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Psychedelic atmosphere, psychoactive sound. Remastered by yours truly. Tags ambient ambient; noise; psychedelic ambient psychedelic noise ambient psychedelic dark ambient drone drone ambient experimental electronic neo-classical noise power electronics psychedelic psychedelic ambient psychedelic ambient electronic Russian Federation. Mystical Variations for the Birds from Night Forest. Kshatriy recommends:.

Kshatriy go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. The entire universe is being held with every single pulse of life that Kshatriy releases, engulfing the listener with infinite sonic mysteries. This romantic vision, trying to cage the entire universe within the spectrum of audible sound, softly releases it in caressing paces that lament on some parts of the album, haunt and even threaten on others, and Flying Mushrooms - Kshatriy - Mushrooms And Kshatriy (CDr, offer bittersweet consolation on more parts.

Once again, a great outcome for Zhelezobeton. Few months ago I had a pleasure to review the collaboration album of two Russian residents Kshatriy and Vresnit, and I was really impressed by the ambience that they had created.

As for me, most of the bands from the post-SSSR region are worth to be checked out at least from curiosity site, the underground culture there is less influenced by the western music development, that's why the chance is high to come across some interesting act.

Now it is a turn of the new album from Kshatriy to get inspected and weighted by your loyal servant. This is a second full length records from this artist, but Sergei, the man behind the project, has already a rich portfolio of different collaborations, split albums and tracks on various compilations. While I dive into the mythology behind the name, I discover the Indian background of the whole creative process, where Kshatriy is an eternal warrior caste in Indian social structure.

In the album "Transforming Galaxy", Sergei tries to reflect two main messages of his inner world. The first is the idea of Kali Yuga, the age of dawn and decadence, the worst age of all, when all the virtues are downgraded and forgotten, and his belief that this age is close to the end, the light in the end of the tunnel is bright enough for devoted to see it already.

And the second idea is of the origin of uniformity of the entire world, and each single particle carrying an impulse of whole universal establishment. According to Sergei, "Music is a natural language of souls?

When one chooses this kind of a creative background, usually the demand is for the wide opened plains with strong emotional impulses. The journey starts with an opening track "Initiation into the Higher Self", where from the first tunes I can understand how vast and circumspect the music is. First of all, what is significant to all the tracks that I have ever heard from Kshatriy, is a constant usage of field recordings which become inseparable part of the whole concept.

Wind blowing inside trees, constant splashing of the water, birds signing, crickets making their noises during the late hours, dogs barking, everything is bind into the huge canvas,- the picture of the surrounding world, where each and every creature carries a reflection of universal order.

Cold sonic landscape opens its doors with the track "The Song of the Unknown", a deep humming melody circles like a wheel of galaxy, supporting the sounds of breathing nature, rainfalls and thunder. Two following tracks, "Omut" and "Awakening" are the best in this record for my taste.

And with "Awakening" all the nature wakes up from a sleep, a light rain washes away dreams of a spring to come; fluting sound welcomes the breath of life around and makes the landscape even vaster and the atmosphere much viscid. On this stage I am already carried away by the river of time to meet the creator of all and to dive into the "Transforming Galaxy" track, much gloomier and heavier experience. Finally, to relieve the taste of grimness comes a closing track "Love is a Key", full of celestial, almost heavenly spirit, to reveal a statement of what can be the main cause of finishing the Kali Yuga age.

The idea and the result of the projection of this idea into the musical expression work nicely for Kshatry. Though nothing new explored here from the musical point of view, an able manipulation with the well-know techniques helps in creating a beautiful journey. Slowly unwinding are the tight spirals of drone, rhythmic patterns pulsate and emotional melodies are cut with rare flashes of voices.

Smoothly flows the sound, charged with energy, transmitting the experience of self-awareness from the musician to the listener Soft organic tracks full of plangent drones, noises and natural recordings neighbor with dense and saturated hymns to Kali. The album is closed by a beautiful lyrical composition reminding us that the best way to overcome ignorance and realize unity is Love.

Calm and profound, filled with resilience and hidden power, like an endless ocean of tranquility, energy and beauty. Instead of dense flows of thick cosmic ambience space is filled with weird abstract forms and flickering electronic collages. Celestial Light - Celestial Level Celestial Light - Atmos Celestial Light - Internal Light Celestial Light - Gold-Singing Cave Sunyata Research - Sunyata Research Black Samantabhadra - Samantabhadra Samantabhadra - Samantabhadri Live 07 Desember Cold Sun - Cold Sun Time Flying Mushrooms - Kshatriy - Mushrooms And Kshatriy (CDr The Enemy - Unaltered Mind Time is The Enemy - Venus Smile Time is The Enemy - Self Luminosity Time is The Enemy - Chronopolis Cosmonoise - Cosmonoise Mushrooms - Growing mushrooms Mushrooms - Flying mushrooms Mushrooms - Curious mushrooms Mushrooms - Crying mushrooms Quite an excellent album of heavy and moody guitar music.

Certainly a must have for those who miss out on new releases of Jeely's earlier incarnations. Maybe if you call yourself 'Unfollow' and your release 'Zero Likes', you deliver some kind of comment on the nature of social media? With him he also worked as Album) Letters.

Unfollow is the new solo vehicle and the label says about this debut that it "was recorded as Tony's brother spent his last days in Hospice; sampled life support machines and nurse's whispers inter-splice hazy drones and jaded lo-fi beats.

Unfollow zooms in, giving us a dimly lit skeleton; dizzying motorik beats and paranoid textures undulate freely beneath the steady pulse". I must admit that's not how I heard it, especially that thing about life support machines and whisper's and such like. Had I not known all of this I would believe Boggs' intention would have been to create some more experimental form of dance music, yet all of this still being on the danceable side of things.

There is maybe the odd hiss here and there, but otherwise it's indeed all about straightforward dance rhythms and synthesizer sounds. A bit dub inspired something, as in 'Play The Wall', otherwise straightforward floor material of a more minimalist nature.

Maybe it's all a bit heavy, topic wise, but without that context I thought this was a highly enjoyable release! I never heard of Lazer Crystal before, so I have no idea how this fits in. It kicks off with 'Robert's Cup' and with a great acid sound, but also some synthesizers being played on top. Here too we have dance music, inspired by the world of acid, disco, electro and techno, with a fair bit of cosmic synthesizers on top.

The music of Windbreaker is less minimal than that of Unfollow, and adds a bunch of melodic touches to the music. Here too I thought this was highly entertaining music. Certainly, and that goes for Unfollow as well, stuff you can put on reverse a couple of times, while doing chores around the house. There is both room for the accessible beats and the some what more experimental sounds, sometimes buried a bit below in the mix, and which one can pick up if the volume is up a bit more.

These are the first three releases by Kikimora Tapes and offer an excellent showcase of alternative pop tunes. That's how I like these best! The second edition is released three years later.

The trio Miguel A. Garcia, Enrique Zaccagnini on electronics and noise and Marta Sainz on voice and effects create a lot of noise. The album consists of 15 tracks, called Destruction 3 — 17 in 37 minutes. The album is a real kaleidoscope of noisy music. The alternation between violent harsh noise and noise with more space because of the mix with a lot of reverb make this album to an interesting entire album.

The tracks with white noise completed with some edited musique concrete sounds are really fresh. In each of the five pieces the mood is dark and gloomy, especially due to the guitar playing more or Flying Mushrooms - Kshatriy - Mushrooms And Kshatriy (CDr ambient passages, in the best Robert Frippertronic tradition: slow, cascading, tumbling, rising and decaying.

The other two members embed these guitar sounds in a bed of more drone like sounds, the oscillators of the synthesizers, the stretched out sounds from manipulated field recordings; that kind of thing. Developments are quite slow, but I guess that's the whole idea behind this. Minimalist yet significant changes over the course over a longer piece, and then creates something that is also interesting to hear for the unsuspecting listener.

Unstable Lands succeed quite well at that, I must say. Their pieces have a sufficient amount of variation that makes that one keeps listening until the very end of this. Perhaps all of this is not something that is highly 'new' per se, but it is surely something that is well made. Then he was 'gone' for a long stretch, but re- surfaced in when the Ultra movement was re-vitalized, and Schellinx wrote an extended book about that Dutch musical movement.

Since then I also come across some of his music again, now more immersed in improvisational and conceptual projects. Cassettes play an important role, him being closely connected to Rinus van Alebeek. This string quartet lasts for twenty-four hours, to be played in a room with open windows, so that the environmental changes become a very important feature in the music. The piece itself is something Schellinx edited at home, and played back in the space. This cassette is an hour long, edited from various bits of the entire performance.

That seems a good thing: no matter how interesting this all sounds, I can't imagine in these busy times someone having time to hear all of the performance. These edited highlights? What we have here is a highly Fluxus like piece of music. Seemingly random violin bits merge with outdoor sounds, cars, trains, people and all such like, while other players add little bits of their own.

Exactly like the package promises actually. But that doesn't justify what I just heard, which is something with development, with consideration for the composition; to follow the course Album) a day and edit the highlights into a logical, ordered piece.

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