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Only 2, Allstates were sold in two model years before the marque was discontinued; 1, during and in Kaiser soon discontinued the Henry J as well. A manufacturer of appliances, Crosley entered the automotive business before WWII to sell the most inexpensive and usually smallest cars in America. After the war, they picked up where they left off, using Rumors (Original Version) - Father Dom - Rumors (Vinyl) small but sophisticated OHC four cylinder developed for the US Navy.

When it proved unreliable in automotive use, Crosley develop Rumors (Original Version) - Father Dom - Rumors (Vinyl) engine around a cast iron block. The Hot Shot sports car was introduced in as a Inwith the new engine, Crosley introduced a version of the Hot Shot with working doors called the Super Sport. Upon its introduction, the Super Sport won its class at the very first 12 Hours of Sebring.

Hot Shots and Super Sports could be ordered with the Quicksilver engine option, which produced 30 hp. Unfortunately America wanted bigger cars not smaller in the s and Crosley closed its doors in Those were the weird and wonderful production cars to come from the decade, but what about the cars that never were? There were a lot of influences on the decade of the s.

The world was just starting to get over the horrors of World War II and they were dealing with the fears resulting from the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Russians were the first to launch an artificial satellite into orbit around the Earth and the jolt of that feat opened all of us to the space age.

Space, that new frontier, was influencing interior design. Ceiling lamps looked like the Russian satellite Sputnik that was launched in October and, as you can see here, futuristic car concepts resembled rockets or jet fighters. What do you think? Did the designers nail it or have these concepts that once wowed only elicit a yawn today. Scroll down to begin viewing the list. It looks like it can lift up and hover over the street like a future spacecraft.

A fighter jet may have inspired the designer of this concept, the second of four that included turbine-power. This was meant to be a concept of a future family car with self-driving capability due to wires embedded in the street. Designer Alex Tremulis no doubt also had a jet in mind when he created this concept.

Tremulis was actually a famous designer of the time who actually did drawings of flying saucers for the U. Gaga said she and BloodPop assembled their team of producers based on their ingenuity.

According to Gaga, they were eager to take up the task when she called them for the request. Gaga cites John, one of the singer's longtime mentors, as a driving force in her sobriety, and their friendship was an important factor in his hiring.

Once Chromatica took definite form, Gaga felt the completed work exuded a "cinematic" quality. She and BloodPop tapped musician Morgan Kibby to compose three orchestral interludes to coalesce Chromatica 's melodic themes.

They spent about two weeks creating the interludes, first researching source material the producers felt embodied the spectacle they envisioned for the album, before recording with a person orchestra. The producers completed the compositions merely days before they were scheduled to master Chromatica. Gaga proposed Free Woman as a tentative working title from her fondness of the identically named album trackbut the singer felt her internal struggles called into question the proposed title's integrity.

She remarked, "We're talking about inclusivity and life, and also a lot of what we see around us and what we're experiencing is math, which is very much like music and sound is math as well. So we talked about that, and then I sort of went back and I said, 'OK, well, yeah, it's inclusivity but it's really a way of thinking', it's not just, 'Oh, Chromatica, we're being inclusive with all the colors, all the people', and when I say, 'All the colors, all the people', I mean way more than we could possibly fathom.

Interscope assigned veteran photographer Norbert Schoerner the responsibility of shooting Chromatica 's front cover photo. A small crew of independent artists undertook wardrobe design under the supervision of longtime Gaga collaborator Nicola Formichettiwho oversaw the shoot's artistic direction.

Chromatica evinced a return to Gaga's characteristic dance-pop style, eschewing the acoustic musical form of Joanne and A Star Is Born. Chromatica is a concept album that examines the pursuit of healing and unwavering happiness. And I know what it's like to also not let it ruin your life. Asaph argued Chromatica 's treatment of the subject matter provides a more intimate listening experience.

Chromatica is divided into three distinct acts, the first of which signifies the beginning of Gaga's quest for healing. On the second interlude, "Chromatica II", crescendoing strings segue into Chromatica 's eighth song " ". Gaga commenced Chromatica 's rollout with a sarcastic tweet addressing tabloid speculation of pregnancy, saying: "Rumors I'm pregnant?

Yeah, I'm pregnant with LG6. I wanted to do something to help the world, that was very focused. And working with the World Health Organization and Global Citizen [on the televised benefit concert, Together at Home ] was a way for me to talk about kindness, and the things that I believe in, in a very focused way, as opposed to a more abstract way, which for me, is what Chromatica is.

Chromatica Rumors (Original Version) - Father Dom - Rumors (Vinyl) released through physical and digital media on May 29,by Interscope and subsidiary Streamline, Gaga's sixth project under Interscope—Streamline management. The standard edition's vinyl records include picture discs and colored iterations in a milky white palette, a web-exclusive clear color, and a limited edition silver color sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Interscope released a limited box set edition of Chromatica on November 22,comprising the album's deluxe set, three remixes, a poster of the album cover, postcards, Rumors (Original Version) - Father Dom - Rumors (Vinyl) temporary tattoos.

This included brand campaigns, music videos, and live performances, such as cancelled gigs at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Johnson Institute. Grande accompanied the singer for "Rain on Me", both sporting face masks for the entire duration. Gaga is also set to embark on The Chromatica Ball tour to support the album.

The limited six-date long, all-stadium concert series is scheduled to take place during the summer ofvisiting Paris, London, Boston, Toronto, East Rutherford, and Chicago. The tour was postponed twice from its original summer date due to safety concerns over the COVID pandemic. Gaga chose "Stupid Love" as the album's lead singlereleased on February 28, A day ahead of Chromatica 's scheduled release, and with no announcement, Gaga released "Sour Candy" as a promotional single. Chromatica received positive reviews from critics.

At Metacriticwhich assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, Chromatica has an average score of 79 based on 25 reviews. Reviews compared the album favorably to Gaga's catalog as a more concise body of work. A principal topic of discussion among critics was Chromatica 's house production. The music, dubbed "glossy" by NME 's Hannah Mylrea, [61] was noted for its excess and sophistication. Chromatica debuted at number one on the US Billboard chart with first week sales ofalbum-equivalent units includingpure salesat that time the biggest opening week of for a female artist and fifth best sales week overall.

The remaining 65, units were album-equivalent units, denoting The album's reported US sales exceededunits after a month. The album has sold 76, copies across all of its vinyl editions, as of July After three days of release, Chromatica sold around 40, copies in the United Kingdom. According to the Official Charts Company data, this was more than the midweek sales of the combined top twenty.

Credits adapted from the liner notes of Chromatica. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the studio album. For the remix album, see Dawn of Chromatica. Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga Morgan Kibby. BloodPop Rice [a] Tchami Martin [b]. BloodPop Rice [a] Tchami [c] Burns. Gaga BloodPop Hedfors Klahr.

BloodPop Rice [a] Axwell Klahr. Gaga BloodPop Burns Yacoub. BloodPop Rice [a] Burns. Gaga BloodPop Madeon Tranter. BloodPop Rice [a] Madeon. BloodPop Rice [a] Skrillex. Gaga BloodPop Burns Hindlin. Burns Rice [a]. Gaga BloodPop Bresso Yacoub. BloodPop Rice [a] Tchami. BloodPop Burns Rice [a] Tchami [c].

Gaga BloodPop Burns []. Lady Gaga — vocals all tracks, except 1, 7, 13 Ariana Grande — vocals 4 Blackpink — vocals 10 Elton John — vocals 14 Madison Love — backing vocals 10 Rami Yacoub — backing vocals 15 Adryon De Leon — choir backing vocals 16 Daniel Ozan Rumors (Original Version) - Father Dom - Rumors (Vinyl) choir backing vocals 16 India Carney — choir backing vocals 16 Jantre Christian — choir backing vocals 16 Jyvonne Haskin — choir backing vocals 16 Laurhan Beato — choir backing vocals 16 Matthew Bloyd — choir backing vocals 16 Ronald O'Hannon — choir backing vocals 16 Shameka Dwight — choir backing vocals 16 Tia Britt — choir backing vocals 16 Vanessa Bryan — choir backing vocals 16 William Washington — choir backing vocals Lady Gaga — executive production, production 1, 7, 13 Bloodpop — executive production, production 2—6, 8—11, 14—16 Axwell — production 2, 5, 14 Burns — production 4, 6, 10—12, 14, 16 Morgan Kibby — production 1, 7, 13 Klahr — production 2, 5, 14 Liohn — production 14 Madeon — production 8 Skrillex — production 9 Tchami — production 3, 15additional production 4, 16 Rami Yacoub — additional production 14 Max Martin — co-production, vocal production 3 Benjamin Rice — vocal production 2—6, 8—12, 14— Amie Doherty — conductor, orchestra leader 1, 7, 13 Gina Zimmitti — orchestra contractor 1, 7, 13 Whitney Martin — orchestra contractor 1, 7, 13 Axwell — programming 2 BloodPop — programming 2, 15 Klahr — programming 2 Tchami — programming 15mixing 3 Mike Schuppan — mixing 1, 7, 13 Tom Norris — mixing 2—6, 8—12, 14—16 Benjamin Rice — mixing 2—6, 8—12, 14—16recording engineer 3—4, 10engineering 16 Scott Kelly — mix assistant 2, 4—6, 9—12, 14—16 Randy Merrill — mastering.

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COMP E. Feb 14, 16, 0 That is 5. Apr 25, 6, 2, Rusto Sicc OG Jul 11, Nov 2, 8, 63 Impeccable collection. May 15, 1, 0. Dz Nutts Radio dznuttsradio. Jan 27, 2, 4 0 41 www. Nov 1, 2, 77 48 He began performing at open mic events while wearing a metal mask resembling that of Marvel Comics supervillain Doctor Doomwho is depicted on the cover of his debut solo album Operation: Doomsday. He adopted the MF Doom persona and rarely made unmasked public appearances thereafter.

Between andDumile released four solo albums and three collaborative albums. In addition to the critically acclaimed Mm. Madvillainyrecorded with producer Madlib under the name Madvillainis often cited as Dumile's magnum opus and is regarded as a landmark album in hip hop. Though he lived the majority of his life in the United States, Dumile never gained American citizenship. Inhe was denied reentry after returning from an international tour for his sixth and final solo album, Born Like This Dumile was born in HounslowLondon, on July 13,[1] [7] [2] the son of a Trinidadian mother and Zimbabwean father.

Dumile began DJing during the summer after third grade. Dumile performed the last verse on "The Gas Face"; according to Pete Nice 's verse on the track, Dumile created the phrase.

After his brother's death, Dumile retreated from the hip hop scene from toliving "damn near homeless, walking the streets of Manhattansleeping on benches". Dumile went by the alias "King Geedorah", [c] a three-headed golden dragon space monster modeled after King Ghidorah.

InDumile began releasing his Special Herbs instrumentals series under the pseudonym Metal Fingers. NME described the Viktor Vaughn persona as "a time travelling street hustler". Dumile's breakthrough came in with the album Madvillainycreated with producer Madlib under the group name Madvillain.

Nathan Rabin noted in The A. Club that VV:2coming as it did after the commercial and critical success of Madvillainyrepresented an unusual career choice for Dumile whereby he Rumors (Original Version) - Father Dom - Rumors (Vinyl) "deeper underground" instead of embracing wider fame.

Later inthe second MF Doom album Mm. Food was released by Rhymesayers Entertainment. Although still an independent artist, Dumile took a bigger step towards the mainstream in with The Mouse and the Maska collaboration with producer DJ Danger Mouse under the group name Danger Doom.

The album, released on October 11,by Epitaph and Lexwas developed in collaboration with Cartoon Network 's Adult Swim and featured voice actors and characters from its programs mostly Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The Mouse and the Mask reached 41 on the Billboard The album was Dumile's first solo album to chart in the US.

After completing his European tour, Dumile was refused entry into the United States. In AugustAdult Swim announced a Doom compilation, The Missing Notebook Rhymesthat would consist of songs from his upcoming projects and featured appearances on other artists' songs.

The Adult Swim website was to release one new song per week over the course of 15 weeks. In a lukewarm review for PitchforkMehan Jayasuriya compared verses by Open Mike Eagle favorably to Dumile's, but noted that Dumile's contribution to "Nautical Depth" exhibited his "once razor-sharp lyricism".

Aside from the album with Czarface, Dumile's musical output in the final three years of his life was limited to one-off guest appearances on other artists' tracks. Dumile's lyrics are known for wordplay. Dumile's production work frequently incorporated samples and quotations from film.

Dumile created the MF Doom character as an alter ego with a backstory he could reference in his music. Dumile wore the mask while performing, and would not be photographed without it, except for short glimpses in videos and in earlier photos with KMD.

Dumile sometimes sent stand-ins to perform in the mask, which he saw as a "logical extension" of the concept but angered audiences. Whoever plays the character plays the character. In Novemberduring his performance at the Adult Swim Festival, electronic artist Flying Lotus announced that he would be joined onstage by Dumile; instead, the masked figure who appeared on stage was revealed to be comedian Hannibal Buress.

Dumile's involvement in the prank has not been confirmed. Dumile, described as among the "most celebrated" musicians in hip hop, [5] exerted a strong influence over his artistic peers.

His parents raised him and his brother as Muslims in the Five-Percent Nationa religious movement influenced by Islam. Dumile was refused reentry to the United States in late after completing a European tour. He had believed he would be able to secure reentry based on his longterm residency and family connections.

He was reunited with his family when they moved to London in On December 31,Dumile's wife announced on social media that he had died on October The cause of death was not announced. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British-American rapper and record producer. Rapper songwriter record producer. Musical artist.

In his life as a public figure, "Daniel Dumile" was the name most commonly used to refer to him.

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