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British Phonographic Industry. Select albums in the Format field. Select Silver in the Certification field. I felt that the band had become somewhat a parody of itself; we were now doing piano ballads and pop tunes. Our first few records were considered by most of our fans as our Show Less. Justin Forshaw is technically the best guitarist to emerge in recent history. About three years ago, Forshaw took a chance to join We As Human. He Album) the band with a link to some of his online videos while they were looking for a new guitarist.

Band members extended Forshaw a spot the group's lineup. Ty Tabor born September 17, is the lead guitarist, songwriter, and co-lead vocalist for the progressive hard rock band, King's X. Tabor has a wide-ranging guitar style, from big guitar riffs to soaring melodic passages.

His use of volume swells and ambient passages add an elemental texture to his compositions. The band's exposure in Japan also caught the eye of the Japanese Music press. Brian's pyrotechnic leads pushed the sound of Barnabas over the top. Brian had an amazing ability to use tapping techniques, pioneered by Eddie Van Halen, in incendiary ways never heard before in Christian rock. The stresses of being Barnabas and fighting the critics and industry eventually broke the band up.

Their contract with Light Records obligated the band to write and record a final studio album, which became 's Little Foxes.

A lyrically harsh and distinct album, Foxes also contains some of Brian Belew's best guitar work. Brian is a really awesome guitarist. Dana Key December 30, — June 6, was an American Christian rock guitarist, singer, and producer who was co-founder of the Christian rock group DeGarmo and Key with keyboardist Eddie DeGarmo, best friends since the first grade.

Key released two solo albums as well. DeGarmo, meanwhile, recognized his longtime friend as much more than just an extremely talented musician.

The world will miss him. I will miss him dearly. Key is survived by his wife, Anita, and their three children. Sweet is known as co-founder, writer, lead guitarist, lead vocalist and front man of Stryper. He was also co-lead vocalist and guitarist for Boston from to In the early s, Sweet and his brother started a band called Roxx Regime and played in small venues.

They were a trio for a period of time with Sweet being the only guitar player in the band. This band would later become Stryper. He followed it with a slightly softer album titled Real in earning him a Dove Award nomination. Soon after the release of Real, Sweet left Benson Records, with whom he had released those two albums.

Tom Scholz then asked Sweet to join Boston for the band's summer tour with Styx as the opening act. Sweet performed lead vocals, background vocals, and guitar work for Boston. Tom Scholz was moved by what Sweet had written about the late Brad Delp and then heard Sweet sing and play guitar. Scholz was so impressed with Sweet's talents that he invited him to join the band and become a permanent member.

Boston began booking a tour for with Styx as the opening act. Sweet handled lead vocals on roughly half of the set list and played guitar for the entire set and handled solo work as well. In Augustit was announced that Sweet had left Boston to focus on his priorities and contributions to Stryper.

In released two studio albums with Stryper, "Second Comming" and "No more Hell to Pay", the latter is considered one of the best metal albums of David Zaffiro began Album) musical pursuits with friends he met in Seattle, Washington. His professional career began as guitarist for the metal band Bloodgood. Though he officially left the band following their third album, he did play various parts on later albums. He then began producing records independently and for others.

He also has three solo albums. Glenn Kaiser has been a musician since the late '60s. Inhe joined the group that woud later become Resurrection Rez Band. Glenn played hard rock with Rez for more than 25 years before setting out on his own to pursue other musical avenues. In he formed the blues rock trio Glenn Kaiser Band with Roy Montroy and Ed Bialach, but Glenn's musical creativity sometimes steps out of that mold.

My older brother and sister had his albums and 45s. I was around six years old. I got a guitar when I was twelve. It was a rockier approach to those songs; if we could have had a horn section, we woulda done it. He dropped the needle on the first cut and kept playing it. He finished the side, and all I said was, "Turn it over. Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, I was in a half-dozen bands, but always, always, the fundamental thing was the blues. What we were doing was heavy metal or hard rock or psychedelic "acid" rock, but everybody did at least one or two blues tunes during their set.

That really drew me. Then I discovered a guy named Rory Gallagher. Rory died several years back now; he was a white Irishman who a lot of people compared to Johnny Winter. I'd gotten real into Johnny Winter. Rory had this melodic thing, but he had this real fast, intense guitar style, loved the blues. You almost always had three-piece bands. After a while I started a three piece and began playing around with slide guitar a little bit. Robert "Bob" Hartman born December 26, is a guitarist, writer and songwriter.

He is the founder of the band Petra. Hartman was involved with the band from its foundation in Bob Hartman learned to play guitar when he was 13 years old, teaching himself from books and watching other people.

Hartman converted to Christianity when he was During this time, he wrote some of the songs of the first Petra album.

Hartman was already jamming with guitarist Greg Hough and they both moved to Indiana to attend the same school. Upon meeting drummer Bill Glover there, they formed Petra. Hartman became the principal and most of the time, the sole songwriter of the band, writing the lyrics and music for almost all of their songs. InHartman and other members of the early line-ups of Petra, reunited under the name Classic Petra.

They released an album titled Back to the Rock and have been touring since. Hartman is married to Kim Whisonant. They have one son together called Jeff. He enjoys playing tennis and is a self-taught web programmer.

He records and produces music at his in-house studio called House of Bob. He also makes guitars, which can be bought through his website. Lanny Cordola is an American guitarist, songwriter and producer. Besides the guitar, he also masters other instruments. Lanny has also appeared on the popular American television sitcom Full House, as a member of Jesse Katsopolis's band, Jesse and the Rippers. I got my first electric guitar for Christmas when I was about I have released 8 CDs, and also recorded 6 complete guitar instructional video courses for TrueFire, and written a guitar instructional book and CD.

I am endorsed by Ernie Ball strings and have appeared on the string package and I have had the opportunity to perform over clinics worldwide for Yamaha guitars, and appeared as a product specialist at numerous NAMM shows, the LA guitar show and more. Dailey amps also released a signature model all tube guitar amp.

I have produced and mixed a ton of bands and projects in my studio. My studio was featured in an EQ magazine article as well. I have written columns and articles for many magazines including hm, and Premier Guitar magazine.

David Howell Evans born 8 Augustmore widely known by his stage name The Edge or just Edgeis known as the guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist of the rock band U2. A member of the group since its inception, he has recorded 12 studio albums with the band as well as one solo record.

As a guitarist, The Edge has crafted a minimalistic and textural style of playing. His use of a rhythmic delay effect yields a distinctive ambient, chiming sound that has become a signature of U2's music.

On 's The Joshua Tree, The Edge often contributes just a few simple lead lines given depth and richness by an ever-present delay. For example, the introduction to "Where the Streets Have No Name" is simply a repeated six-note arpeggio, broadened by a modulated delay effect.

The Edge has said that he views musical notes as "expensive", in that he prefers to play as few notes as possible. His first guitar was an old acoustic guitar that his mother bought him at a local flea market for only a few pounds; he was nine at the time. He and his brother Dik Evans both experimented with this instrument. The Edge has stated that many of his guitar parts are based around guitar effects.

This is especially true from the Achtung Baby era To Be A Child Again - David Baroni - The Other Side (CD, although much of the band's s material made heavy use of echos. InThe Edge along with Bob Ezrin and Henry Juszkiewicz co-founded Music Rising, a charity that helped provide replacement instruments for those that were lost in Hurricane Katrina. The instruments were originally only replaced for professional musicians but they soon realised the community churches and schools needed instruments as well.

The charity's slogan is "Rebuilding the Gulf Region note by note" and has so far helped over a hundred musicians who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. The Edge also serves on the board of the Angiogenesis Foundation, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving global health by advancing angiogenesis-based medicine, diets, and lifestyle.

He recently joined the band Beautiful Sin in He also has been a special guest guitarist on fellow Narnia bandmate Christian Liljegren's side projects Divinefire and Audiovision. He recently recorded his debut solo album that is set to be titled Grimmark, where he also handles the lead vocals. Grimmark's style of playing, especially on Narnia's earlier work, is often compared to the neo-classical metal stylings of Yngwie Malmsteen, or under a more broad genre, neo-classicism.

Grimmark is the main composer in Narnia, and on their album The Great Fall most of the lyrics were written by him. On their other albums the lyrics have been written by their vocalist Christian Liljegren. Grimmark is also given credits as a producer on several of Narnia's albums. Grimmark has become a highly acclaimed guitarist in the Christian hard rock music genre as more people are exposed to his solid technical abilities, which can be exemplified by the fact that he is credited for playing every instrument on Narnia's first album, Awakening, and his unique approach towards incorporating a neo-classical sound into his music.

Many also began to recognize his production abilities, which led to his work on numerous feature films and TV programs. Ken began playing guitar at age six and singing at age nine. Despite being raised in a Christian home, he was not openly Christian until some time before he began his musical career. Tamplin is married with two children. He is cousin to former Van Halen frontman, Sammy Hagar. Huff began his career as part of the original Christian rock band White Heart in which he played with his brother David Huff, and later in the melodic Hard Rock band Giant.

He has since then been active as a session guitarist and producer in both rock music and country music. Since the s Huff has been working as a producer for various bands and artists some of which include Faith Hill, Megadeth, Rebecca St.

James andRascal Flatts. Brewster has been musically inclined since his early childhood in Homer, Alaska. At the age of one, his mother, Cheryl, noticed how well he could keep rhythm on a drum set his grandfather had given him. At the age of five, his mother introduced him to the mandolin. Quickly mastering the instrument, he began playing for cruise ship tourists alongside his mother in Homer.

By the age of 12, Brewster had a band called Lincoln and the Missing Links, which included his mother on bass and vocals. In his late teens, he moved with his family to Modesto, California, where he attended Grace M. Davis High School and joined the high school jazz band playing guitar and drums and marching band playing snare drum. After receiving a call from Steve Perry inviting him to audition as lead guitarist for his solo project For the Love of Strange Medicine, Brewster accepted and began songwriting and rehearsals for the album.

Brewster's guitar technique, tone, and equipment choices possessed similar qualities and texturing to Journey's Neal Schon, and was touted as a favorable feature in the resulting album. He was then married to Laura and soon after toured with Perry for six months from to early He also spent some time on the road, touring with Michael W.

Smith during Smith's Live the Life tour. Brewster primarily uses two different 57 reissue Fender Stratocasters with DiMarzio pickups, one with Ash body on an Aztec Gold finish, the other on a three-color sunburst finish with an Alder body, both with maple fingerboards and necks.

According to his Twitter account, a signature model of his Aztec Gold stratocaster is in the works. He occasionally uses a provided amp for stage noise only and goes direct to the PA system with the floor POD.

Chris Impellitteri born September 25, is the lead guitarist and founder of the heavy metal band Impellitteri.

InGuitar One Magazine voted Chris Impellitteri the 2nd fastest guitar shredder of all time followed by Yngwie Malmsteen as the 3rd fastest shredder. Chris Impellitteri is one of the most unique, intense, and dynamic guitarists in heavy rock today. Chris has been releasing some of the best progressive, neo-classical guitar work around since the mid-'80's, inspiring countless musicians. Chris Impellitteri is known world-wide as one of the fastest and most versatile guitarists anywhere.

He was drawn to music at a young age, his first musical interests developed with classical and jazz influences. His musical odyssey started with an electric guitar he built using a cheap Stella guitar, a Sears amplifier and a low-quality Astatic microphone.

Along with learning guitar, Livgren also focused on learning to write songs due to his desire for more creative expression and originality. Livgren was a member of numerous bands in the late s and early s and quickly developed a reputation for complex compositions and poetic lyrics that explored spiritual themes.

His investigations into various religions are reflected in the lyrics of his songs on Kansas' first six albums. He explored themes such as reincarnation, astral travel, apparitions, nihilism and human frailty, among others. In earlyLivgren became interested in The Urantia Book, a series of papers that claim to be a revelation authored by supernatural beings. Its influence can be felt in the lyrics of Kansas' album Monolith.

Livgren subsequently rejected Urantia doctrine, and while on tour with the band in support of Monolith, he converted to Christianity. This was a result of a series of debates in the back of the tour bus with Jeff Pollard of To Be A Child Again - David Baroni - The Other Side (CD Le Roux, the opening act for Kansas during the tour.

The discussions between Livgren and Pollard concerned whether the Bible or the Urantia Book was the accurate record of the life of Jesus Christ. Because of the debates, Livgren became convinced that the Bible was the genuine record of Christ and that he had been mistaken in following the teachings of the Urantia Book.

After a private hotel room conversion experience, he became an evangelical Christian. InLivgren released his first solo album, Seeds of Change. Dio said in an interview that he did not consider the album to be a "Christian" album and had performed on it as a favor to Livgren. After Dio left Black Sabbath inAlbum) said in a summer interview in Hit Parader magazine that he had considered working with Livgren again.

Livgren recorded three more albums with Kansas. However, tension was growing among the band members as a result of the increasingly Christian perspective of his lyrics; he was increasingly dissatisfied with the band's musical direction at least in part due to his newfound faith ; and Steinhart left the band. This led to Livgren's exit from Kansas in By the end of the recording sessions, the session musicians had jelled, and he decided to name the group AD. Due to legal entanglements caused by his contractual obligations with Kansas, Livgren was unable to market AD in the mainstream secular market.

After negotiating with the record label, he received a waiver to perform with AD in the Christian rock market. Unfortunately, this would become a hindrance to commercial viability for the band. AD toured extensively between andsometimes playing bars and clubs one night and then churches the next. Livgren has stated on several occasions that he experienced some of the highest and lowest points in his career during his time with AD.

He played all instruments on the album, which combines orchestral, jazz and rock styles. Livgren also currently teaches an adult Sunday School class at Topeka Bible Church and has posted a theological study on his Web site. Livgren's keyboard and guitar playing can be heard on the 2nd Chapter of Acts albums RejoiceSinger Sower and Night Light Tony Palacios is the guitarist Guardian since InPalacios published his first guitar instrumental solo album titled "Epic Tales of Whoa!

He is currently working as a sound mixer, engineer and producer of various Christian artists. Rex Carroll is a awesome guitarist and known for his work in Whitecross. He also filled in and did all the guitar work on Eden's album Fan The Flame. In Whitecross, he is not only the lead guitarist, but is also the primary songwriter. With Whitecross, he has completed six world tours. His playing has been heard on commercials for the Milwaukee Bucks, and he also performed the National Anthem at the Harley-Davidson th anniversary celebration.

Carroll holds a Bachelors degree in classical guitar performance from Northern Illinois University. Philip Tyler "Phil" Keaggy born March 23, is an acoustic and electric guitarist and singer who has released more than 50 albums and contributed to many more recordings in both the contemporary Christian music and mainstream markets.

He has frequently been listed as one of the world's top-three "finger-style", as well as "finger-picking", guitarists by Guitar Player Magazine readers' polls. He is missing half of the middle finger on his right hand due to a childhood accident at age four involving a water pump. Initially, it was not the guitar that attracted Keaggy to playing music. Keaggy explains: I asked my dad for a set of drums for my tenth birthday but he came home with a Sears Silvertone guitar I had wanted a set of drums, but my folks couldn't afford them, so I got the guitar.

I didn't know how to tune the guitar. If you'd like to be on my e-mailing list, to receive updated lists of my music for sale every month or so before it gets posted to r. To reserve a title, just e-mail me. I can hold items for up to ten days while awaiting payment. After ten days, the item will be taken off hold. Thanks for checking out the list!

Troy Bierman. Dave Hollandsworth.

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