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Your real estate agent mentioned you were vacationing in Europe while he found you a suitable place. Your condo has been readied for you as per your specifications, and the last of your furniture was moved in yesterday. Motioning for the two men to follow. Randall unlocked and opened the door with a flourish. Loki was impressed by what he saw.

He had never seen a place with such rich furnishings and beautiful artwork. Thor, however, was not, and could not hide his displeasure.

He wandered around, exploring while Randall spoke to Loki about the amenities. He returned to the living room where Loki stood mesmerized before a drawing. All Thor saw were two ballerinas. Thor found himself thinking. However, seeing Loki's childlike excitement stopped him from saying something out loud, and he simply nodded, deciding to say something about the sleeping arrangements later.

Instead, he addressed their guide. The murders that have occurred here recently did give me a few doubts. Randall became visibly flustered. How is it that you came to know about them? Our real estate agent is very thorough.

Randall squared his shoulders. The residents here expect perfection and pay a very high price for it. That my… h-husband and I are safe here. He then turned his gaze towards Loki.

The guy was obviously trying to flirt, but his inexperience showed. The two men officially moved in the following day. Since the apartment was already furnished and decorated as part of their cover story, all they really needed was their clothes. As they unpacked, ThorDebated how best to address the sleeping arrangements. He would sleep on the floor if need be, but he certainly wasn't going to share a bed with Loki! As he watched the other man arrange his things in the sizeable closet, he decided to move head-on.

Loki answered immediately "I'm perfectly comfortable sleeping on the sofa in the living room, you can have the bed. Thor felt reassured and just a little bit guilty. Thor stopped to wonder what that could mean.

But if Loki insisted on giving him the bed, he wasn't going to argue. As the doorbell rang, Loki turned to Thor and motioned that he be ready to meet their first neighbor.

Loki opened the door to find a rather stern looking man, staring down at him. He guessed that the man must be at least six foot five as he felt a difference of three inches with the stranger. He had a Nordic face, severe and proud, but the severity soon turned into a cruel smile that rather disturbed Loki.

My name is Carl Mikkelsen, the building superintendent. I welcome you! May I come in? Loki hesitated for a second, struck by what seemed the man's dictatorial manner, and then immediately welcomed Carl in.

Please come in! I'm Loki and this is my husband Thor. This is gonna take some getting used to! He reflected inwardly, approaching their guest with a look of scrutiny. Maybe Loki wanted to play gracious host or hostessThor thought, smiling but Thor's background as an investigator was sewn into the lining of his soul. The man shook his hand forcefully and the smile he had offered Loki was quickly replaced by what Thor perceived as a smirk.

His eyes a cold stare. Loki tried not to show his utter surprise but was somehow relieved. The Superintendent noticed the possessive move and turned to leave. Both men drew out a heavy sigh as the door closed, Thor pulling back his hand immediately. As he looked out the small windows by the door. Loki stared off into the distance, lost in thought. Maybe I can get him to revealsomething that'll connect him to the victims.

He flinched in surprise at his own comment, but Loki didn't seem to notice. He hated to be perceived as weak or vulnerable, the feelings stemming from the memories of his youth, a time when he was weak and vulnerable, and others had taken advantage of it. He had fought hard to overcome his ugly past. He was strong and confident now. He could take care of himself and was in control of his own life and situations. Why was it that Thor not seeing this put him on edge so much?

You're more vulnerable to people taking advantage of you. Loki, stared at Thor, his annoyance momentarily forgotten as he became baffled by the statement. What the hell makes you think I can't handle this case?

His pale skin suddenly turning an angry shade of pink, his green eyes narrowed. Thor was caught off-guard by the somewhat mesmerizing effect. Guys are pigs, we guys are pigs, you know that -- well," Thor amended "maybe not you. He stood in front of him, head turned, arms crossed. Loki closed his eyes and pressed two fingers between his furrowed eyebrows, willing himself to remain calm. Does that make you vulnerable?

Who IS this guy? Loki thought. How could he be so naive about human behavior? I know what I'm doing when I 'act' vulnerably, and I have proven myself when it comes to handling danger. In fact, I have. Thor tightened his lips, merely nodding in agreement, not trusting the words that have been coming out of his mouth lately. Yes, he'd received sensitivity training but his world revolved around a simple definition of male and female. That's how he'd been raised in his small town. Even his years on the force hadn't really changed his perceptions, the macho culture fitting in with his definition of a familiar reality.

And now here he was, soon to be immersed in a culture he personally knew nothing about. Men who interacted on a different level with each other. It wasn't just the looming prospect of sex that panicked Thor, it was this sense of vulnerability that shook his foundation. He had already failed miserably with Loki. Both in the way he behaved and in his subsequent explanation.

Why had he reacted that way? He had reacted the way he might when he felt his girlfriend being harassed. He had even reached out and grabbed his hand protectively!

Why did the guy have to be so fucking feminine? Loki continued to watch Thor after his declaration, waiting for some type of reaction, but seeing none he walked to the kitchen.

Loki walked elegantly and proudly, his movements fluid and almost cat-like. He was dressed casually in black narrow form-fitting jeans and a tailored dark blue unbuttoned shirt worn over a gray-blue t-shirt, but his lithe muscular body carried it well. Thor jolted as if stung, completely surprised by his own choice of words.

He looked around frantically, then grabbed his keys. That afternoon, the two men got to the task of setting up the different components for their wireless surveillance. Afterwards, they deployed some cameras in and around their own apartment, as well as attached remote mics and cameras to their clothing.

They worked quickly, trying to get everything set up for that evening. Wanting to be ready for anything, both detectives were going to be carrying their concealed weapons as well. Just initializing the link? His knowledge of computers went as far as checking his email and surfing the web, so he was pretty sure his help would be limited. Thor looked down at his faded jeans and flip flops. The faded batman tshirt he wore had a couple of holes in it. Loki stopped what he was doing and looked over at his partner with an amused glance.

Why not make use of that new wardrobe you were provided? Thor left the room without another word, heading towards the bedroom. He to make an effort on his appearance, not wanting to look like a fool in front of the other tenants. Forty five minutes later, Thor came out of the bedroom. He had taken his time grooming and cleaning up before carefully choosing an outfit that he hoped would allow him to blend in. He stepped into the living room, ready to say as much to his partner, but the comment died on his lips as he caught sight of him at the desk.

Loki was still at the computer, his head turned to the side reading a document to his left. The only light in the room was coming from the desk lamp to his right, making him appear to be glowing. Loki was intently focused on his work, a small frown at his forehead as he read. Get a grip! Thor told himself. Does this outfit meet with your approval?

Listen Closely - White Heat (9) - We Never Heard Of You Either (CD, head still bent over his computer screen, raised just his eyes and looked at Thor over his glasses.

Thor wore narrow, perfect-fitting indigo blue jeans, a thin, lighter blue Henley that perfectly matched his eyes, hugging his chest beautifully, and a black sport coat. The top half of his long blond hair was neatly pulled back away from his face, while the bottom half flowed freely at his shoulders. After a brief moment, he cast his eyes back down to his monitor. He Album) looked himself over in the mirror and thought he looked pretty good, but being in this environment had made him doubt himself quite a bit lately.

Maybe what he thought acceptable was completely inappropriate. He stood awkwardly, ego a bit bruised at not having made a stronger impression. Loki abruptly slammed his laptop shut, exasperated. Why does everything have to be about my being gay? Taunting me? Do you? Really hot! What kind of husband would I be? The gathering was already in full swing when Loki and Thor arrived.

There was a group of about twenty men gathered around the grotto that housed the impressive pool. The older members of the group had the formal appearance of successful professionals, wine glasses in hand.

The younger men were much less formal in shorts and flip flops. As they approached, Thor could make out several conversations going on at once, as the men had broken down into smaller groups. Thor was suddenly filled with apprehension, feeling all those eyes on them. He started to feel jittery with nerves, feeling all inquisitive eyes on him. We're so glad you could make it! I have been telling everyone about the newest members to our exclusive club.

Thor thought suddenly, very aware that instead of automatically recoiling from the touch, he had actually leaned into it! Being in this environment was really messing with him. He needed to center himself, or he was going to screw this up. He told himself as he focused on the men before him. Yes, I'm excited to meet everyone too" Thor lied. Please make them feel welcome. The other tenants immediately began approaching, introducing themselves and extending hands.

Loki, ever the charmer, was gracious and polite as he spoke with everyone. Thor hesitantly joined in the conversation, smiling and relaxing a bit. Seeing that, Loki tried releasing his hand only to have Thor grip it even tighter, and dart a nervous glance his way.

A general chuckle went around the group as there were general murmurs of agreement. Thor was struggling with the effort not to flinch, uncomfortable at being the center of attention.

Both men were very popular with their neighbors, being told countless times what a beautiful couple they made. They stayed close, and Thor was happy Loki had clearly practiced details of an imaginary relationship: how they met, where, first kiss, years together. It was all there. And as Loki repeated the details to several people, Thor found himself almost believing they were true, even charming.

Loki acted like a person truly in a relationship, charming the crowd with clever anecdotes about a life together, and Thor began to wonder if he was sharing personal experiences from an actual relationship.

He felt suddenly uncomfortable with the idea. After a couple of hours, the two detectives bade everyone good night and walked back to their apartment. Both men felt slightly worn out by the past few hours, feeling themselves openly and carefully scrutinized. It was then Thor remembered the issue of sleeping arrangements.

Thor had noticed the impractical, yet very modern sofa and knew Loki would not be comfortable there. As they entered, Loki walked straight into the bedroom to gather a few things for the night. Thor hesitated in the living room, not sure what to do. When Loki came back, he began to spread a blanket on the plush rug that was the centerpiece of the room. Thor stood off to the side, looking across the room at the couch, practically radiating guilt. I should probably offer him the bedhe thought as Loki took off his shirt.

Loki noticed his expression and interpreted it as fatigue. Uh… goodnight. He walked to the bedroom, but turned back before entering, returning to the living room.

Loki stood shirtless, turned with his back to Thor, his skin glowing from the heavy moonlight shining through the large picture window. He cleared his throat, wanting to get his attention. Loki smiled. Because I'll take you up on it. I mean, I can sleep anywhere, and I have, but that bed looks awfully comfortable and I could use the rest. He knew he was establishing a precedent of the two of them sharing a bed for the duration of the case, but what the hell.

He simply needed to keep this fact from the guys at the precinct. They would never let him live it down. Loki quickly picked up his blanket and followed Thor into the bedroom.

The men agreed on sides and Loki quickly laid down, rubbing his eyes with his right hand and yawning. Thor made his way to the bathroom, wanting some form of escape. He took his time brushing his teeth and examining his face in the mirror, almost not recognizing his own image. He questioned if he could really pull this off. And if he could, what did that say about him? He had spent the evening parading around as another man's husband. And it had been okay, even fun. And, and this is the part that got him, he had actually felt protective of Loki.

As if he were really his. Realizing he was spending too much time in the bathroom, he emerged, certain Loki would make some comment. Instead, he found Loki fast asleep, lying Listen Closely - White Heat (9) - We Never Heard Of You Either (CD close to the bed's edge as was possible, trying, he thought, to give him space.

He slept deeply, his breathing calm and smooth. Thor turned to look at him, the moonlight once again appearing to pursue him.

His face was preternaturally beautiful and Thor could not help but feel both mesmerized and disturbed by it. Thor marveled at how soundly Loki slept next to a virtual stranger, what could that mean? Did he sleep around a lot with other men so that this was not unusual for him? He had said he had and could sleep anywhere.

There I go again! Making assumptions about gay menThor thought. Or did another reason feel even more questionable? Thor shook his head as drew the covers over him. Could it be, that in such a short amount of time, Loki trusted him implicitly and felt comfortable with him?

Thor couldn't help but fall asleep with a smile on his face. I'm starving! The two men were settling in to a late dinner of pizza and beer in front of the TV. Tony regarded his husband curiously. He lives for the mushy stuff! And he never minds my stuff lying around… THAT much Did my stuff lying around really bother you that much? Steve automatically wrapped his arm around Tony and brought him in closer, his tense shoulders visibly relaxing.

He leaned in and softly kissed Tony. Steve says, relieved at being given a pass for tonight. When the case first came across my desk, I had a pretty clear idea of who I wanted to work it, but when I put together a team, the higher brass got involved. A name was put on my desk and it was strongly recommended that I use this guy. End of story, right? Certain personalities clash, and that can hinder how well they do their job. That can ultimately get someone hurt. The gay guy got transferred to your unit?

Is he hot? It had been a point of contention between the two men for some time now. Every once in a while, though, it snuck into their conversations like today. He just had that huge fundraiser gala for his inner-city scholarship fund last week and we gave him a pretty big donation. I just put two and two together.

Love at first sight… or more like lust at first sight if the rumors about Laufeyson are to be believed… and he orchestrates this little stake-out to happen at his doorstep, so he can have a front row seat to watch his boy toy work! Please do this for me! There are too many powerful players involved in this. You hid those subtle hints so well… and yet I still picked up on them.

Six months? I mean, how long was I supposed to wait? I figured the direct approach was my only option. Much much later, as they cuddled closely on the couch and finally shared a dinner of cold pizza and flat beer, Steve reflected on their conversation, and decided Tony was probably right.

As long as he kept informed and involved in the situation, what could go wrong? The smell of bacon and fresh brewed coffee wafting from the kitchen woke Thor the next morning.

In a rush, he suddenly remembered where he was and with whom. He glanced over to the other side of the bed and found he was alone. Thor thought as he got out of bed, heading towards the door, curious to investigate the delicious smells.

At the last minute, though, he headed to the bathroom, deciding to clean up first, not sure how the sight of him in his pajamas would be received. After he cleaned up, he headed back to the bedroom where he found Loki, fully and impeccably dressed in dark blue jeans and a tailored shirt, standing near the bed with a plate of food in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

Thor walked slowly into the room, regarding the other man almost warily. We're not really married. The smile on Loki's face faltered, then disappeared. He dropped the plate soundly on the nightstand regarding Thor with obvious frustration. Its breakfast, not a god dammed blow job! I was just trying to be nice. Thor immediately felt stupid and embarrassed. How is it that I keep doing and saying the wrong thing when it comes to this guy?

He quickly slipped on his shirt and jeans from the previous day and rushed out into the apartment to apologize to Loki. He found him sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, lost in thought. You've been nothing but decent with me and all I've done is said and done the most absurd things.

Thor took his silence as invitation to keep going. Loki looked up and wrinkled his brow. It would be pretty difficult to stay mad at that… Loki thought with a smile, at the same time reflecting that his partner would die if he knew what he was thinking.

This is an assignment, and I'm simply trying Listen Closely - White Heat (9) - We Never Heard Of You Either (CD make the best of it. I don't think it would hurt anything if I made you breakfast and we ate together, do you? Thor stood, accepting Loki's reprimand and conceding, with a slight shake of his head, that Loki was right. He needed to get perspective on the situation, otherwise, he would miss things important to the investigation.

And all because he was uptight about working with a gay man. As he exited, he caught a glimpse of Loki rolling his eyes at the exaggerated comment, but there was a smile playing on his lips that told Thor they would be okay.

After reheating his meal, Thor settled across from Loki at the dining room table. Thor said with a smile after taking a few bites of his meal.

I read your file when you first arrived. All the Cases you were involved in… you had one of the best solve ratios in your Vegas precinct. I want to get to know you too. The paintings over the bed are Lichtensteins!

He took a couple of bites of his breakfast, more to gather his thoughts than anything else. He looked around before settling his eyes on Thor. He did, however, sense that Loki was uncomfortable at having shared too much and decided to try put him at ease. Prior to starting their cover, they were told that that some rich, influential member of the gay community had offered the department all the necessary perks needed to make their cover believable, such as the well-decorated, art-heavy apartment.

In addition to being married, their dossiers also listed them as partners in a high-end design firm, and Loki knew his knowledge of art had been key in landing him a role in this investigation.

He was supposed to be the art side of the firm while Thor handled the business side. Bios had been established, portfolios readily available, happy clients listed, it was all there.

Now Thor and Loki needed to make everyone around them believe it was true. If I squint then maybe, maybe I can get the comic-strip-looking things in the bedroom, but those nervous-looking drawings of half-naked women in the den?

Come on! After a moment, he redirected his gaze towards his partner with a smile. After all, you are part of Carter Evans Design too. Both men headed off to the precinct separately to coordinate the information collected by the various surveillance devices and their own recollections of the previous evening. Thor had offered to drive them, but Loki made an excuse about needing his car later for errands and declined.

Even though their brief talk in the dining room had salvaged the morning, Loki looked forward to the respite their separation brought. Although life had hardened him against assumptions made about him, Thor's comments seemed to penetrate just under the skin. As a fellow investigator, he demanded his respect and not his derision and, even though he acknowledged that Thor was trying, it was still draining. Contrary to what he was used to at his other post, this precinct had some pretty cutting edge tech at his disposal, and he was eager to learn as much as possible about it.

He turned his attention to the files before him and was soon engrossed in some past case summaries. As he read, he came across a particular homicide case from a few years back that had involved artwork. He had an honest, straightforward way about him that, once he got used to it, Loki found refreshing. Some of the people he had surrounded himself with of late could tend to be pretentious or snobbish, and Thor was a good change of pace.

His insides clenched a little in an anticipation he berated himself for. I just saw him a few hours ago! Still, he looked around the room for his partner, finding him across the room in the doorway.

He was standing halfway inside, directing his attention to someone in the hall, speaking animatedly about something or other. He was speaking quickly, sounding almost agitated, and Loki found himself practically stretching out of his seat, the paperwork before him all but forgotten, as he strained to hear what the conversation was about. Jane from RecordsLoki thought. He looked down and stared at one of the documents on his desk, trying to order his thoughts.

Loki knew about her… knew she existed, just not here in the precinct! He stopped for a moment, considering why it bothered him. For anyone! Not just Thor! It seems unprofessional…I should probably say something, since as his husband I should be looking out for-- partner! Partner, NOT husband! He corrected himself, sitting up straight in his chair. Whoa, that was some slip… Loki let out a startled laugh as he rubbed a hand over his face to clear his head.

Talk about getting invested in the role! I need to get some distance, he thought looking up at the couple, now standing very close together, murmuring to each other before I say the wrong thing and make an ass of myself! He swiftly collected his things, stuffed some files in his messenger bag and headed out the opposite door as quickly as possible. The I. What used to be just a large lab now occupied the entire floor twelfth floor of the building, and housed, among other things, a state-of-the-art research lab and a large monitoring station with row after row of computer terminals, all facing a large master terminal at the front.

Its white walls and glass partitions, along with the constant hum of the equipment, always reminded Loki of some science fiction movie. But after a childhood of feeling persecuted, unsafe and in danger, the only thing that gave him solace and security was law enforcement. He shook himself out of his reverie and looked around, until he spied his friend Bruce Banner, the senior systems analyst for the ITD, off to the side, deep in conversation with someone. Loki had been given a tour of the precinct and returned to the ITD, eager to see what was being worked on.

He was a rather slight man, soft spoken, wearing rumpled clothes and wire rimmed glasses, and Loki had liked him immediately. It was only after one of the other techs had interrupted that Loki realized Bruce was the Man In Charge. He had apologized profusely for taking up so much of his time, but Bruce only smiled and encouraged him to come back any time. As he hung back, debating whether or not to interrupt the two men deep in conversation, when Bruce looked his way.

What a surprise! Tony, this is John. John, Tony. Tony pressed two buttons on the side of a flat black square sitting on the tabletop before them. He then placed his palm on top of its flat glass-like surface and lifted it straight up. Instantly, a small replica of an office emerged, formed seemingly of blue light. Stark Industries had been in some trade papers some months ago, pledging to further develop technology for police departments throughout the state. Since that pledge, I.

It was believed, though not proven that Stark was not only the owner and CEO of the company, but the lead engineer as well. Upon hearing the name, Tony suddenly stopped, spinning around to face the startled detective.

So here's the latest installment! I'm posting the chapters I already have written as I format them, so for a while I'll be posting a few a day.

Thanks so much for reading! It's great getting comments. Loki returned to the apartment in the early afternoon, laden with files from the precinct. He anticipated this information would keep him and Thor busy for the evening. As he made his way through the entryway of their building, he caught sight of Randall, chatting with two other men that he recognized from the party.

Okay, was it my imagination, or was that a little weirdLoki thought as he continued on his way. As far as those guys knew, Thor and Loki were married, and it felt a little disconcerting that they would flirt with him, knowing that he was married. As he walked towards the elevator, he was suddenly brought out of his thoughts by the feeling that he was being followed, and he glanced both ways but saw nothing.

He stepped in and pushed the button for his floor, chiding himself for being a little paranoid. As the elevator doors were about to close, a hand slipped between them, forcing the elevator to reopen. Loki tensed immediately, tightening his body in preparation to strike if necessary.

The texture, it's so soft, and the color, it makes your eyes sparkle like precious gems. Well, this is awkward… Loki thought. What the hell?!? Loki thought, finally breaking the spell by pushing his way past Carl, causing the bigger man to stumble. Related Tags punk heavy metal melodic rock power-pop hard rock Add tags View all tags. Similar To Outside Edge. Buy Loading. More Love this track.

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Phil wrote the foreword to the book. Because the exhibit focused on Cleveland's rock and roll history, Glass Harp was invited to perform at the Museum.

The band is also currently represented in the Museum's Ohio Exhibit. The year also saw the release of Keaggy's On the Fly album, arguably his most ambitious instrumental project to date. Released through Canis Major Records, highlights includes the Spanish-flavored "Praise Dance", the hypnotic groove "Firewalker", and the six-part epic, "Way of the Pilgrim". The album would win a Dove Award the following year. Keaggy would then go on to sign with Word Records. Phil KeaggyPhil's last vocal album of the decade, came out in Lacking the slick production style of the previous vocal album, True BelieverPhil Keaggy was a strong return to form for Keaggy in terms of recapturing his usual organic, live sound.

Several songs reflected a Beatles influence, including "Days Like You", his last single to receive considerable airplay as Christian radio has been moving towards a more youth-oriented format. Keaggy also appeared as a guest singer on the Ragamuffins' "All the Way to Kingdom Come", on his friend Rich Mullins ' last original work, The Jesus Record which contained demo tracks recorded by Mullins just before his death, and renditions of those songs by the Ragamuffins and other artists.

The double album Premium Jams is a stunning collection of previously unreleased electric instrumentals dating back to the recording sessions for Crimson and Blue and Majesty and Wonder would also win Keaggy a Dove Award. Phil later released the four-disc collection Music to Paint By. Re-EmergingKeaggy's first album of the new millennium, came out in April In September, Phil released the instrumental album Zion.

Joining the band for the occasion was conductor Isaiah Jackson and members of the Youngstown Symphony. The following year saw the commercial release of the reunion concert in the form of the live album Strings Attached. Although the album is largely devoted to the band's previous work, it also includes Glass Harp's take on several songs from Phil's solo career such as "Tender Love", "Chalice", "From the Beginning" and a solo acoustic version of "The True Believers".

October also marked the release of Inseparableinitially available in both single and double disc format, [16] with the single disc version eventually going out of print. That same month, Phil released Lights of Madrid[16] an album of Spanish-flavored instrumentals that included a re-recording of "Praise Dance" from 's On the Fly.

Lights of Madrid also contains a PDF with guitar tabliature for the album's music. Lights of Madrid would go on to win Keaggy a Dove Award for best instrumental album. The song "Spring" was previously released on 's Uncle Duke as "Interlude".

The year also saw the release of What Mattersa nine-song compilation drawing mostly from the albums Phil Keaggy and Crimson and Blue. The album was exclusively produced for and released through the International Bible Society.

This track, "Our Daily Bread", as well as the entire album, are dedicated to Todd Beamer, a Christian passenger of 's Flight 93and a fan of Keaggy's music. They're great melodies that still stand on their own, and are still sung, even after centuries have passed. And those melodies are even more appreciated when you know the lyrics. The writers of the hymns were great wordsmiths; they could be so concise and so eloquent in their expression of truth.

And theirs is music that speaks to every generation". I had a conflict with it because, here I am, I can sing, and yet they didn't want me to sing I offered--I went to management about it and it was pretty much, "No, don't do that. That's not want they want. Additionally, Keaggy's wife Bernadette published Losing You Too Soonan updated version of A Deeper Shade of Graceher book on losing her first five children through early infant death, miscarriage and stillbirth.

The next year Keaggy released It's Personalan album in which he set poetry by Keith Moore to music. Also in Keaggy released Special Occasionsan eclectic collection of music focusing on birthdays, weddings and graduations. That same year, Sparrow Records, Phil's former record label —, —released a track compilation History Makers. The album included a new recording of a rare Keaggy solo tune, "What Matters", the title track of a compilation album exclusively produced for and released through the International Bible Society in A collection primarily consisting of instrumental improvisations recorded in andthe two also perform Keaggy's "Tennessee Morning" from his album Guitarist Stanley Jordan appears on several songs.

Portions of the album's earnings go towards Anderson's Music for Life Alliance fundraiser. The following year, Glass Harp released Stark Raving Jamsa triple-disc song collection Album) material spanning from to The collection focused primarily on live performances but also includes a few unreleased studio recordings.

In Keaggy guest performed with the indie band Dispatch for several songs during The Last Dispatch. Charles ILand Philly Live! Inafter thirty years of being out of print, Glass Harp 's first three studio albums were reissued on CD by Music Mill Entertainment. The albums were digitally remastered and include previously unreleased bonus tracks. In July, Keaggy also released an expanded edition of Uncle Duke.

The following year, Keaggy released Freehandthe sequel to Acoustic Sketches. In addition to including acoustic renditions of Keaggy and Stonehill's solo material, the project includes versions of their previous collaborations such as "Sunday's Child", "Who Will Save the Children? The acoustic instrumental album Roundaboutis another instrumental collection. The songs are either improvisation or other riffs played over loops that were recorded as part of the performance.

Keaggy explains that the songs "began with me messing around at my soundchecks before the audience came in. I'd typically just come from taking a nap at a hotel, so my mind would be fresh, and I'd improvise loops that would be recorded by my soundman, Brian Persall. The loops have rhythm, lead, bass, and even percussion parts along with textures created using an EBow and placing plastic between the strings, which creates koto, banjo, and steel drum-type sounds.

After I returned home, I imported all of the loops into Pro Tools and edited some sections, but no overdubs were added either after the initial recording or while in the studio. If a song was too long, I might edit some measures or repeated sections to make it a little less repetitious, or maybe move some bits around. Also in Phil released a vocal album, Dream Again. It includes his son Ian, who co-wrote, sings and plays guitar on "Why" while his daughter Alicia sings a duet with her father on "Micah ".

The DVD is the first official release of their PBS concert, and includes rare outtakes, home movie footage, and a commentary by the band. The year also saw the release of Happy Valentine's Daya limited edition compilation of various love songs that Phil had recorded over the years as well as four new tracks. In April Keaggy launched a free Podcast that is available through his website and iTunes. His last edition to date is from September The Podcasts feature music and commentary from Phil as well as music from some of his favorite artists.

Later that year Keaggy released another acoustic instrumental album: The Song Within. Recorded using a McPherson acoustic guitar, Album) album revamped two Keaggy classics, with "What a Day" being transformed as "Water Day" and "Noah's Song" undergoing significant revision as "Noah's Shuffle". The album was re-released with a bonus disc of outtakes, alternate versions and a recent interview.

Keaggy also toured in support of the album's anniversary with a band that featured Glass Harp drummer John Sferra. The next year Keaggy released the album Phantasmagorical: Master and Musician 2the sequel to his masterpiece.

The original version of "Passport" appeared on Keaggy's album Getting Closer. The ten-song project included material from Phil's solo career: "Sign Came through a Window" and "John the Revelator". The album is a recording of a benefit concert that Glass Harp headlined for Roots of American Music www. In addition to recording and touring regularly, Keaggy is currently working on a record with former Living Sacrifice and P. For decades, rumors [30] have circulated which attribute comments regarding Phil Keaggy to a host of guitar icons.

The most common rumored statements are attributed to Jimi Hendrix. In a February 5, feature on Glass Harp in Cleveland's The Plain Dealerthe paper's rock music critic Jane Scott cited unnamed "record people" who told a story of Hendrix saying in "That guy Phil Keaggy is the upcoming guitar player in the Midwest". In later years, rumors escalated into stories of Hendrix appearing on various television programs where he mentioned Phil Keaggy.

A common variation says that during an episode of The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson asked Hendrix, "Who is the best guitarist in the world? Another version of the story has Hendrix being asked, "Jimi, how does it feel to be the world's greatest guitar player? Occasionally the story has the setting for the question being a Hendrix appearance on The Dick Cavett Showwhich is also untrue, as the clip from the show in question in contains no mention of any other guitar players.

Other examples have the question being posed to Eric Clapton. Keaggy has long insisted that such stories are completely unfounded, noting that "it was impossible that Jimi Hendrix could ever have heard me I think it's just a rumor that someone's kept alive, and it must be titillating enough to keep an interest there So I don't think it was said…and that's it for that!

I still have people coming up to me claiming to have a Dick Cavett Show tape where Hendrix says that. We never pushed that rumor, you know, but it didn't hurt us.

His nephew was married to contemporary Christian singer songwriter Cheri Keaggy. His sister is retired American television and film actress Mary Ellen Kay.

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