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Y con lo que molan Chuy y Joe en la serie, en el libro son insulsos, descafeinados. En fin. Dinero tirado a la basura, me quedo mil veces con la serie! El libro es muy flojo. Como esperaba. Perfecto estado, fue para un regalo. Comentario de CarnalDave yesterdayfirst run and loot this. Comentario de Veratus This is more purely anecdotal commentary about the drop rate, but I have seen it drop twice in the three times that I have run Kara.

It seems they're not so stingy with the drop rate this time around. Comentario de Craltok There is a tale that has been told, That there was a horseman that was oh so bold.

He rode upon a steed so very noble, Said to Jinete De Medianoche = Midnight Rider - Joe Cocker - Jinete De Medianoche (Vinyl) strong and so very mobile. Hidden within the stables of an abandoned tower, Containing mysteries of extraordinary power, Is the steed and his master set for a fight, And only by pure odds can you control the one true Midnight. Comentario de Vestrivian I just wanted to point out that more than one person can get the mount on the same kill.

Both my brother and I got the mount last night. It was on personal loot. Comentario de tiagotau I read contradictory comments below about this mount being or not obtainable through a bonus roll, using a Sello de destino alterado. Can anyone confirm whether it really is?

Comentario de Agrias Got one from normal personal loot today and someone else got it from the same kill, so more than 1 Jinete De Medianoche = Midnight Rider - Joe Cocker - Jinete De Medianoche (Vinyl) drop from one kill. Both drops not from coin. Also it's an extra loot separated from normal items since the other person in the group got the mount and an item not from bonus roll.

Anyone who did kara a lot has any idea if it can be accurate or inflated and if so, why? Comentario de Bjergnanas I've cleared new Kara every week since its release and I haven't seen it drop once until today and I just so happened to get it.

Comentario de Miniegun Looted this today. Didn't get it off a bonus roll. Jinete De Medianoche = Midnight Rider - Joe Cocker - Jinete De Medianoche (Vinyl) drop with other items got leather boots with it. Currently was running 9 s. Comentario de Vynathlon It is just me, or do the new Undead mount models look worse than the old ones? Comentario de hahke14 I just confirmed today that you can still get Midnight's Eternal Reins, even if you already have one in your collection.

Good luck, friends, and I hope MIdnight drops for you soon too! Comentario de Everwake I Jinete De Medianoche = Midnight Rider - Joe Cocker - Jinete De Medianoche (Vinyl) this Jinete De Medianoche = Midnight Rider - Joe Cocker - Jinete De Medianoche (Vinyl) my second run after farming the old Kara for over a year for the original Midnight, but I ended up giving it to my buddy.

He was running new Kara every week and blowing a seal on this boss, because he's one of those folks that likes to have a theme to his characters, and Midnight is perfect for his DK. You should have seen how happy he was when I opened trade! Afterwards, he was trying on new transmogs, and I bet he'll be more excited about WoW for the next few months. I guess there's not really a point to this story, other than to remind folks that doing nice things feels good for everyone involved, both ingame and out.

Good luck on your farming, mount hunters! Comentario de Disadareth Surprised no one has pointed this out but Midnight is a recolor of the RBG warhorse for forsaken.

It's still really cool I honestly like this color of it much more. Comentario de Dust What a kind thing was just done for me. Here is my story: I joined a pug in group finder where a tank advertised they were going to run every single mythic. Cool, so I joined up, and indeed one by one we proceeded to run every mythic in Legion with the last being Kara.

After we finish up in Kara and the group disbands, I whisper the RL and thank him for the run. He tells me to wait, that he wants to invite me and see if he can trade me this mount. I'm thinking, what mount, he got a mount? I honestly did not even notice. Turns out he did get the Midnight drop! Here's the thing though, he says he already got the mount last week. So he mentions that it's soulbound in his bags but with the notation that he can trade it to party members that he was grouped with so he wants to see if he can trade it to me.

So sure enough he parties me and trades me this beautiful mount, Midnight. I'm beside myself. I have no idea of the rarity of the mount or if it's anywhere near as rare as the original Kara mount, but I'm very happy. So for anyone who has the mount and lands another lucky drop, please do like my nice new friend here did and pass it on.

The item is soulbound, but you can indeed trade it to someone who was in your party so please keep it in mind and thanks for reading. Comentario de Kochplatte Here is a list of mount drops from Instances, Raids, and World Bosses to save some looking around.

Comentario de Ravengrudge I got this for 2 consecutive weeks. First time I gave it to someone and the second time I was very lucky xD. Comentario de wowheadsk You only got once shot per week at this mount, right? The mount shows up when you look at that.

Comentario de Euslays Greetings fellow Mount collectors! Today marked the end of this hunt for me! Riendas eternas de Medianoche Finally dropped after 76 Attempts Prior to looting the Mount I had never seen another player loot this mount, which suggests to me it has a decent rarity Approx loots seen. I wish everyone luck in pursuit of this mount and never give up! Comentario de vukodlak27 Does anyone know if the mount in order to drop, depend on how many ppl are in the group or it doesnt matter at all.

I made a ticket about that and the GM avoided to answer to this question, so i guessed that the drop chance is increased if the group consists of 5 ppl and decreased if less ppl are in the group. Comentario de sadistic AHHHH at long last, after Jinete De Medianoche = Midnight Rider - Joe Cocker - Jinete De Medianoche (Vinyl) attempts soloing kara every week on 7 tanks.

After seeing it drop 6 times to some random nobodies that didint even deserve it. I finally got it. God fucckin bless me. Comentario de Sindragozer Is this mount tied to a difficulty?

Can this drop in heroic? Comentario de howlingstar Got a dumb dumb question about this mount. Me and a few guildies started farming this recently Comentario de lehavila List of mounts obtainable via drop from raids and dungeon.

Comentario de Smythu Gamemaster confirmed to me today, that this can be indeed bonus rolled. Comentario de Djongov It is insane how no one says that the mount is actually Mythic only :. Edit: If I somehow manage to bonus roll it, I will of course screenshot it. All Results. Jinete homicida. Community Rating:. Click here to view ratings and comments. Oracle Printed. Card Name:. Ramen al curry 26min. Tortilla dulce 25min. Disponible para descargar.

Pertenece a Cuatro por cuatro. Raquel lleva media vida loca por Ares, su atractivo vecino. Dos hermanos robots se enfrentan a sanguinarios kaijus, desastres sobrenaturales y problemas personales cotidianos mientras lidian con las vicisitudes de hacerse mayores. Basada en la franquicia de terror.

Mandatory Suicide - Slayer - Soundtrack To The Apocalypse (All Media), Wonky Steps - Christophe Meulien / Jan Van Wissen - From A Distance (File, MP3), In Luck This Time - Chris McDermott - Radio Ghosts (CD, Album), Look To The Rainbow - Al Jarreau - Look To The Rainbow (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wouldnt You Like To Know Me - Kiss, Paul Stanley - Paul Stanley (Vinyl, LP, Album), Love - Tony Bennett / Vikki Carr / Johnny Mathis / Barbra Streisand - A Collection Of The Greatest P, Im A Millionaire - Emma Sharpe & The Features - Im A Millionaire (Vinyl), Laisse-Toi Aller Bébé (Extended Mix) - Collectif Métissé - Laisse-Toi Aller Bébé (CD), Ikuisten Lasten Laulu, Into The Past - Dark Castle - Spirited Migration (CD, Album), The Swing - INXS - The Swing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sun / C79 - Cat Stevens - Buddha And The Chocolate Box (Vinyl, LP, Album), For Your Babies - Simply Red - A Starry Night With Simply Red (DVD), Soul Bossa Nova - Various - Cool Cats -The Roots Of Acid Jazz (CD)