked to.

Pyramid is a decent album with a few progressive moments but it is foremost a catchy and pop-oriented record. The ability to compose tracks highly exceed the ability to create complex instru Pyramid was released in and on the expressi After I Robot, The Alan Parsons Project seemed to settle into a formula, and while they made many good albums using this formula, there's something lacking on this release.

It's not that there are no good melodies or sounds; in fact the lyrics are all good and have progressed since the last a This is not bad The rest of the album is very radio friendly and not very progressive. It's better than your average pop album One of the better of The Alan Parsons Project's albums. Cathes the spirit of their earliest music, and gives an insight into what will their compositions be like later on.

As usual for TAPP, the songs themselves mostly are not particularly progressive, but it is the overal composition and the r This album is really good. It is perfect with my other Album) rock and classic rock collection. This is my favorite song on the album. It has a nice twelve string with a nice melody and beautiful lyrics and singing. The other I've owned or listened to all 10 albums fromi. Don't have Eve anymore, don't remember liking it. Found albums after 'Eye' had one or two good son It's very strange and this only happens maybe with certain albums You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. Not that such albums as PyramidsI Robot or Tales of EA Poe were badon the contrary on top of being gorgeously produced, they had many fine songs that hit the airwaves but in terms of prog contentsall APP were relatively lightweights.

What Goes Up Had we been on a non-prog site this album might have received a higher rating. Next, 'One More River' reincides on the strength of determination in a pop-rock context, only to be segued into 'Can't Take It With You', which reminds us that by our time of dying, we shall leave all the things we struggled for behind us - the opening whistling feels quite creepy, actually. Its abrupt end is followed a couple of seconds later by the bang of a gong, which is where the funny 'Pyramania' starts something like APP's version of Supertramp's 'Dreamer' : its folly ambience is accurate for the lyrics, which mock at the new age pseudo-mystical stuff.

This lush electronic exercise seems to be a celebration of the cosmic powers of creation and regeneration, but before things get too exulting, here comes 'Shadow of a Lonely Man'. This overwhelming symphonic ballad is nothing but a self-pitying, dramatic portrait of riches to rags, which serves as a reminder of the fact that all men and all things, no matter how grandiose, share a common fate of death and oblivion.

All things must pass, LP 'Pyramid' states it beautifully: a very recommended listen, and of course, a very recommended entry in any good prog collection.

While I have a deep nostalgic appreciation for the Moodys, APP strikes me as more synthetic, more crisply and emotionlessly produced. When I was an over-exciteable pre-teen, I could enjoy ballads like "Don't Answer Me" and low-key creepers like "Eye in the Sky", but a friend who was a fan begged me to listen to one of the earlier albums to get a better feel for the depth of the band. I considered "Tales" and "I Robot" but my experience with musical adaptations of literature convinced me that "Pyramid" might be a better choice.

It turns out he is also a good musician on his own. This album is easy listening electronic prog-pop I have trouble categorizing this album.

I say electronic because What Goes Up. - The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid (Vinyl the instrumentation heavily focused on electric keyboard and effects. I say prog because it is not the usual store album, it is in fact creative and complex. And I say pop because of the nice melodies, and song structures. My Grade : B. It starts with an ambient "Voyager" followed with an excellent mellow pop song with excellent melody "What Goes Up Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW.

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