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Stay tuned! Born on January - Annie Delorie, Dutch opera singer Short bio Send musician's birthdays to mikevincent [at] scena.

Just returned from the COC press conference of the season, which will prove to be very interesting. Three premieres and the return of a couple of 'old standards'.

Here is the line-up: Fall Season Oct. He sang the Don successfully two seasons ago for Vancouver. Very interesting casting, although I thought Makerov and Muirhead could switch roles. William Lacey conducts. This is paired with War and Peace. This will be an important premiere.

Russell Braun will be Prince Andrei - inspired casting! Lots of Russians in the cast. It is good to have Judith Forst back as Akhrosimova. No conductor announced. Also back are Gidon Saks and Mats Almgren. Great cast! I seem to recall this was done in concert form before, but I am sure it is the staged premiere. No Simon announced. Amelia is Serena Farnocchia, a role tailor-made for her. Also back are Mikhail Agafonov and Philip Ens.

Boheme is back in a new production - finally we are rid of the old Wolfram Skalici production that necessitated 3 intermissions! I think Zazzo was engaged for Rodelinda before but cancelled. He is someone to look forward to.

A strange bit of casting is Wolfgang Holzmair as Demetrius. Also featured are Giselle Allen and Robert Gleadow. Robert Pomakov as Bottom - also a rather unconventional choice! I am sorry some names are missing - such as Michael Colvin, Isabel Bayrakdarian, and Ewa Podles - regulars and audience favourites from past seasons.

Les premiers ne manquent pas de souligner les imperfections de sa technique et les multiples approximations qui affectent son approche du texte musical. Un tendre et profond sentiment ou Notify us of other musician birthdays: wkchan [at] scena. Last October, the Met unveiled a new production of Verdi's Macbeth to rather mixed reviews.

Audience and critics praised the strong musical values, but the modern production didn't sit well with the more tradition-bound segment of the Met audience. Yesterday, the Met at the Movies audience got to decide for themselves. Once again, I saw the show at Sheppard Grande. I am not sure if everything was sold out, but the crowd appeared to be larger than the New Year's Day Hansel und Gretel.

As a bonus, the new concessions with a more upscale menu opened just in time for the occasion. Judging by the huge line, it was more appealing to the mature opera audience than pop corn and soft drinks. One of Verdi's early successes, Macbeth had its premiere inlater revised by the composer in It is the revised version that is most often heard today. Macbeth is not staged all that frequently today because there simply aren't too many singers who can do it justice.

The Met is fortunate to have the services of Russian soprano Maria Guleghina, arguably the reigning Verdian dramatic soprano, as Lady Macbeth. I first heard her in the killer role of Abigaille at the Lyric Opera of Chicago in the season. Now ten years later, she is still on top of her game, a remarkable testament of vocal longevity in this punishing repertoire. She is partnered by Serbian baritone Zeljko Lucic, a voice new to me, in the title role.

Italian Lado Ataneli and American Andrea Gruber take over the roles later on in the season To the more superstitiously minded, Macbeth is supposed to be cursed. Historically revivals of this opera were reputedly plagued by back luck, accidents, or assorted unexplained happenings.

I remember vividly tuning into a Met broadcast of Macbeth around The second intermission seemed inordinately long. Just when I was wondering what was going on, the announcer Peter Allen said to the radio audience that there had been some sort of accident in the house, but he The Fifth Season - Michel Schöpping - Music from the Film La Cinquieme Saison (CD elaborate, except to say that the singers were fine.

I was looking forward to hearing Elizabeth Connell in her Sleeping Walking Scene, but it was not to be. There was no Act Four as the rest of the performance was cancelled.

Later I heard that someone in the audience jumped from the balcony to his death. Thankfully nothing that dramatic happened at the Met yesterday - at least all the drama remained on stage!

Top vocal honours went to Maria Guleghina as a fearless Lady Macbeth. She threw herself into the role, giving a vocally and dramatically riveting performance. Her steely soprano certainly had the power and range, and she was in searing voice. She nailed her first two arias - "Vieni t'affretta" and "La luce langue" - as if it was child's play, combining ample dramatic weight with thrilling highnotes.

Singing with such vocal force and acting with a surfeit of physical energy, a certain toll was perhaps inevitable.

In the later acts, some of her high notes in the ensembles were flat. She tired noticeably by the Sleepwalking Scene - her high D-flat was probably a note she wished she could have back.

But the audience loved her anyway and gave her a well deserved ovation at the end. But the Serbian was an true Verdi baritone, with a pleasing timbre and a secure top register. He probably got carried away by the heat of the moment and didn't pace himself, tiring and turning raspy and strained at the very end. Canadian bass John Relyea, a stalwart at the Met the last few seasons, was a terrific Banquo.

As Macduff, tenor Dimitri Pittas sang with strong, clarion tone. I would have liked a bit more mezza voce from him, but it is hard to argue with such a great voice. Now the production. This show demonstrates that even the august, tradition-bound Met is slowly changing.

Even a few short season ago, a modern dress production like this one would have been grudgingly accepted in something "far-out" like Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, but it would have been unthinkable in Verdi's Macbeth. To be sure, by Regietheater standards, this Macbeth is really quite mild. Adrian Noble's direction was eccentric but not offensive, and the audience seemed to have accepted it judging by the reaction at the end.

The videographic work - all 12 cameras worth - was wonderful as usual. However, I am beginning to think this is a bit of a double-edged sword. Unlike a Romeo et Juliette production populated by beautiful people the likes of Netrebko and Alagna, the extreme closeups of the less photogenic Madame Guleghina straining for a high note didn't have quite the same audience appeal The Act Three Witches' Gathering would have looked great from the far reaches of the Met auditorium, but the closeups of children repeatedly retching and vomiting into the silver chalice was, shall I say, more than we bargained for.

All kidding aside, the best thing about the videography is the scene changes, giving the uninitiated a real taste of the enormous effort it takes to put on a show like this. The musical side of things got a boost from a newly rejuvenated James Levine, leading the superb Met orchestra and chorus in a vital reading of the score.

He seems to have recovered from his various ailments the last two seasons, and the orchestra responded beautifully. And I must say the women's The Fifth Season - Michel Schöpping - Music from the Film La Cinquieme Saison (CD, long the Achilles heel of the Met Chorus, is finally sounding less superannuated.

I say, bring on Manon Lescaut! It deserves to be in any choir's repertoire. Labels: birthdayschoralcomposerorganrequiem. Joan Ingpen, whose death is reported here, was the one and onlie true begetter of the Big Lucy machine, as well as being the unseen force behind Georg Solti.

A full account can be found in my bookCovent Garden:The Untold Story, and one of the joys of its research was getting to know Joan over several lunches in Marylebone. She was, by then, well into her 70s, but the memory was sharp as a pin and the tolerance for sloppiness was zero. Pavarotti was always a bit scared of her, and Solti untypically deferential. She gave as good as she got and never knowingly foisted a dud artist on the innocent public. Now of how many concert agents and casting managers can that be said?

Source: Arts Journal. Labels: administration. Let us know what you think. Labels: birthdaysviolin. Two recent announcements from the recording industry shows that there are still profits to be made in classical music. Operating exclusively online, ArkivMusic's advantage is its "endless shelf" of available classical CD inventory. The company is an example of The Long Tail theory where companies profit by selling less of more. Classical aficionados can access the largest number of classical recordings available anywhere in the world -- over 82, titles -- including nearly 5, formerly out-of-print titles produced "on demand" as ArkivCDs.

We launched this initiative late inand we continue to reissue hundreds of releases each month as we expand the catalog of formerly deleted titles. It was a marketing idea for the Hong Kong and Southeast Asian markets. I never imagined we'd become a powerhouse, with employees worldwide, and 60 programmers and systems analysts in our Information Technology department.

We're the only record company in the world with our own digital platforms. We have our own download and streaming sites, handle digital distribution for some of the labels we distribute physically, and also have books, audio books, and educational materials. For me, being in classical music has always been a lifestyle decision. For years, we didn't make any money. I'm extremely happy.

I'm doing what I love, and I'll finally make some money from it. The moral of the story is that there are always winners and losers in any industry. While the major labels and retailers were downsizing, specialized companies can turn a profit.

Labels: CDsRecordings. The opera community breathed a sign of relief last night January 5, According to Associated Press's reviewthe audience started clapping right from the start and gave Album) an extended ovation at the end. His return Saturday set the stage for huge expectations that were mostly -- but not completely -- met.

While wonderfully supple -- and surprisingly strong at times -- Villazon's voice was occasionally lost in the more powerful orchestral passages -- and it wasn't the fault of conductor Marco Armiliato. Although he appeared to be hitting his high B's, it wasn't always apparent -- because when trying too hard to be heard, Villazon's lyric tenor just seemed to top out among all those potent brass passages of the second and third acts.

Villazon himself appeared to be less than completely satisfied. Miguel Perez, who described himself as a friend of Villazon from Barcelona, said the tenor told him between breaks that he was "very happy" with the first act but "not very happy with the second.

Labels: operavillazon. This production pairing is turning out to be in high demand as a rental. Seattle Opera's offering in February and March is the latest. See the Seattle Opera press release. The January 12th minuteToronto Memorial concert for Oscar Peterson, titled "Simply the Best," will be open to the public free on a first come basis beginning at 3 p. According to the Toronto Starthe organizers decided NOT to issue tickets in order Album) foil scalpers, as had happened in New York for the Beverley Sills memorial, and to avoid empty seats due to ticket holders not showing up, as in the case of the Richard Bradshaw memorial in Toronto.

It's a strategic decision meant to avoid the negative consequences of ticketed free events. For example, many of those who lined up for free tickets to the Richard Bradshaw tribute at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts did not turn up for the concert.

The result: empty seats, despite the fact there were thousands of disappointed opera lovers who couldn't get tickets. The lineup for tickets started at a. Even though they were free, scalpers had a good day pocketing money from fans who arrived after all the tickets had been given away.

There are approximately 2, seats at Roy Thomson Hall. About will be reserved for VIP guests. It's open season on the other 2, seats. Labels: jazzmemorial concert. It happened to coincide with a fierce snowstorm that descended on Toronto just hours earlier. But you would never have guessed looking at the huge turnout at the Sheppard Grande in Toronto. Perhaps there was one surprise - the audience demographics remained as superannuated as ever.

I spotted all of six children the whole afternoon! Despite the bad weather that can sometimes affect reception, the performance in Cinema Three went smoothly. There was only, literally, a split-second loss of sound, which the theatre manager assured me was the fault of the Met.

He also said he personally went up to the theatre roof before the show to make sure the satellite dish was free of snow Unlike Toronto, the Met performance was teeming with kids. Afterall, this was a special performance put on for the telecast, and at an hour suitable for youngsters.

Holiday Season at the Met usually brings lighter fare, such as the fabulously entertaining Julie Taymor production of Magic Flute last year. This very production was telecast in the UK several years ago and I managed to see it. So this time around, it came as no surprise to me, although I must say I was once again struck by Richard Jones' singularly dark vision.

It seems that under the fanciful patina of many a Grimm's tale lurks a cruel and gritty heart. Season 6 refers, collectively, to the 13 episodes which comprise the sixth season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making its debut on Tuesday, September 10, to a total viewership of 5.

Il porte un certain nombre de tatouages, comme une faucheuse sur son. Episode 1 - Straw. Episode 2 - One One Six. Episode 3 - Poenitentia. Episode 4 - Wolfsangel. Episode 5 - The Mad. The series concluded on December 9,after 92 episodes broadcast over seven seasons. Sons of Anarchy The Fifth Season - Michel Schöpping - Music from the Film La Cinquieme Saison (CD the story of an outlaw motorcycle club based in the fictional small town of Charming, California.

The show follows protagonist Jackson Jax. Games Movies TV Video. Register Start a Wiki. Sons of Anarchy. Add new page. SOA Episodes. Season 1. Jax has to handle some unhappy customers as the weapon deal goes through Mike's organization.

Season 6. Sons of Anarchy season 6 Gag Ree. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube All 76 songs featured in Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions.

Walton Sanders Goggins, Jr. Cependant, plus tard, en. Trouvez les titres, artistes et albums de sons of anarchy. Il est possible. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Mayans M.

Nel viene ufficializzato dalla FX. NEWS - Tournages. Sons of Anarchy : le pilote.

Next Testament - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD), Ruínas Da Babilônia (Introdução) - P.F.J. A Família - É Necessário Um Primeiro Passo (CD, Album), Oh Baby (Original Mix) - DJ Rasoul - Oh Baby (Vinyl), We Turn - Redway - We Turn / Fish Tank (File, MP3), Odieu - Blashko - Taxi Driver On A Highway (File, MP3, Album), Funky Fresh - DJ Stew Feat. Buddha Monks, The* - Funky Fresh (CD), Noble Art, (Interior) Start, Fast Run, Stop - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - Cars And Trucks, Spiritum - Sol Nte - Fluxus Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (CDr, Album), Tu Solus Qui Facis Mirabilia, Jarguna, Seba (11) - Nebula (CDr), Start & Stopbit - Robert Natus - Keep It Different (Vinyl)