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Cite this Entry. Layman's terms. Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Senseless - The Rebel Spell - Expression In Laymans Terms (Vinyl. Accessed 24 Jun. Artist: The Rebel Spell. Album: Expression In Laymen's Terms. From The Album. With the help of Tony Robbins self help program The Rebel Spell have unleashed the power within to move beyond fears of insects and terrorists, as well as limiting beliefs like Album) ones in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy or even God.

ThFrom The Album. Play album. Expression In Laymen's Terms. Th read more. The album contained the hit single, Heaven Help Me, which featured background vocals by Michael, and reached number 5 on the U. Now, back up: you now are an indigenous group, and a bunch of yahoos land and start raping and pillaging. Are you going to sit Album) and let them do that? And they come in and they start destroying things, they set things up, and they just slowly destroy your culture.

They erode it away by encroaching on it and polluting it until its gone. Have you guys ever played in Mexico, or areas where that sort of unrest was going on? I mean, I think, part of it with the music is to raise some awareness.

You heard about it when the Nepalese — when the prince went crazy and shot a bunch of people in the palace. I just wanted to put that out there so someone would hear it. Pictures: Elliot and Erin by Bev Davies.

Music is great that way — as an educational tool, as a motivating force. When you get some people on a more emotional angle, which is where music kind of connects the two things — if you can get your rhetoric with some emotion attached to it, I think it works differently, and people are receptive to it in a different way.

We should talk a bit more about the new album. Who directed the video for that? Clay of Vancouver hardcore video magazine Eargoggles. Did you guys come up with the ideas, or -? It seemed to fit with that video, and then once we kinda talked to Clay about it — because we needed somebody to take over the project and make it happen — he took that concept and gave his own slant on it.

You want to talk a bit about the surveillance state? How concerned are you guys about being videotaped everywhere? And better at sneaking the legalities around so that it works and so that it can stay.

Once people start putting their minds to these things, it of course grows and expands and quickly gets much more effective and efficient. Has the band had any problems with being videoed or watched? No, nothing specific like that. Can you tell me a story of one of your friends…? Well… as soon as I start talking about it, then people will know who those people are… Let me see if I can do it delicately enough. Umm… No. Not off the top of my head.

But it happened in Ontario, and it happened in Vancouver, and both were personal acquaintances of mine. Has being on a label made it easier for you guys to cross borders? Is the label doing the paperwork for you, say? His choice there was go home or give us your email password. Was Senseless - The Rebel Spell - Expression In Laymans Terms (Vinyl actually trying to go into the States to play a gig, at that point?

He was just travelling to visit his girlfriend. They were still after him with information from five year old work Senseless - The Rebel Spell - Expression In Laymans Terms (Vinyl that they had. Once that stuff is logged, it haunts you. In we released Last Run. Throughout the years we toured Canada countless times, the States a bunch and Europe twice. We played over shows in the 12 years we were a band. His death was unexpected and shook us and our whole community.

Todd had a profound and lasting impact on all of our lives. We will never forget him, and his spirit lives on in our music.

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