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All of them are used, ask for more details, did not bother to listen them yet. Abigail - Intercourse and Lust. Modern Invasion Music Head Not Found. Bloodstar - Anytime, Anywhere. Red Decibel records Cybele- Brightly Blackhearted. PROMO cd. Dark Funeral - Dark Funeral. Hellspawn records Demonic- The Empire Of Agony. Dissection- The Past Is Alive. Exmortem - Dejected in Obscurity. Euphonious Records Forgotten Woods - The Curse of Mankind.

No Colours Records Forlorn- Forlorn. Head Not Found Records Mystifier- This album is so bad that NON- Might. Mute records Obtained Enslavement - Witchcraft. Pazuzu - And All Was Silent Pentacle- The Fifth Moon.

Poccolus - Poccolus. Hammerheart Productions Satyricon- Nemesis Divina. Moonfog Skepticism - Ethere. Red Stream records ? Euphonious records Sons Of Neverland- Soulkeeper. Primitive Art Records Stiff Miners- Vox Celesta.

TBA records Various Artists Pirates Press Includes CD. Orange Wax. Scorched earth Policy 9. SE split Pirates Press Ltd to ! Enamel pin.

Red and Black on White. Red and White on Black. Yellow on Black. Black and Red on White. Blue and Black on Tan. Tan on Black. Red and gold on black. Red and Blue on White. Red and White on Grey. Sykelig Englen is the longest running which is more traditional Black Metal which became more dissonant in its later releases.

Hexivoid is far more otherworldly Black Metal with a cosmic theme and more inspired by Icelandic bands and the likes of Deathspell Omega and Portal. Ritual Flail focuses more on a Medieval Black Metal sound inspired by obscure 90s bands that used synths but in a way that did not tame the Black Metal spirit.

Your English is excellent! It seems to me that the process of writing reviews comes naturally to you. I can only aspire to write excellent reviews like you one day, even though I am older. What do you think makes a good reviewer and do you think it's necessary to have a degree in English in order to write good or valid reviews?

Thank you, in fairness it is my dominant language, I am not a maestro of juggling languages like an aunt of mine who speaks about 7. I think your reviews are really cool man, I do not really compare writers to each other as I try not to do with bands too much as it can be unhelpful. I failed English in high school possibly due to refusing to show up, preferring to listen to Kreator records if I recall correctly but I would say my vocabulary and understanding of English is fine regardless due to reading in my own time.

What makes a good reviewer is a passion and genuine desire to support Heavy Metal or whatever they choose to review. You can feign intelligence, you cannot feign passion, that is my attitude. There is a ton lately! On which note, I do also have a print zine, though one still in its infancy with 2 issues called Shrieks From The Abyss and additionally contribute to Legions Ov Darkness, both paper zines aside from my main webzine for anyone interested!

I believe has been a pretty excellent year for metal so far. Can you tell us some of your favourite albums of the year? It really has! Go read my webzine for more opinions haha! To wrap things up, can you tell us about your future plans for Garden of Eyes, including some details about your other ventures? Thanks again for your time!

All the best! I am naturally always writing material too! I am also working hard on my webzine and fanzine, along with my YouTube! As for the rest, they may be dormant, but who knows what can happen! I am also working on a couple of cool demos with co-blasphemer K who has been present throughout my musical journey.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me and support the underground as a whole! Stay true and support real Heavy Metal!!! Home About Interviews Reviews. Showing posts with label Interviews. Show all posts. By Hexetomb. The vocalist Ernesto Riol joined the band a few months later during its foundation. Can you please describe your music style and influences? Cataloging the metal is a difficult task due to the many sounds and themes that exist today.

It becomes so difficult at times that top bands have "mutated" so to speak throughout their careers going through 2 and even 3 different sub-genres and most likely they have not even been aware of it. Some prefer not to complicate themselves and group everything under the same name, but we are of those who call things by their correct name.

Our way of seeing Pagan Metal is defined by 2 important points that are the neo-pagan or pre-Christian pagan theme coming not only from Scandinavia but from any region of our planet and the absence of folk instruments in the compositions since using them would make incursions in folk metal. Our first compositions had a strong influence of melodic Death Metal with a slight presence of European folk music in the riffs and choral arrangements, but aspects such as musical maturity, collective and individual experience and the contributions of the musicians who And You Will Live In Terror - Various - Hammerheart Hails Chaos Mag (CD) passed through the lineup gave a turn at the helm.

The melodic was displacing the rhythmic and the presence of Folk melodies gained more prominence on an increasingly rapid base of blast beats and cold and melancholic harmonies. Right under this banner is that our music flowed progressively and gradually, without forcing it, it followed its course and we all felt very comfortable and proud.

It is an excellent opportunity to clarify that our lyrics are not exclusively about Norse or Viking mythology. The cultural background of European peoples is so rich and broad that focusing on just one was never an option. We are fascinated by And You Will Live In Terror - Various - Hammerheart Hails Chaos Mag (CD), history, legends, fantasy from the European continent.

Who delves a little into our sources of inspiration will find historical battles such as the one fought by the Cheruscan prince Hermann against the Roman legions in the forests of Teoteburg, from the Finnish epic poem Kalevala the myth of the hero Vainamoinen, and from Slavic mythology the popular legend of the Rusalka, spirit or aquatic ghost in the shape of a woman that drowns unsuspecting travelers We feel identified because in addition to being Cubans we are also Euro-descendants and we are united by strong cultural ties to these themes.

Our ancestral heritage demands that this legacy does not die with us and is told to everyone who wants to hear it. How has the response to your music been so far? Does it make you happy when you find out that someone from another country enjoys what you do? The response to our music within Cuba and outside of it has been excellent so far and frankly we have no complaints. In the national arena Helgrind has been invited to participate in several of the best national festivals with good acceptance, we have the support and recognition of experts and bands of extensive experience and our live performances attract a growing public.

It is true that there are aspects that still need to be improved, but in general we rate it as very positive. Regarding the international response, there is a curious factor that is always present: almost no one has heard about the small but talented Cuban metal scene and it is because for tourist reasons the image that has been projected from our island to the world is that of a sunny paradise full of palm trees, mulatas and rumba.

Many times yes, but it is in our favor that no one imagines there is a Cuban Black Pagan Metal band, so curiosity is guaranteed. You are from Cuba, and as most of us know, there are restrictions on art there. Can you please give our readers a little insight into the life of a headbanger in Cuba?

Art restriction is very common in Cuba; it is something that artists have to deal with everyday. In the case of metal music: it is very complicated first because there are not many places to go or to play. Here in the capital we have a concert hall named Maxim Rock which is the core of the "Cuban Rock Agency" that only exist here in Cuba of course hahaha it is a place which mainly all weekends metal people could go there to see the bands playing and drink something, there were other places years ago of course that belongs to the government, and we can say that there are also places that by means of ourselves l we could rent for concerts and gatherings, but there are not any specialized clubs for metal, clothes stores, not music instrument stores, nothing.

And another point to finish with it's that sometimes we must be careful with the lyrics and the attitudes we can have and that can be a risk in terms of freedom of expression when talking or acting. Helgrind is an apolitical band. Politics only brings fragmentation and disunity between peoples and reminds them that the civilizations that are the authors of these ideas have collapsed precipitously, taking out the lowest and most perverse of human morality.

Whoever sees a little beyond their noses will notice that it is a plot hatched to divide, weaken and keep us pitted against each other while a plutocracy and an invasive religion imposed and perpetuated by centuries of iron and parasitic blood in power increasing their weight every day. Politics is the blindfold that keeps us from seeing the real enemy.

Do you consider playing music as a kind of escape from everyday bullshit? Of course playing music it's a way to get outside of our reality, it's a way to escape our daily life and our daily routine in this country.

When we play music we are being free and we are sharing our freedom with people. We are relaxing And You Will Live In Terror - Various - Hammerheart Hails Chaos Mag (CD) the stress of a whole week of work and from any professional or personal problem.

We share our feelings with the audition and at the same time the audition is shared with us. That's the reason why this last time of the virus has really affected us a lot being without playing for more than a year and a half. Music will always break chains, will always set us free, that's the only reason we will always fight to protect metal and our kind.

Can you please tell us about any side-projects or bands the members are in that we should check out? In Helgrind all members have different projects and at the same time some of them also share the same ones. Ernesto and Jordy have a common project called: We Bite!!! I write all the lyrics. Jordy is also the session player of drums in the thrash metal band Infector. What are some of your favourite subgenres in metal and what styles do you dislike?

Do you consider yourselves open to different genres, even outside of metal? I ask because I get the impression that people in Cuba are more appreciative of art than most people from sheltered first-world countries.

In general, we listen to extreme metal, whatever it is death metal, black metal, pagan metal, thrash metal, but also heavy metal and even power metal. In addition, many of us like Punk and hardcore as well. We listen to other genres out of metal music and rock music such as: folk, maybe some old pop but not any dance music style except for our drummer that likes Timba music maybe for the rhythm in the drums hahaha.

Also some horror punk bands due to the evolvement we recently have the style, we listen to some good bands: Dragnum, Grave Robber, Left Hand Black, Bliztkid, etc. Can you tell us a little about some of the labels you have worked with so far? Have you received your share of merchandise from the labels? Have you ever traded with people or ordered stuff from foreign labels? Until this moment we have only signed with the British label Black Spark Records and they have sent 25 CDs as a payment of their release of our album: Return To Motherland unfortunately due to the virus situation and the mail service in Cuba they have no arrive, another point is that our contract with BSR does not take into consideration merchandising as a payment for that reason we don't have our own merchandising and we can't trade anything we try to make our own merchandising with some friends out there in Mexico and United States of America but for now it has been very very difficult for Cuban fans there's nothing and that makes us very sad And You Will Live In Terror - Various - Hammerheart Hails Chaos Mag (CD) will see what we can do in the future maybe with a release with a bigger label can help to trade cds and merchandise and with other ones, there are labels that have been interested in Helgrind but for now the future is unknown.

To wrap things up, if anyone out there is interested in getting some of your merch or contacting the band for interviews, how should they do it? Also, I wish you guys all the best and hope that you will get more recognition for your excellent music.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful interview and for your time. It is really important to us when people take into consideration a Cuban band for an interview or a review we really appreciate it. Thanks again and hails from Cuba! Skognatt is an excellent one-man project from Germany, playing atmospheric black metal with a sound influenced by bands like Burzum, Katatonia, Gehenna, etc.

The latest EP, "Rain Eternal," was recently reviewed on this blog. Jim talked to composer Danijel to get some insight into the project and his influences. Greetings Danijel! For those who don't know Skognatt yet, can you tell us a little about your music and your journey so far? Greetings Jim! Well, I started Skognatt in the winter of because I wanted to see if I can come up with interesting material within the Black Metal realm as I always wanted to do this since I was a teenager.

In the beginning I wanted to just compose the music and find a suitable singer but as all the people I asked were too busy with their own projects one day I tried it on my own, so the first EP was finished. Can you tell us a little bit about the feedback so far for your latest EP "Rain Eternal" and whether you are content with the end result of the recording? I had mostly positive feedback but some reviewers also felt that it was quite mediocre and lacked in originality and fresh ideas.

I think the EP is quite reduced and I know, no matter what you release there will always be people who like and those who don't, so I don't care too much to be honest. I'm happy how the songs and the overall feeling of the EP came out and that's why I released it. So at the moment I'm still happy with the end result but that might change in the coming years. I read in an interview where you stated that you prefer writing EPs to full-lengths. Why is that and what are the chances of seeing And You Will Live In Terror - Various - Hammerheart Hails Chaos Mag (CD) full-length manifest?

Yes, that's true. I have released quite some albums with other projects and bands and as I'm a freelance musician I find it quite exhausting to work on full-length albums. Also, I have the feeling that the album format has lost it's appeal except for some bigger bands of course. I have released an album with Skognatt init's called 'Ancient Wisdom' but I don't think I will release another album in the future Well, it all started with Metallica in 91 and then soon discovered the second wave of Black Metal through a friend.

I have always been more into the atmospheric and melodic bands like Gehenna, Arcturus, Ulver, Fleurety and such but also loved stuff like Emperor, Mayhem, Enslaved and Burzum. I'm trying to follow some of the bands and also like how some of them evolved but the feeling of the 90's albums is mostly unmatched. I'm also very much into ambient music and instrumental guitar music but I could go on for ages here.

How would you classify the music of Skognatt? Would terms like atmospheric black metal be accurate? Yes, I think Atmospheric Black Metal is quite fitting because my music is very atmospheric and has influences from Black Metal. I'm not one to think that I'm reinventing the wheel with my music, so I'm focussing on the atmosphere and the feeling I would like to portray with it.

Do you find that an environment can have an influence on the artist's psyche that somehow seeps into the music? Does your environment inspire you? I think that's absolutely true. I live in Bavaria and have grown up here and in my hometown you could always find lots of green and many woods surrounding it.

I try to spend lots of time in the woods and find nature to be very inspiring and healing and I think I'm quite a laid back person which can also be heard in the music I think. It would be strange if my music would be super aggressive because that's just not me. On the other hand I think my music is also pretty inspired by the second wave which came from Scandinavia, that's why I chose the name Skognatt.

What kind of themes do you explore with Skognatt? The main theme has been nature from the very beginning! The first EP has explored winter and the last two are quite autumnal as I think. My album 'Ancient Wisdom' is a bit of an exception as at that time I read quite a lot about indigenous cultures and how their view on nature and life was. I found it very interesting to read that for example some tribes thought of three past generations and seven generations ahead when they had to make important decisions.

Do you find playing this kind of music liberating and therapeutic in a way? Easy answer: Yes! I think, I'm quite a sensitive person and as I said earlier, quite a laid back person but sometimes everything gets too overwhelming and I just need to let it out and as music has always been a big part of my life this is just my way to cope with it. Lastly, what are the future plans for Skognatt and how can people get in touch if they are interested in obtaining your merch?

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