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Closet Religion. Churchin' With Dottie. Trapped in the Closet [Chapter 1]. Playa's Only [Germany CD 2]. In the Closet [DVD]. Visionary: The Video Singles Skyroo.

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Cleaning Out My Clo…. Closet Classics. Closet Classics [Vi…. Closet Pop Folk. Lyrics: My Closet 4eign Flo. My Closet Sayitainttone Big Sean. No bones about it. Just a several names. F: Well in the 80s almost everyone was influenced by punk. Discharge was extremely important. I get around records every year, so it's alot of every style that i listen to. F: I think he is busy with a lot of other things than always listening to music.

He likes a lot of the styles i like too, yeah. But i am completely possessed by music. Who's your favourite authors? And i also read a lot of literature and other facts about the forests around Oslo, since this is where i am at home and i am known for this here in Oslo. F: Uff i don't know, i am so specialized in my interests so i only know about forests of Oslo.

But maybe it's expensive i don't know. I wouldn't visit Oslo, people should see the west of norway or north i guess. But my home is the forests around here. And, maybe you know some russian bands? I have everything i need in my life, and i am extremely busy here. Fucking great Iron Maiden worship! This band from northern Finland is mixing oldschool first-wave death metal with dis-beat and hardcore punk, and the result is more than awesome!

You have to give this band a listen here: www. P: Hi Ydintuho! Thanx for doin the interview with our zine. Well, not so much information on your myspace about when you formed the band, so can you tell us?. V: Ydintuho was formed in late summer P: You're from Rovaniemi, north of Finland.

Are there many active bands in your town and what music are they playin'?. V: Actually we're all from Kuusamo, small and cold town in north-east Finland. I live in Rovaniemi nowadays and other. P: Your sound reminds me of very oldschool examples and its like oldschool death metal meets crust and hardcore. This is incredible mixing, why have you decided to play this kind of a subgenre?. V: We're all into old and raw metal, raw punk, d-beat etc so it's. P: What bands influenced you first?.

Raw old school metal and hardcore punk in general. P: Seems like dbeat and raw punk are growing these days. Is it? Maybe people are bored with soft and melodick stuff in general haha!

P: What's your opinion on modern underground, what bands do you like?. V: Well i dont really follow what's happening around, but. P: Finland lately is popular mainly for its softrock and some mainstream metal bands.

Not very much is known about the underground, maybe you can recommend some good finnish underground bands of nowadays?. V: For example those bands i mentinoed above. V: We made 66 copies of the demo, they sold out in less than. Soi festival june P: Are you planning to record a full-lenght, if yes, when? Maybe you're more into eps and splits?. V: No plans for full length album yet. I personally like to. P: You've also used a cassette format for making different.

What do you prefer - tapes, CDs or vynil more?. V: Cassettes are fuckin' cool! Vinyl is of course great, and cd:s. P: You're a three-piece band, have you ever changed the.

Violent Hammer old school death metal in Also Ari and our new singer Matti played in Violent Hammer. Me and Kalle played in Dirty Funeral which was old and. None of us have any other bands at the moment. P: What are topics of your lyrics guys?. Are you writing. V: Nuclear destruction, war, death. Everything is done in. P: 'Ydintuho' - what's the meaning of this word?. V: It means nuclear destruction. P: Is it hard to exist as a band in Finland, when you must. P: You're living in a deep forest zone, i've also grown up in.

V: There's nothing greater than to take a few beers and watch the spectacular Finnish landscapes, specially in hot mid-summer. P: Do you guys drink a lot? Alcohol is the fifth member of Ydintuho.

P: And the last question: sorry its just for fun! Back at James' house, he pulls up to the garage. A panicked Bridget rushes to the door and kisses James. When James asks her why she looked jittery, Bridget excuses it as "might be that time of the month ". The "might be" makes James suspicious. Bridget laughs it off, saying "you know what I mean". Bridget tries getting him upstairs, or enticing him with fresh pears, but James insists on heating some leftover chicken.

Bridget's nervous breakdown finally leads to James demanding a straight answer from Bridget. James then starts to wonder if Bridget had also cheated on him. Closet Punk - D.R.J.* - Dirty Rotten LP (Cassette to him and from the looks of a nervous Bridget, it becomes clear another man is still in the house. James starts investigating Closet Punk - D.R.J.* - Dirty Rotten LP (Cassette house for any possible intruders.

When he hears a noise, he begins to search all over the kitchen while a panicked Bridget stands over by the dishes.

After James checks the oven and looks behind the fridge, he notices the cherry pie with a slice cut out. When he realizes that Bridget is allergic to cherrieshe turns to her and moves slowly to a scared Bridget. After demanding Bridget to move from her spot, which she eventually does, he sees the cabinet and slowly approaches it.

Just as he opens it, the video suddenly stops and the narrator exits out of the kitchen pantry and, breaking the fourth walltells the audience that the man, hiding in the cabinet, is a midget.

In this chapter, the midget jumps out of the cabinet and fights with James. After James' constant roughing up on the midget, Bridget runs upstairs where she pulls out a number from her purse.

Meanwhile, back downstairs, James puts the midget on the table and demands to know why he was at his house. The midget continues telling him that he was paid not to tell, which only angers James, who pulls his gun on him.

When he does, the midget defecates. Back at Sylvester's house, he, Twan and Gwendolyn are playing cards when the phone rings. When Gwendolyn answers it, she hears a panicked Bridget, who tells her she found her number in James' pocket.

After a minute, Gwendolyn hangs up and gives Sylvester and Twan the address to the house, presumably to stop the fight. Back at James' house, James and the midget continue fighting until Bridget comes back to the kitchen with a double-barreled shotgun.

When James points his gun at Bridget, the midget takes his inhaler out. A few seconds later, Sylvester and Twan burst through the door and Sylvester points his gun at James. Sylvester and Twan notice a peculiar odor in the house. Due to Sylvester and Twan's entrance, the midget faints on the table. In this chapter, the midget wakes up peculiar to seeing three guns and tries to get out of the situation. Sylvester then begs Bridget and James to put their guns down, to which they adamantly refuse.

Bridget then tells Sylvester she will drop the gun if James does not hurt the midget, whose name is revealed as "Big Man," a stripper at a club called Dixie's. When Sylvester asks why he was named that, the midget points down to his pants and tell him he is "blessed. Just as James looks as if he was going to answer, Bridget starts getting sick. It is then revealed that Bridget is three months pregnant, presumably with James' baby. After James' constant prompts to Sylvester, Twan and Big Man with his gun to leave, Bridget stops him and admits paying Big Man and even admitted that she knew that James had been cheating on her with Gwendolyn, saying that she had followed him around.

When James demands to know what Bridget is really telling him, Bridget says that Big Man is her baby's father, which negates her previous excuse from chapter 8 as being "that time of the month".

Big Man again faints at the news. Kelly switches from first person as Sylvester to third person narrative in the middle of this chapter as the focus fades away from his character. Back at Cathy's house, she, Rufus and Chuck get up from the floor. After Cathy closes the door, she and Rufus argue about the reasons why Sylvester almost shot at them in Chapter 3, with Cathy angered about Rufus "creeping" around with Chuck, who is the deacon of Rufus' church, telling him "ain't no telling what I've got," referring to sexually transmitted diseases.

Chuck gets angry at this and threatens Cathy with a knife, which prompts Cathy to force him to do it. Rufus then calms them down and tries to resolve the matter but neither Cathy or Chuck listen, as they continue arguing, even as the phone rings.

When it rings a second time, Cathy answers it and it is Gwendolyn and she begins telling Cathy about the drama that had gone on. When Gwendolyn mentions that she saw Sylvester in Paje's club with "some crusty wig-wearing ass ho," Cathy realizes the man she had slept with that night was Sylvester.

When Cathy tries telling her who the "ho" was, Gwendolyn stops her and tells her more about James and his situation. When an angry Rufus demands Cathy to finish their conversation, Cathy shuts Gwendolyn up and tells her she was the "ho" that had been with Sylvester. In the original version of Chapter 12 which was originally going to be Chapter 6Rufus said he was going to take back Cathy.

This idea was later incorporated into the later chapters. Also, Gwen never called Cathy so Gwen would've never known Cathy was the one that slept with Sylvester. The chapter initially starts with Sylvester and Twan in Sylvester's car though it is not clear at first where they are going.

When Sylvester tells Twan to be on his best behavior and reminds Twan about how he got sent to jail, Twan says it "was because of Roxanne and that bitch Tina," which Sylvester remembers his wife mentioning their names in chapter five.

The scene Album) cuts to Rosie the nosy neighbor and her husband Randolph played by R. Kellywho argue over Rosie spying on other neighbors. The argument ends when the scene cuts back to Sylvester explaining to Twan that he has to collect money from someone, he tells Twan to leave the car in drive and be on the lookout and enters a restaurant.

An hour goes by with no sign of Sylvester. In chapter fourteen, it is revealed that apparently Sylvester and Cathy, who shows up in a blond wig and black dress, made a deal for Sylvester to get caught by her pastor husband Rufus but the deal had apparently backfired, not only by Cathy's realization that Sylvester and her best friend Gwendolyn were married but also due to Cathy not wanting to end her marriage to Rufus, with Cathy later admitting she had changed her mind on the deal.

When Sylvester threatens to leave, Cathy tries to explain the reasons why. A waitress comes by and offers them drinks. Sylvester looks at the waitress thinking to himself that she looked familiar. Meanwhile, outside at Sylvester's car, Twan gets a call from a friend only shown by a close-up of his mouth about Tina, telling him Tina had stopped being a prostitute and was working at a "legit" place.

He later tells Twan that Tina was working at the same restaurant as Sylvester with Cathy. Back at the restaurant, Sylvester notices the waitress but can't think from where, until he sees her name tag which says "Tina. After Tina breaks a beer bottle and makes karate-styled moves saying to Sylvester that she and Roxanne take Tae BoCathy and the rest of the patrons leave quickly, leaving Sylvester alone with Tina and Roxanne.

Just as Tina and Roxanne are about to attack, Twan comes busting through the door threatening them. With Twan, Sylvester, Tina and Roxanne in the now-empty restaurant, Twan seeks revenge on Tina and Roxanne on his arrest three years ago.

Sylvester tries calming Twan down reminding him he's on house arrest and that a violent outburst would lead to a more serious time in prison.

After convincing Twan to let him talk to them, Sylvester approaches the two ladies and ask them what had happened on the day of his arrest. Tina and Roxanne explain that they were on a "simple operation" describing a " trip " to Atlanta. Roxanne tells Sylvester that a high Twan was swerving on the road and cutting up on the both of them, even turning his music loud playing " Mary Jane " and screaming "I'm Rick James, bitch! Twan's car breaks down and all three are eventually arrested.

In the interrogation room, the police tell the women that Twan blamed the drug deal on them in order to save his own skin. It is then when Roxanne tells Twan she turned him in.

Roxanne says Tina protected him because Tina was pregnant with Twan's baby at the time. Indie folk musician Will Oldham makes a cameo in this chapter as one of the police officers in the interrogation. Sylvester, stunned at first at the news of Tina having Twan's child, congratulates Twan on the news but Twan is not convinced, accusing Tina of lying to him. This makes Tina's eye twitch, which had started when Sylvester had first approached her near the end of chapter When Sylvester asks Roxanne about it, Roxanne explains a pimp had hit Tina in the eye a year ago and that she's had bad nerves ever since.

Twan then pulls Sylvester to the side and begins wondering if he is really the father of Tina's child. Sylvester convinces him that a child would calm him down.

When Twan tells Tina that he wants to make this work, Roxanne kisses Tina and reveals they are lovers. In the commentary remix on the Trapped in the Closet DVD, Kelly tells the audience that in the upcoming chapters he will probably give Tina about three chapters to explain her nervous eye twitch.

Stunned at the news of Roxanne and Tina being lovers, a frustrated Sylvester points his gun at the both of them, but soon stops because of his tolerance to lesbianswhile Twan kept egging him to shoot them. Sylvester tries to get Twan to leave the restaurant. It's only after Twan threatens Tina and Roxanne that he will buy a gun and come back for them later that Sylvester finally convinces Twan to leave.

Back at the car as they drive away, Twan is still angry over seeing Roxanne and Tina together, despite Sylvester's efforts to calm him down. Around this time, Sylvester gets a phone call from Gwendolyn, who tells him that his parents, O'Dale and Myrna, got into it and Myrna had O'Dale put in jail.

When the song reaches a climax, Rufus gets a phone call and excuses himself to his office. It's Chuck, who's crying and upset over not seeing Rufus since the incident in the earlier chapters. Rufus and Chuck argue when Cathy walks in Rufus' office. When Cathy asks Rufus who was on the phone, Chuck, who can be heard accidentally on speaker phone, cries out for Rufus, which angers Cathy and the two argue before Rufus sends Cathy out to deal with the situation.

Rufus then tries to let Chuck come see him so they can talk but Chuck refuses. Rufus then tells Chuck that he wants to stay married because he loves his wife and is a Pastor as the reason he doesn't Album) to see Chuck anymore. This angers Chuck, who threatens to reveal their relationship. When Rufus again tries to get Chuck to come see him, Chuck reveals he is recovering at a hospital.

Reverend Mosley James Evans and the Peace Within Choir attempt to persuade Pimp Lucius, a pimp with a severe stuttering problem, to stop pimping and to turn his life around. As the choir sings "you can do it Pimp Lucius," Lucius pretends to accept the offer and leaves the church.

However, he then tells his pimpin' partner, Bishop Craig, that he is never going to "s-s-s-s-s-stop p-p-p-pimpin," because "p-p-p-pimpin's for life. This chapter shows Rosie the Nosy Neighbor's house where Rosie is seen in her chair reading the Bible when her husband Randolph comes in shouting, "he's got the package! Unwilling to listen to reason, when Randolph tells her he has news on the pastor Rufusshe demands to know what was going on with him.

After some bickering, Randolph tells Rosie the story: while working as a janitor for the church, Randolph hears Rufus coming into the office. Randolph hid in the closet and unintentionally overheard the conversation seen in chapter eighteen among Chuck, Rufus and Cathy. After relaying the story, Rosie asks Randolph why he had said the pastor had "the package," Randolph says that Chuck told him he was at the hospital.

Rosie immediately decides to inform the masses, despite Randolph's protests. The chapter ends with Randolph sitting on the couch, falling asleep. Sylvester and Twan go to visit an apparent mobster named Joey. Sylvester informs Joey of some job that could get them a lot of money. Sylvester, trying to defuse the situation, asks Twan to wait outside the office while he and Joey discuss business.

As Twan leaves the room, he remarks, "I'll be listening from the outside. Mama said knock you outfuck outta here. In the end, Sylvester wakes Twan up, then Joey and Sylvester say their goodbyes, and Joey asks Sylvester to tell Gwendolyn he says hello, as their deal is sealed.

The scene opens to O'Dale and Myrna's voicemail and eventually fades into the middle of the voicemail box where the narrator Kelly says, "and Album) the rumor.

NoGasBoyz - OceanDub - #TrainingArc The Warm Up (All Media), Do The Stop - The Sparkletones* - The Sparkletones (Vinyl, LP), Give It Up (Club Mix) - Various - Promo-Mix 17 (Vinyl), Juramento (Bolero) - Ñico Saquito - ÑIco Saquito (CD, Album), Te Quiero, The Forbidden City - Ennio Morricone - Marco Polo - Original Soundtrack (Vinyl, LP, Album), Les Secrets DAlice, Adult Education - Daryl Hall & John Oates - Rockn Soul Part 1 (CD), Stretch - Various - Ahora 98 (CD), Sonata in F, K 533/494 - Andante - Rondo - John McCabe (2) - W. A. Mozart "Piano Music Volume 1, Teshke Rechi - Fast Flowz - Brzi Tokovi (CD, Album)