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At the time was it just you doing the label? MC: Was it hard at the start trying to find the right band to sign off as your 1st release? Do you draw up contracts and stuff with the bands you sign? Are they for one release at a time?

DF: No…. MC: What was the 1st band that you signed and what was it about them that made you want to sign them? Just wait for their new album, the CD I released is pretty raw but still good for older Demo material compilation pretty much.

MC: What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking about starting up a label these days? DF: Good luck and unless you really are into for the music and fans, then get out!!!! MC: How many releases have you put out to date and how long has the label been around? Did you think when you started doing this that the label would still be around?

Are there any bands you regret signing and was there any bands that you missed out on and had a chance to sign that you kinda regret now not working with them? DF: I am up to number now and more to come…. No my taste. MC: When you listen to a new band or a band that sends you music hoping to get signed, what do you listen for? What advice would you have for a band that is trying to get signed?

Do you feel there is way too many bands in the scene nowadays and that most all sound the same? MC: What formats do you release your music on? Are all your releases still available? Have you or would you release a bands old stuff like old demos and stuff or are you just into signing new bands? I will do re-issues of classics as well new bands with amazing talent. MC: I assume the label is a full time thing? How many people work at the label and how much time in a given day or week is spent doing label related stuff?

How much mail do you send out and how much mail is incoming on any given day? Also Dan Jones helps me keep track of inventory, selling at shows, flyers, ect…. Odd and end things!!!! Sometimes I get only a few orders and other days I get a lot all at once…. Very odd patterns most the time!!!!

MC: Obviously the underground has changed big time over the years. Where do you see the underground music scene in 5 years and what has been the biggest change that you have seen that has surprised you and do you think the underground scene has kinda reached its peak and will pretty much stay where it is at these days?

Checking it out and then buying what you like is one thing, but doing nothing but FREE downloading is pretty lame and a real enemy of the music business. I just think more people in metal actual still buy and support more than other genres, which struggle more. MC: Are you at all surprised that the underground is still around and do you think it will ever die out? Plus now doing a complete degree turn back to where vinyl is more popular now these days too.

MC: Do you do a lot of trading with other labels and stuff? When a new release comes out how do you go about in promoting it? About how many releases do you do in any given year? About how much does it cost you in releasing a new cd for a band?

DF: I do as much as possible, but it can get expensive with extra shipping cost, ect…. Plus have to turn over what stuff you trade just as much sell your own product. MC: Do you go to many shows these days and do you ever set up booths at any shows or shows like the Maryland Deathfest and sell stuff? Do you ever have any people come to your house direct and buy things ha ha? MC: What are some things you like to do when you are not doing label stuff?

Is there any non-metal music you like and if so what style and what bands? MC: How long do you see the label being around for?

How did you come up with the name for it? I just kept the name Abyss Records from after I opened a store front several years ago and named it Abyss Records after the whole Abyss Productions thing. DF: Hails to all the Abyss Records supporters over the years and fans, also to you Chris for this interview and support too!!!!

Cheers… Dan. Well that kind of feel into place where I seen there was a need for that support with some quality local bands at the time Hordes Of Nebulah, Christ Beheaded, Bulletwolf, Maax and then came along Die Hard, F. Just need to change direction and get more directly involved and less of just a middle man distributor and trying to survive doing that, especially since I closed down my old store front. Pretty easy to understand and straight forward as well, plus I try to allow the bands to keep the band name rights and freedom while having the solid support of an Indie label.

How hard has it been to keep it going? People ripping bands, labels, stores and the music industry in general OFF by illegal downloads is killing the business the most these days. Never thought the world would ever become so disposable these days. Now labels as like Century Media and I are starting to fight back and cracking down and getting the releases taken down off these sites, suing some the illegal sites as well some operators being arrested too. Well I knew it would be hard work and also a challenge to get people to take notice to the label and gain the respect of the listeners.

However, I think with the select of releases I offer people into most all Extreme Metal genres can find something from my label if not most or some people seem to like them all for the most part. The worst part like I said is the impact illegal downloading is and has already done to the music industry as well, movies and books. I personal as a fan of metal I love to collect and cherish the stuff I have collected over the No Chance Of Hope - Radiation Sickness - Reflections Of A Psychotic Past (CD).

Is that a personal decision? Maybe you could sign a Peruvian or South American band? I just run my label as I would seek for bands I would want to buy if they were not on my label, guess you can look at it that way. I mean, what was the single best decision you made when setting up your business? What one thing would you tell other to never do? Stay away from getting to deep with money investments, bands need to back up their work to help make things happen just as much as the label.

So some bands work a lot harder than others and it shows in time. This might have worked better back in the beginning No Chance Of Hope - Radiation Sickness - Reflections Of A Psychotic Past (CD) the metal underground but not so well today. When you are promoting a new release, how do you prioritize your promotional budget? If you could only spend money on one thing, a radio promotion, print media advertising, what would you choose? Kind of like politics!!!! Do you think things like MySpace; Facebook can take the place of more traditional promotion routes?

That has gained much attention to date!!! Facebook seems like a great place and I do post on there, but seems to me like a status thing or game for most. Which releases are you most proud and what other projects are you working on at the moment? I like them all honestly they have special meaning to me being a part of it, so I hate to pick certain bands over others. I can say I think I just got much stronger with each year and the roster has just grown more solid for sure.

I think I created a label I would be happy to say I fucking love that label and everything they do. Any last words? Jehovah Fading Sickened by Holy Host Your Crucifixion Your Death God Blessed Them Intro Medley Crucifizion Wounds Conceived With Sin Of Holy Sacrament And Semen Master Of Man Absolute Unto Us He Is Born Mocked Scourged And Spit Upon Chapter 1: New Era 2. Black Monday 3. Another World 4. Denied 5. Division Insane 6. Chapter 2: The Phoenix 7.

And So We Bleed The Luxury of Pain 9. Caged Masters of Hate Gothic 2. Dead Emotion 3. Shattered 4. Rapture 5. Eternal 6. Falling Forever 7. Angel Tears Instrumental 8. Silent 9. The Painless Desolate Bonus Tracks: Rotting Misery Doom Dub Recorded in a couple of cold and dark days in November at parasit Studios, Mullsjo. Additional leads and vocals recorded in at Welcome to Hell Mobile Studio. Mixed at Gutterview Recordings, Stockholm. Pestilent Force 2.

Ghouls of the Endless Night 3. Enter Eternal Nightmare 4. Poison 5. Sacrilegious Ground 6. Fucking Slaughter 7. Last Scream 8.

Claim Your Place With the Gods 2. One Stands Still Here 3. Invictus 4. We Assist Death 5. Shadow of the Wolf 6. As the Snow Gathers 7. Echoes Through Our Blood 8. Disc 1 is Dolby Digital 2. Check the link for full tracklisting and extra features.

Produced by: Entrails. Drums recorded at: Racetrack Studios. Mixed No Chance Of Hope - Radiation Sickness - Reflections Of A Psychotic Past (CD) mastered at Unisound. The Tomb Awaits Instrumental 2. Unleashed Wrath 3.

Crawling Death 4. Eaten by the Dead 5. To Live Is to Rot 6. Undead 7. The Slithering Below 8. End of All Existence 9. Collection of Cracked Heads Remains in Red Total Death Black 2. Holy Wrath 3. Pyromania 4. Sinner 5.

Insanity 6. Son Of The Winter 7. Witch 8. A Grand Declaration of War 2. In the Lies Where upon You Lay 3. A Time to Die 4. Crystalized Pain in Deconstruction 9. The Calling 2. Demonized 3. Fountain of Grace 4.

Mindbreaker 5. Eye of the Storm 6. Curse of the Pharaohs 7. Eternity 8. Hell on Earth 9. Samhain Death Comes Crawling Fuckslut From Hell 2. Shoot Them All 3. Blunt Force To The Head 4. Eating The Maneater 6. Find the Arise 2. On the Floor 3. Chopped in Half 4. Turned Inside Out 5. Forces Realign 6. Insane 7. Face Your God 8. Dethroned Emperor Celtic Frost cover 9. Evil Ways Drop Dead Contrast the Dead Second Chance Stand Alone Slow Death Guitars and bass recorded at The Morser Studio.

Mixed and mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studio. All music and lyrics by Asphyx. Cover art by Axel Hermann. Into the Timewastes 2. Deathhammer 3. Minefield 4. Der Landser 6. Reign of the Brute 7. The Flood 8. We Doom You to Death 9. Vespa Crabro Death the Brutal Way 7" Version, Needles of the Blind 2. Skinned, to Feel All 3. Smells Acrid 4. For Drug Crazed Grindfreaks Only! Intended as a promo radio show. Includes Free Patch 1. Dead Smart 3.

Blind Leading the Blind 4. Let's Go to War 5. Choice of a New Generation 6. Walking Corpse 7. Fisting 8. Homesick 9. Stench of Profit Jemenez Cricket Intro - Desecrating Obscurity Instrumental 2. Buried and Forsaken 3. Obsession for Desecration 4. Darkened Genesis 5. Fornicate the Deceased 6. Marching On Dead Angels 9. Blessed Shepherd Of Decline The Stench Of Blessing Ascension In Desolation Meat Grinder Flesh Obliteration 2.

Stillborn Son 3. Brennkommando 4. The Outer Island 5. Severe Suffering 6. Necrosis 7. Bashed, Defaced And Disfigured 8. Solitude 2. Crystal Ball 3. A Sorcerer's Pledge 4. Gothic Stone 5. The Well Of Souls 6. Bewitched 7. At The Gallows End 8. Samarithan 9. Mirror Mirror Ancient Dreams The Prophecy Dark Reflections Into The Unfathomed Tower The Well Of Souls 2. Mirror Mirror 4. A Sorcerer's Pledge 5.

The Deranged Mob 2. Sexy Several Bondages 3. Reflections from a Degrading Whore 4. Two Cunts One Cum Scissors in the Head 6.

A Massive Torture of Lust 8. Fist Fuck 9. As Far as the Fist Can Go Reflections of a Psychotic Past 2. Demented Love Song 2 3. Tripping in the Seas of Madness 4. I Stand for Nothing 5. Graveside View 6. The Place Where People Die 7. The Other Me 9. Disfigured Retard Ruthless Man Made Production No Future Escape To Insanity Malignant Existence No Chance Of Hope For No Apparent Motive Sealed Away Demented Love Song In Your Dark Pavilion 2.

Of Lilies Bent with Tears 4. The Distance, Busy with Shadows 5. Of Sorry Eyes in March Disc: 2 1. That Dress and Summer Skin 3. And Then You Go 4. All Music and Lyrics by Azmo Lozmodial. Additional Compositions and Keyboards: I. Intro and Outro by Maria Zvyagina. Moonflower by Giampaul Andrianopoulos.

The artwork is designed by the Polish horror and gore designer Nagrobek. Lucid Incubus Instrumental 2. Death Gown 3. Shaheed 4. Dyers of Dusk 5. Moonflower Instrumental 6. Profound 7. Against the Winds 8. Bridesmaid of the Woods 9. The Coin Fountain Shame, Written In Blood Logo Design byL Patril Endberg. The Flesh Is Not Enough 2. Butchershop 3. Self Mutilation 4. Born In A Casket 5. Necrotizing Fasciitis 6. Awesome Nuclear Power 7. Twist Of A Knife 8. Chainsaw Dissection 9.

Avatar Collector Dawning Death Hunger Recorded live in Helsinki, Finland Red Leather Bitch 2. Satanik Beer 3. Rocking Metal Motherfucker 4. Drink Till Death 5. Blond Hair and Bitch! Grave Violator 7. Satanik Butcher! Apocalyptic War! Baby I'm Your Man 9. My Girlfriend With Other Guy Blazing War Smash the Fucking Discos Midway Dick Is Fucking Big Apocalyptic Nuclear Hell Prophecy of the Evening Star War Metal War Sodomy at the Graves Hot Sex!

One Of The Death 2. The Aftermath 3. Witch Child 4. Leather Bitch "Lethal Injection" Demo 5. Satan Will Come 6. Et TuCartman? This I think is masterful use of understatement. Like a Lewis Carroll character would say! Some good comments. Bottom line for me is Makow benefited from the relationship much more than Rense, hence Makow should have swallowed his pride. He couldn't, I guess his pride overwhelmed his good sense, and pride comes before a fall. Henry, humility is a virtue, and it is classy.

What you have written is the opposite. It looks petulant at best. And for those promoting nukes in the basements of the WTC's? Ever studied any science? Of course I believe WTC was pulled down, that's on the record somewhere.

But nukes in the WTC's basements is just ridiculous. There would be a huge seismic signature. Fallout without a doubt. And for how the basement was made - the same way most hard rock mines are made, drilled, blasted - and they sometimes go down thousands of feet.

Plus controlled explosions can have a neat or squared off looking result because they use hundreds of holes - not possible with nukes. Don't waste another second on this one and move on. I Love this place! Thanks Vis and All. She is a known fraud and plagiarist. Based on my personal dealings, these guys are dishonest and fraudulent. Rense - is a legend who has withstood the test of time.

What you see is what you get. You decide. Based on my personal dealings with him, he is a honest guy who believes in what he is doing.

Makow - is an opinionated old windbag, that should be on his knees giving thanks to Rense. To see his pathetic tirade just proves how lacking in facts he always was. I would like to share a thought here that has everything to do not only with Jeff Rense. All of us visit his website to soak in the information he labors to give.

For FREE. Yes, he works hard and we take it. Because it is free. All things in the Universe have a value. And there lies a tiny large moral issue Like in 'getting something of value without giving something of a value back'.

Catching my drift? So there is a difference between taking and giving. There are those who are shameless takers and there are those who are generous givers. There is a moral in this story somewhere. I trust that you will find it.

Well Jeff Rense certainly can post or not post what he wants to which may or may not leave pause for concern. Like when he has that ignorant and deceitful Levvy Kidd on his show every other day. Which caused Joe Cortina to smash the Levite. Or when he had a falling out with Dr. Lorraine Day who is practically infallible if such could be said. Cortina and Day I hold in the highest regard which gives me pause for concern about Rense.

This deceitful Jim Marrs that is always on the Rense show is as bad a Jonestein. But to his credit he did publish the data about how the habiroos killed Patton.

Oh brother Hey visible, "I wind up impaling myself on my lance" LOL! I learned to never take side too quickly with couples! We are surrounded by stupid immature beings who cannot debate lively and agree to disagree. I'm not surprised at all by Henry Makow reaction! This dude take on women is so one way! He has been brainwashed by patriarchal society, and he gobbed sink and all that weak, submitted woman stereotypes! Boy he should have seen those strong independant ancestress from Ireland!

They used to accompany their man to battles, and not shy at all with their sexuality I like Jeff Rense site, many time found some of his links enlightening! Sometime he pass on youtube links on ufo that have been debunked or if you just read description you would know it is photoshop! BUT he cannot check them all can 't he? I liked Alex Johns, but he is so fishy!!!! Sickening, really! I think you are all over reacting about Makow and his view on women. As I see it, he is telling it like it is as far as women go.

Don't forget that it was the Zionist that give us all this shit about women's rights and gay rights when they themselves don't even allow women to speak on matters of religion. Tell me honestly, when was the last time you ever, ever seen a woman who would shut her mouth when her husband said so?????????????????????????????? I have been married to the same woman for almost 30 years and she is no push over, she has a mind of her own. My mother was the same and if memory serves me right my grandmother was no less a push over.

They say men rule the world, I am not so sure. Maybe we think we do. What I gather from Henry's take on things is the big lie that women, led by feminism, which is itself a Zionist construct to destroy the masculine, is intent on pushing the feminine to the fore in order to confuse the sexes. Why do you think so many of our young are coming out and saying they are gay, long before they even know what the word means? They think they are gay because the masculine is being suppressed on one side and deliberately pushed from the other, which is not the natural way of things.

When it comes to truth you cannot have your cake; and eat it, it is the truth or it is not. Where is the truth in two men having sex or two women for that matter? Sure some of us might like the idea of two women or two men having sex but that does not mean it is natural, which of course, it is not.

There is a false agenda going on that women are somehow below men but this certainly does not apply in the western world view. Men are certainly physically stronger than women and some men use that power over women but any woman who has two brain cells to rub together can easily outwit a man on any number of levels. All she has to do is make him think he is getting his own way and I rest my case. Any woman worth her salt has by far way more power over any man.

How far back in human history would you like me to go to show you examples of this? What Henry is pointing out is the agenda behind the feminist Zionist agenda to confuse the sexes. If you are happy with the over-lording gay sex agenda and the influence and havoc it is having on our world then that's up to you but the truth is still the truth. If you are a real truth seeker then you must be willing to see beyond this complacency toward the gay agenda and say it like it is.

I could be more hurtful and distasteful if I wanted to be on this subject but I do not wish to cause offence to anyone, gay or not. I said some time ago on this site that there is a thing call bi-love.

This is a gift from God that enables a man to love another man or a woman to love another woman. This is how a woman can love her daughter or a man his son or a brother his brother and so on without any sexual intent. You could think of it as the same way Jesus loved John although the Zionist try to make it into a homosexual thing and most of the goy jump on to it like flies to shit. Work it out yourself if you have the guts, which is sorely lacking in these times of political correctness.

Think I have said enough. I don't know about Rense, or Makow. I've read Rivero's site for a few years, and I've found some great info there, and a lot of stuff that I don't pursue.

I watched all the videos. I was left with some questions. Remember, Stone didn't say anyone caused the earthquake, he said that a natural earthquake happened at a much lower strength than 9. He claimed an undersea explosion was used to cause the tsunami, and that the tsunami wasn't responsible for the damage to the reactors. I keep in mind the fact that the word tsunami is Japanese, and that as a nation they know that a big enough shake means a great big wave. That's why the video of "cars moving normally" bothers me Also the lack of quake damage, but I am no expert on that.

What also bothers me is the claim that Stuxnet was detected in Japan prior to the disaster as well. Another thing I'd like to know is how long would it take for a submarine to travel from the Suez to the Japan trench instead of taking station off Iran as expected? Does it fit the timeframe? Again, not an expert, but would like to hear from one! The timing is all bad! Japan did indeed volunteer to enrich radioactive material for Iran, subs from country "B" did indeed transit the Suez, Stuxnet was indeed found in Japan.

I'll likely never know for sure, but I tend not to believe in co-incidence. I'd love some answers, if only to stop the cold creeping heebie jeebies I get when I think about it. Oh, and I wish the two words I had to type could convince me I'm not a robot! Do you or do you not agree that it is impossible to have an infinite number of anything, provided we stick to the actual meaning of infinite? If not, you must be using a definition of infinite of which I am not aware. As for the alternative perspectives you mentioned, none of them actually alter or affect my only point and, if we were discussing this over a glass of vino, I'd happily explain why this is so.

I realize you probably think they do; that is alright with me. Pax tecum. No biggie. As for space being measurable, do we or do we not know how far it is from the earth to the moon or sun, from Jupiter to Mars, from the sun to such and such a near or distant galaxy, and so on?

Yes, we do. If we did not, we could not even say that this galaxy is "near" or that galaxy is "far," or that Mars is "closer" to Earth than it is to Uranus, etc. Using No Chance Of Hope - Radiation Sickness - Reflections Of A Psychotic Past (CD) terms would be absolutely meaningless.

Ergo, the extension of space, however immense, is a quantifiable thing. Just because we have not accurately measured all of it means nothing where the quantifiable nature of space is concerned.

The very term "space" denotes extension, which means measurement. I hope this helps. If not, carry on :. I also know that 2planes didnt bring down I like Rense and just when someone comes on with something so far out I think of how it must sound to the unititiated about Here today, gone tomorrow. Meanwhile something to talk about because whatever else is happening in the world in plain sight just boggles the mind.

Certain experiences that 'other' people have to deal with sometimes make me cringe and wish they weren't necessary, but to engage in a dialogue is only worthwhile when the two parties let go of their masks and take a good look at themselves before they speak up and out. Otherwise it's going to be a monologue, in this case serving noone. The event under discussion is a sorry affair which hopefully fades away peacefully.

I am not going to mention you, Vis, in the same breath because you are dear to my heart. Love Silvia. Don't agree with their particular stances on things; some days I wonder if indeed they are part of some vast winged conspiracy.

However, information is valuable and as long as I'm not truly offended as I am by the likes of Makow who reminds me of TD Jakes - men positioning themselves to lecture women ; I keep reading.

Les Vis, admire your writings immeasurably. This is my first comment posted at your esteemed website. I have gained much of value from listening to e.

Although I would place Jeff Rense at the top of any pantheon of truth seekers. Simple as that. Although, I would agree that the output of Henry Makow's website has in recent years veered away from his once higher standards, and towards giving a platform to unknown people who haven't always done their homework.

As for the "Nuke triggered the Fukushima tsunami" argument, I would state unequivocally that they were not needed! After more than 25 years of research and experimentation, HAARP is more than sufficient to trigger an earthquake in sensitive zones. So, please readers, don't try to laugh this idea off the platform.

Do your homework instead. So please make the effort. To paraphrase Star Trek: Let us respect our differences while boldly going where no men seeking truth have gone before.

To Anonymous February 18, AM: Khalezov says the underground nukes were placed 50 meters below the basements of the buildings when they were constructed. Did your "4th generation dial-a-yield fusion devices" exist in or 73? I don't see anything that indicates it was blown out from below. Bedrock usually has a naturally uneven surface, and none of the bedrock surfaces in the video are even -- they are all grossly uneven. Are you certain that the bedrock in the video is in the exact location of either of the Twin Towers' basements?

It looks to me like some of those bedrock scenes in the video may be located in the vicinity of WTC 4 and 5, not WTC 1 and 2. The blast forces from conventional munitions, such as are used in controlled demolitions, can bend steel girders like those at the Twin Towers. The same conventional blast forces that reduce concrete to dust can also bend girders.

Regarding the burned cars at the WTC: the super-heated dust coming off the Twin Towers may have burned them. I don't know why the dirt was hauled in to the WTC site. Does anybody know how much dirt was hauled in? Could it have been used to stabilize the toxic dust at the site? But I apply Occam's Razor when considering these questions, and I'm not leaping to conclusions from the realm of science fiction for the answers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what Ben Franklin said during America's Revolutionary War, where for once we breathed free air after ridding the USA of the Rothschilds agents and banks is true today and what he said was something like, "Gentleman, if we don't hang together, we most assuredly will hang separately.

If it wasn't for Rense. I read what interests me and take it from there. Regards Lee. Paul Watzlavik, among others,performed classic experiments in which totally sane people will begin to act like hospitalized paranoids or schizophrenics after being lied to in a calculated and systematic way. All part of the disinformation matrix my learned friends. Rense has a waaaay better news site in my opinion. I don't listen to Rense's radio program though.

I've always found Makow to have an interesting and well-founded perspective. I knew you'd have a level headed approach to this Les. Love your writing, keep it up! I would like to please ask everyone to count to a thousand before they get in the middle or on one side of something that is not really their business.

Life is so difficult if we have to fight our way through it. It should be clearer by then when the curtain goes downor up, this being the Apocalypse. From a far out outpost in Lebanon, weare. Makow vs. David Icke, Vigilant Citizen, and all these other people I haven't heard of etc. I believe they are all doing their best to enlighten folk and I appreciate their work. But I tell you what. Les Visible is the zenith, summit, apex.

Without that, everything is just porn and trivia. I feel certain to say this; Vis is the MAN. Well, I started to comment on this article, and then decided I'd really better read the whole article first and at least skim over the comments -- and now I'm going to write just what I started to write originally, though a few other commenters have made the same points: What I gathered from Makow's posts was: his beef was not that Rense did not publish his article, but that Rense de-linked from Makow's site because Makow published the piece about nukes and Fukushima that Jeff asked him not to.

Now that's something else entirely, and one wonders why such an extreme reaction, when all Jeff had to do was not publish the one article. One can understand Makow's pique at being suddenly dropped after ten years, though I don't approve of his response. I get that Jeff "is seriously informed about Fukushima," and so "You don't go to Jeff with stories about planned nuclear explosions causing the Fukushima disaster" -- But why de-link?

If Jeff was going to de-link anyway, because, as someone suggested, Makow's articles are not up to snuff, this was an extremely impolitic time to do it, as it has the appearance of retaliation for Makow publishing the article.

And the Anonymous "Open Letter" which was stickied at the top of Rense. I'll still go to Rense every day to get a good listing of articles I should be aware of, and I'll still check out Makow occasionally, though less often, I'm sure, than when Jeff linked to his site. Since Mike Rivero seems to have become, who knows how, a part of this discussion, I'll add my two-cents on that subject as well.

WHR is the second site I normally go to for a listing of important news, since the time of the post Bali bombing, when I was searching the web for a site that agreed with me on the likely Israeli responsibility. But, in addition to his somewhat suspicious intractableness on No Chance Of Hope - Radiation Sickness - Reflections Of A Psychotic Past (CD) subject of no-planes, the personal quirk of Mike's that I endure, but not gladly, for the sake of the good stuff, is his compulsion to bash the Third Reich at every opportunity.

He posts articles on who really started WWII, and acknowledges that if the "Holocaust" had really happened it wouldn't be necessary to imprison the "deniers", but he is unwilling to go the next step and acknowledge that if Hitler didn't start the war and didn't "exterminate" 6 million or, actually, any Jews, it is necessary to re-think the whole "Third Reich was evil" paradigm. That he not only does not do the not-exhaustive research necessary to find out that the Third Reich, far from being evil, had the singular fault of being Enemy No.

Therefore, someone who continually makes references which imply that the history we were taught on this subject is basically correct, so keep moving, folks, there's nothing to see, is certainly serving the function of gatekeeper, whether intentionally or not.

Is it just because he is Jewish? I don't know, but it doesn't seem quite enough to explain it. Jeff Rinse has opened my eyes and brain to so many things I could never express in words what it has meant to my life. Because of Jeff I came across you Les. Another person who opened up my mind in ways I didn't think were possible.

From Jeff I learn all things external in the world and from Les I learn all things internal in myself. I Could never thank you guys enough. I I really mean that. BTW I always thought makow was a scum bag because of the way he talks trash about transgendered people. He's a hater. Sorry Eamon, don't mind me. I just like to hear my own voice from time to time. Trying to find the truth on the internet used to be like looking for a needle in a haystack but now it is more like having so many needles that it is now having more needles than hay one needle was hard enough Another example would be like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle with many of the pieces lost or hidden by some sadistic psychopath.

Then to put together the puzzle and see what the picture looks like. When pieces are missing after all the pieces we have are fitted in it then becomes necessary to fill in the missing information by using logic and other knowledge of what the puzzle most likely shows.

It is then necessary to fill the empty spaces in by other methods Jeff Rense's site is like this and when you look at all the other information available on the internet from other sites along with ones own knowledge and reading of books and contacts with others who relate personal information from their experiences then the mind of most can very easily be overloaded especially when short attention spans of researching things occurs.

But then there is so much to research Rothchild family dynasty, The Federal Reserve bankers, the J. I suggest going to the following sites or doing searches to find them and try to understand how the past intersects with our present and future along with how everything is connected. Nuclear Demolition of buildings by Dimetri kolishnikov Search Then try reading some old or new poetry at www.

Plant some trees, grow some vegetables, plant fruit trees, walk along the shore of a river or an ocean, build a model sailboat boat or train car. The oak tree will at least answer our questions with the low sounds of a breeze blowing through it's branches and during the autumn season are the beautiful leaves and if you listen real carefully the sounds of those leaves floating down and whispering in your ear. One puts these sorts out there, to look at the response they garner, its a worthy evaluation that provides good intelligence and in a fiat monetary system, its basically free.

I've been frequenting Rense. I don't find myself thinking that just because I read something on his site, that it is mr Rense's opinion. I myself enjoy a little variety of articles. I enjoy reading about UFOs and things like Visible linked us to. But I do know who was behind doing it. What we need to do is just focus on how we can bring these monsters out where they can be punished and in so doing, tell us exactly what was done. The drama is a well worn ploy that seems to work oh so well.

Look, it's happening here right now. Thanks, your commentaries give me food for thought. In a universe of cosmic coincidence there is always room for conspiracy; and if there is a conspiracy to end civilization as we know it, then it is a conspiracy of errors perpetrated by beings who are competing with each other to have all the toys before they die.

I read Rense and that is where I find you. While Rense. Hope that makes sense for you. Again thanks for your words. JLKGreystone - A common laborer. I agree that the response and placement of the critiques might be excessive but people who have been the victim of ongoing character assassination do tend to get a little paranoid and defensive.

In these times this kind of thing is to be expected. It's the way things are at the moment. This rift between Makow and Rense has become nasty, ugly, and counter-productive to the wellbeing of Alternate Media. Makow struck out at Rense because of hurt feelings and the blow to his pocketbook from Rense no longer linking to his site. Rense has every right to link or not link to Makow's site because Rense. Rense owes no one linking privilege. Rense should not have used the contrived "Anonymous for Responsible Internet Journalism" for his rebuttal.

But Makow should not stoop so low as to reveal information shared by Rense in private. Now can everyone just go back to work and continue the resistance against the encroaching darkness?

I agree. I will mention that gross income is way different from net income, minus taxes, operating expenses and all the rest.

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