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If they come and go without discovering the nuke, we can tell the world we're clean. Of course it's risky, and we'll have to make sure everything's perfect. But it'll be worth it. HUE: I'd say So it's bound to be a small inspection team, and they won't be here that long. Don't worry, leave everything to me.

BIG: Has the media gotten wind of this? HUE: Yeah. Two major Western networks want to do stories on us. I'd planned on saying yes. KAZ: What?! You want to broadcast this place to the world? HUE: That's why I agreed to the inspection. This is a golden opportunity. We can use the media to prove to the world we don't have a nuke.

Besides, even if we said no, it would just be delaying the inevitable. BIG: Kaz, our hands are tied now. Start getting the place ready. HUE: Thanks, Boss. BIG: Don't get the wrong idea. You've set it up so that any more "changes of heart" will arouse suspicion, that's all.

Sound good, Boss? BIG: Just do it. What do we tell the men? KAZ: The truth — what else? The one thing we don't need to worry about is anyone here spilling the beans about ZEKE.

BIG: Good point. What about the Sandinistas? There's still quite a few of them left on the base. The problem is, moving a group that size in a hurry would look even worse. They'd recognize her. She should stay put for now. KAZ: All civilians, save Huey, will have to return to their countries. BIG: Even your Parisienne?

KAZ: Of course. We'll get her whatever papers she needs. Strangelove's departure came at a perfect time. The less ZEKE-related staff here the better. BIG: Wait, she left? KAZ: That's right, you were away on a mission. She left last week. There was really no reason for her to hang around. BIG: I'm surprised Huey let her go that easy. KAZ: Yeah, his crush on Strangelove was never much of a secret, huh.

He followed her everywhere while ZEKE was in development. Boy, would she get pissed. But he does have a lot on his mind right now.

That's what he said. BIG: That's the spirit, Huey. BIG: She survived? BIG: So what's the plan? Silence her before we're compromised? KAZ: No, I've got something else in mind.

Our "friends" at Cipher suspect Paz could be a double agent. She's being held for interrogation at a camp on the southern tip of Cuba. BIG: Black site — nice. A slice of American pie on communist soil, and out of U. The timing's too perfect. KAZ: My guess is they're trying to corroborate Paz's leak.

BIG: We're an army without a nation. KAZ: Word of our capabilities gets out, and we'll have the whole world out to shut us down.

Having an American private intelligence agency involved's bad news. Cipher's the ones who sent Paz to us in the first place. BIG: She knows their true nature. KAZ: Right. Paz is our only link to Cipher. If she's still alive We need her on our side. If not us, who else is gonna rescue that bitch? BIG: When do we do it? KAZ: The inspection comes first.

We'll deal with this afterward[s]. BIG: Do the men know? KAZ: Word has started to spread. The information came from Cuba through Amanda. One of the base personnel used to belong to El Frente. I'll tell everyone, "We don't concert ourselves with the survival of enemy spies. And if we get her back here and she isn't BIG: Works for me. What about Chico? He's carried that guilt ever since.

KAZ: Chico It's hard to say how he'll react. He shouldn't be here right now. KAZ: Good idea. They haven't seen each other in a while. Still no sign of Chico? BIG: What's going on? Our resupply package arrived, but Chico wasn't with it. KAZ: Relax, Amanda. I'm sure he's just First time in the big city, he could've gotten carried away BIG: Kaz, wait. The boat Chico was on — did it stop anywhere before it got to Havana? You don't think Aw shit, you gotta be kidding me! He does this NOW?!

BIG: It's 60 miles from Santiago to the prison camp. Chico used to cross the mountains with the older Sandinistas like it was nothing. He'll make that in three days. KAZ: Still, even if he does find his way there BIG: You know how reckless he can be. Chico thinks we've abandoned Paz. That's I Want You - Various - Callin For Reinforcements (Cassette) he's doing this. We'll start by having the Intel detachment in Cuba look for him.

We can't let him be captured. KAZ: It's a setup. BIG: We have no choice. If Chico talks, he could blow the nuke cover-up. We can't hold off until the inspection's over. BIG: When can we be ready? KAZ: It'll take at least 16 hours to confirm the flight path and prep a bird. The Intel Unit has started reconning the area. BIG: Sounds like I'll have to miss the inspection.

KAZ: Boss, we'll just have to send someone else to get them out. BIG: No, I'll go. Chico and Paz would only take orders from you anyway. And we can't go taking on those Marines at the base head-on.

It's gotta be off-the-rader And it's gotta be you. BIG: Hold down the fort, Kaz. You can forget about civil liberties where you're headed. God only knows what they'd do to you if you got caught. Do not let that happen. The Cubans leased the land to the U. The deal remains in effect until both countries agree to dissolve it or the U.

Problem is, it's leased land. Constitution doesn't apply there. That allows them to withhold its civil rights protections. The area was originally only for detaining refugees from countries like Cuba and Haiti. But a few years ago, the CIA and its like started using it as a black site. Enemies of the state are renditioned there and subjected to extreme forms of interrogation. You can bet Cipher had a hand in that. As you'd expect, American and other Western human rights organizations aren't allowed anywhere near the place.

What happens there disappears down the memory hole. KAZ: I'd like to interrogate her ourselves, but if worse comes to worst, make sure she's dead. Chico, on the other hand, we have to bring back — fast. He knows too much about us.

BIG: Kaz. KAZ: The area's surrounded by mines placed by both the U. You're heading onto the lion's den, Snake. Don't take this one lightly. Come back in one piece. BIG: Yeah. Why do you think she'd leave 'em behind? And that diary KAZ: So she was leaving clues? To help us? BIG: No way to know for sure. And the ocean's not giving her back. Contact with Big Boss successful. However, he does not seem to suspect me. To him, I am just a peace-loving student, and another victim of the CIA.

To him, this means betraying his country. His forces are smaller than anticipated. They drift from place to place, with nowhere to call home. That provided us an opportunity, so we seized it. Zadornov offered them a plant off the Costa Rican coast — to use as a base. As expected, Miller jumped at the chance. Although initially reluctant, Big Boss came around when Zadornov played him the tape. All because the voice on it sounded like his mentor, The Boss.

Awarded the title of "Big Boss" for his service, he later became a mercenary, abandoning both his title and his country. To him, that "honor" was steeped in the blood of The Boss, the mentor he was force to eliminate.

Exceptionally charismatic, he possesses unparalleled combat and intelligence gathering abilities. His only discernible weakness is This operation hinges on how I Want You - Various - Callin For Reinforcements (Cassette) we can exploit that. Though he and Snake first met as enemies, they discovered a common bond and together built their private army, with Miller directing business and administrative affairs.

He comes off as shallow, but his true intent is hard to read. I must be careful. All that is clear is his infatuation with Big Boss. Snake's new objective in Costa Rica is to prevent that.

Not one of the three I Want You - Various - Callin For Reinforcements (Cassette) realize they are all just pawns in Cipher's hands. Cipher watches all. They recruit more personnel daily, and already their mercenary services are turning a profit. Big Boss'[s] leadership and charisma and Miller's business acumen drive this impressive growth.

Furthermore, joining forces with a faction of the FSLN has expanded their power even more. They have even commenced their own weapons development program. All is proceeding according to Cipher's will I could not be more pleased. It was incomplete, but — somewhat ironically - making contact with Snake was the necessary finishing touch. Meanwhile, the scientist behind Peace Walker's locomotive control, Huey, defected to Snake's army.

His presence has greatly accelerated weapons development at Mother Base. However, this was only after The Boss A. The Boss laid down her gun, choosing to sing for peace instead. And Snake, himself a gun, parted ways with her.

In doing so, he reclaimed the title he once abandoned. He is Big Boss. Since this leaves my cover identity without a guardian, the Mother Base staff has taken me in. Everything continues to unfold according to plan. The developer of The Boss A. Strangelove, has also come to Mother Base.

With her and Huey's expertise, they can now develop a weapon capable of matching Peace Walker. It stands there like some sort of The soldiers gaze on it with pride and reverence. Big Boss has elected to arm it with a nuclear weapon. As an army without a nation, they seem to feel the need for a deterrent against whatever the world might pit against them.

Why do such a thing? Their nuclear strategy differs from the Americans and Soviet Union. The superpowers deter attack by revealing their nuclear arsenals to one another. Snake and his men know that if they were to go public with this, the whole world would unite against them. Business would dry up overnight. So, they do not plan on revealing the nuke until necessary. This "ace-in-the-hole" approach is their idea of a nuclear strategy.

Wielding a deterrent, all the while unable to reveal its existence. I wonder if Snake sees how vulnerable this makes them Hijack ZEKE? Yes, I Want You - Various - Callin For Reinforcements (Cassette) did indicate that to be our leverage But I cannot imagine his agreeing to that now. Did you not raise them to safeguard yours "governance without borders"? No, no I have not forgotten. But modifying ZEKE has not proven easy. I'm using Zadornov to buy some time.

No, I have not forgotten what you said. Well, forgive me for asking, but PAZ: I must I will fight Big Boss. The world must be ruled by a single will To defy Cipher is a fate worse than death. Now my real trial begins. Zadornov was paying my room, board, and tuition, but he has since been captured.

I told the man that with no more money from the KGB, I could no longer afford school. He bought my story, and when I said I would be willing to work, he took pity on me and let me stay. For some reason Miller really plead my case.

That was helpful, but the man is still a fool. His men are no better. They think their training makes them strong, but that kind of strength is nothing in the face of true power.

And better yet, they wait on me hand and foot, believing I am just a schoolgirl. Looks like I won't be working too hard, after all. Just today, while scouting out the living quarters, I saw a group of them in the corner of the deck making a fuss. Going over for a look, I saw they were feeding a kitten. A bunch of grown, hard men, and they are the ones acting like schoolgirls! Disgusted, I just nodded and smiled. I must stay in character, after all.

I indulged their chit-chat for a few moments, then one of them asked me to give the thing a name. They had just taken it from its mother. I named it Nuke.

I improvised some nonsense about how "our compassion for living things can help prevent wars. I held it out in my palm, and the kitten happily ate it up. What a pathetic It sickens me. I suppose finding one's own food does have its merit, but I prefer not to be involved in such a degrading task.

And their prattling on about fishing being "fun" is nonsense. I'm not here to find playmates. Nevertheless, distasteful as it was, I went along in order to maintain my cover.

Chico thrust a fishing pole into my hands, and we went up onto the deck, where several soldiers had gathered. They welcomed us warmly. With so few women aboard Mother Base, I'm treated like a princess. No one suspects I'm neither a teenager nor a student. It was nice and sunny, with a gentle breeze and waves. As I cast my line and waited for a bite, the soldiers began to ask me all sorts of questions.

As always, I answered according to our pre-defined scenario, feigning a smile. As I sat there feeding them lies, the fish began to bite, and the soldiers began to focus on their prey.

Chico had his bait stolen by a fish, and got so angry that he stood up and nearly fell into the sea. Everybody laughed. It almost made me want to join in, too. At some point, I got a bite myself. The instant after I felt that first gentle tug, the fish yanked the line with astonishing strength, and I let out a cry of surprise.

I thought it was going to be huge. It was my first time fishing, and I was a bit flustered, so the soldier beside me helped by supporting the pole from behind. I nodded, turning the handle as fast as I could. I wondered what kind of fish live below the surface, and thought back to the deep-sea dives I had to do as part of training.

Those were difficult days, but I remember finding the multi-colored fish gliding through the water incredibly soothing. After a hard fight, I pulled it up. To my surprise, it wasn't even half a vara. Rather anti-climactic. But I wasn't doing it for fun, so I wasn't the least bit disappointed. Nuke was hovering nearby with an expectant look on his face, so I gave the fish to him.

All in all, a thoroughly wasted day. No one suspects me of being the one to let Zadornov out of his cell. Today, Amanda and I taught Cecile how to make gallo pinto. It is a simple, home-cooked dish consisting of black frijoles mixed with arroz.

It is well-known throughout Central America, not just in Costa Rica, so it is no surprise that a Nica like Amanda would be good at making it. But I was raised in the States from a very young age and can hardly even remember my mother's gallo pinto. Having to make chit-chat with that clueless bird-lover and the so-called revolutionary was excruciating. And - clueless or not - I will need to be especially careful around Cecile, the one who actually recorded that tape.

Thankfully, Miller and his men seem to believe I mistook the tape I found for one my friend made In any case, one can never be too careful. Anyway, the three of us minced garlic and herbs, then cooked them in a pot with frijoles we'd soaked overnight.

Cecile worked the frying pan according to Amanda's directions, but seemed a bit glum. She does have a knack for cooking, though - she is French, after all. We added water to the pan, and watched the arroz begin to steam.

While we waited, Amanda shared memories of her mother with us. They had been separated because of Somoza, but the taste of her mother's cooking was still fresh in her mind. When the frijoles were ready, we drained the water, stir-frying them with the rest of the vegetables. Quite a complicated process for home-cooking. Nonetheless, it kept them occupied. The longer we sat and talked, the greater the chance of my arousing their suspicions. With women, it is not enough to just to bat your eyelashes and giggle.

It takes a lot of effort to divert attention. When the arroz was done cooking, we folded it into the frijoles and added salsa, stirring the mixture as it simmered. At this point, for some reason the conversation turned to romance. Why does it have to be that way whenever women get together and chat? Cecile fancies herself to be well- versed in such matters, and gave Amanda all sorts of advice. It was harmless enough until, to my irritation, she began pestering me whether there was anybody I "liked.

But she pressed on. It's all I can manage to just survive. The thought of romance has never once crossed my mind. I've no interest in that kind of man.

Soon enough, a rich aroma began to fill the room - the gallo pinto was ready. Nuke came over and rubbed up against our legs, looking for a handout.

Unfortunately, it was not the kind of food a cat would like. We let a few of the soldiers have a bite and then headed off to the mess hall. The home-cooked flavor we'd achieved was a big hit with the men of MSF. Not that we are trying to impress them or anything.

Even I could manage a dish like that. Snake enjoyed it, too Let me make this I Want You - Various - Callin For Reinforcements (Cassette) clear: I have no interest in that man. It has not caught on yet in the US, but it has legions of rabid fans all across Latin America.

These fans can get so rowdy that it is commonly believed El Salvador and Honduras went to war in over scuffles in a soccer match. In reality, tensions between the two countries were already high.

The match was merely one of the sparks that set them off. But these people are so passionate about the sport that the story seems plausible. Predictably, many of the soldiers here are fans. They have apparently divided themselves into Costa Rican and Nicaraguan teams and started playing each other. To play, you need a ball and two goals.

I had absolutely no interest, but Chico insisted that I come and watch. It was not a proper match by any means - the pitch was not even regulation size - but the players and spectators alike got pretty excited. They banged empty cans and shouted cheers through the handmade megaphones.

It almost felt like Carnival. Huey, the referee, blew a whistle to start the match. The soldiers' training has left them in excellent physical shape. But they lacked the honed skills of professionals, and their play was quite rough. Midway through, one of the men collided with another. They started shouting at one another, but Huey stepped in. And we are not fighting for the good of any one country. They know the pain of war, and they share Snake's vision. Perhaps that is why this all resonates with them.

Team Costa Rica was down a man, and somehow I was picked to fill in. Costa Rica had the advantage up until that point - I suppose Huey wanted to keep it balanced.

The soldiers agreed with Huey's call. Maybe the Costa Rican players felt an even match up would be more fun, too. I could not be bothered to run at first, but chasing the ball out there in the hot sun, I was soon drenched in sweat. If they annoy you, tranq them. Then call in a jeep or two and put them in that. You can fulton a vehicle with people inside and they count as a rescue.

I personally never had issues with them. You doing the mission at night? You have to keep slightly ahead of them to take out any potential enemies, but the only ones you should come in direct contact with are at the end. Originally posted by The Wizard of Gauze :. Shively View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by baddude :.

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