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She won a Grammy for her live version, sung in Berlin, in which she improvised new lyrics, showcasing her incredible voice in every which way. His fifth album Giant Stepshowever, was his first to feature all self-composed material and it remains a must-have record for all serious jazz fans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Search uDiscover Music. Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They didn't sell. In October,Archie Bleyer announced that he would release six "Little LPs" with three songs on each side, in mono, taken from hit artists in Cadence's back catalog. It was a new format and this was the first time the term "Little LP" had been used. Cadence put a series of ads see left in Billboard over the next several months, but when these hit the stores, they got the same chilly reception that the compact doubles received several months before.

By spring,Bleyer gave up. Mercury immediately liked the Cadence idea, though, and in November,barely a month after Cadence's announcement, started their own series of mono "Little LPs. That somebody was in the form of Seeburg jukebox company.

They liked the idea of Little LPs, but wanted them in stereo to play in a jukebox they had planned. They began working with various labels on a very hush-hush project, to produce some of these stereo Little LPs.

Then in September,they began to tease the industry about a new jukebox that would be "revolutionary. Seeburg gave credit to Cadence for the innovation of the Little LP, and pointed out that jukeboxes had largely become fixtures in adult rather than teenage venues, and Little LPs with adult content such as easy listening or country would sell very well in bars and other adult meeting places. Immediately, the industry as a whole spoke up, as usual with divided opinions.

Making Little LPs for jukebox purposes could be seen as a promotional tool to sell their albums. But nobody was jumping on any bandwagon that even remotely suggested they would be viable as a retail item in stores. Been there, done that, got the red ink. Everyone seemed to see making Little LPs for Seeburg — and whatever other jukebox manufacturer wanted them — would be a promotional jukebox-use-only sort of thing.

Seeburg agreed, although by making the Little LPs available for jukebox operators through "one-stop" record distributors, it also meant that should members of the general public want these, they could be ordered through record stores.

But no advertising aimed at the general public would be done. Seeburg hit the ground running. The list of artists looked like a who's who of easy listening and classical music. Nary a rock and roller in the bunch. Seeburg would put together a catalog of available titles for jukebox operators. By January,just a mere few months after the jukebox became available, that catalog included different Little LPs.

BySeeburg was openly gloating in the trade press about how their idea had been a success in the face of all the naysayers, and that they had sold in excess ofLittle LPs. Seeburg noted in January,that they had spent over 5 million dollars on the program. But by October,Seeburg found that being a Little LP producer and distributor was getting to be a drag on their jukebox business.

Bobby Garmisa was enthusiastic, and promised that Little LPs would henceforth be released at the same time as the parent albums, not later as had been the case. Garmisa, it turned out, had underestimated the effect of problems such as a no-return policy on Little LPs, and the ambivalence of the one-stops to carrying the product, not to mention that the jukebox programmers and operators were not all sold on the idea of Little LPs. Byafter more than a year of Little LP hassles, Garmisa finally gave up.

Baskin Satin Doll - Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Vinyl offering this older stock at 50 cents on the dollar through his new company Baskase Products.

Soma, Bomar, Warner Bros. The zenith of the Little LP was the period. Byhowever, with Garmisa exiting the business, output of Little LPs dropped to nearly zero. A few small manufacturers, like Thunderbird and Juke, issued some, but that was about it. For over a year, from to mid, there were no firms actively producing and distributing large numbers of Little LPs for the big labels, and this marked the end of the first generation of the Little LPs. The Second Generation In the spring oftwo other companies were formed to issue Little LPs for the labels who wanted them.

Whereas inhundreds of Little LPs were being issued per year, output in the second phase, which lasted from towas reduced to averaging fewer than 80 per year. But the content shifted more toward rock music than during the first generation. In Englewood, NJ. Yudkofsky took a conservative approach to releases, stating, "Why should I do what was Satin Doll - Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Vinyl years ago when the Little LP program was ruined — why should I flood the market?

By January,Yudkofsky had released 57 titles averaging about 24 titles a year. Little LPs Unlimited numbered their product, starting at They had reached 48 or LLP by May,62 by August,70 by November,by January,and by November, averaging about 54 titles per year. The two newcomers disagreed on LP) thing. While Yudkofsky felt the covers and labels should accurately reflect the parent LP cover, including being in full color, Prutting did not think color covers were important, and his Little LPs had monochrome covers from the start.

Both were of the opinion, however, that big hits did not belong on Little LPs, because they were already on the juke boxes. These second-generation Little LPs often had only five songs, since full LPs of the time typically had only 10 songs instead of the 12 which was normal in the mids.

Although both Yudkofsky and Prutting talked up the success of their product LP) the trade press, a few things were happening that would have negative consequences later.

InSeeburg began making jukeboxes that didn't play 33s, and although they could be converted to do so, the default was that Little LPs weren't popular enough to warrant hardware attention. The other jukebox makers weren't far behind. Also, because Little LPs could not be returned for credit like ordinary singles, buyers were very cautious before investing in them. Bythe Little LP as a jukebox commodity Satin Doll - Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Vinyl dying.

Some of the same problems that killed off the first generation were still nagging the second. I'll sell them cheap," one operator sarcastically noted. They just weren't that popular with programmers, one-stops, or customers. The lack of popularity, according to Billboard, traced to both higher cost and lack of requests, a sure-fire two-barreled killer, going against all the principles of economic success.

The quadraphonic Little LPs didn't help, either, especially since there were few quad jukeboxes, and the customers were lukewarm about quad anyway. The two Little LP companies limped through and putting out very few titles, less than half what they were issuing a few years earlier.

The Little LP chapter in music history ended by the end ofwith essentially no new titles in Epilogue Some of the big record companies — and the indies putting out punk rock in the early s — have put out similar discs as specialty items for fans since then, but the Little LP era for jukeboxes was over.

As far as record collectors are concerned, they generally refer to Little LPs as "Jukebox EPs," because that's essentially what they were. Skip to Content Trustpilot.

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