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Finnegan Wakes. McAlpine's Fusiliers. Hot Asphalt. The Glendalough Saint. Within a Mile of Dublin. Will You Come to the Bower. Master McGrath. Walking in the Dew. The Cook in the Kitchen. Off to Dublin in the Green. The Foggy Dew. Genre International. Finnegan's Wake Traditional. The Dubliners. The Dublin Fusiliers Traditional.

Chief O'Neill's Favourite Traditional. Night night! Telmetale of stem or stone. Beside the rivering waters of, hitherandthithering waters of. As Samuel Beckett wrote, in his essay Dante… Bruno. Now, at least there was a title — Finnegans Wake — and from this title alone a number of deductions could be made. One could assume that these words had more than one connotation. In this case all the analyses lead in a similar direction.

Certainly, an end is implied in the notion of a wake — where the lamentation or merrymaking beside the corpse is intended to escort the soul to its afterlife; but a beginning, too, for after sleep, we wake. The sons, Shem and Shaun, are twins and yet opposites.

His brother Shaun is more practical and less imaginative — a postman, antagonistic towards his more famous brother, who he considers a charlatan and degenerate. On another level, though, they represent all archetypal opposites — active and passive, positive and negative, Yin and Yang, East and West — as well as, for Joyce, the doctrine of the 16th-century philosopher Giordano Bruno of Nola, which sees unity in the reconciliation of opposites.

Bruno the Nolan is encountered several times in Finnegans Wakesometimes playfully confused with LP) Dublin booksellers Browne and Nolan. These four recurring divisions of time allow us to see history as circular, like the seasons of the year or the human life cycle — birth, marriage, death, burial and resurrection. According to Vico, each cycle is initiated by a thunderclap a big bang?

Seen from across the bay of Dublin, Howth Head looks like a person asleep or laid out for a wake. Some refer to it as the sleeping princess, but for Joyce it is the sleeping or dying Finn MacCumhal.

The River Liffey, Finnegans Wake - The Dubliners - 32 Greatest Hits (Vinyl Livia, is like the cycle of life itself. From the city she passes out into the sea where she can be absorbed before being taken up into the atmosphere to fall again as rain on the Wicklow Hills. A complete recording of Finnegans Wake would require 16—20 compact discs.

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