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He uses these to get into the pumpkin patch, where Barrel and some skeletons are eating some Igors Boogie the crops inside of the giant jack-o-lantern. Jack punishes Barrel, who runs off to join up with Lock and Shock; Igors Boogie leaves him unhindered except by the lesser foes. Noticing that the Mayor is missing, Jack heads to find him.

He saves Clown from a rocket attached to his unicycle by Shock, and is gifted with the key to the Mayor's courtyard. Unfortunately, the stone picture in front of the Mayor's house needs four pieces to be completed and the Vampire Brothers who have the pieces have been turned into their bat forms by Oogie. Jack takes each bat back to their coffin, freeing them from the spell and earning each piece.

Jack manages to enter the Mayor's house and free him Igors Boogie a cafe before heading up to the roof. There, Shock, Lock and Barrel are waiting for him; they fight Jack with everything they have, but still fail. However, Jack then falls into Igors Boogie portal, which leads to a huge maze full of booby traps and lava. Jack follows the path to an area with prison cells for each holiday leader, including him and Santa Claus; the other five have been captured. Jack heads further into, finding a casino room with Oogie waiting.

After the fight, it turns out to be Oogie's shadow in disguise; it blows up, after telling Jack that the real him is in Christmas Town, ready to take revenge on Santa Claus. Jack returns to the surface, tasking the Mayor with releasing the holiday leaders.

Jack travels to Christmas Town, which has suffered major destruction from Oogie's attack. Luckily, Jack rescues Santa from a train-contraption by changing the tracks, but Oogie, having become enraged by Jack constantly foiling his plots, leaves in Santa's sleigh full of Christmas presents; however, an elf tosses a Halloween Jack-in-the-box into the sleigh before it takes off.

Oogie Boogie falls out of the Christmas sleigh into a world of garbage after being frightened by the jack-in-the-box. With the presents retrieved, Jack lends his sleigh to Santa. Unfortunately, Oogie becomes so enraged that he absorbs all trash and insects from the environment, turning to the gigantic monster "Mega Oogie". Everyone sees the battle through the fountain, except for Sally, who's locked Igors Boogie her room.

Oogie is left to say "Not again Release Year incorrect year? Song Genres. All Genres. Song Styles. All Styles. Igors Boogie Moods. All Moods. Song Themes. All Themes. Burnt Weeny Sandwich. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Overture to a Holiday in Berlin. Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich. Igor's Boogie, Phase Two.

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