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Is the Intelligence leaving Seattle? The people are just the worst, no one can even look at each other on the sidewalk. We had a weird red faced R. There is a real pent up aggressive terror that I just find really specific to this region. The nightclub stuff is too stupid to even pay attention to.

In what way does someone drinking a beer on stage in a place that is 21 and over and is selling beer make any kind of difference. The number of people who have played in the band seems to rival the Fall.

How would you rate the current incarnation of the Intelligence against past ones? But honestly right now is my favorite version. I feel set and supported by them and lucky. The Icky Babies was a fun era. Shannon McConnell was a real joy. I know you are a fan of the Fall.

I got to hang around him once when we played with them in New York and he is a magnetic person to say the least. The new album Males was recorded with Chris Woodhouse who is also a new addition to the band.

How do you know him A-Frames days? How did he get drafted into the band? Why did you want him to produce the album? It was number 2 in my big 4 shows: 1. Anyway back to 2 Karate Party was just unhinged that night. And though I love Mike McHugh so much and love what he did on the last records we need to do something different and I also have to say so much of this record was Larry Hardy from In the Red really pushing for a band record and Woodhouse producing.

Are you weakening in your old age, or just more open to collaboration? I thought the most interesting thing we could do would be to try to make a big clean record. Also our bass sound is cool with Susanna I wanted the record to have a lot of low end. Are there any special guests or covers you have lined up to introduce to Intelligence fans on Males?

No, not this time. When a song that great comes around you bend your rules. The cover of Males is the first to feature a photo Not counting the collage on Deuteronomy of the band. What was behind decision of the band on the cover? Who did the album cover? Where was the photo taken? My 2 faves: stealing Crash LP) sunglasses when we stayed with them and selling Beren free water from a club. A few songs on Males are taken from previous singles and compilations. What was impetus for plucking LikeLikeLike and Beetles and including them on the new album?

Plus Beren plays it better than I do on the single. Robert pollard? Thee Oh Sees? Do you feel pressure to always have something new coming out every few months? Has the 24 hour news cycle mentality affected music today? I would never say anything bad about Robert Pollard either, if anything his being prolific is LP) of his thing. Just for us I want it to be special when a new LP comes out and space them out a little more and have them make an impact or statement against the last one.

Hi-fi or lo-fi, you seem torn between them ie. Surfers vs Pacman. What is your preference and has it changed over the years? I want it to sound good on a P. Miles Davis advocated a less is more approach while John Coltrane especially towards the end of his career like to fill up every empty space with sound. I noticed on Fake Surfers that the sound kind of opened up a little from the claustrophobic feel of earlier albums.

Is that a conscious effort on your part and how much of a jazzhead are you? Later my buddy Drew from Puberty told me that was an early rule in Devo, that nobody was supposed to play at the same time and thinking about that you can see another key in why their records sound so good. The A-Frames recently got back together and released a triple album collecting demos, singles, and the aborted 4th album. Do you have any nostalgia for your days as the drummer for that band any fleeting desire to play with them again?

I owe a big debt to the A-Frames musically and am happy they found a drummer that they like and they are still doing stuff. I love them. Your other band Puberty which you started with Susanna recently completed a residence that you curated at the Orient Express in Seattle. More live dates, any records? Puberty was born from a few things: 1. I missed that and I think I just working on the Intelligence was frying my brain.

Starting with listening to lots of Tones on Tail I wanted to do something like that bigger and broader and poppier and cleaner than the Intelligence. That helped me write the first song and get on a roll.

Have you ever given any thought to putting out something that compiles all of your non-album songs? But I got a Message of Love for you man. BOAT who are poised to release their third album Setting the Paces this week are like one of those new and improved products: Now better sounding and with more pop hooks!

Not that the old version was inferior by any stretch of the imagination, and not to worry long-time fans, Boat is still Boat. The animal imagery, falsetto choruses, and sincere yet over the top delivery is all still there, only now it sounds so much better. Setting the Paces is like a rush of sugar to the head. The band is now officially a four piece with the addition of J.

Long on drums. Long who also works at Two Sticks Studio in Seattle produced the new record and the results are immediate and winning. When I contacted their fictitious manager H. Fozzleberry about interviewing the band, D. Crane responded graciously accepting my request and suggested we meet face to face.

I wanted to find out about the new record so I stole the modus operandi of Lars Finberg and his interviews over at Terminal Boredom and started by going through the new album song by song to get a better idea of the approach the band took in recording their new record.

Thanks to D. Crane and J. Long who sat in the booth, ate pizza, drank diet coke, and talked all things Boat. It promises to be quite the production we talk about it below. They also have a second release gig scheduled for Portland at the Woods on 5 November and some rare east coast dates coming up.

Check their MySpace for details. But what do the lyrics allude to? Josh and I always battle back and forth. We always get in these epic battles. J: My favorite Boat song, and a favorite to play at shows for the past year, but it was the last one that got finished for the recording because we had tried it early on in the process and then we ended up re-recording it with all of us, me Mark and Dave playing it together at the studio.

Actually, what was really fun during the last piece of recording Dave was doing, he still had to do the middle Lately vocal things and I had I had you do it like a million times. They were so hammy but so authentic too. J: that was the one that I really, really liked and people liked at shows. It was just finally getting to the point that it lived up to the greatness in my head or something, or the greatness of the shows maybe.

D: Yeah, because when it was demo it sounded like a UB40 song. I was singing it like lately, lately kinda weird chorus. J: I want to know about the lyric. The line about blocking out the sound, cover your ears maybe you can block The Surry With The Fringe - Miles Davis - The Miles Davis Story (Vinyl the sound?

These are all about you guys and myself. I guess. But this one again is about uncomfortable dude stuff, a lady leaving town on a guy, heavy stuff.

Waiter arrives with our slices bringing Dave an extra slice on the house. I think they come here a lot. I would like to. I actually kind of frustrated now, because I wanted to call it something different. It would have had a single cover drawing or painting of this guy smoking. It was going to be like he took on this kind of tough oath, but It never really happened.

J: The beat me break me, bound and gag me kind of reminds me of Seal. There was some song on a soundtrack, like Batman Forever? Those are the only two Seal Songs I know.

We start off on a tangent about Seal, Project Runway and Heidi Clume and Tyra Banks, whether or not my wife watches Project Runway and the importance of having the rock and roll encyclopedia in the bathroom. J: My favorite one to record. So Calorie Man was one that he had had a demo version of. It was cool because, I think Dave turned on the organ, cranked up the beat, and then played to the beat with the guitar amp. It was just very live. That was the song I got to actually do something.

D: So much of my day is repetitive; waking up at the same time; going through the same routine. So I got on this thing of having the same routine every morning. Instead of breakfast I started eating these calorie snacks.

You get to that point, you know. D: I was going to have a band with my wife. She plays the drums. It was kind of a period of inactivity maybe?

I had this sucky guitar because I get all these crappy guitars. So I played those chords and we made this song, and then I ended up liking it so much that I stole it for Boat. D: It was going to be called Genuine Diamonds. We almost played a show, but we had to cancel it. J: that was one of the last demos we put together. I kind of latched onto it a lot because I thought it sounded very Motown. I was looking for ways to have that sort of vibe on the song.

That was one we actually played together. D: I think he kind of feels that way about the whole album, but he likes it. We just started playing that. D: Yeah, It was just thrown together real quick. Not that it was a toss-off; we liked it kind of as it was. It was one of those ones, like why try to make it something bigger? Just have it be that. He just helped us out. The Tullycraft people are all nice, but he was the most genuine. He was just super awesome and we never did anything to thank him.

D: It was kind of like Last Cans of Paint. It was very much straight strum. Then we played it as a band and thought how we could make it more interesting.

So you came up with the idea of some kind of drop out, but it was going to start with the drop out, and then you had this idea to have the second verse be the drop out and have this big shaker participation part. What song was it, Genius that had the faux Live at Leeds version? D: It was supposed to be a big rock song with the shaker part.

From a recording sense it was pretty phenomenal. D: It was going to be. It was going to be like the Locomotion. Very seriously that was the idea. It was gonna be like the Locomotion.

I thought it was their most awesome song because of that. It seemed kind of silly and over the top and so I kind of wanted that song to be over the top too. It really is hammy. J: Our orchestral piece. Duffy thought that it was a diss on Chicago, and I told him I thought it was about you going to work out.

D: I always thing that every album needs some variety of sounds. That was supposed to be kind of a mellow song. The other thing I think of LP) that I made it when I use to go to the gym a lot the last couple years. I would just run on the tread mill for a half hour, do the chest press, do maybe 25 sit ups and leave.

We referring to his wife both do about the same and then we go somewhere and eat a bunch of food. You could see the shadow of the sweat. J: It took eight hours to mix. We did a lot of shaping after the fact with that one. D: I stayed at his house in Portland and we made up a song together, and that was it. He does the high pitched harmonies. I think he longs to be in a band again so we always invite him to play with us. D: Yeah, definitely a utility guy.

We can just tell him to learn these songs and he totally does. He just shows up! J: That one had been around a long time. We had to expand it and make it big in the right places.

D: So Josh in the band can play the guitar like none of us can, so we kind of let him just pour it all on at the end of the album. I think it might be my favorite song on the album. D: Yeah and it kind of sincerely references China! Read More. As I read through the article I kept expecting to turn the page and see something about the vibrant DIY indie scene that currently inhabits the city which is touched on briefly below.

If you read these pages regularly you are quite likely already familiar with Surefire Broadcast, since they were featured in my One Last Kiss recompile this past summer and also showed up in my favorite singles from last year. The trio is based in southern New Jersey about 30 miles from Philadelphia.

The boy-girl vocals and the bright, sunny, innocent pop are infectious and will brighten even your most dour mood. There is a comprehensive interview that the Dagger zine did a few years back that you can read here. Surefire Broadcast is based in Hammonton, New Jersey which is a small town. Small towns are usually not synonymous with indie pop unless they are college towns. Do you feel exiled from the rock world? Use pin numbers not GPIO numbers.

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