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I look over at the sleeping form next to me Showing 0 comments. There was a problem loading comments right now. Marina has an amazing voice - Album) has a very "Tori Amos" quality to her, but is easier to understand. She can hold her own though!!!! Her songs are beautiful, soulful, sweet and soft. However, the entire album is My Star - Marina V - My Star (CD gorgeous - with wonderful melody, harmony, and lyrics. Let's start with the obvious. The first word that comes to my mind when I hear "Thursday Song" is "wistful.

Though this one does have drums. The lyrics are more lovelorn than wistful this time, not a typical Marina trope, but a fun change nevertheless. In tone, at least at the beginning, "My Star" reminds me of the ghost story from the previous album, but kicks up with drums and a Wurlitzer-type keyboard and occasional, barely there, strings. Again, it's not typical Marina, not her usual introspective thinking, like the next one, but that's certainly not bad. I used the word mournful earlier, but that would better describe the original version.

Considering the topic, and you get the idea from the title, this almost sounds poppy in comparison, with a sparse albeit kinda jazzy electric guitar.

It's kinda jarring if you've heard it so many times before as I have, but if you haven't. Yes, I know it's a cover, but there's still a reason why it was chosen for the album. It forms a nice little trilogy with Thursday Song and Blue For You, if you can imagine Marina singing all three to the same person. The Wurlitzer-like effect that Shannon Hurley does in concert is not present here, though, My Star - Marina V - My Star (CD I think is too bad for those of us who have heard it so often, but otherwise it's nice to have this, even if it's really not that different than the live version on her previous CD except for the lack of a momentary pause before "So unbalanced".

And I hope I'm not one of those "friends" who is more screwed up than she is! I don't remember if this is the one she says is Beatles-inspired, but it sure sounds like it could be.

She does some things with her voice I don't remember hearing before, and I definitely like the stop when she sings "Stop! As Marina fans know, she includes a traditional Russian song on every album, like "Babushka" on the last one.

This time we get "Tonkaya Ryabina," incredibly haunting because she does it a cappella. I first heard this at the Pasadena library where she sat on the lip of the stage and somehow managed to sound so amazingly beautiful and creep me out at the same time.

Plus I got a great shot of her getting up after that, in those thigh-high black boots! If ever there was a song that could be defined as a Christmas ballad, it's this one, "Magical Christmas. Nuff said. So yeah, go buy it. I have been following Marina Vs career for many years now and after the release of her other independent albums with some killer singles on them: Marina has released a new record of songs "My Star".

Marina's albums are always lovely with a great mix of piano melody, interesting lyrics and fantastic Russian language songs. The song is classic Marina. Its catchy and massively appealing with that big hook in the chorus, but the song retains its edge. May Marina keep shining on. I've followed Marina V's career ever since interviewing her for the first time as a reporter for NBC back in She keeps getting better and better with every release.

With her amazing voice, Marina can do everything from belt out a pop dance number to a soulful ballad. Folk music from the 60's, rock music from the 70's, dance pop from the 80's and 90's, and even a few songs in her native Russian. The album starts off with "You Make Me Beautiful", a rhythmic ballad that speaks to the power of positivity that one special person can have in our lives. Second up is "Thursday Song", a soulful tune with wonderful lyrics about listening to what your friends need.

The title track, "My Star" showcases both Marina's voice and keyboard skills with lyrics about being someone else's star when they need guidance. Marina then switches gears to cover the Guns'n'Roses ballad "Don't Cry", a song about holding your head high when a relationship ends. The album ends with "Magical Christmas", a holiday tune that speaks to the power that the holidays have in bringing out the best in all of us.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! The first time I heard that song I immediately became a fan. I'll attend as many concerts as I can in the future. One last thing Keep up the good work Marina. I've already listened to to most of the songs. My congratulations, excellent CD again I also own the previous one, "Something of my Own" My mom also listened to a couple of songs and she said she liked it - I think that's a good sign as there's a lot of music she doesn't like When I heard you playing, I had to stop and listen.

I ended up buying both of your My Star - Marina V - My Star (CD. They are really good. I am sure your big break will come soon. I hope to come see one of your shows this week. Take care, Michael, Pasadena You're trying to keep me up all night again, aren't you! Hi Marina: your new CD arrived: brilliant - thanks so much. I was trying to decipher the writing you'd put on the front, but couldn't quite work it out Love the CD of course listening to it all the time in the car just now. It's interesting hearing how your music is changing a bit - I wonder whether it's an American influence, a commercial influence, or what I hope that what's best in your music which is the unique Marina bit never gets lost in the arrangements or the inputs from others.

By the way, I uploaded the music from your first CD onto my XBox video game console and now play back your music on my custom soundtracks while playing my favorite XBox video games, especially an auto racing game called Project Gotham Racing 2.

I don't know why, maybe its just the luck of the Russian as opposed to the luck of the Irish but your music always improves my game play. Wendy You are not only a very talented and amazing singer, but one of the most genuine individuals I have ever encountered. You gave me a hug without even knowing who I was, just that I was sitting at the crazy table with your biggest My Star - Marina V - My Star (CD.

I love my CD so much. I play it day and night as it is in my kitchen CD player. I wake up to your incredible voice and to tell you the truth, I have changed my mind five times over as to my favorite song. I think you understand my dilemma as you two can't pick the song either!!!!!!! I so look forward to seeing you again, Monique, Orange County. You have a real talent, a unique style and a beautiful spirit - and people see that - don't be afraid to project your heart when you perform - You will bless many people and it will come back to you in the form of wonderful opportunities.

Las Vegas, NV. I listen to your CD frequently in the car going to and from work. Marina is an extremely talented artist, who is incredibly versatile. Her music demonstrates her ability to both write and perform songs that have a large appeal.

At first glance, you may think My Star - Marina V - My Star (CD this artist is just another keyboard player, but after hearing Marina perform, you will know that you have just heard something wonderful and unique. With so many styles of music mirroring each other, Marina's sound is fresh, unique, dramatic and moving.

Hearing her and the band is a memorable experience. Lanich Springfield, IL. Marina should have a permanent place in any CD collection. One of the best and most talented new vocalists and songwriters to come along in years, her music and lyrics are a powerful blend of melody and emotion.

Add to that a wonderful voice and very sexy Russian accent and you have a truly winning combination. There are no weak points on this CD. Each song is riveting and each portrays an enjoyable exploration that Marina makes of her music and, I think, of herself. I was in line at Eagles food store a couple days ago when I overheard two young guys early twenties talking about liking a couple songs of yours. After mentioning to them that I saw you in an actual performance out at that benefit party, they seemed to be amazed that I actually saw you in person after hearing them praise you Someday I can say, I heard her when she played a benefit I attended.

I really, really like your music, your stories, your very special and emotional singing and how you express yourself in your music. I came into Borders to write as I usually do - with background music. However, this was the first time I was captivatingly distracted to the point of not lifting my pen! A really wonderful thing you are doing! Thank you ever so much. You have a beautiful voice and a fantastic musical ability.

I thoroughly enjoyed your concert. I have a good feeling that we'll be playing your songs on the radio for years to come. I look forward to seeing you perform again I sat for almost two hours totally absorbed in each word and note as they flowed from either Marina, her piano, guitar or band. Cool CD you've got there. Very emotional, very "on the brink". I like that. You're going to Wow them.

You are so talented and very attractive. A winning combination. I'm glad I went to border's tonight. Unfortunately, for me, I missed most of your performance, but I must say, your voice and the lyrics of your songs will never be forgotten. And, in the future when I'm at home, work or cruising down the highway, playing your CD will take me back to this night when your music touched my soul. I read your biography. Sound like a great adventure movie. Your life story is impressive!

But what really struck me is such you're a nice and approachable person with a quick smile. You have a great future.

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