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Phillips was also in on the game and had brought out a home video cassette format in that was specifically made for T. V stations and then would become available on the consumer market in The machine was originally called the N but they had a different name for this new format:. But before that the concept of the VCR would become commonplace in most households it would split into two different formats; Beta and VHS. At the same time, JVC was looking at going with a different format and it caused enough of a commotion that Sony appealed to the Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry and right there they inadvertently started the format wars.

Sony released their first Betamax machines in and used cassette tapes that used a 0. Not that handling a videotape is the most strenuous thing in the world. And the shape of the lowercase B was to demonstrate the way the tape moved throughout the machine. The one problem that plagued Sony right out fo the gate Always - Creation Myth - Always (Cassette) due to the length of the tape.

For the T. V industry, their past machines had a tape length of one hour. This made total sense because of most shows never being longer than an hour including commercials. Plus the studios would have multiple machines and technicians who were able to change the tape. These versions would improve on picture quality and sound and started to address the issue of the runtime of the tapes. Sony actually could have controlled the whole industry but their attempt to dictate the industry standard backfired.

This had happened already with the U-Matic and ended up with Sony dominating the industry. JVC made the very smart decision to decline the offer but instead come up with their own technology and format. So the Video Home System VHS was first released in but they had actually been playing around with it as early as In these early days they actually came up with a set of guidelines that would be paramount in the existence of VHS:. One of the big differences here is the fact JVC wanted their standard to be used by other manufacturers and not totally controlled the way Sony was with Beta.

VHS was using a bigger videotape than the more compact and convenient Beta but with one big difference; it had a longer recording time. Right out of the gate a VHS tape could record 2 hours. That was good to cover most movies — including commercials — or four regular sitcoms. You could now slow down the speed of the tape as it recorded which would reduce the quality but give you double and triple the storage capacity.

Add to this that a VHS cassette tape was big enough to hold around feet of tape and you now had the ability to fit 6 hours on tape with Always - Creation Myth - Always (Cassette) problem. When it came down to quality it appeared that Beta had VHS beat. Both concepts used a horizontal resolution involving lines and Beta had a slightly higher resolution of around lines. They could get this up to around with the SuperBeta but this was in and they were starting to lose the format war.

It was the earliest version of Beta that had a superior picture but this was before they became more mainstream. A big reason for this idea of Beta always being such a higher quality was as much due to them being marketed that way by Sony. People began to just buy into it. Creation Myth In the beginning… There was only water and bare, empty land. In the center of this nothingness was a great mountain.

This mountain stood tall and proud and it reached all the way into the heavens. At the very top of this mountain lived a pair of every kind of animal. In the center of this heaven grew a tree. This tree was not just any tree, it was the sacred tree of life, and it was not to be harmed in any way. Among the diverse group of animals was a pair of giraffes.

The female giraffe had grown tired of eating the same old leaves and fruits. Being strong-willed and stubborn she decided that she just had to try a fruit from the sacred tree. She convinced her husband to accompany her and to be one of the first ones …show more content… Hoping that the Always - Creation Myth - Always (Cassette) One will grant them this one request they go to sleep that night. When they Awake in the morning they find that they clay figure has come to life.

That day this human proves to be very helpful and creates a wonderful paradise out of the barren land. That night there is another great storm. The man is stuck my lightening. This other half is slightly different from him and is therefore called a woman. The land and life is flourishing. All the animals and both the man and woman are quite content. In Always - Creation Myth - Always (Cassette) spring that woman births a baby boy.

Nine months later she has another child, a girl. The brother and sister got along very well. They were Always - Creation Myth - Always (Cassette) best of friends and did everything together. One day the girl convinces her brother to go with her to the great mountain and climb up to the heavens.

The boy is against the idea, since the heavens were forbidden to visit ever since the banishment, but she finally persuades him to come. The reach the heavens and there stands the Great One. He tells them of his plans. Jennifer remembered, "I used to get mix tapes from boys that liked me when I was a teenager. One of my exes used to make mix tapes and put my favorite songs on a few tapes. He said, study this tape, and in 2 weeks I will give you 10 minutes on the turntables.

Two weeks later would be the first time I ever touched two turntables, which is the instrument of Hip Hop culture. Some of his classic '80s hip-hop mixtape staples: Eric B.

No List - STNNNG - Dignified Sissy / Fake Fake (Memory Stick), Les Acadiens - Michel Fugain - Ses Plus Grands Succès (Vinyl, LP), Im Hurting - Roy Orbison - All-Time Greatest Hits (CD), Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees - The Monkees (Vinyl, LP), Louis Devos, Musica Polyphonica, Kamerkoor Maastricht Conservatorium - Requiem & Hirtenmesse (Vi, Jet To Jet - Alcatrazz - Live In Japan. November 10th, 1984 (DVD), Vulesse Addeventare - Teresa De Sio - Sacco E Fuoco (CD, Album), Tromboniana - Various - Sound Of New Orleans 1992-2005 (CD), Линки - BER-LINN - V.P.N.S. (CD, Album), By The Fountaines Of Rome - Various - Juke Box Giants (CD), Untitled - Ryoji Ikeda - 99 (1999) :: Variations For Modulated 440Hz Sinewaves :: (CD)