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These are the tasks that the Lord has entrusted to us, depending on our identities as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, students, professionals, etc. Imagine, all the new and creative possibilities for service at our disposal with all this rare and newfound free time available to us!

Therefore, I feel as though it is important to recognize and resist any temptations or deviations that might pull us from our duties. Christianity is not a part-time job. We have to be all in, realizing that God always has something in mind for us in every present moment. When it comes to using our gifts and talents to further the Kingdom and bringing more grace to the earth and thus more souls to the Father, there is simply not a moment to waste!

Yet most of the time, it is simply doing little things with great love! As St. Perhaps He is using you to clean your house in a spirit of unity to Him. In this way He extracts great graces from your cooperation, which He then uses to save souls. He will never leave you. He will use each pain, each limitation, each frustration as a balm to His wounds if you allow Him. Imagine being able to apply a beautiful healing balm to the wounds of the Savior.

Truly, you can, by uniting hardship and illness to Jesus. If you think of it in that way, you will think less of being released from hardships and more of utilizing your hardships for heaven.

In his homily on March 25th, for the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary exactly 9 months before Christmas day! Of course, we cannot forget here that our first and foremost duty is spiritual, since the first commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, as well as your neighbor as yourself.

Perhaps you feel discouraged in performing your spiritual duties given the lack of access to daily mass, Eucharistic Adoration, or even a Church Tabernacle. If that is the case, then truly, I feel for you. The Eucharist is everything… It has been the source of my joy and strength, consolation and comfort, and light and love for many years now.

For indeed, the Eucharist is the very living, breathing, loving, and beating Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Himself, Who gives Life to all things and makes them holy! There will come a time when you may be deprived of the Sacrament of the Eucharist altogether. This will occur in some areas of the world. This will be a grave and heavy cross but I assure you that heaven will compensate.

You will make constant spiritual communions and remain united to Christ. You will have angels and saints LP) around you, willing to console and direct you. You will be very brave and very fixated on your Jesus and LP) your mission to serve Him. So even in removing the Eucharist, the enemy can do you no real harm. Do you understand? Do you see how, with God, we cannot lose? Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read through this rather lengthy message! Edward Sharpe. Marvin Gaye.

Bob Marley. Uplifting Songs. Engage In Conversation. Spiritual Music. Church Music. Black History Month. Civil Rights. I Love Music. Kinds Of Music. Beautiful Songs. Beautiful Images. Beautiful People. O'jays - Stairway to heaven. Music Is Life. Rhythm And Blues. Jazz Blues. Gonna Miss You. Smokey Robinson. One of my favorite passages in this entire corpus — and one of the most poignant in all of Scripture, I think — comes in the Book of Revelation, chapter five.

You will, perhaps, remember the setting. The Apostle John has been exiled on the Island of Patmos, a victim of first-century persecution There he meets an angel ,2 who will accompany the Apostle on a wonder-filled journey into the heart of heaven. The book of Revelation recounts the events that follow LP) the time we get to chapter five, John is standing before the throne Nailed To The Living Heart Of Heaven - Virile Games - Wounded Laurel (Vinyl the Almighty himself. Ezekiel And it is sealed tight.

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